Grotesque Tactics is a highly addictive tactical RPG combining elements of popular Western and Asian console RPGs.
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“This game is an explosion of humor with a knowing wink in all the right places.”

“The humor is quite refreshing in this normally dead-serious fantasy and tactic genre, and the sophisticated quick combat scenarios are without a doubt sublime.”
81% – DemoNews

“With much blood, sweat and tears and even more humor the player is drawn into the world of the Kingdom of Glory and captured within it.”
80% –

“Grotesque Tactics is a textbook example indie-gem. [it] has virtues of many blockbuster games: charm, wit and originality.”
75% – Gamestar

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Grotesque Tactics is a story driven, satirical RPG with a strategic combat system. A party of 10 anti-heroes are fighting in a grotesque world that combines the features and clichés of Western and Asian Strategy RPGs like Final Fantasy Tactics, Heroes of Might & Magic and Fire Emblem.

Grotesque Tactics weaves a humorous storyline and plenty of amusing dialogue, poking fun at some of the most successful RPGs, such as Oblivion, Gothic and Lord of the Rings.

To protect the kingdom from the merciless cult "The Dark Church" which has murdered all of the kingdom’s heroes and knights, you will have to hire dubious soldiers and rescue jealous maidens who will follow you into combat as your groupies.


  • Turn based tactical battles with humorous animations not seen in any RPG
  • Distinctive party members such as the arrogant Holy Avatar, the blood thirsty Vampire Solitaire, the sweet but hot-tempered Angel Angelina and many more
  • Gorgeous village landscapes and dark, sinister dungeons
  • Scantily dressed maidens to be freed from the grasp of merciless monsters
  • Enormous, highly detailed and very angry end bosses
  • Classical RPG elements: quests, treasures, trade, leveling up and out¬fitting a party of unique heroes
  • Enjoyable multiple choice dialogues and conversation puzzles in the style of classic adventure games, such as Monkey Island or Maniac Mansion

*In chess, a Grotesque is a problem or endgame study which features a particularly unlikely initial position, especially one in which White fights with a very small force against a much larger black army. Grotesques are generally intended to be humorous.

Requisiti di sistema

    • OS: Windows® XP / Vista™ / Windows® 7
    • Processor: 2.0 GHz CPU
    • Memory: 1GB
    • Graphics: Direct X 9.0c compatible with shader model 2.0 (nVidia GeForce 5/FX/ATI Radeon 9500 Series/ATI X700 or better)
    • DirectX®: DirectX® 9.0c
    • Hard Drive: 700MB
    • Sound: Sound card with DirectX 9.0c support
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Pubblicata: 10 novembre
Grotesque Tactics, developed by an indie German studio by the name of Silent Dreams in a joint venture with Headup Games, is a turn-based strategy game in the same vein as Final Fantasy Tactics, Tactics Ogre, or any of the other hundreds of games with "Tactics" tacked on to the title. But let me clear the air here: unlike the aforementioned games, Grotesque Tactics is bad. Not "bad" as in Big Rigs: Over The Road Racing bad, but more like "all I wanted for Christmas was a Nintendo 3DS but all I got was a Nokia N-Gage" type of bad. You know, the type of disappointment you get when you are hyped up on all the good things, but are let down on every level.

The plot is nothing to write home about. There are no plot twists, no overly-emotional scenes, nothing. Just you and your party against an evil empire. You play Drake, a drop-out from the Glory Military Academy. By a stroke of luck, the very fact that you were the only dropout in the history of the academy has saved you from death in battle at the hands of the Dark Church (the aforementioned evil empire). Being mopey and emo (and yes, the game makes use of "emo" way too much), Drake finds the courage to fight back against the Dark Church with the help of the Semidivine Holy Avatar, the stereotypical "I'm better than you, and women love me" beefcake of the game. Together, you and Holy scour the world rescuing maidens, recruiting party members, and completing side-quests. Like I said before, it's nothing to write home about.

On that note, I should mention the writing. I'm guessing Silent Dreams hired a 16-year old high-school dropout to translate the game for them, because even though the game has had an extensive grammar overhaul for the English version, the writing would make even a first-year college student cringe in terror. Grammar and spelling mistakes abound, and any hint of humor the game wanted to convey has been lost due to the horrid translation. For example, Candy, one of the three maidens you rescue and recruit, constantly says "Hihihihihi" instead of "Hehehehehe" or *giggles*. The only thing that would make that worse is if Navi from The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time was put in the game and constantly said "HEY! LISTEN!" every ten seconds. But even then I would have fond flashbacks to my time playing an infinitely-better game. Grotesque Tactics just makes me want to punch babies.

And then there's the humor. I'd like it to be known that humor is NOT universal; it is purely subjective. Unfortunately, the game is billed as a parody of other great games. If anything, Grotesque Tactics is a parody of computer game designing. There is a difference between parodying a game and simply referencing a game, and Grotesque Tactics references the hell out of other games. The humor is extremely in-your-face, much like playing an interactive version of the Meet The Spartans movie. While it's not as ham-fisted as UnEpic, at least UnEpic is a good game.

The entire cast is a tragedy upon game design. The main character is an emo who isn't really emo all that much except in certain combat situations, the supporting character is the stereotypical knight-in-shining-armor with sunglasses, the rogue is a goblin who joins you because you killed his buddies, and various other travesties. Oh, and if any reader of this review is black and you want to see how German game developers portray black people, play this game. The only way the token black dude could get more stereotypical is if he had fried chicken in one hand and purple drank in the other. Yes, this is what Silent Dreams considers a parody. Sad, is it not?

From the moment you boot up the game, you can already tell you're in for a world of hurt. The pre-game loading screen features Holy Avatar and the three maidens, but the whole thing looks like it was made in Poser. Then the game starts and the Poser-like art is replaced by anime character portraits. Holy is pretty much the ♥♥♥♥♥♥ of the group, while the three maidens and other female characters are in various states of undress. Let's not forget that while you are rescuing said maidens to recruit them, they are screaming about getting their clothes torn off. The character interaction, combined with the almost-ecchi artwork makes me believe that this game is the lead designer's attempt at a VERY bad self-insert fanfiction rather than a clever satire of RPGs.

And finally we come to the meat and potatos of the game: the gameplay. As I've said before, it's a clone of the various Tactics games you see or have seen on the market. Turned-based strategy on a battlefield with positioning. Nothing new, so let's move into what makes Grotesque Tactics stand out from the crowd (other than the sad attempt at German humor).

The really big thing about the game is the Obsession system. The game flat-out tells you in the tutorial that this is a limit break (I'm guessing Silent Dreams' thought process was "LOLOLOLOL! I MADE A FINAL FANTASY 7 REFERENCE! LAUGH, PEONS! LOLOLOLOL!"). Each character has their own way of increasing their Obsession, from hitting stuff (Drake) to getting hit (EVERY SINGLE PARTY MEMBER). Each Obsession does their own unique thing, but more often than not it involves the obsessed party member attacking another party member. West goes berserk, attacking anything in range (friendly or not), the maidens and the angel simply attack a party member, the goblin rogue blinds everyone in a radius (again, no thoughts to friendly fire) and warps to Holy, and Drake buffs nearby party members' attack rating but at the cost of halving his attack rating a few turns afterwards. Drake is obviously the most benefitial of the party, but that's not saying much considering everyone else is geared toward screwing you over.

Inside combat, you control all characters in order based on their agility. Outside of combat, however, you can only control Drake while the others automatically follow him. This works out fine, except for one major game-breaking bug that was the straw that broke the camel's back for me: Afflictions aren't removed once combat is over. In the battle leading up to getting the mage party member, West went berserk due to his Obsession. I ended combat right next to a treasure chest in a narrow 1x1 area in the forest with West blocking the only exit in or out. Since he was technically still berserk, he refused to move, and I cant move through party members. Needless to say, I was stuck and had to reload the entire damn mission. Have I told you yet how much I hate this game?

And lastly, I come to the deal breaker: the camera. Or, rather, the automatic camera panning. Any time there is dialogue or a character is moving, the camera will pan to that character. This isn't such a big deal if the damn thing would actually CENTER on said character. Instead, it trails behind a moving character. Trying to manually compensate for this means your camera goes out of whack and ends up 50 feet in some random direction. Again, this wouldn't be such a big deal if we could turn automatic camera panning off, or if movement outside of combat wasn't in real time. Alas, no on both accounts. This will, more often than not, lead to clicking the wrong square or giving you a fit of nauseua.
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Pubblicata: 12 novembre
Avoid. A clumsy interface that combines graphics from the eighties with the charm and usability of dog vomit. Camera is incredibly poor/awkward, but you won't care because you shouldn't really be playing this for any real period of time.
Although posing as a parody/satire, any actual satire is absent instead coming across as an adolescent, misoginistic mess. The treatment of women is incredibly offensive. Avoid.
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Pubblicata: 19 novembre
Tired stereotypes and misogyny piled on top of unremarkable gameplay. Other reviewers have already gone into more depth about those, so let's talk bugs.

Crashes frequently. Camera glitches abound. The game gets borderline unplayable as you pick up more party members, as there seems to be a rogue AI loop during "explore mode" that eats your CPU and craps it out in pieces until everyone stops moving (the majority of my play time is waiting for this to finish). Missions will occasionally start with one or more characters completely unresponsive to controls.
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Pubblicata: 11 ottobre
There aren't many grid-style movement, tactical, turn-based rpgs like this. There are a good handful, but by no means are there many compared to other similar genres. This is a pretty great game if you are a fan of the genre. If you aren't that big of a fan of the genre, then this may not be a good game for you. The thing is: this game is technically a parody rpg. However, ironically, it winds up being a pretty good game in the genre it is trying to parody-- even though it is pretty simple and minimalistic.

So the game doesn't have very much depth in the departments of tactics or rpg elements-- which many other games of the genre do have. Each character is a set "class" and only learns 2 "spells", you don't chose them. There are only really one set of weapons/armor for each character that you acquire through the game. The story is linear and there are no choices. But even without all that depth the game is still charming in its own right. Everyone has a set class with set abilities, so it takes a lot of the tactical aspects of party formation out of the game which many other games of the genre have, but you still have to plan your actions on the battle-grid accordingly, so there are some tactical decisions to be made-- just mostly only on the battlefield.

You need to go into the game understanding its supposed to be simple and whimsical and then you can enjoy it for what it is.

The characters are purposefully cliche and it works out in a charming way. And even though the tactical elements are minimalistic, it fits perfectly with the atmosphere of the game. The story, and the way the events occur are also purposefully cliche in a charming way. The graphics and sounds are fitting with the game, nothing jaw dropping but nothing jarring. Importantly, the game seems to work just fine-- I think I only had one crash in 12 hours. The game is just fun, simply-- especially to a fan of the genre itching for a novel experience...

So even though this game is just a "parody," and therefor is simplistic compared to others in the genre-- its a welcome addition to a small list of games to a true fan of an amazing genre.
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Pubblicata: 29 settembre

Grotesque Tactics is a turn-based strategy parody, that pokes fun
of other standard RPG games. The music is done very well, and keeps the
pace and atmosphere of the game. Each character represents some form
of a classic hero; be it the warrior, archer, or mage, but does an
excellent job of augmenting the comedic aspects of each one.

The controls and interface are sleek and well done, and I found
the gear progresses with the player in a very balanced way. Tactically,
the game is good for a novice turn based strategist, but the story
appeals to everyone.

One unique twist is the obsession meter, which when filled, the
hero reacts in an unexpected way that may cause damage to anyone. The
combat is simple, but the dialogue is entertaining and intriguing.

The characters and story parody other RPG's in an entertaining
manner, and I enjoyed playing this game. I never felt my time was wasted,
and I can easily recommend this game.

This is a summary of what I talk about in the video, I am a YT'er not a Blogger
Thanks for your viewership and support for more videos check click here.
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Pubblicata: 7 agosto
it's been a pretty acceptable ride so far for $2.50, but you can tell the quality isn't going to blow you away. some jokes run on for a bit too long as well, but again for $2.50 i do not regret it. how on earth did they manage to get a semi decent texture artist and a semi deent modeler, but a total ♥♥♥♥ 2d artist to draw the character profile images? they are totally out of style with the rest of the game. why not just use high quality bust portraits of the character models?
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Pubblicata: 30 settembre
What can i say about this game? It tries to be a comedy, and it's actually very funny.

The history is very simple, the graphics aren't good, the battle system can be a little confusing, it has some bugs and crash from time to time.

So, why am i recommending this game?

Even with it's problems, this game is very fun to play.
The characters are unique, different personalities, some based on stereotypes.
There are jokes and references all around this game, Legend of Zelda, Super Mario, Lord of the Rings and others.
If you don't care about the graphics and the gameplay looked interesting for you, you can give it a shot.
Try looking for a discount or a bundle if you liked.
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Pubblicata: 23 giugno
This game... is a strange one. I am a major fan of JRPG's. This game makes fun of them in a good way. The combat is ok however, and that is it's one weakness imo. However, I understand that is my fault as a gamer. I am a completionist and wish to be as strong as possible, so I grind forever each battle since the story is linear and you can't go back to train/grind.

I find the story funny and the characters add to this greatly, so I enjoy them both, and I can make it through the battles, but I just get somewhat bored with the combat for the aforementioned reason.

I do recommend this game because it is fun and worth the money imo, but it just depends what kind of gamer you are. The grinding isn't fun, but I can tell this game wasn't made for that (even if it's mocking JRPG's).
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Pubblicata: 28 agosto
This game is greatly underrated for a reason or another, while I do admit that the graphics are rather bad compared to some other games out there but really you do have to understand that this game is sold cheaply on Steam so you shouldn’t expect the graphics and functionality to be on the same level as Witcher or Final Fantasy. Also you have to keep in mind that this game is meant to be parody of RPG and JRPG genre which it does quite well and even if there is few bugs it was playable and funny. There were few dull moments sure, but what game doesn't have? After playing it a while I did find myself to be hooked and had to complete the story, so can bad game really hook you? I think not, because I have played some much worse than this and I did not get hooked.
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Pubblicata: 1 giugno
It doesn't have the greatest story in the world but that's kind of the point. Its meant to be a parody on the Fantasy RPG setting using a retro Tactics style gameplay.

It lacks the depth of anything like Final Fantasy tactics. All the armor and weapons you come across will be direct upgrades. And the various items you get were mostly unnessessary.

Every character on your team is a double edged sword. Each is a timebomb. Once a specific requirement is filled for each of them they go off and hurt anyone nearby. The key is to be aware of this waiting until their fuse has almost ended and position them so that they'll help you and hurt your enemies.

It's very similar to Vandal Hearts of the PSX in that every character has a unique function and you always have your entire group with you at all times, All the equipment will always be direct upgrades, and there are no skill points or classes to allocate. It also lacks Vandal Hearts triangle combat system no weapon type has any advantage over any other.

If you enjoy tactical RPG's and Vandal Hearts especially you may enjoy this aswell. It won't be the best Tactical RPG you've ever played but it's still a decent game in it's own right.
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Pubblicata: 11 giugno
I thought it was pretty fun. The camera is very frustrating at times... seems to have a mind of its own even... which can make it difficult to control your characters. But other than that I didnt really have any problems.
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Pubblicata: 27 giugno
Many other reviews have talked about the humor and technical issues you will experience with this game. Based on those reviews you've either decided this game interests you or it doesn't. For anyone still considering Grotesque Tactics: Evil Heroes, let my tell you why I would recommend it.

What I appreciate about this game is it's casual nature. Sure, I like games that provide a challenge, but every now and then I want something a bit more simple and less challenging, for example, something to play during lunch break. The turn based aspect of this game, by its nature, means I can take my time to plan out my moves without penalty. In normal difficulty the combat is just difficult enough to require that I think about what I am doing, but not so difficult that my party is constantly wiped. Additionally, the game's generous resurrection mechanic means I don't have to be concerned if any of my party (except for one or two key members) are "killed" in battle. While not super challenging, this does keep the story progressing and I find that important when my time is limited and I don't want to be fighting the same battle over and over again just to get to the next stage of the game.

Equipment is also simplified. There is only one type of weapon or armor for each class and whenever you buy/find a new piece, it is obvious if it is better, equivalent or worse than what you already own. This may sound boring to min/max'ers, but is a welcome feature for those of us who want a nice, casual experience without a lot of complicated formulas. Overall, Grotesque Tactics: Evil Heroes is a fun, entertaining game if you are looking for something that doesn't require a lot of deep, concentrated thought and doesn't expect to be taken too seriously.
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Pubblicata: 14 giugno
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Pubblicata: 8 giugno
It's not nearly as funny as they make it out to be (Monkey Island, it is not). The camera controls are horrific. It's buggy (I particularly dislike when I'm stuck in combat mode and need to save and reload to move freely again).

I really love tactical rpgs and this is disappointing. And somehow I'm still strangely compelled to complete it out of obligation. It has its charms, I suppose, but it's not worth it unless you've already been suckered into buying it through some steam deal (*cough cough* it happens...)
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Pubblicata: 17 settembre
The premise seems simple, poking fun at tired RPG/fantasy tropes, but in practice this game feels like a checklist of how NOT to make a game.

Steam says I played this for ~5 hours, my only playthrough clocks at ~1.5 h. The extras are repeating parts of the game because of random crashes, horrible slowdowns (my computer meets the requirements comfortably and yet the game slows down to 3-5 FPS (!) in explore mode, even with lowest video settings.

The camera is sometimes non-responsive and often annoying in its movement and positioning. The character movement is terrible as well, on multiple occasions I've had problem pathing from like 5 squares to an NPC I had to talk to (during 1.5 h of playtime!).

The interface is designed in a weird and non-intuitive way. LMB for attack? Nah it's for selection, RMB for execution. Esc to exit an inventory/option menu? Naaah, let's limit that to the [X] closing button, Esc just slaps the main menu over it. Oh, and if you try to start a new game then, the old menu persists on the screen. I couldn't check if it happens when you load a game with a menu open, because the only time I could load a game was after a fresh start, otherwise it crashed.

I wanted to like the game for being something different, but the end result will probably go into my "garbage" category, never to see the light of day again.

Oh, and if you want a good fantasy/RPG parody, try Unepic, that one's actually well-made.
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Pubblicata: 11 giugno
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Pubblicata: 24 agosto
This game was painful to complete. The only reason I stuck with it was for the steam achievements. 2/10.

- Inexpensive
- Easy steam achievements

- Camera (completely awful, absolute garbage)
- Bugs & crashes (especially toward the end - catacombs on forward)
- Many issues with the "explore" / combat system (stuck in combat, occasionally can't hit baddies, etc)
- Dialogue not entertaining (supposed to be a major selling point behind the game)
- ♥♥♥♥ty graphics & sound effects
- Extremely repetitive maps & baddies
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Pubblicata: 1 giugno
Got abuot 15 minutes into the game, was close to rescuing the first... whatever her name was. The game had already bugged once, and then wouldn't trigger the enemy after I 'rescued' the girl. 15 minutes in and a showstopper. Uninstalled. Don't waste your time.
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Pubblicata: 9 ottobre
I've played this a few times, but... I've dropped it.
my biggest turn off was the crappy controls for it.
kills the gameplay big time.

story is good (hillarious!)
graphics are decent.
not a bad game... but the controls made me want to scream at times.
unless its going for mega dirt cheap on sale or a 90% off coupon...
I don't think I'd reccomend this over any other game you could get on steam.
so many other games that I'd be able to reccomend.
sorry bro, thumbs down. but just b/c I found the interface and controls a major turn off that killed playability.
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Pubblicata: 24 giugno
NEWP! game is bad The Way they did the video hurt's my eyes so most I can stand is 45 mins tops. The humor isn't that great and the gameplay is even worse.
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