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Chaque course est différente dans Ignite. Chaque course apporte quelque chose de nouveau que les joueurs essayent de remporter en utilisant leurs propres tactiques.
Date de parution: 28 oct 2011
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À propos du jeu

Chaque course est différente dans Ignite. Chaque course apporte quelque chose de nouveau alors que les joueurs essayent de nouvelles tactiques.
Le système de score dans Ignite permet de nombreuses tactiques différentes pendant les courses. Un certain niveau de score permet d'utiliser la nitro et permet de convertir le temps additionné. L'utilisation à court terme de la nitro permet de prendre l'avantage, mais une utilisation trop fréquente peut se révéler inefficace au niveau du score final. Il existe de nombreuses façons de cumuler un score : dérapages, collisions avec certains objets... certaines voitures sont plus appropriées que d'autres pour certaines actions. Choisir la bonne voiture est crucial pour gagner.

Comprend :

  • Jeu solo et multijoueur : 35 courses dans 7 endroits différents. Jeu multijoueur jusqu'à 5.
  • 3 nouveaux modes de jouabilité :
    • Mode course : Les joueurs peuvent faire un score et le consommer pour prendre la tête tout de suite ou cumuler des points et passer en tête vers la fin de la course lorsque le temps est converti en bonus.
    • Mode KO : À la fin de chaque tour, le dernier de la course est éliminé. Ceux qui restent obtiennent un bonus.
    • Mode Run-Out : Les joueurs partent avec un nombre de point qui diminue progressivement. Les joueurs peuvent éventuellement regagner des points avec des cascades ou les consommer en utilisant la nitro. Le joueur est éliminé si les points sont épuisés.
  • 3 différents type de voitures : Grosses cylindrées américaines, voitures normales et de course : elles ont toutes une prise en main différente.
  • Différentes configurations possibles pour chaque voiture : Tous les véhicules ont des réglages différents pour correspondre à différents types de conduite.
  • 30 succès : Un système permet de recevoir des succès pour l'accomplissement de certaines cascades et permet d'apprendre certaines techniques.
  • Classements : Classements mondiaux pour chaque circuit.
  • Dégâts des voitures : Les voitures peuvent être endommagées. Ceci n'affecte pas la prise en main.
  • Atmosphères aléatoires : Du plein soleil au brouillard, les circuits ne seront pas les mêmes en fonction de la météo.

Configuration requise

    • Système d'exploitation : Windows® XP, Vista, ou Windows 7
    • Processeur : Intel® Pentium IV 3.0 GHz
    • Mémoire vive : 256 Mo de RAM (512 Mo de RAM recommandés)
    • Disque dur : 950 Mo d'espace disque disponible
    • Carte graphique : Carte compatible DirectX® 9.0c comportant au moins 512 Mo de mémoire vidéo
    • Son : Carte son compatible DirectX® 9.0c
    • DirectX® : DirectX® 9.0c ou supérieure
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I'd really like to recommend this, but I just can't. If you're into arcade-style racing games this is pretty fun, but be warned that there are some major flaws in the game design.

1. The unlocking system is hopelessly illogical. You'll unlock events that you'll need a race car to have a reasonable chance at winning before you ever have an opportunity to unlock a race car.

2. The game does not react to nor restrict your car selection. As such, most of the events cease to be challenging at all once you've unlocked a better car.

3. Rubber-band AI that reacts to your score. This may sound neat in principle, but in practice it means that racking up several thousand points to earn a larger time bonus will result in the computer-controlled cars getting impossible speed increases and streaking off into the distance. This becomes even more ridiculous if you're driving a fast car with a setting that gives you a lot of extra points: You can be boosting constantly and still never catch up to people on the track, even though you'll "pass" them by several seconds after accounting for your time bonus.

4. Broken bonus mechanics for certain cars. If your car gives you a 50% point bonus for doing something, you'll have those points added to the score as you do the trick, then ANOTHER 50% of that already inflated value after the trick is completed. With some end-game vehicles that offer 150% bonuses for drafting, it's possible to rack up 8000 points before the first corner, which will result in the AI overreacting to your score in the way I described above.

5. There is *ZERO* online community for this game. As such, unless you can convince several friends to get the game and set up a server, you're not going to get those achievements or be able ot mess around online.

6. Controller issues. The XBOX controller is treated in a generic fashion, resulting in semi-unhelpful tooltips telling you to press "JOYBUTTON0" to boost or "JOYBUTTON4" to match another car's speed. It also seems you have to explicitly go into the menu and tell the game that you intend on using a controller before it will respond to that input at all. Bizarrely, pause is permanently bound to the controllect's "Back" button.

7. Engrish. A minor nit-pick, but still worth mentioning. It doesn't look like they had anyone proofread the tutorial
Posté le : 10 décembre 2013
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out of all the games i own according to steam, this is one of like 42 that i have downloaded, and of those 42 i've played about 10. this is not one of those 10
Posté le : 22 janvier 2014
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Bought it because developers promised Linux/Mac OS X version. They never released it.
They also stop support of game and there of number of unfixed bugs in WIndows version.

Don't buy it.
Posté le : 4 février 2014
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Presentation: The UI is okay, it's a racing game, so what do you really expect. The UI elements are bigger than they really need to be, so the screen isn't exactly clean, and feels a little crowded, but this doesn't really impede gameplay. There is no real story to speak of; again, racing game. The menus feel a little weird, like it was designed for a console, not a mouse (though it works fine with a mouse).

The game-play is just bad. All the cars feel squirrelly and hard to control. Some objects in the game look like barriers to avoid, but are knocked away like they were made of styrofoam and will give you points for hitting them. Other, similar looking debris will stop your car dead on impact, and cause you to lose points for even slightly touching them. The physics are just weird, crashing into anything often causes your car to jerk violently to the side (not spinning, sliding laterally), and at no point will any of your tires leave the pavement, no matter how badly you crash. Different paint jobs for your car affect it's performance in the races.

The graphics look fine, but don't impress. Some of the scenery is relatively low-res, but you're not likely to be looking at it in a race. The atmospheric effects are just a variety of skyboxes; there's no weather at all.

The sounds are basically just a variety of revving engines and squealing tires. There is no announcer, or voice acting at all that I noticed.

Additionally, the multi-player is individually hosted. Hosting a server dropped my game to ~10 FPS on the menu screen (and no one joined). I did not see anyone else hosting servers.

In conclusion, playing this made me want to play TrackMania again. If you were thinking of buying a racing game, I'd recommend you pass on this and give TrackMania Nations Forever a look instead; It's free, so you can hardly go wrong there.
Posté le : 29 novembre 2013
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Functional basic racing car game! :3


Toimiva perus kilpa-ajelu peli! :3
Posté le : 15 février 2014
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