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Wasteland Angel es un regreso a la época de los shooters arcade clásicos, donde los jugadores deben defenderse de oleadas de enemigos y finalmente enfrentarse a épicos jefes finales.
Fecha de lanzamiento: 1 Sep 2011
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“…Wasteland Angel es un juego que me tiene robado el corazón. Grité de alegría cuando vi de primera mano la carnicería…”
– GamersDailyNews

“Hay un montón de mutantes y chiflados para hacer estallar, y Wasteland Angel ofrece una gran cantidad de formas divertidas para hacerlo.”
– GameFront

“Wasteland Angel is one of those games you want on your games list, even if it’s just for a quick adrenaline fuelled warband killing romp. You will always come back to it when you have some time to kill, or whenever some punk has topped your score. GREAT!” EGamer

“Wasteland Angel is a good amount of game for a great price. Any fan of oldschool shmups will be pleased, and newer gamers will have a ton of fun with game that is easy to jump in to and blow stuff up.” Grade B - The Multitap

Acerca del juego

¡Mierda! La Tercera Guerra Mundial tuvo lugar y mató a la mayoría de la población mundial. Los que acabaron chamuscados fueron los más afortunados. Los supervivientes viven en un constante temor de ser asesinados o esclavizados por bandas violentas, unidades militares renegadas y, por supuesto, mutantes.

Equipada con un coche fuertemente blindado, potencia de fuego ilimitada y sed de venganza, nuestra heroína, el Ángel del Yermo, se mueve por los residuos radioactivos, viajando desde un pueblo dejado de la mano de Dios hasta el siguiente, protegiendo a los supervivientes de ser esclavizados. Su misión: defender a aquellos que no pueden defenderse por sí mismos.

Wasteland Angel es un regreso a la época de los shooters arcade clásicos, donde los jugadores deben defenderse de oleadas de enemigos y finalmente enfrentarse a épicos jefes finales. Desde una vista isométrica y cenital, los jugadores conducen el poderoso vehículo del Ángel del Yermo mientras se abren paso con sus ametralladoras duales a través del terreno. Para acabar con las bandas, los mutantes y renegados que encuentre su paso, el Ángel del Yermo tiene armas y munición mejorables para que los enemigos pasen a mejor vida.

Características principales:

  • 24 niveles de frenética acción a lo largo de 6 paisajes devastados
  • 3 facciones enemigas, incluyendo bandas, renegados y mutantes
  • 4 niveles de dificultad que van desde principiante a suicida
  • Diferentes objetivos de misión que van desde escoltas a ofensivas generales
  • Superarmas para aumentar la carnicería, incluyendo minas, napalm, EMP o bombas nucleares
  • Inmensas batallas contra jefes finales para poner a prueba tu habilidad y resistencia
  • Niveles adicionales llenos de caóticos disparos y conducción en primera persona
  • Tablas de puntuación online para cada nivel de dificultad
  • Clasificación por estrellas para todos los niveles y 40 logros para los que les guste completarlos

Requisitos del sistema

    • SO: Windows® XP / Vista / 7
    • Procesador: Intel® a 2.0 GHz
    • Memoria: 2 GB de RAM
    • Disco Duro: 4 GB de espacio libre
    • Gráficos: Gráfica con 256 MB de memoria de vídeo dedicada y soporte para Pixel Shader 3.0 (nVidia 8600 o equivalente)
    • Sonido: Dispositivo compatible con DirectX 9.0c
    • Versión de DirectX®: 9.0c
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there are a couple redeeming sides to this classical top-down (mostly) driving-shooting game - story, as much as this type of game needs one, and the fact that it partially is a good bit of fun.

it takes a couple hours to run this through on easy and considerably more on hard or nightmare where you definitely will retry and retry and retry several of the fairly lengthy levels. with how repetitive it is, i do not see many people wanting to do that.

i cannot really recommend this is earnest. there are bits of fun in there but as this game type/genre is seeing revival recently, if you really need to mindlessly drive and shoot in top-down perspective - you would probably be better off with another game.

technically, it is mostly competent. while not looking exceptional, it looks good or ok - except for the out-of-box 1st person perspective bonus levels where models have the same level of detail as top-down perspective and look like something from end of 90s. control scheme is adequate and keys can be remapped. for some reason every time i started the game from steam, it decided it needs to run a visual c installer with the uac prompt this causes but that might be just my environment.

the only technical gripe is about clipping problems. when you run into something that obstructs the screen, you can get stuck and not even see which way you are facing, making it really difficult to get free quickly. also, the decision to reverse the direction immediately when you drive straight out the level limits is occasionally very annoying, especially in the last set of levels where one of the cities is right at the edge of level.

unfortunately, there is the main downside - this game is repetitive. repetitive, repetitive, repetitive.

you have 3 or 6 different levels and 3 sets of enemies plus bosses but there is no real variance.
- levels are functionally all the same - first you defend one city at day, then at night, then 2 cities on similar map at day, then at night. repeat that three times.
- there are three types of enemies - one that fights you, one that steals civilians and one that does both. the three sets - they are just different skins for the same functions.
- bosses are formulaic as well. big, deal and absorb a lot of damage, can be killed with gathered superweapons.
Publicado: 26 junio 2014
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Garbage. But guilty pleasure garbage,
Publicado: 20 febrero 2014
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Not very good twin stick car shooter. Wastedtime Angel. HA HA HA HA HA CLEVER
Publicado: 22 febrero 2014
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I'd suggest avoiding this game. I have no clue what kind of game it is, since i couldn't even move in the game (The keybinds didn't work with my KB+M). I also tried to change to controller, but the key mapping doesn't work, so I'd be stuck with some horrible controls. Well, Half of my keybinds for controller are "Left thumbstick" and "Right Thumbstick" and the other half doesn't have any keys bound to them (Because the key mapping just didn't work very well).

The KB+M problem could be because of poor coding in game. Apparently some people has had their KB's detected as something totally different than what they actually are. Controllers, AZERTY instead of QWERTY etc.

With all the no-refunds policies, i would definitely avoid this game. There's a high chance it won't work for you at all (Just look at the forums in the client and in the actual steam forums). Pretty much every single thread is "X is broken", "There's a glitch in Y", "Z got stuck in the wall again" and "Giving away -75% off for free". The only game where the coupons are worth nothing. Not even one card.
Publicado: 3 mayo 2014
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Fun enough with easy achievements for those who like it

Even being a little fun, it's not worth your time. I will just say bad design. I gave the game a second chance and it was really a waste. As one can see on my only screenshot of said game, the freaking boss got stuck on the same spot enough times for me to give up on the game. Not only the boss is stupid, but the enemy AI too...

The game is bad, I could have finished the game if not for these bugs (not really bugs, just bad design and poor AI, let's just call it bug for lack of better words) and still I wouldn't recommend it.
Publicado: 13 febrero 2014
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