The Apocalypse is here. Demons all around. Now, it’s time to fight back! Build, manage and defend your base in a post apocalyptic colony simulation. Will you survive Judgment day?
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Apr 11, 2016

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Early Access Game

Get instant access and start playing; get involved with this game as it develops.

Note: This Early Access game is not complete and may or may not change further. If you are not excited to play this game in its current state, then you should wait to see if the game progresses further in development. Learn more

What the developers have to say:

Why Early Access?

“Judgment: Apocalypse Survival Simulation is in early access because we believe that great games are made through cooperation between fans and developers. We are not counting on Early Access sales to fund the development.”

Approximately how long will this game be in Early Access?

“Full release is planned for Q2 2018 if all goes well.”

How is the full version planned to differ from the Early Access version?

“During the Early Access we constantly update with new or modified mechanics, bug fixes, balancing changes, and many other improvements. We add some new content during the Early Access, but much of the content, including the full story, will only be added in the full version.”

What is the current state of the Early Access version?

“The game is fully playable and already provides several hours of content and lots of replayability. Most mechanics are there, but the plot and content isn't fully implemented yet.”

Will the game be priced differently during and after Early Access?

“To show our appreciation to our early supporters, the price was lower during most of the Early Access phase. The price will not change further for the full version.”

How are you planning on involving the Community in your development process?

“The community is essential to Judgment: Apocalypse Survival Simulation's success. The whole point of Early Access is to work with the community in order to make the game better. We plan to work closely with our community and listen to everything they say to improve the game.
Before launching Early Access, we fixed 100% of the issues and implemented 70% of the enhancement requests from our closed alpha players, and during Early Access, many of our changes were based on feedback we received from Early Access players.”
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March 15

Dev Diary: Traders

Greetings survivors, and welcome to the second installment in our dev-diary series. Today, we are going to focus on the trader algorithm improvement that was introduced in Update 15.

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The First Traders

We initially released the trading feature in Update 13. For the first time in Judgement, trading allowed players to engage in economics, selling surplus items and purchasing rare resources or powerful equipment that would help them battle the demonic horde.

While the feature was well received, the overwhelming feedback was that most items sold by the traders were either useless or too expensive. So expensive, in fact, that many players didn’t bother with the trading mechanics at all.

Trading was meant to be a secondary channel to receiving certain necessary goods. Getting a trader visit was supposed to be an event players looked forward to, and one of the biggest rewards for being in good relationships with neighboring settlements. Clearly, we wanted traders to be useful.

Trader prices were designed to be high, so that this route is actually secondary, and only used occasionally to get higher tier equipment. The main progress path was still to be achieved through research, crafting and scavenging. Getting higher tier equipment is one of the more challenging milestones in Judgment, where players need to get higher level research resources while still using lower level equipment. If players could easily buy their way to the next tier, that challenge would be lost. So, how do we make traders meaningful and useful, without breaking the balance?

Traders v2.0

The first step was to clearly identify the problem. The core problem, as we saw it, was not necessarily that the prices were too high, but that players had nothing they really wanted, such that they would be willing to pay the high prices, being offered to them. Players often got lower tier gear and resources, those that they could already craft themselves, and were unwilling to pay high prices for them.

Once we identified the issue, we attacked it on three fronts. First, we increased the selling price of equipment. It is now sold at 25% of the buying price, as opposed to 10% before Update 15. This would make it a bit more feasible to get enough scraps for an upgrade by selling lower tier equipment.

Second, we added some new items that are helpful, but not absolutely essential (as opposed to higher tier equipment), that can only be obtained through traders. You can find journals that will let your survivors learn new skills, gain experience, or even reset their skill points.

The third part of the solution was the most complicated one - a new algorithm that is meant to predict what the player might really be interested in buying, and offering some of these items at the traders.

Originally, the items a trader offered were a random selection from the items in a given tier, that was based on the current day in the game. This meant that when a player progressed faster than the demons, they would be offered useless, low tier equipment. If they advanced slower and were at a disadvantage, they would get very expensive high level equipment that they could rarely afford.

Desirability Calculations

To improve that, we designed the algorithm from scratch and came up with an important variable: Desirability, our way to try and gauge how much a player would desire to obtain an item, at their current state. Every item that a trader might offer is analyzed, and then every trader offers at least a few items with very high desirability.

So how is desirability calculated? Let’s take a weapon as an example. Clearly, players would love to get their hands on a weapon that is better than anything they have, so all weapons that are one tier above the player’s current research tier get a bonus to their desirability. They are also less likely to want to spend a lot of money on weapons that they can make themselves, as it is more cost-effective to craft them. Weapons get a penalty to desirability when a player has the research required to craft them, and an even bigger penalty if the crafting station and resources are available.

Similar calculations are used for raw materials. If a player has none of this material, and the material’s tier is in line with what we assume the player needs to make their equipment, they get a boost to desirability. However, if a player already has a large stock of this resource, or can craft as many as are needed, there is a penalty.

The result is a system that tries to ensure that every trader offers the player some equipment they could really use (and usually not get anywhere else), and some materials they are currently lacking.

So far, our data and player feedback shows a major improvement. Traders are now actually used to upgrade equipment and get other unique items, but only so much that they provide a helping hand towards reaching the higher tier naturally so that players can craft their own higher tier equipment. This is exactly what we were aiming for. Feel the higher tier fights are too difficult? Then spend some more time on your base economy, sell a few lower tier resources and equipment, then buy a single piece of higher tier gear which can make the difference between victory and defeat, when scavenging for those pesky research kits that you need to craft your own high level equipment. Or maybe just buy that first research kit directly.

The traders algorithm is also moddable, modders can tinker with the bonuses and penalties to desirability, how many items a trader offers, and how many of these items are of high desirability.

Have your own insights and ideas on the traders’ mechanic? Let us know!

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February 14

Update 15.1 - New Level-up System


Our latest update, 15.1, breaks away slightly from our usual pattern of releasing a major update every few months. However, we felt it was important to put the changes and upgrades in this update in your hands as quickly as possible.

15.1 introduces a few small improvements, and one total overhaul to our level-up system – with the intention of giving you a lot more flexibility and control over how you develop your survivors over time.

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A full list of changes can be found at the bottom of this post.

New level-up system

Existing players are familiar with the old leveling up system. After gaining a level, players will be able to select one out of three skills. Those skills were selected at random from a pool of skills when every profession has a slightly different pool to choose from. The original goal was to offer a lot of randomness and replayability – even two survivors with the same profession will end up very differently because they will have different options and paths to level up and customize themselves.

The result, however, was underwhelming – it created a great deal of imbalance between survivors, as some could specialize while others ended up being a weaker jack-of-all-trades. At times, players reported they felt they had no ‘right’ choice as they didn’t want any of the three skills – and were just leveling up so they could get to the next. It also made balancing a lot harder, especially as it was harder to predict when players would unlock key skills, such as those allowing the use of rare and powerful weapons.

The new system does away with all of that – while preserving the core balance of the old system and all the old skills. However, instead of a random pool of skills, all the skills have been arranged into fixed, linear categories, or branches. Every profession has access to 8 (out of 23) of those branches. So, for example, an engineer will have access to the construction, crafting, evasion, mining, quarrying, research, tech weapons and tools expert branches.

Every time a survivor levels up, they gain a skill point they can then invest in any of the skill branches. In total, survivors can learn up to 4 skills at every branch, with the final skill often being a ‘capstone’ skill and offering very strong abilities, unlocks or even specialization options. The final point in every category, and sometimes earlier, offer more than one option, allowing for even more customization.

It was important to us that we keep the element of randomness and replayability, however, so all survivors will still have their own random starting skills, that can have a very significant impact on gameplay and your decision on how to level up and customize your survivor – and whether you want to make them a highly specialized powerhouse, or well-rounded characters that can help in many different aspects of the game.

We also increased the maximum skill points from 6 to 8 (levels 5 and 6 provide 2 skill points each), so any survivor can end up unlocking two capstone skills.

The result, we feel, is more intuitive and transparent and offers a lot of room for future modability and expansion. Early feedback has been very positive and we’re very excited about the future of this system


This update was a shorter one, but we did get a chance to add some usability and quality of life improvements that you requested and weren't too big.

One of these is a neat new stat called "Efficiency", you can see it for every survivor in their skill window, or for the entire colony in the Colony Management window. This stat shows how much work gets done relative to the time spent in the base. So if a survivor has no bonus or penalty in crafting, and they spend 18 out of 24 hours crafting (the rest is spent on traveling from place to place), then they have a 75% efficiency (they got 18 man hours of work done in 24 hours). If the same survivor had a +50% crafting speed, then their efficiency would be 112% (27 man hours of work in 24 hours). This stat is a good indicator for how efficient your base economy is.

Other Changes

Other usability changes include showing more information about rituals, showing how long until an effect expires, making Night Howls give a warning before you are attacked, and a few others.

Previous Saves

We made the extra effort to support old saves, so you can load old saved games, however your survivors will lose all the level-up skills they had. Instead, they will get skill points according to their level which you can use to purchase skills using the new system.

Mod Support

The new level up system is fully supported and the Modding Guide was updated. However, older mods that define level-up skills using the old system will not work properly. We expect the game will still work, however, all the changes in this area will not affect the new system. See the Backwards-Compatibility breaking changes.

Full Change List
  • Mechanics: New level-up system in which survivors that level up get skill points that they can choose which skills to improve from 8 options, that differ per profession. Some skill levels allow choosing from several options.
  • Usability: Added Efficiency display per survivor and for the entire colony, that measures how much work they perform relative to time spent in base
  • Usability: When hovering an unlocked ritual in the research info window (press right click on a research subject), you now see what altar the ritual is cast in.
  • Usability: When hovering a ritual, you now see how long the ritual effect will last and the exact bonuses of the effect.
  • Usability: Active effects (such as those created by rituals) now show how long until they expire when hovering their icon.
  • Balancing: Night howls random event now has a warning before the attack on your base, just like regular base attacks
  • Balancing: Settlement related events happen less often
  • Balancing: Settlement help requests now give bigger bonuses to relationship when successful and lower penalties when failed.
  • Balancing: Close Encounters now guarantee at least 2 tiles between survivors and enemies.
  • Balancing: Made tier 2 melee enemies a bit stronger, and possessed a bit weaker.
  • Content: Replaced the hellgate combat map with something much nicer
  • Content: Added new special skills that do more than improve stats, such as a skill that lets survivors sometimes craft items for free, or get double yield when mining a single resource.
  • Modding: Translation mods (mods that modify Texts and Help files alone) are now eligible for achievements.
  • Fixed bug: Ancient Manuscript would incorrectly give science research points instead of occult.
  • Fixed bug: When using the Mutate Soul ritual, survivors will no longer lose the skills they earned by reading books.
  • Fixed bug: After editing task force members the info window in the bottom left did not always update immediately.
  • Fixed bug: Game will no longer break when a survivor has more than 6 combat abilities.
  • Fixed bug: Fixed mouse-hover feedback on flag icon in the title screen.
  • Fixed bug: When enabling "approve actions", research costs will no longer be removed even if you choose not to approve.
  • Fixed bug: Sometimes tiles appeared as if they were within enemy vision range but would not aggro when a survivor stepped into them.
  • Fixed bug: Hovering over the "Manage" button would show the "Priorities" tooltip.


Feb 17 - Fixed a bug in which performing a ritual that creates an effect (like rain dance) while the effect was already active from a previous ritual would cause the game to freeze when the effect expired.

Feb 20 - Fixed a bug in which opening a cage in rescue missions would not spawn a survivor in the edge case of getting a survivor that has a penalty in one of the tasks, and all other survivors in the game have that same task disabled.
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“It is an utterly compelling game and offers hours of fun despite still being an Early Access title”
IndieGames .com

“You’d be hard-pressed to find a game in alpha that feels as polished”
We Got This Covered

“The sandbox gameplay is challenging, rewarding and compelling enough to keep you playing into the wee hours of the morning”

About This Game

Rebuild society. Survive the Apocalypse.

Judgment: Apocalypse Survival Simulation is a colony simulation game with tactical combat that takes place in the midst of a demon apocalypse. The gates of hell have opened and unleashed relentless demons into the world -- but you can fight back! Guide a group of survivors through the mayhem -- hiding from hellspawn and building a sanctuary. Survive by gathering resources, crafting equipment, defending your base and sending teams to scavenge for supplies. Research human technologies and practice the dark arts to find a way and send the demons back to hell.

To survive is to prevail. Will you survive Judgment day?


  • Build your base in the midst of a demon apocalypse
  • Explore a randomly generated world overrun with hellspawn and scavenge essential resources
  • Fight creatures of the abyss in real-time tactical combat with pause
  • Level up and customize your survivors
  • Craft your own equipment, tools and weapons
  • Research lost technologies to unlock new structures and equipment
  • Practice the occult and use the demons own dark magic against them

Early Access

Judgment is in early access because we believe that great games are made through cooperation between fans and developers. The game is fully funded and we are not counting on Early Access sales to fund the development.


It's the Apocalypse, the end of the world. You were camping with some friends when an evil shadow, a huge demon, appeared out of nowhere and viciously ripped one of them apart. Somehow as your survival instincts took hold, you managed to kill the creature and flee. Soon, however, you found that you were a few of the lucky ones. Your demon encounter was not an isolated incident. The town was aflame, it was Judgment day.

But you and your friends vow to fight back. You find an isolated valley and build a base, a shelter for yourselves and other survivors you may find. The Apocalypse may be here, but your hope is still strong. As long as you're alive, mankind has yet to be judged. You will find a way to save the world, send the demons back.

System Requirements

    • OS: Windows 7, 8/8.1, 10
    • Processor: 2.0 Ghz
    • Memory: 2 GB RAM
    • Graphics: 512 MB Graphics Card
    • DirectX: Version 9.0
    • Storage: 1 GB available space
    • Graphics: 2 GB Graphics Card
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