In a world of wizardry, wonder and untold mystery, you must undertake some of the most diverse quests to hone your skills in spell casting, weaponry and melee combat. Your martial skills are soon put to the test as demonic monsters descend upon Avencast, turning the academy into a state of chaos and destruction.
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Data de lançamento: 17 Mar, 2010

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"A magically entertaining spell casting experience."

— 78% PC Gamer

"If you're looking for a romp through magical realms, this game is a great choice to satisfy that urge."

— 81% RPGFan

"An entertaining and often innovative take on RPG subgenres that will reward any role-playing fan."

— 75% GameSpot

Acerca deste jogo

In a world of wizardry, wonder and untold mystery, you must undertake some of the most diverse quests to hone your skills in spell casting, weaponry and melee combat. Your martial skills are soon put to the test as demonic monsters descend upon Avencast, turning the academy into a state of chaos and destruction.
Armed with countless combat moves and spells, and a vast arsenal of equipment you must uncover the source of this evil by vanquishing an onslaught of enemies. Treachery and deceit reveal themselves as the vicious army threatens Avencast’s very existence. Amidst the mayhem, an astonishing truth unfolds which will forever change the battle scarred Wizard.
  • Avencast’s unique and innovative combat system favors skillful gameplay over dull mouse clicking. Chain together spells and execute lethal attacks. Unleash your hero’s potential as you bring your own player skills to each intense battle!
  • An exciting combination of dynamic action, adventure and traditional role-playing.
  • Captivating visuals and dazzling special effects accompany you into a world where magic truly rules the day.
  • While strength and agility will win most battles, wisdom and strategic thinking are necessary to survive Avencast’s challenging quests.
  • Choose the magic that suits you best: melee-oriented blood magic or far ranged soul magic, or an explosive cocktail of both!
  • Hordes of nightmarish monsters, each with their own diverse skills and combat strategies that adapt to your behavior.
  • Acquire new equipment, armor, weapons and spell casting skills to craft a powerful character.

Requisitos do Sistema

    • OS: Windows XP/Vista/7
    • Processor: 2.2 GHz Intel Pentium or 2200+ AMD Athlon processor
    • Memory: 512 MB (1GB Vista)
    • Hard Drive: 4.4 GB of free space
    • Graphics: GeForce FX 5700 or better / ATI Radeon 9700 or better
    • Sound: DirectSound compatible
    • DirectX®: 9.0c
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Mister Dog
( 0.6 hrs em registo )
Publicada: 22 de Junho
Yo this game is rad
Crispy Tacos
( 0.4 hrs em registo )
Publicada: 11 de Junho
The combat controls are extremely clunky - the aiming reticle freezes in place during an attack, which, during combat, makes it extremely difficult to quickly move to a different target during combat (or to manuever around an attack). The camera frequently gets "stuck", be it at an angle other than behind the player or right up behind the player's head, forcing you to pause the game, go into options, reset the camera, and then resume gameplay.
( 0.3 hrs em registo )
Publicada: 15 de Maio
Not that gpod
xanthous king
( 0.4 hrs em registo )
Publicada: 28 de Abril
Nice magic game. Awesome key combinations for casting skills and various skill tree. This is the must-have game for magic fans!
( 12.1 hrs em registo )
Publicada: 22 de Abril
Nice story if i could say it like that but is also rly cliche.Nice fighting mechanics but they could be better.Some binds dont work.We should be able to upgrade spells.Needs update.Calling Gorlin is 2 expensive later in game :) That is it from me
( 21.4 hrs em registo )
Publicada: 22 de Abril
This game isnt bad at all! I got it around year ago and I didnt played it at all (0 minutes of gameplay in 2015). So I decided to check it out. I looked it up on youtube and it looked somewhat interesting so I installed it. Now lets begin!


I'm playing on hard difficulty and I must say its pretty hard. You will die few times before you can beat boss or clear area because you'll need some kind of tactic! (My first character is on hard I still didnt finish game, for beginners I recommend easy or normal!)

Game has good story, but I cant say same for voice acting and soundtrack!

There is a lot of smoke so sometimes you wont be able to see what is going on on screen!

There is lot of diffrent enemies so you wont get bored!

I dont know if this is only on hard difficulty but you cant freeze some enemies or their freeze time is lasting less!

You need to pay Grolin when summoning him! (Trader, but still usefull in dungeons!)

Combat system is good enough, and I recommend expert camera view! (Of course you will need time to get hang of it!)

Game is on sell right now buy it!!!

I'll add more when I beat the game!
( 1.2 hrs em registo )
Publicada: 21 de Março
Holy balls is the camera bad, and game will not run unless you run everything but your resolution on low, using windows 7 64bit btw. Seems like a decent RPG with potential but is overshadowed by the horrible fixed camera controls, the clunky player movement, the fetch quests and combat mechanics. Can't recommend unless you really want to crawl through this game. 6.5/10
Crimson Rain
( 15.0 hrs em registo )
Publicada: 13 de Março
The game is a nice RPG in the fact that if you like magic based central characters it's pleasant to see the main character be focused on solely spellcasting and has a decent set of skill trees to choose from.

However the problem I had when playing through it was that it all felt a little "same-y" after you've killed mobs in the same way every time without fail it gets a little dull. The story line is ok but not captivating in the sense it drags you in and makes you WANT to follow it rather you have to because the game is very linear and does not give you too much freedom to play it how you wish.

The controls for movement are a little awkward I find but it could be worse and after a while you get used to it. All the running you have to do however can get a little irritating as there isn't much in it.

The music is also very limited and gets a little annoying too as it plays the same loop every time a mob appears.

I don't find it having any particular replay value that is worth again suffering it's faults and repetitiveness.

Overall I would say purchase on a sale, but otherwise it's not particularly worthwhile.

vemier moZyr
( 0.2 hrs em registo )
Publicada: 13 de Fevereiro
i don't want to waste any time for this "game".
should be enough sayin it's a more of the same (H&S talkin) but:

- 3 Different view perspective. One worst than the other.
- A very static combat gameplay (it should be one of the major point in an H&S)
- A story so absurd that should be better a more linear cliché instead.

One of the worst game i've ever played.
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1 de 5 pessoas (20%) acharam esta análise útil
0.3 hrs em registo
Publicada: 5 de Julho de 2014
Bom não joguei muito mais minhas primeiras impressões foram boas.
Well I did not play much my first impressions were good.
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3 pessoas acharam esta análise engraçada
23.1 hrs em registo
Análise de pré-lançamento
Publicada: 2 de Dezembro de 2013
Faulty's scorecard :-

1) Essential purchase
2) Recommended purchase
3) Recommended purchase during a sale
4) Not recommended unless heavily discounted
5) Not even recommended for Steam game collectors

Welcome to the Academy

Welcome to the a world of wizardry, magic, wonder and mystery as you undergo training at the mage academy of Avencast. As the game begins you are about to take your final examination in all things arcane. However, Demons invading the academy have other plans and as you assist a bunch of fellow magicians holed up in the library your mission is to uncover the true source of this invasion.
Avencast's rather simple story is offset with some fantastic spell battles with the demon invaders and I particularly enjoyed the dodge roll the game implements (remember this game was released way before other games of this nature starting implementing the action into their game play) and it works wonderfully when things start to get a bit hairy on screen. Skill points are earned by killing monsters and then plowing them into either becoming a Blood Mage or Soul Mage. It's a pity there are only two skill trees with which to play around with here but one must not forget we are in the confines of Indie-ville so a limited budget was probably the reason for keeping things clean and simple.
Avencast is a title that is very difficult not to like if you like your aRPG's. The graphics are nothing to get excited about but the game play is fast, fun and fluid once the story kicks into high gear. I was so impressed with this little title that I send the company a mail to say thanks for the lovely experience and that if a sequel ever got commissioned there would be a more mature story line with added spell trees. I did not expect to get a mail back but I did and from the CEO of Clockstone Software himself thanking me for the kind words and that they did mean quite a lot to the development team and that I should be on the lookout for Avencast 2 - which apparently back then was in early stages of development.

Avencast is the type of game that all those countless and dreadful Harry Potter film-to-game tie-in's from EA should have been. Bolstered with great magical combat and a rather lengthy campaign, one is able to forgive the rather mediocre grade school plot on display. Lots of fun and definitely worth picking up.

If you enjoyed reading this review please follow my curator group at:-
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60 de 71 pessoas (85%) acharam esta análise útil
19.1 hrs em registo
Publicada: 1 de Maio de 2014
Avencast is an 'honest' game. The story is a little cliche, the plot is quite simple the visuals and sounds are a little dated. I received Avencast for free during a promotion and was not expecting much. I was actually impressed with the gameplay. Avencast focuses on spellcasting and there are two main types of magic (blood and soul). Both have some cool spells with nice visual effects. Casting relies on keyboard combos (similar to Magicka) to cast spells and execute attacks. The combat can get a little repetitive towards the end of the game and the quests aren't particularly original, but the environments are varied and there are a range of enemies. If you're after a simple action RPG where you can just spend a few hours blasting enemies into oblivion with cool spells, Avencast is exactly the right game. That's why it's honest, and that's why it's fun to play through.
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4 pessoas acharam esta análise engraçada
7.6 hrs em registo
Publicada: 10 de Dezembro de 2014
This is a game that could have been much more than it was. I have not beaten the game but I've played enough of it to know where it's going and how I'll get there.

Avencast is an ARPG which tries to break up the right and left click ad infinitum by giving you smal lcombos to do with your spells as well as letting you put them on the function keys. for example pressing right then left, then right click performs a wide AOE blast spell if you've learned it, down then up and right click is a penetrating line shot, etc etc. Left click spells tend to be melee, right click spells ranged. Unfortuntately, for a game that focuses entiirely on magic, that's about as innovative as the magic gets. Only one of the spells I played with felt particularly "impressive" to land, though most all of them look fairly pretty. There are only 2 and a half trees of magic: One melee, primarily fire and poison based, one ranged, primarily ice and "soul" (read: "purple magic") based, and a final one based aorund summoning, but there's no real build to be done in summoning, you just pick the creatures that correspond to whether or not you're a Blood/Melee or Soul/Ranged mage.

Spells are unfortunately rather boring. On the melee side you have... horizontal swipes, AOE bashes, and a few buffs. that's about it. The higher spells in the tree simply augment the lower ones to do more damage/slightly bigger AOE/etc. The ranged tree has a freezing spell that does do damage, but hits so few creatures you're better off nuking. There's also an AOE wave attack that tends to be your bread and butter spam, and a few single target spells that are hard to use due to the AI beuing pretty good at dodging. So mostly you end up spamming the wave attack over and over. Again, for a game that prided itself on being a mage, the magic feels very underwhelming, though flashy to look at.

Combat is fast paced and full of projectiles and rushing enemies. There is no invincibility frames when being hit so a crowd of enemies can overhwelm you. Luckily the game makes you very mobile, with sidesteps and dodge rolls. Stick and move is the name of the game even as a melee mage. Despite the complaints above, the comat is actually fairly engaging. There aren't a lot of enemy types, but they are thrown at you in enough varied ways to where you need to actually pay attention. Bosses generally have a gimmic kthat needs to be overcome to kill them.

Another issue is the levelling system. The level up points you get have to be split between both 4 stats (functionally, you will want 3, as there's no reason to mix being melee or ranged, but no matter whta you are, you'll need lots of health and mana.) and learning all your spells. This often means levelling your stats feels like playing catchup to even out disparities than it does you actually getting stronger. The game is not overly difficult and levels come fairly quickly, but with no real sense of 'strength' gain outside of the first time i successfully nailed someone with Meteor of Might, it falls a bit flat again.

The story is not impressive. But let's be honest: Story is not the high point of an ARPG. Every dialog is voice acted, and to its credit, the voice acting is not terrible. The script? Not so great. But the voice acting itself is decent. Quests are your basic fetch quest variety, with a few puzzles thrown into the mix to keep you on your toes. Nothing too intense or brain burning but enough to break it up here and there. Reading is necessary. Don't expect a game thta will send you on a long magical journey, because for the most part, you will be looking at Avencast Academy for the entire game. Reminds me a bit of Dumbledore's Army and Harry Potter in a way.

All in all, I got the game on the cheap and got my money's worth. I'll probably end up beating it. It won't end up high on my recommendation list, but if you enjoy ARPGs, you'll probably enjoy this since you'll like the twitchy spammy combat, even if the levelling itself feels a bit underwhelming. If you don't enjoy ARPGs and prefer your games a bit more cerebral or involved, give this a pass. It's no Diablo or Path of Exile or even Torchlight, but it tries, and you can tell. I just wish they'd have gone the extra mile.

I give it a lukewarm recommendation if you can pick it up on sale cheap. 75% coupons for this game seem to grow on trees.
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36 de 44 pessoas (82%) acharam esta análise útil
15.2 hrs em registo
Publicada: 27 de Junho de 2014
It's a solid game, but the RPG elements are really lacking. It's more of an action adventure with a strong emphasis on quests. Would I recommend it as an RPG? No. Would I recommend it as an action adventure? Yes. It's not like Diablo and it focusses a lot on evading enemy attacks while trying to hit them. Think of it as the bullethell of RPGs ;)
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39 de 55 pessoas (71%) acharam esta análise útil
2 pessoas acharam esta análise engraçada
28.2 hrs em registo
Publicada: 5 de Janeiro de 2015
I really dont get why this game has a low rating!!! The game is fantastic. There is litteraly nothing wrong with it!! There are no buggs, the storyline is smooth and great, always keeping you interested, the controls are perfect and on top of that they are also custamizable! (if u think that they are bad) You can even roll in the game!!!! Whats not great about that, hue xD

If people dont like to play a mage dont get this game, this game is all about mages; its a Hogwarts school like game but without wands. There are 3 types of magic, Blood magic, (spells that buff ur staff, so close combat) Soul Magic (spells and ranged combat) and Summoning (that works with both Blood or Soul, depending on what you wana go with).......well u can pretty much guess that one. The story is interesting from the start of the game and the many hours I have played the game (at this date and time) you can tell that the game is properly thought through.

Furthermore, the games combat and controlls, i was personally very worried about really, arent bad. In the end i gave the game a try and its really easy to grasp. There is a combat system (the characters staff is out) were u may run slower but u can roll around to dogue things as this is ur "battle stance" when u fight enemies with spells or up close (depending on what abilities you use) and there is a running system (staff not out) were u run faster, that simple. There are 2 different ways to controll the camera if u dont like the original also 2 other ways to contorl it as the camera may sometimes get in the way. :D There is also key customisation with ur spells as you can set them from F1-F8 or use the keyboared shortcuts within the game (e.g W + A and right click make u cast frost shard) This may sound confusing as first but its really easy to use, especially for aoe spells whitch are many.

Lastly the game overal has a great gripping story, visually pleasing graphics and a huge variaty of spells in the spell trees, for all 3 magic types (Blood, Soul and Summoning). There are many quests, most very humorus, to level you up and to even give you great rewards. Its an RPG about magic, a boys life involved in this magic and a schools history. I really do feel that the devs really tried a lot to add a HUGE amount of gameplay & graphics, i dont understand why people dont like the game.

This game deserves a 10/10 as it gives me a game that i am greatly enjoying and as i have YET to find any problems within the game. I feel like i got what i payed for and more. Well done to the devs ^^
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13.3 hrs em registo
Publicada: 17 de Abril de 2014
Welcome to Roll-Dodge: The Game.

It's not a great game.
But it's funny as hell to play, and the cutscenes will make you giggle just cuz they're so cliche or take themselves far far too seriously ("Behold as even now the daemon's curse PENETRATES MY BODY.")

If you can nab it at a very very low price, nab it, else... eh.

12 roll-dodges out of 7.
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35 de 50 pessoas (70%) acharam esta análise útil
37.7 hrs em registo
Publicada: 26 de Novembro de 2013
One of the best action RPG I ever play.
Avencast is not a classic hack 'n slash nor a common RPG: you control your character with the common WASD and you cast the spell like a beat'em up game typing combo with your keyboard an mouse.

The story is nice though not exciting but the game is enjoyable, fun and suprisingly polished for this old game.

Definitely recommended.
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27 de 37 pessoas (73%) acharam esta análise útil
58.1 hrs em registo
Publicada: 2 de Dezembro de 2013
I just had to write this review and say I feel sorry for two other dudes that reviewed the game (now more, most of them played for about 40 minutes). No, this game it most definitely not a Diablo clone, and no, the game is not that hard, in fact, if you know what skills to choose you almost get God mode.

I would recommend the game at least for the interesting way the combat works (funny how some people call it clunky just because it's different and they cant get used to it).

Also, you can raise the limits of the camera zoom by tweaking game.cfg, this helps allot, but makes the game even easier. (
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18 de 22 pessoas (82%) acharam esta análise útil
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1.2 hrs em registo
Publicada: 11 de Julho de 2013
Best magic game I've ever play. Awesome key combinations for casting skills and various skill tree. This is the must-have game for magic fans!


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