Battle it out on the proving grounds and get ready for Future Wars. Similar to classic titles such as Advance Wars and Battle Isle, the game takes strategy gaming away from the micro-management overkill that it has become and using simple, proven rock-paper-scissors principles, reopens the genre to everyone.
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リリース日: 2010年4月7日


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"This game is basically advanced wars, not that thats a bad thing infact its a very good thing."


Battle it out on the proving grounds and get ready for Future Wars.

Similar to classic titles such as Advance Wars and Battle Isle, the game takes strategy gaming away from the micro-management overkill that it has become and using simple, proven rock-paper-scissors principles, reopens the genre to everyone.

With a modern 3D engine providing the graphics, a proven, easy to learn, but difficult to master set of rules surrounded by an engaging plot and challenging gameplay, the game will appeal to newcomers and hard-core gamers alike.

Also available is unlimited access and infinite possibilities to mod the game through open data structure, open scripts and an easy-to-use editor.


  • Modern 3D graphics & proven gameplay embedded in an engaging and sometimes, humorous plot
  • Infinite modding possibilities through open data structure, open scripts and editor
  • Novel and unique game modes such as AI vs. AI or play-by-email
  • Rock-paper-scissors principle makes Future Wars easy to learn but difficult to master
  • In-game achievements allows for hours of replay to acquire top honors



    • OS: Windows® XP / Vista™ / Windows® 7
    • Processor: Pentium D 3.0 GHZ or capable processors
    • Memory: 1GB (2GB for multiplayer)
    • Graphics: ATI Radeon X1600XT or capable graphics adapter supporting PixelShader 2.0 or nVidia Geforce 8800GTS or better
    • DirectX®: DirectX 9.0c
    • Hard Drive: 500MB space free
    • Sound: DirectSound® compatible


    • OS: Windows® XP / Vista™ / Windows® 7
    • Processor: Intel Core2Duo 2.13GHZ or better
    • Memory: 1GB (2GB for multiplayer)
    • Graphics: ATI Radeon X1600XT or capable graphics adapter supporting PixelShader 2.0 or nVidia Geforce 8800GTS or better
    • DirectX®: DirectX 9.0c
    • Hard Drive: 500MB space free
    • Sound: DirectSound® compatible
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投稿日: 2014年8月8日
Holy crap...

I love turn-based strategy, but this game is absolutely terrrible. The interface is abysmal (all clicking...only one hotkey). I thought for sure that this game would be good or at least passable, but omfg I was wrong. Honestly, I bought it for a buck, and I still wish I could return it, just so the devs don't get their cut for a game like this.

I read the reviews and thought I would give it a chance...don't make the same mistake I did.
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投稿日: 2014年9月27日
Bad clone of Advance Wars ...
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投稿日: 2014年10月23日
4/10. Buyed by 0.50. It have's a nice concept but Campaing Mode is easy, boring and the story is ridiculous. I dont care too much for graphics, but if i've had to rate it, I would say that it's terrible. Free mode might be intersting to someone who enjoys the game, but doens't even have an Online mode, and "Play by Mail" is a failure as nobody plays the game. I would not recommend it to anyone and the game dont worth the price, if you have a 90% off, then you should give a try.

srry four bed england
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投稿日: 2014年11月26日
I got this on a coupon. I can't even remember what I paid, but it certainly wasn't much. Now, I'm not going to pretend that this is the outright worst game ever made, especially amongst these other reviews, but make no mistake; This is a bad game.

There were some genuinely fun moments, and those were when the game played to its strengths, forcing me to take into account terrain, vehicle strength and driving distance. That's it.

The bad:
The AI doesn't know what to do with itself, choosing to focus on the nearest threat and hammer away, turning most battles into an endurance test where the player must repeat a working technique over and over (17 campaign missions). I wouldn't complain about this, but for strategy games, depth is needed, and there is very little to be had here, so working with a limited number of options (both in game and in the menus) as long as the game can last is just tedious. A few levels into it, I finally activated the option that removed the pointless driving animations, but everything still took so freaking long. Having to watch the enemy cycle through every one of their units, watch battles exponentially slow because health is directly tied to damage output, and having to make "selections" when there is only one option for an available action is just boring.

The campaign story cutscenes are hardly worth mentioning. The characters are vapid, their "personalities" cliché and unrelatable. However, I really shouldn't be criticizing the story, as it seems that it was just developed around the game. There is nothing wrong with that, but it can be done a lot better than this.

Normally, I'd uninstall a game from my computer when I've gotten all the Steam achievements for it. There are none for this game, thank God. Instead, the game offers in-game "achievements" for beating levels under certain conditions, which rewards the player with concept art that can be found in a few minutes on the internet. It's not amazing work, but even being the completionist I am, this gave me little incentive to keep playing. As such, and due to some things mentioned further down, this is going to be one of the few games which I will never touch again.

A bit of replay value can be found outside of the campaign, in the form of simple maps that can just be played to your heart's content... y'know, if that appeals to you. The multiplayer, on the other hand, is outdated and dead, and that needs no further explanation.

Everything else is downright broken. I had to look on the forums for an explanation on how to get it running, which is no biggie. I've had to do that with plenty of other games. Then I opened the level editor, which should be the saving grace of any mediocre grid-based game. It crashed. Worse yet, I couldn't open the game afterward. I'm certain that looking for a solution or just reinstalling would remove that fiasco, but at this point I just don't even feel like doing it. I really do not.

In a term, it's "wasted potential". Most of the game is not worth playing, and the few moments that are worth experiencing can be found in almost any other strategy game.
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投稿日: 2014年8月13日
Heyo, if you are considering buying this game, DON'T BUY IT. It's an absolute piece of trash. The game starts out with this long, boring "cinematic". And here, I'm using the term "cinematic" loosely, since this is hardly animated. Of course, that doesn't make it bad, other games have done this before. Anyways, the "cinematic" drags on for about 5 minutes, then they let you into the tutorial. The tutorial showed me just how bad of a game this is. I was barely following the dialouge, so that may have had a part in it, but I had no idea what to do. I'd expect a game to tell the player how to do this and that IN the tutorial. But since they haven't, the game was unplayable for me. Overall, this game would be -10/10.
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投稿日: 2014年12月19日
What and absolute piece of crap, its so bad it would be hilarious if it werent for the 70 cents i wasted buying this abomination.
After seeing all the negative reviews i though, come on, it cant be THAT bad, well, i was wrong.
Seriously dont buy it, go and emulate advance wars instead.
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投稿日: 1月25日
This looks like it might have been a good game in the mid-nineties. The devs put a lot of detail in making the game seem like it was an old classic that had not aged well through the multiple ports, and the way they put in the auto-crash surprise complete with text dump really does make one sentimental for the old DOS days. But probably the most impressive example of their attention to detail has to be in the options panel. These sly characters purposely set the mouse scroll speed so fast it takes a true gamer to master the challenge of actually getting the option controls open. But there is a further easter egg, because you find there is NO SCROLL SPEED CONTROL! Now how perfect is that? Just exactly what you would expect of some 1995 game that came on both 3.5" and 6" floppys in the box!

These guys built a masterpiece of parody, even though they released it in 2010 you would never know. You would think it is much much older.
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投稿日: 2014年8月23日
Never Again
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投稿日: 2014年12月21日
Installed, launched and tried to setup a new profile and the game crashed to desktop. Launched again, got past that screen but couldn't select my native resolution (1920x1080) so had to play with either black bars or bad stretched aspect ratio. Edge mouse scrolling was non-functional at bottom but worked sides and top. Scroll speed was way to fast and no option to adjust speed. The UI felt clumsy and took too many clicks for simple instructions.

Over the game feels like it needs a lot more work before it's fun to play.
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投稿日: 1月3日
It is not a good sign when the most recent news in more then half a year is an article link to a review of a game that is in a difference catagory, different country and even different decade that just happens to have the same name. No one proof read that first?

I was hoping for a decent Advanced Wars knock off but this game is sub par even with that expectation. The story is cringe worthy and I lost interest after the first few missions. Unless you are desperate for a title of this type then you should avoid it...or maybe go look at that other game in the new article.
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投稿日: 1月20日
I had to email my save to my friend so he could take his turn. He then emailed the save back.
Might as well have been playing checkers in Notepad over the internet.
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投稿日: 2014年12月18日
Some games shouldn't have been made and for good reason... if this isn't on that list along with E.T. for Atari then I must've been sent straight to hell. This game is quite literally the worst game I've ever played. I'd rather play russian roulette with Saddam Hussein, Hitler, and Miley Cirus than spend another second playing this game. The only good part about is the fact it even has a tutorial at all... not that it really helps much. All it really seems like is last minute school project you through together in 3 minutes that narrowly gets into the C- range. It's easier just to play chess with a serial killer then atleast the killer would kill you before you had the chance to play and figure out yes it is possible to make a game so bad that even a Helen Keller would find it annoying and all around terrible. In other words this game was gifted to me and I still want my money back for it.
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投稿日: 2012年6月5日

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投稿日: 2013年11月26日
You decided out of good reasons not to have a one-session online multiplayer mode. As in more complex maps, turns can take up to an hour, it just does not make sense to us. a Dev said,

This is one of the dumbest things I've ever seen. If we want to spend a couple hours in a game why not let us. I know it may not be for everyone but the option should still be there. Especially since the game claims to have online multiplayer. This is borderline false advertising. As even if you are passing your save back and forth you are still only playing single player. No real time play or competitiveness. And you have to use outside software. This ruins the game. The ignorance of the developers to assume this would be enough is just that, ignorant.
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投稿日: 2013年12月27日
Multiplayer means turn-based play-by-email or hot seat.
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投稿日: 2013年12月23日
Just a bad rip off of Advanced wars, the game is way to easy the only mission that is actully a challenge you get stopped halfway through.
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投稿日: 2013年11月26日
I payed for a multi-player game. WRONG! I got ripped off this game is a local co-op not multi-player. This neeeds to be fixed because its false advertising. Their is no multi-player in this game, this is a disppointment!
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投稿日: 2014年4月14日
Future Wars < Advance Wars

(seriously, the rest of this is just going to explain that point)

I enjoy the genre that this game is. I mean... is trying to be. The problem is, this game has nothing original in it. Its a copy paste of Advance Wars for the Gameboy Advance... except even more dull. Now before you get harsh on me, I actually ...kinda... like this game. Ive played it, I have tried to enjoy it. I have had people comment on why I enjoy self torture for playing it. So, I have given it a chance.

Problem 1: This game is a multiplayer turn based strategy where the single player slowly teaches you in 16 missions how to play multiplayer. ...There is no real multiplayer to play.. Also, I could probably teach you how to play in like 4 missions.. maybe if I am going slow. For those of us who have the game and have played the genre, we knew by mission 4 or whatever how to use indirect units.. we knew they couldn't move and attack the same turn, we didnt need 2 missions for the different ranges of indirect units.

Problem 2: THIS GAME IS BORING AND SLOW. I have spent hours, playing 1 single mission because the AI refuses to die even when I have 30 tanks and it has maybe 2. Everything has a damage cap of like 35% damage. I could drop a nuke (not actually in this game, but if it was it would suck) and it would do ..meh, on a good day, 50% damage. So if both sides have plenty of units (which all need selected, moved, and attacked with every single turn) it takes.. forever. I turned off the enemy turn animations and the game still takes hours. Its insane.

Problem 3: There is nothing in this game. Imagine a chess game with only pawns. Oh, you can get big pawns and cool looking pawns, but there are no queens or bishops. Wouldn't that be a boring game of chess that you'd be like "man, lets go play a real chess match" ..long story short and to cut the metaphor.. thats this game.

TL:DR - don't bother, this game sucks. ..and its sad too, because I would love to see this type of game done well.
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投稿日: 2014年2月1日
If you are REALY want something that is exactly like like Advance Wars you may not be fully disappointed, because this game is exactly like that only (slightly) worse in every respect. The AI is ♥♥♥♥, the story and drawings smell of cheap, the tutorial is misleading, the unit design makes no sense, the UI is ugly and unresponsive with occasional glitches, ♥♥♥♥♥♥ options menu, there are no fight or capture animations, no unit merging, I could go on and on. I myself only bought this because I got a 75% coupon and I still kind of regret the 1,25 EUR I spent on it. It has hotseat mode which is really the only positive thing I can say about it.

Bottom line:
Avoid it. Even if you are desperate for some AW-style hotseat combat don't pay more then 1.5 bucks...
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投稿日: 2014年1月15日
At least my Recycle Bin enjoyed this game.
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