Now available for Linux, PC and Mac! Stronghold 3 Gold arrives with the new Blackstaff 5 mission single player campaign and bonus Historical Sieges.
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Stronghold 3 Gold Now Available for LINUX!

Now available for PC, Mac & Linux, Stronghold 3 Gold contains the Blackstaff 5 mission single player campaign and bonus Historical Sieges.

Set during the events of Stronghold 3’s military story, the Blackstaff campaign follows Thomas Blackstaff as he hunts down the three escaped sons of The Rat. Travel across the sea to Greyshore Island to battle the Evil Brotherhood.

Bigger than ever before, the world’s favorite castle sim now contains 3 core campaigns (including the new Blackstaff Campaign), 4 multiplayer modes (including the new Coronation mode), a free build sandbox mode and 12 historical sieges.

About This Game

Stronghold 3 is the long-awaited third installment in the award winning castle-building series. Set 10 years after the original, the Wolf it seems, has cheated death and during his painful recovery he’s become even more bitter and twisted. Now he seeks revenge. Raiding villages and towns during the dead of night, the Wolf has created a tide of panic and you and your allies are the only force that stand against him. In this stunning new update to the world’s favorite Castle Sim - will you triumph by day or die by night?

Key features:

  • Build and manage mighty castles with an improved building system allowing unprecedented levels of realism and intricacy
  • Realistic physics and cutting-edge graphics make siege warfare more brutal than ever.
  • Watch your village spring to life in an amazing depiction of medieval village life
  • Story-driven gameplay engages players across two campaigns: combat or economic
  • Dramatic night time sieges add a new dimension to the Stronghold franchise
  • Besiege other players’ castles or defend your own in a range of action-packed online multiplayer modes
  • Attack or defend accurately re-created castles from the pages of history. Will you succeed where others failed?


Mac OS X
SteamOS + Linux
    • OS: Windows® XP SP3/ Windows® Vista SP2/ Windows® 7
    • Processor: Dual Core CPU – 2.0GHZ
    • Memory: 2GB RAM
    • Graphics: 256 MB ATI HD2600 XT or better, 256 MB nVidia 7900 GS or better
    • DirectX®: DirectX 9.0c
    • Hard Drive: 5 GB space free
    • Sound: DirectX 9.0c-compatible sound card
    • OS: Windows® Vista SP2/ Windows® 7
    • Processor: 1.8 GHz Quad Core CPU
    • Memory: 4GB RAM
    • Graphics: 512 MB ATI 4800 series or better, 512 MB nVidia 9800 series or better
    • DirectX®: DirectX 9.0c
    • Hard Drive: 5 GB space free
    • Sound: DirectX 9.0c-compatible sound card
    • OS: 10.6.8 and above
    • Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo (Dual-Core) Quad Core Recommended CPU Speed: 2.4 GHz
    • Memory: 4 GB RAM
    • Hard Disk Space: 8 GB
    • Video Card: Radeon HD2600, Geforce 8600, with 512 MB VRam or better
    • Additional: Two Button Mouse
    • Supported Video Cards: NVIDIA GeForce® 8600, 8800, 9600M, GT 120, 320M ATI Radeon HD 2600, HD 3870, HD 4670, HD 4850, HD 5670, HD 5750
    • OS: Linux, Ubuntu 14.10, Mint 17 supported
    • Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo (Dual-Core) Quad Core Recommended CPU Speed: 2.4 GHz
    • Memory: 4 GB RAM
    • Hard Disk Space: 8 GB
    • Video Card: OpenGL 2.1 capable card, nvidia and fglrx supported
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Publisert: 30. oktober

Overall, don't buy the game. Its terrible... It doesn't live up to the Stronghold series. Don't even buy it on a sale even if its $7.49. Go buy a small game with 8 dollars, you can probably find something with more playability. Go ahead and buy those cheap DLCs or cosmetics you've been wanting for your other games. Go ahead... its much better to buy cosmetic DLCs or small packs then it is to buy this game.
Graphics8/10 The games graphics are probably the best in the Stronghold series, but there are problems stated about this below
Modes3/10 The lack of modes is terrible, there is no more skirmishes, there is a great lack of siege battles (and those siege battles are pathetic). There is no built in editor either.
Campaign5/10 The campaign is terrible! I haven't even got through the first mission it was SO poor!
Building placement3/10 This is a true horror. They added a nice new way to rotate buildings, but the downside is, it takes longer to place buildings now! But whats worse is the spaceing! You can't place buildings closer than 6 feet now! Buildings are so spaced, but the maps (which I won't do a category on) are also terrible! You can only place buildings on 1/4 of the map, because of the elevation, and the strict limits! You have to be careful of where you place, and you can only place so few buildings because of the stupid placement system.
Bugs and crashes4/10 I myself haven't saw much bugs (but I have heard of a lot) But crashes, theres a lot of that too. Not even 2 hours, and I already had a crash. The first Stronghold is more stable with crashes, even though I have Windows 8 and no compability mode on!
How it runs4/10 LAG LAG LAG and low FPS. I really don't know if its my computer or the game, but it has a low FPS. Other people have stated there was lag though. But it is bad... I can run 800 people with a small castle on the map in Stronghold 2 on high graphics, here I can't run 100 people on the map with even medium graphics. Avoid.
ExtraOnce, a Youtuber named DiplexHeated said,"The buildings are terrible. It all just feels like a village, unlike a castle you'd see in Stronghold 2."
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Publisert: 5. november
Shame on firefly. Money grabbing ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥s to ruin a great series with a broken mess that is SH3t. They never fixed the game because its unfixable and are still trying to sell this pos on steam. Shame on Steam too. Firefly will never see another dollar from me.
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Publisert: 10. november
Rember how great Stronghold was?
Remeber how Stronghold 2 caught that same magic, just refined it down. Wasn't 100% the origional, but it brough its own things to the table.

Stronghold 3 is an attept to capture the elements of the first two games with updated graphics. However it feels like it was made by a completely differt studio. This game is just not the same. It looks the same, the core concepts are there, but it's not. Ever see John Carpenters "The Thing"....yeh, and then the new one? Just like that, keep the origionals and don't spoil your memory
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Publisert: 26. oktober
A terrible grab at money. I would barely say this glitchy, buggy, lazy and poorly optimized game is worth a purchase on sale, especially to fans of the franchise. Now I was alright with Stronghold 2. It was fun enough. Same with Legends. They had their issues but they were still decently fun games. This game is not fun. It isn't enjoyable. It brings nothing to the table. It's just broken and wonky. Units phasing through walls, shooting through walls, extreme lighting bugs and crashes to where I feel like a computer demon is clawing it's way out of my computer screen. The game doesn't have that "Hey I'm not the best game but I have enough charm to be fun" type of gameplay that 2 and Legends have. I am extremely disappointed with what was done to this franchise, and Stronghold 3 has made it so i will never buy anything full price from FireFly ever again.
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Publisert: 27. oktober
nothing like the original camara angles make playing the game almost impossible , crappy map editor , boring single play
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Publisert: 28. oktober
Never, ever play this game. Interest in Stronghold series ? go for the first and second installment
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Publisert: 31. oktober
This game gets a 2.1 out of 10. (Very Bad)
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Publisert: 31. oktober
the original stronghold game is one of my favourite city builder games but unfortunetly none of the follow ups matched this. could not get into this one unfortunetly, but maybe need to give it a few more hours.
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Publisert: 2. november
Look, ever since Crusader I, Firefly studio has been taking steps backward. This is the worst. Literally every single part of this game is bad. There is not a single part that I can say was enjoyable AT ALL. So bad.

so so bad....

SHC2, however, was pretty great. A HUGE step in the right direction to redeeming the Stronghold franchise.

Save your money, buy SHC2 instead. Or hey, SH and SHC HD remakes.
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Publisert: 3. november
Schlechtester Teil der Reihe
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Publisert: 4. november
Do not like video setup. it is too 3 dimensional and too close to tthe ground making it hard to move troops easily.
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Publisert: 19. november
I am writing this review because I think there are too much negative reviews about the game.

I wouldn't say this game is bad, although in many aspects, it is not what we are used to have in other Stronghold games. It does have some bugs, and the one that is most common is troops stuck when you place a new buildings near them, and similar stuff... Still, same thing was happening in Crusader 1 and Stronghold 1 as well, with exception that in Crusader 1 this unit would disappear, or remain stuck on wall crenelation until the player does something to set him free.

Also, many complain how they cannot play with massive armies in multiplayer... Why do we need to play with so many troops? Can we play with smaller troops? We would make some smaller castles, and attack each other earlier with less troops... In the end - it is the same if me and my opponent have 50, or 500 troops. Still, I must admit that I wasn't playing it in multiplayer much, and those games I started - I did face the lag, but I cannot say I have some powerful computer, so I do assume that is the reason why I had those problems. For this reason I decided to play only multiplayer games 1v1 on smaller maps, but it doesn't have to do much with the game itself - it's because of my PC... Also, I hope that we should be able to play multiplayer games with less troops and less buildings, and still, to have the fun. :) In fact, that is another challenge! Try to make your economy efficient as much as possible with less buildings. :)

The other thing about Stronghold 3 is the fact that I was reading some reviews before buying Stronghold 3, and I knew there wouldn't be skirmish, and I knew there are still those bugs - so I got the game with low expectations. :) So, when I got the game, I was only looking at those good things of the game, and still, there are more good parts, and those bad ones.

Nevertheless, it is not an excuse, and I am also sad that Firefly gave up this game, and that they didn't work on it a little more to fix those few remaining bugs.

I would also like to add that it is Stronghold 3 in which Firefly introduced some new interesting things such as: building walls in all possible directions, and putting any buildings wherever I want and rotate it however I want; special abilities of some troops, such as men at arms: they made spearmen more useful this way, etc... Also, I like it more how a castle looks in Stronghold 3 than how it looks in other Stronghold games - here castles are more natural, but that is only a matter of taste I guess.

Among those new stuff I do dislike how they made troops just leave the barracks - peasants do not need to walk to the barracks... This is something that could be exploited even in some campaign missions! I also dislike how they made the siege camps just like in Stronghold 2. One doesn't need to bring the engineers (and to protect them from the enemy) to construct mass of catapults in the middle of nowhere.

I only want to say that besides its bad reputation Stronghold 3 is not that bad as they say - it is a good game, and we do have to admit that with this game Firefly gave us something new! I am sure that if the game wasn't published too early, they would have done it way better.
1. there would be less things to be fixed in patches, and
2. Stronghold fans wouldn't be so much driven away from the game after their first impressions, although it is bad that Stronghold 3 doesn't offer skirmish mode. (I guess that they had though/hoped it would be as good to us as Stronghold 1 was without skirmish mode, but in year 2011 we were expecting nothing less that a game with skirmish mode.)

Sadly, that bad reputation Stronghold 3 got was almost certainly the reason why they gave up Stronghold 3, and why they left some more things to be fixed... Even if they made a perfect game afterwards, little people would get it. Little people would be playing it, there wouldn't be much of those who would recommend it to someone, little people would be buying it...

Still, even though I am recommending this game, my advice would be: don't get this game with high expectations, and still, you should have fun playing it. :) Also, I don't think it is worth 27,99€ - don't rush when buying it, you should be able to find a retail version for less, or you could wait from some sale at Steam, and to get it for less money.
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Publisert: 14. november
the makers of this game failed to actually do anything with it. it is so basic and limited it never should have come out
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Publisert: 31. oktober
The developers should be shot for this and wasting my time and money.
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Publisert: 29. oktober
Not even launch. Crashes at start.

As I read in others reviews, there are about nothing worthy I missed.

Just don't buy this game, even on sale. Buy something else.
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Publisert: 26. oktober
Huge disapointment!
I actually tried to get my money back... no success.
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Publisert: 26. oktober
Hello Community,

In short: DONT BUY SH3! (go play SH2 or AoE2 or AoM or SCII (my regards to steam! #yolo) if you want a fun RTS experience instead of a pain in the ♥♥♥♥), if you want to know why i come to this conclusion you are welcome to read on, ive structured my post in:

1. What i did

1. What i did:

I played the first 3 missions in the campaign.
I Tried to play this game in multiplayer mode with a friend for about 45 mins.
I played 1 on 1 with a friend for 1-1.5 hours.
I played with the Graphics options

2. PROS:


- The game looks good (better than SH2) because the plate armours look dirty and not so shiny like in SH2,
this new textures also make the walls and other Buildings look dirty and more realistic (which is good in my opinion) in SH2 the walls and armours looked kinda "blanc". Also other units with lighter armour like spearmen swordsmen or crossbows look better.
- There are a view completely new buildings for the stronghold like very low towers (I dont know what they are called in english) and better looking houses for the villagers.
Also "old" and familliar looking buildings like the cheese production and others look better now.
- Sounds are good, there is at least one new song playing in the backgrund while playing,
the old talking sounds of the units when clicking on them and giving move or attack or formation command have been coppied (makes players who played SH2 feel familliar)
- there are new fancy graphic options like depth of focus changing with the distance a building has between it and the camera and special options for light and particle effects.
(I dont like the change of sharpness very much because i feel like not being able to see something (for example a blurry high tower with its tip close to the cam) very well. but im sure others will like it AND you can switch it off so this is a PRO.
- The menu looks nice and is simple
- Graphic changes can be adopted without restarting the game


- It is now possible to rotate buildings by rotating the mouse wheel, therefore buildings can be packed closer to each other in the castle (thats a really cool feature in my opinion and prevents the player from being ♥♥♥♥ed because he wasted some space).

3. CONS (those are overwhelming the PROS by far in my case because i bought the game for the multiplayer experience and remembered SH2 being a good RTS game):

About "setting up" a multiplayer game (i enclose the points in "About "setting up" a multiplayer game" in brackets because i cant rule out the possibility that the game destroying buggs described below where caused by my friend having a ping of arround 800 (please give me feedback if others are observing the same buggs)):

- In the Host menue several times almost nothing happened after hitting the "go" button (even thou everyone was ready because he had clicked on the "rdy up" button an od number of times).
Just a text at the bottom of the screen appeared saying: "game is being started..." (or simillar).
My friend with whome i was connected via Skype said he could see the loading screen but nobody was loading (counter stuck @ 0%).----> we couldnt start the game.
- Also changing the position of the players on the map did not work when the maximum number of players on the map was reached. i think the developers did not include such a function in their game. (correct me if im wrong here). SH2 had this function. (it seems to me that this was just lazyness and bad work).
If they did not include such a function i ask here: Did the developers see the possibility of the Host wanting to change the position of players after the game is full? Did they even test the multiplayer mode?)
- When setting up teams when trying to play for example 2 on 2, does "annoy just a little bit" :D because its just possible to count upwards and then reset the counter at 8 to 1 if you click it again.
therefore if you click one time to much you have to click several times to get a correct team setup, this wont be that bad if the "counter" would react fast so you could for example click 5-8 times in 2-3 seconds to correct the mistake. (in Age of Empires 2 they did solve it that way and it was okay)
BUT: somehow hitting the "Teamcounter buttons" or the "go button" in host screen while being the host often does not have any effect at all, and you have to click again and wait 1-4 sec. until you see if the changed parameter becomes "online".
- Also a programme running in the background while hosting changes the numbers = teams of the players which have not been clicked on, on its own if the host clicks on a players number=team to make him go one team up! (as if the host was too stupid to think on its own!)
This "feature" makes the host stay calm because the "mini plan" the host formulates kinda subconcious when setting up the game would sound kinda like this if you put it in language: Me and my friend(s) or other players in team A and the other players in team B. Then he goes on changing the numbers by clicking on them and if he screws up something (for example clicking one time to much which can happen with a high probability because the changes wont be accepted always or when they do with a delay :D)
The "AI" of the background programme ♥♥♥♥♥slapps the host in the face by changing ♥♥♥♥ on its own! and the host goes like: "what the ♥♥♥♥?!" I(!) am the HOST(!) I(!) change the NUMBERS(!)!!!
One could eventually try to shout the following at ones screen 3 times in a row:
Get thee hence, evil background programme get thee hence out of the game Satan!!!".
I can tell from experience it didnt work in my case...(that was a joke).
- The chatt in the host menu (which is used to communicate with other players) (simillar to the buttons) often just did not show a new message i did type in and hit enter even if I waited a view seconds. The "lost" messages did appear when spamming a view more messages after the initial one.
As you can easily immagine i was staying cool and relaxed at this point in time because i realised that i did pay 20$ for a good load of fun buggs which wood enrich my experience greatly. (this is meant sarcastic).

Ingame experience:

- Wall building partially did not work ingame for no obvious reason (probably i was too stupid to connect the gate with the wall correctly but i think that also was a bug). Also there was no invisible unit (like the assassin in SH2) standing there which couldve prevented me from building the wall. i can rule this out because i asked my friend if he had an invisible unit standing where i wanted to connect the wall to the gate i built.
- One time my archers just did not attack enemy units which where passing by and where in range (at least it felt like they where in range; of course i did not measure the range ingame, thats the job of the developers). probably they have reduced the range of the archers dramatically but im guessing that this was a bug of the "AI".
- It seems like you have to click on the ground to see the "building menu" which (in my opinion) is bad, i want a button (which can be configured as a hotkey) to click on to make the game show the building menu to navigate to the building i want to build. i dont want to click on the ground to summon up this menu.

I repeat here: DONT BUY SH3 until they remove the worst buggs! (they probably wont remove em.)
Better play other games which are fun! SH3 is a waste of your money, time AND makes you go mad (especially if you "play" multiplayer)

Thanks for reading

and @ the developers: Thank you for making this great game, removing most buggs and making my day! f*ckerz!!
its a worthy follow-up to SHC and SH2!
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Publisert: 30. oktober
This is not what I expected it to be. I was expecting something more like Age of Empires, but this is a mission based version of age of empires.

Overall this is a good game, but do some research on youtube before deciding to buy. I didn't do enough research and now I feel like I wasted money buying what I thought was something else.
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Publisert: 29. oktober
It is (almost) so good!!! Stronghold 3 is a generally good game, It has a balanced system of progression and a good castle building system; but, the lack of skirmmish may be a deal-breaker for many. That's right, this game has no skirmmish. Except for some (generic) campaigns and a tutorial, this game has NO singleplayer. So if you don't have some reliable friends I would sadly not recommend this game, but I you have a network of friends and they have this game, you could have a LOT of fun.
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Publisert: 28. oktober
This game is a joke.

I'm a big fan of the Stronghold Series but I can not find any single positive aspect in the third part.
The new building system is kind of annoying, you can't even set straight walls so there is no way to build a symetric castle.
The spots where the walls stick to another are buggy as well.

Even the titlescreen looks horrible and contains nothing but a ♥♥♥♥ty yellow background and a guy who is looking at you like a crazy old ♥♥♥♥♥♥.
It is just a bad Stronghold 2 with less features like the Tortureguild, the punishments, the treasury and so on...
Tannery is also not included anymore , so to recruit some Crossbowmen you just have to produce Crossbows - that's it.
This is taking so much of the well done complexity of Stronghold 2 wich led the player to do more thoughtful actions.
Now it is just a clumsy 'cut some wood here, produce this and that there' until i got a little army walking towards to the ugly enemy castle.

The campaign is boring and the ''cutscenes'' are loveless images of black and white figures talking about war and revenge.
The gameplay itself is uncomfortable, you feel that the engine is not good at all after playing for a few seconds.
After all this stuff they also left out the skirmish mode wich have ever been the heart and soul of Stronghold.

I am totally disappointed and would recommend to everybody who is thinking about buying this to do not.
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