Regresse às instalações de pesquisa de Black Mesa na pele de um dos especialistas militares que devem eliminar Gordon Freeman. Experimente um episódio totalmente novo de acção para um jogador individual. Encontre adversários alienígenas temíveis e experimente novas armas.
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Data de lançamento: 1 Nov, 1999

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"Return to Black Mesa in Half-Life’s first expansion. With new weapons, enemies, and story arcs, it clearly lives up to the standards set by the original"

Acerca deste jogo

Regresse às instalações de pesquisa de Black Mesa na pele de um dos especialistas militares que devem eliminar Gordon Freeman. Experimente um episódio totalmente novo de acção para um jogador individual. Encontre adversários alienígenas temíveis e experimente novas armas. Considerado 'Jogo do ano' pela Academy of Interactive Arts and Sciences.

Requisitos do Sistema

Mac OS X
SteamOS + Linux

    Mínimo: Processador a 500 MHz, 96 MB de RAM, placa gráfica 16 MB, Windows XP, rato, teclado, ligação à Internet

    Recomendado: Processador a 800 MHz, 128 MB de RAM, placa gráfica 32 MB, Windows XP, rato, teclado, ligação à Internet

    Minimum: OS X Snow Leopard 10.6.3, 1GB RAM, 4GB Hard Drive Space,NVIDIA GeForce 8 or higher, ATI X1600 or higher, or Intel HD 3000 or higher Mouse, Keyboard, Internet Connection
    Minimum: Linux Ubuntu 12.04, Dual-core from Intel or AMD at 2.8 GHz, 1GB Memory, nVidia GeForce 8600/9600GT, ATI/AMD Radeaon HD2600/3600 (Graphic Drivers: nVidia 310, AMD 12.11), OpenGL 2.1, 4GB Hard Drive Space, OpenAL Compatible Sound Card
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Publicada: 16 Janeiro
TL:DR? See Conclusion

Also see my:
Half Life (1) Review
Half Life: Blue Shift Review

Half-Life: Opposing Force (also known as Government Cover-up Simulator 1999 or Call of Half-Life: Black Mesa Warfare) is a first-person action shooter game that serves as the first expansion to the critically acclaimed and award-winning Half-Life by Valve. Unlike Half-Life however, this title was made by Valve alongside Gearbox Software. Interestingly, unlike Half-Life, the player will see the Black Mesa incident through the eyes of a U.S. Marine(the Military enemies in the first game).

The player takes the role of Commander…(I mean)…Corporal Shephard, a U.S. Marine with the Hazardous Environment Combat Unit who were sent to the Black Mesa Complex for an unknown operation. While en route inside an Osprey to the Complex, Shephard and his team are attacked by Xen air-borne units forcing the Osprey to crash knocking him out. After regaining consciousness, Shephard learns that the Marines were being severely outnumbered and outgunned by the Xen forces which prompted High Command to call for a full evacuation and that anyone left behind is on their own (totally disregarding the U.S. Marine mantra “No man left behind”). Follow Shephard in his trek across the massive Black Mesa Complex in an attempt to escape while uncovering a government cover-up that would pitch Shephard against U.S. Black Operations Units, Xen forces, and a new alien threat called Race X.

+ New enemy types with unique abilities and weapons (instead of just rehashing the materials of the main game)
+ Fun and interesting new weapons such as the Displacer Cannon and Shock Roach
+ Well made action-packed story which shows players a different side of the Black Mesa Incident
+ Introduction of new game mechanics such as Rope Climbing, Secondary heavy melee attacks, Grappling hooks (Barnacle hook?), Night vision and Portal guns that send you (or your target) to another dimension (See Displacer Cannon above)
+ Possibly the first FPS game to implement a Military Squad game mechanic
+ Entertaining Tutorial with cultural references
+ Story intersects with some important Half-Life 1 events
+ Good voice acting for its time
+ Andrian Shephard is possibly a descendant of Jack (protagonist of Bioshock) due to his uncanny ability to wield a Wrench in battle against Black Ops Soldiers and Aliens.

- Relatively short game with me clocking around 5 hours of game time on hard mode.
- New squad mechanics is clunky (I can actually forgive this since it’s possibly the first squad mechanic on an FPS game)
- Puzzles are not that satisfying to solve
- Final chapter leading to the final boss feels rushed and underdeveloped
- Unsatisfying and easy final boss

GREAT EXPANSION that I HIGHLY RECOMMENDED specially for those who played the first Half-Life game and I say this because it is littered with several subtle nods from the main game. Opposing Force is a good example on how to make an expansion; it introduces new game mechanics, new enemies, new weapons and all the while delivering a new story that still being closely related to the main Half-Life plot.

MUST BUY AND MUST HAVE. I, however, do recommend you purchase the Half-Life Anthology if you already have Half-Life 2 but if you do not have it, get Half-Life Complete.

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Publicada: 19 Maio
i love this old school games ;3

Action FPS Adventure, only kids born at 199- will understand this old game ;3
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Publicada: 21 Fevereiro
Opposing Force is the first expansion pack for the five star new standard bearer FPS Half Life 1. The bottom line is this is a great expansion pack.

You are a marine, Corporal Adrian Shepard sent into the Black Mesa facility after Half Life 1's protagonist Gordon Freeman uh accidentally created a rift in space / time and brought aliens in. Everyone talks to you in the game without cut scenes.

When you start the game, Gordon in Half Life 1 is still there and your mission goes from being sent to kill him to fighting for your own survival. You visit portions of the first game yet changed, such as you will visit some of the entry tunnel from the first segment of Half Life 1. You will visit the dam from the original game. Everything changed with new challenges in each. There are plenty of puzzles some are different than the original game and others are more complex. Such as instead of having to use a push box once, you need to use it 3x pushing it from room to room.

I'd say those old environments (destroyed with new challenges) are maybe 1/100th of the map content. The new environments feel fresh and they use a lot of lighting to make it look different. It feels fresh because the other universe is starting to be integrated into our own universe through the aliens making it and because Black Mesa had creature exhibits. There are new textures, you'll go through vine covered sewers where giant fat aliens have their nests.

There are also new gameplay elements that you will be introduced to in an optional training course. The training course is a very nice tutorial that will show you everything new such as ropes to climb and swing on. It's a very nice mechanic. The flashlight has been replaced by night vision goggles which are very nice. You also have new squad mates to find in the game that will aide you like the medic who can heal you on command, the engineer who will blow torch his way through some doors and your standard commandos. Each of these three will fight intelligently and won't just stand around getting shot. They will defend the territory if you command them to stand there.

That's another thing the enemy and friendly AI is great as always from the game. AI will run from grenades, throw their own grenades, flank you, run from your fire and other things. It's very nice.

There are a lot of new weapons. I was surprised. You start with new melee weapons, a new pistol with an optional laser sight, a new sniper rifle that can be quite useful, new alien technology (if you don't want to hear just skip to the next paragraph), such as an electrical gun, a cannon that looks like a BFG from Doom (only more awesome), an acid spitting alien, and a ceiling grabber (yes the enemy) that can be used as a hook shot!

All the old enemies are here too... but there are a lot of new enemies too (if you don't want it spoiled, skip on!), the new enemies seem to be faster and more dangerous. From waist high creatures that run to you, to taller electric shooting aliens controlled by ant like parasites, giant fat electrical discharging enemies... and their offspring, the list goes on, but you'll be surprised at some of the things the expansion comes up with.

With a 5+ hour play through the first time, I do wish it was a bit longer so they could divvy out the enemies a bit slower. But hey it's an expansion pack. The graphics are not improved and they still have bugs like getting stuck in the floor of elevators and lifts, but all of that can be overlooked. A lot has been added to make this expansion worth anyone's time. Great expansion pack!
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Publicada: 10 Fevereiro
This was almost as engrossing as Half-Life actually was. Of course, you can't beat God (Half-Life, in this case) if you're an angel (OF), God is God for a reason! And that's the stupidest analogy I've ever made up, but bear with me, games like Opposing Force are never easy to make justice in words. But what I mean is, even though this game can't beat Half-Life, it was incredible. I'm not going to lie; I found certain things a tiny, tiny tiny tiny bit more "WOOOAAHHH" than Half-Life, but y'know... HALF-LIFE, MAN.

Something that amazed me from the game is the fact I was actually busting my ♥♥♥ to save every grunt I encountered. I loathed these ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥s in Half-Life and Blue Shift; I mean, they killed the poor scientists/security guards and actually enjoyed it! It was so sad! And I'm so used to killing them that every time I encountered a group of HECU marines, I'd panic and start shooting them. Then I'd be like "Oh. Right", and pressed the F9 key (my reload last save). At first I didn't mind and let them die, but dammit, they grew on me, to the point I'd truly be attempting to save them. I just felt fond of them. Except for the grunt that pushes the scientist when he's asking for Freeman when you're about to board the Osprey in which you're supposed to escape. That grunt I killed. ALSO, TWO GRUNTS ABANDONED ME IN CHAPTER 11 (The Package). I WENT TO EXPLORE A ROOM AND WHEN I GOT OUT THEY JUST DISAPPEARED. ♥♥♥♥♥.

Getting more serious now, something that really impressed me from Opposing Force besides the guns, the Race X and the new "puzzles", was the large-scale battles you can have at times. If you take care of your squad, you can have a group of at least four grunts with you. So when you encounter a lot of enemies, the fights are phenomenal! Sadly, this only happened once to me, I was barely able to get three grunts to follow me most of the time because some grunts were just too stubborn and stupid to follow me. This is the strongest flaw I encountered in the game; the grunts' AI is really stupid in the vast majority of the time. And they were also generally pretty useless in battle, and I'm not even counting the times I died because of friendly fire. However, there was one time in which I was able to have an epic Black Ops-Shock Troopers-HECU battle. Replayed it about four times just to repeat the breathtaking sequence. Unfortunately, it was hard to achieve and generally I spent too much time in the game trying to get everyone to follow me, which is simply precious game-time wasted. This is quite disappointing, in my opinion, since the rest of the game is of such extreme quality.

Being someone who's mostly played modern games, I have to say Opposing Force (as well as HL and BS) looks really good and its graphics are not bad at all for being a nearly twenty year old game. And even if the graphics were terrible (they're decent, in my opinion), the game would make up for it with its fantastic atmosphere, gameplay, battles, bosses, guns, ambiance and so forth. I also adored Gordon's direct and indirect appearances; his "employee of the month" photograph (was that his office?), his constant mention by the grunts and finally his Chapter 6 ("We Are Not Alone") direct appearance: where you actually see him. I seriously replayed that sequence seven times. I LOVE WHEN GAMES CONNECT WITH EACH OTHER SO DIRECTLY. Thinking that while you're still fighting your way through Black Mesa, Gordon is beating the crap out of Gonarch and everyone (or everything?) else. Opposing Force is, quite simply, a passionate application of creative design. I seriously cannot wait for Tripmine Studios' remake.

Definitely recommend the game. But as I also said on my BS review; only play it if you have played Half-Life. Otherwise, the game might feel dull to you and you won't understand the storyline, and won't be able to fan-girl over Gordon's appearances/mentions... well... if you're a crazy fan. Like me.
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Publicada: 21 Março
The game follows the storyline of the original Half-Life game but goes even deeper showing the final hours before the destruction of the facility that weren't in the original game. The game follows a marine who is sent to a classified mission in Black Mesa.

The story is the same as the original Half-Life but from a different perspective. Some events that happened in the original game can also be seen in this game adding to the experience if you've played the original game. Later, the player encounters completely new types of enemies.

The game has the same feel as the original Half-Life with all the puzzles and boss fights. Overall the game is very fun to play and is a great FPS experience.
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Publicada: 8 de Dezembro de 2014
best half life game in the series :)
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Publicada: 4 Janeiro
Análise de pré-lançamento
Opposing Force was Gearbox's first game and they did not disappoint back then. As the first of two Half-Life expansions Opposing Force put you in the shoes of a military character sent in to take out Gordon Freeman. Same quality as the original Half-Life and another great storyline addition to the Half-Life world. This is what all expansions of games should look like.
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Publicada: 5 Janeiro
Most of this game could've been avoided if you could've slid under that damn door in front of the helicopter!
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Publicada: 27 de Dezembro de 2014
Opposing the Forces

Half life, which I used to pass the time again and again, is still my favorite FPS game. There are many reasons for that (including countless LAN parties in my teenage years), but the thing is, only recently, and thanks to my friend who bought me HL pack, I've discovered that apart from Blue Shift, (which I personaly call The Blue Sh*t) there has been another expansion. This time more interesting, since we get to see the Black Mesa events from perspective of a Solider. After beating the game, I decided to share my thoughts on it.

1. The Lord is our Shephard. - The main character, the idea of the game

Shephard. Well that's basically who our protagonist is, just like in the first HL, we play the part of the people's hero, leading the frightened flock through the dangers of the warzone that the Black Mesa compound has become. Groups of two, three soliders can be found scattered along the whole game. I think it's a good idea to view the original HL story from a different perspective. The point of view is the key here, for it gives greater insight to certain things, like:
- Humanizing the Grunts, whom, in the first HL we understandably percive as an evil force, not very much different from the aliens from Xen. Here, we realise they are just pawns, placed in a similar position to the BM personnel.
- Outside of Black Mesa, we get to see what happens on a larger scale, exploring the military grounds.
- We revisit certain places, like the laboratory in which Freeman teleports to Xen, and get to see what happens then.
The entire storyline follows in the wake of Gordon Freeman, so it has a nice feeling to it, for the players who enjoyed the plot of the original game.

2. Panta Rhei - What's different from the original HL

I must say I'm not a fan of the changes to the armory, or for that matter, to the way we can fight here. Some of the weapon options recived a failry mirrored replacement, like the Colt Python. Some, in fact about a half, remained unchanged - Glock 9mm, the HK MP5, Spas-12, and RPG. The new weapons include three alien biological weapons, which are very ammo efficient since each of them posesses a way of replenishing the ammunition indefinitely. I don't like their concepts however, since for me, they don't serve any purpose in expanding our combat possibilities (except for the melee weapon, but it's nearly impossible to use in serious combat, due to it's nature).
I don't understand the replacement of the crowbar. It has been devided into two weapons - Pipe Wrench, which has 2 attack modes (a normal hit and a loaded attack which takes 3 seconds to fully load) and a knife, quick and low damage/range weapon. For me, the crowbar was perfect. After getting the glock I barely even used the wrench, since there is plenty of 9mm ammo everywhere, despite playing on Hard difficulty. The explosives remain unchanged. We get the granades, Laser Tripmines and Satchel Charges. More new weapons include Sniper Rifle, Heavy Machinegun or an experimental Displacer Cannon.
Casual, Casual.. ehh. C'mon, the three best weapons of the series, being (in my humble opinion) The Crowbar, The Crossbow and The Gauss Riffle, are gone. What fun is there in slashing Xen'ians with a regular knife?
The enemies are also different, considerably tougher and more challanging than in the first HL, altough less fun in my opinion. We hardly see any zombies or headcrabs. We mostly battle organised Xen soliders and their.. warmachines?

3. Nihil novi sub sole - So what is this game all about

It's Half Life. Reskinned, rearranged, rewritten. But it's all the same. The ideas were eaten, chewed and spat out in a mixture of green paint. I like the game, I really do. It's just - we don't do anything new (oh ok except for using a rope two times). Literally. It's all crawling through the pipes, trying to figure out how to get out of old storage-like places, fighting, jumping. There is no new element. We don't even have a chance, despite being a Corporal, to actually implement this element, for commanding people or anything. We just run around exactly like Gordon did, and fight a war we don't understand. there is one thing worthy of mentioning here though - The game passes on, and even expands the element which is one of the reasons for my deep affection for the first HL, this being the nessecity of strategic usage of the enviorment. There are situations and places in which you have to actually figure out what to do. In most of today's games you are given a minimap that shows you where to go. These games explain, step by step, what button to touch and what wire to cut. In this series you've got to rely on your instinct, and that's awesome.

4. Leave a light on for me - More about concepts, changes and the game

Am I the only person who hates the night vision? Man, it's such a terrible concept. I understand that we play a solider and military has to possess some high tech, but damn. You (or at least I) can hardly even see anything in this green light, even in the dark. I'd like a regular flashlight instead, please. What's the deal - couldn't they just leave the flashlight AND add the night vision? If they could implement 3 melee weapons, why not 2 light variants? I know not. Besides, there are like 3 or 4 places in the game where it actually comes in handy. Let's say HL has way more to do with a solid horror climate, where you had to use the flashlight actually more than the pistol and the battery was almost always red. The game is too long. Most of the locations are artificially stretched by repetition. In my opinion the game could be reduced to the 60% of its current length and still have the same, if not the better impact. By the way - there are hardly any bosses here, the ones that do exist are reused HL 1 bosses or boss ideas. Sad. Also, what the hell is with this Displacer Cannon's secondary fire mode? So we can basically teleport to safety at any moment we just need ammo. Did I mention that I hated the Night Vision?

5. Too much love will kill you - my final opinion

The game is decent, overall. It lacks some elements of the original HL atmosphere, which made it a hit, but perhaps it was meant to be this way. Despite playing as a solider I almost haven't felt the military spirit in the process, except for some parts when the combat music carried us. As I mentioned earlier the action is stretched like granny's breasts. There were moments where I've felt like I was meeting some kind of a Force Opposing my completion of the level. Oh, lest I forget - my ultimate complaint. The game was way too easy. Playing on the Hard difficulty, through the most of the game, save for perhaps two last chapters, I was running around will full health... and armor. For old HL veterans this must sound like a blasphemy since HEV armor was hard to come by in HL 1. There are also way too many medpacks in this game. Well perhaps I am tainted with my multiplayer experience. Anyways, I recommend this game, adding 0.5 to my original score, for the sentiment towards the series.

Half Life: Opposing Force - 6.5 / 10

Proxym 2014
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Publicada: 9 Janeiro
Despite being 15 years old at the time of writing this. Opposing Force in my opinion has to be one of the best GoldScr era games. Interesting enemies. a metric ♥♥♥♥ tonne of weapons that were never seen before in the Half Life series, pretty looking levels, pretty decent story, good soundtrack and overall challenging gameplay.
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Publicada: 21 de Dezembro de 2014
accurate rope physics/10

seriously though this game will make you cry tears of blood because shock troopers can eat a ♥♥♥♥ing ROCKET and still live
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Publicada: 26 de Dezembro de 2014
halflife:opposing force is the best one made by gearbox
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Publicada: 8 Abril
I only played so i could be with my snarks

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Publicada: 23 Janeiro
One of the best video game expansions ever made!
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Publicada: 2 Janeiro
amazing old school game , hope people will back to play it cause it's MP looks dead
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Publicada: 23 Março
Everytime I play this games I kill civilians (even though I haven't received any orders for that,because aliens from Xen shoot down V-22 Osprey in which A. Shepard (you) is in),I feel obligated to do so.
This pretty much sums it up :

"I killed twelve dumbass scientists and not one of em fought back. This sucks."

You have a wrench!What more do you need?!
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Publicada: 8 de Dezembro de 2014
Getting my ♥♥♥ down, back with nother nice oldie goodie playing this game brought back some nice memories.

Taking the role of an USM army dog going to Black Mesa in order to provide security support. However things do not turn out as planed. You get to see things from another perspective this short but nice story keeps you pumped to the end.

A nice change of pace of weapons (using alien "stuff" as weapons has never been so much fun in a modless HL game!) Puzzling situations are kept to minimal and the maps are both fun and good looking. You get to see a bit more about the whole Black Mesa buildings and projects. You get the chance to witness the chaos from a different point of view and you get to understend why the hell did these solder shoot at you while playing the first HL game.

You can choose on how you can treat both of the sides (US army guys and scientists) and you can get to have multiple (more than 1) followers once again in the game helping you with fire power, healing or door opening actions.

Recommended and totally appoved for its age.

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Publicada: 20 Janeiro
If you have $5 and want to have some nostalgia, PLAY THIS GAME. It is one of the best games that is half-life esq and i HIGHLY recomend it to anyone! The only downside is that its a little to simaler to Half-Life 1 with level design

Final Result: 9/10 Highly Recomended
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Publicada: 22 Abril
One of the best muliplayer games ever made....
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Publicada: 6 Março
Essentially the same as the first game but this time you can sometimes ask the worst-trained marines on the planet to help be body-shields for you. Seemed like this one has more emphasise on combat than story-line and does introduce a few new enemies while revisiting familiar locations. You may even see a familiar mute with glasses running around for a bit. *nudge nudge hint hint* I didn't enjoy very much that health and ammon drops were fairly rare which made things a bit more tedious than expected.

If you liked the first one and wanted a short expansion on the universe (took me 6 hours), this is an excellent choice.
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