Del productor del Devil May Cry® original y Resident Evil® 4 llega la siguiente entrega de la exitosa serie de acción estilizada que hasta ahora ha logrado unas ventas globales en torno a siete millones de unidades.
Análisis de usuarios: Muy positivos (1,526 análisis) - El 92% de los 1,526 análisis de los usuarios sobre este juego son positivos.
Fecha de lanzamiento: 8 jul. 2008

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Acerca de este juego

Del productor del Devil May Cry® original y Resident Evil® 4 llega la siguiente entrega de la exitosa serie de acción estilizada que hasta ahora ha logrado unas ventas globales en torno a siete millones de unidades.

Devil May Cry® 4 sumerge a los jugadores en un mundo gótico sobrenatural, donde un nuevo protagonista se encuentra con un héroe familiar. En el papel del nuevo líder, Nero, los jugadores desatarán increíbles ataques y cadenas de combos utilizando una nueva mecánica de juego, su poderoso brazo "Devil Bringer".

Con las avanzadas capacidades gráficas del PC, los gráficos en alta definición y el elevado detalle cobran vida a medida que los jugadores exploran nuevos y exóticos lugares. Una acción dinámica y un innegable estilo se unen a unas explosivas opciones de lucha y una historia que te enganchará para producir la incomparable experiencia que sólo un juego de la serie Devil May Cry puede ofrecer.

Características Exclusivas de PC

  • El modo Turbo acelerará la acción a velocidades de infarto

  • El modo "Legendary Dark Knight" desatará la potencia de proceso del PC y llenará la pantalla con una increíble cantidad de enemigos para una dificultad extra

  • Enemigos conocidos de la versión de consola aparecerán en lugares nuevos

  • Nuevas opciones de alta definición permitirán que las escenas cinemáticas se muestren a 120 frames por segundo (respecto a los 60 frames por segundo originales)

  • El Modo Benchmark permitirá a los usuarios medir la potencia de su PC al ejecutar DMC4 en una serie de intensas luchas con los jefes

  • Los Ajustes de PC permiten modificar la resolución, el tamaño de las texturas y los frames en función de tu PC

  • Compatible con Games for Windows, DirectX 9 y DirectX 10.

Características Principales

  • Mezcla de personajes conocidos y nuevos: el recién llegado Nero se medirá al veterano Dante

  • Nuevos personajes y entornos

  • Mezcla característica de armas de juego y espadas

  • Profundo sistema de combos que te recompensará con vistosas formas de acabar con los enemigos

  • El brazo único "Devil Bringer" abre una gran cantidad de opciones de combos

  • Distinto set de armamento y movimientos para Nero y Dante

  • El Sistema de Sobrecarga permite a Nero cargar su espada con un efecto acelerador, subiendo de revoluciones hasta tres niveles con poderosas opciones de ataque

  • Nuevo sistema de cambio de estilo activo para Dante que le permitirá modificar su estilo y armas durante la lucha, permitiendo unas posibilidades de combos de auténtica locura

    Requisitos del sistema


      • SO: Windows XP Service Pack 2

      • Procesador: Intel Pentium 4 o superior

      • Memoria: 512 Mb

      • Gráficos: Serie nVidia GeForce 6600 o superior

      • Disco Duro: 8 Gb de espacio libre


      • SO: Windows Vista

      • Procesador: Intel Core 2 Duo o superior

      • Memoria: 1 Gb

      • Gráficos: Serie nVidia GeForce 8600 o superior

      • Disco Duro: 8 Gb de espacio libre

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    Publicado el 29 de septiembre de 2015
    A la ♥♥♥♥♥ los mapas, lo importante es repartir putazos a demonios con estilo lml
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    Publicado el 12 de septiembre de 2015
    I paid $5 for Devil May Cry 4 and it took around 13 hours to finish on Devil Hunter mode. I used an Xbox 360 controller the entire time. I wouldn't say I did great, but I still got to the end with some frustration. I'd say I highly recommend this one.

    I've never played a DMC game before. The closest I got was X-Blades and that...wasn't really a good representative of the spectacle fighter genre or whatever it's called. This review is probably better aimed at people new to the series like I was.

    The game is a third-person action title. Apart from solving some simple puzzles, DMC4 largely revolves around fighting groups of mooks and large bosses, often in a “room locks, kill everything to proceed” format. Nero's gameplay involves using a mix of his gun and sword for regular combat, but he has a unique feature in his Devil Bringer arm for heavy but slow attacks or for bringing an enemy/yourself closer or to evade some attacks. Dante's gameplay involves on-the-fly swapping between his four stances along with changing his ranged and melee weapons. Nero's playstyle felt easy to use for a newcomer like me, and Dante felt pretty advanced though I still did fine without really using his full potential.

    DMC4 is the kind of game that rewards you for learning its systems and playing well. You're graded at the end of each mission on time taken, Style points, the percentage of Red Orbs found, and any modifying bonuses or penalties like using no items or dying and continuing. Higher ratings give more Proud Souls which are spent to unlock new abilities or weapon combos or the like. You can also refund spent Proud Souls to tweak or completely remake your build between missions or at the Divinity Statues scattered through the environment. Time taken is self-explanatory, and Red Orbs are found in the world and are dropped by enemies, and these are spent at Divinity Statues for consumable recovery items or permanent boosts with no refund option.

    As for Style points, one of the series' features is its high risk Style system. By avoiding damage and attacking enemies with strings of combos, your Style meter will raise and increase in rank. Getting hit will knock you down a couple of ranks, and using your guns to play it safe won't impress anyone. It's a largely optional feature, but apart from the rewards mentioned above, it does feel awesome to work up to a high rank and keep it going.

    There are a total of seven difficulty levels though you start with two. For what I played being “normal” level, it was still pretty tough, though I imagine it'd be a cakewalk for veterans. Apart from the unlockable standard hard and very hard, there are a couple of different ones where both you and the enemies die in a single hit, where only you die in a single hit and the enemies don't, or one where enemies spawn in fairly large packs as shown in some of the screenshots on the Steam Store page. There are other things to unlock on the collectibles side, like the Gallery entries or in-game achievements, and there are Secret Missions hidden away with bonuses for those who can complete them.

    Overall, I enjoyed DMC4 despite some annoyances like having to fight the camera a couple of times, or bosses that were a chore to kill. I probably won't pick it up again anytime soon, but I left the game on a high note at least. The game ran incredibly well on my rig in DirectX10 mode and I think I only saw less than 60 frames maybe once the entire run. There's a lot of replay value if you like the idea of harder challenges or just want to get a better score. This version of the game tends to be cheaper than the Special Edition, though that obviously has more content and features in its favor.
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    Publicado el 28 de diciembre de 2015
    "Time to wake up kid, you're missing out on all the fun."

    Devil May Cry 4 is a very tragic case-study of rushed development. The dev team were only given a year to finish the game, forcing them to cut out tons of planned content, rewrite a lot of story and re-use most of the levels, to save time. Thinking about it just breaks my heart completely, because I can't help but think - if a rushed, watered-down and cut version of DMC4 still manages to be this good, then just how much more incredible could it have been?

    Make no mistake about it - Devil May Cry 4 is a ridiculously good game, and a credit to its genre. It is fast, exciting and challenging to play, with a skill ceiling for years; it's gorgeous to look at, and buttery-smooth in motion; and it has an engaging story with good characters, whose themes are reflected in how they play. Even in the face of its rushed development, and problems that start seeping through as you play, it still manages to be one of the finest Hack 'n' Slash-Spectacle Fighters around, paled only in comparison to Devil May Cry 3.

    The combat in DMC4 is almost a form of art in itself. There is a ton of depth and nuance in the combat and the game invites you to experiment with it, and discover how best to tackle its many challenges. Experimenting, applying a variety of different moves and combos, and generally performing well during combat earns you higher style rankings, that rewards you for not only defeating your enemies, but lookin' good while doing it. It's like a Tony Hawk game, but with fighting. The controls are responsive as can be and the enemies seem well balanced for the most part, making enemy encounters often challenging, but never unfair. The levels are mostly well-designed, though as with the other titles in the series - the platforming sections can be a real pain, when the game doesn't seem to want to cooperate with you. There is also Turbo Mode, which makes the game play at break-neck speeds.

    You get two characters to play with, each of whom has a distinct design philosophy built around their moveset. Nero is designed around his grab ability, for quickly shortening the distance between him and enemies, among other things. This makes him very accessible to play as a newcomer, yet fun to learn for a veteran. Eventually you get to the missions with Dante, and this is where the combat really opens up. He is designed around switching on-the-spot between various combat styles and an arsenal of different weapons, which can be switched instantly, and strung together during combos. This provides seemingly endless possibilities in experimentation. It is honestly overwhelming to try and visualize the different possible combos a skilled player could string together, using all these tools. Playing as both characters, you will end up facing a lot of the same obstacles, which provides you with the chance to approach fighting different enemies using different styles of play. This especially comes through in boss fights, which do feel quite different, depending on which character you're fighting as.

    It's towards the end of the game that the cut-content and rushed nature of DMC4's gameplay shines through, though. I didn't mind backtracking through the same levels as Dante, since his movelist feels so different and more open than Nero's, but I couldn't help but feel that there was just not enough Dante in the game. By the time you've grown accustomed to his style of play, and feel like you're ready to really let loose with his moves, you're put back in Nero's shoes, for the endgame. And you really do miss Dante's weapons and styles, once you lose them. There's also no denying that the last few boss fights are underwhelming, to say the least. Dante's final boss is the worst boss in the entire game, followed by Nero taking on a recycling of a previous boss fight, which is then followed by, what amounts to, little more than a short QTE fight. The endgame of the campaign certainly leaves a lot to be desired, though a lot of the levels are very replayable, and you do unlock Bloody Palace (survival mode), which is an all-around good time. And at least the story ends on a high note. Speaking of which...

    Taking cues from the previous entry in the series, DMC4 brings an engaging character-driven story to tie all the fighting together. It continues the themes of human vs. demon, or heart vs. power, and is driven by a sentimental, if rather cheesy, emotional core of love. The characters (mainly Nero and Dante) and the ways they play off each other, both directly and thematically (especially if you're just coming off of DMC3), are a real treat, and the game has no shortage of great banter and dialogue from Dante (though Nero does bring some enjoyable snark and attitude to his cutscenes, as well). It is, by no means, on par with DMC3 or its clashing main characters, but it does provide enough incentive to keep you going to see what happens next.

    On every technical front, DMC4 performs brilliantly, as well. It is a gorgeous looking game, and is so-well optimized that it runs like a dream, even on low-end hardware. A controller is certainly recommended, but honestly I personally didn't have all that much trouble getting a grip on the keyboard controls, so it's not a necessity.

    Overall, if you're looking for a fast, challenging, over-the-top game that pits you against overwhelming odds, and challenges you to beat them in the most stylish way possible, then DMC4 is an excellent choice, whether you're a newcomer to the series, or a veteran in being the one to fill dark souls with light. At this point in time, you'd probably be better off getting the Special Edition, as it seems Capcom has no intention of cutting the price on this release, or ever putting it on sale again, but I can't attest to the quality Special Edition personally, so buy it at your own discretion.
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    - Analysis done in 2015-

    In spite of being a game released on 2008 its graphics are really good.

    DMC saga lovers ofc should play this title, storytelling is quite good, the classic Hack and Slash in the saga is alive in this game and I would reccommend it to anyone who likes HnS games.

    It definitely worths a buy in the steam sales, the game enviorment is amazing for me and i completed the main story in 7:10:35 (Not rushed).

    Sometimes could get a bit repetitive and some areas are quite rough, you may get lost a bit at some point if you are not used to play games like this one. At the end, bought reccommended.

    7.5/10 ---> Should buy while reduced price.
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