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Fecha de lanzamiento: 31 mayo 2011
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Aviso: Hamilton's Great Adventure sólo soporta Windows Vista o Windows 7.

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“Se suponía que ayer tarde tenía que pasar de las 20 horas de juego en Deus Ex: Human Revolution, y sin embargo, me encontré jugando a un juego descargable llamado Hamilton's Great Adventure. Creo que eso dice algo.”
8.2/10 – PSXExtreme
“Establece algunos nuevos estándares para el género de puzles y tiene la capacidad de dejarte sin habla porque no solo alcanza tus expectativas, ¡sino que las sobrepasa!”
“Una mezcla de plataformas en tercera persona e implacables puzles que te atrapa con una impecable lógica... y después te escupe, entretenido”
84% – PSM3 Magazine UK

Acerca del juego

Hamilton's Great Adventure pone a prueba tanto tu habilidad para resolver problemas como tu coordinación. Sé más listo que tu enemigos, supera los niveles a toda velocidad y recoge todas las joyas para asegurarte un puesto en las tablas de clasificación.
En el modo de un jugador, cambia entre Hamilton y Sasha el pájaro para superar los más de 60 desafiantes niveles. ¡O juega en el modo cooperativo offline controlando a los dos personajes! El juego soporta tanto teclado y ratón como controladores.
La dificultad incremental obligará a los jugadores más veteranos a no despistarse ni un momento, y sólo los más hábiles llegarán al final. ¿Serás uno de los pocos elegidos que completará el nivel Toader al 100%?

Características Principales:

  • ¡Una adictiva aventura de resolución de puzles!
  • ¡Embárcate en un fantástico viaje y desentraña un antiguo misterio!
  • ¡Resuelve los puzles en solitario o parte hacia la aventura con un amigo en el modo cooperativo!

Requisitos del sistema

    • SO: Windows Vista / Windows 7
    • Procesador: Dual Core a 2.4 GHz
    • Memoria: 2 GB de RAM
    • Disco Duro: 1 GB de espacio libre
    • Gráficos: Compatible con Shader 4.0 (mínimo: Nvidia GeForce 8xxx, AMD Radeon 2xxx)
    • DirectX®: Direct3D 11
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This is a rather long review, so if you want a quick summary of why I recommend this title just skip to the Results section and read from there.

Fatshark created a fantastic little puzzle game which puts you to the test. Hamilton’s Great Adventure pushes out levels that pose mysteries and threats around every turn.

Hamilton’s Great Adventure starts you off telling the stories of your great exploits to your granddaughter. You relive Hamilton’s glory days as you try to get the parts for a machine required for a purpose you will learn if you beat the campaign. You and your bird, Sasha, must complete puzzles from Brazil, Egypt, India, and the Secret Islands. As the game progress Hamilton gets further into his tale and new characters are introduced. The game includes hilarious dialogue, with an interesting story that keeps you guessing, and levels that keep posing new challenges. As you progress through the game you obtain answers to the mystery and you learn all about how the story began.

Hamilton's Great Adventure is a puzzle solving game which knowing the answer is the key. Unlike some puzzle solving games where you can see the solution but be unable to complete the challenge because of a simple annoyance in clicking a button at exactly the right time. This game puts your mind to the test to solve puzzles by completing challenges by using the correct answer. It’s fun and rather simple, yet some puzzles are a little more difficult than others. The games graphics are not the best, but they are crisp and the story is pleasant. Sasha can be difficult to control and managing two characters is rather difficult if you are not on your toes.

One of my major gripes is that the in game menu is annoying to navigate. They tried to make the menu look like a book, but this is not very useful as you don't actually know what information is on what page. Ultimately you may have to flip through the whole book if you are looking for a simple answer.

The pink vials are used to power up Hamilton’s special abilities. You can play as Sasha at the start of the level before activating the timer, so if you want to you can gather lots of the pink vials before even technically starting a level. You can also scare off the flying blowfish that attack Sasha by using a taunt when they are about to hit Sasha (it causes them to blow up and float away).

Hamilton's Great Adventure doesn't pull you in keeping you on your toes from level to level; yet, the game offers fun puzzles which you can solve during your spare time. I would like it if they had checkpoints. I don't play too many puzzle game so maybe they all don't have any checkpoints during levels. If you like to solve puzzles and you're tired of traditional puzzle solving games that challenge a user based on luck or precise click timing then this is for you.

+Simple gameplay without too many commands to learn
+Smooth movements
+Fun and rather complex puzzles
+Fantastic difficulty curve, the puzzles get gradually more difficult rather than exponentially
+Nice art style which makes the games simple graphics seem rather elegant

-Very difficult menu navigation
-Not a very riveting story (though it’s a puzzle game so you're here for the puzzles not for the tale)
-Can be infuriating when you have solved the first part of the puzzle, but have to keep resolving to get to the second part of the puzzle
Publicado: 22 febrero 2014
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Ugh, so glad I only paid one dollar for this game. The idea is decent, but the controls and camera really bog it down. Also, all the game mechances revolving around the bird are just annoying and pointless. The game would be significantly better without it.
Publicado: 17 mayo 2014
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This game's installation is bugged. At some point in time Nvidia changed the location where the PhysX dlls get put. This game's installation seems to only be checking the old location, not the new one. It "fixes" this problem by going and installing an OLDER version of PhysX. Which still won't work, because it's still probably in the wrong spot? There's a thread in the game's forum where some sharp users discuss a few fixes for the problem.

I don't really like either fix, because I'll have to remember to re-copy the DLLs from the new location into the game's own directory. If I get this problem with enough games (haven't yet) I may do what the video a user there shared and drop 'em into the System folder. That's never a great place to ♥♥♥♥ around, but it would get the files onto a path that any program anywhere will manage to find.

This is stuff we shouldn't need to do to make a game work. Even a game selling for $1. For a $10 game, that's almost beyond forgiving.
Publicado: 5 julio 2014
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Hamilton's Great Adventure is a good, solid puzzle game that's a refreshing midpoint between mindless casual tile-matchers like Bejeweled and antagonistic platform games like Super Meat Boy. Hamilton can hook you, but the routine of dealing with slow restarts and fine-tuning the camera to your liking puts a hamper on your quest for fortune. Then again, what's a great adventure without a few setbacks?It's a pity that Hamilton's Great Adventure never got its 15 minutes of Internet fame, because it has tons of charm and it's very fun to play.Fat Shark's adventure platformer has fascinating level design and admirable cooperation of two main characters.Even though Hamilton's Great Adventure suffers from a story full of cliches and some shortcomings in gameplay, it's also very entertaining. Levels are well designed, and you need to plan ahead, unless you're after winding up stuck on a lonely, wooden platform in the middle of nowhere. This great adventure is entertaining for adults and children alike.
Publicado: 17 junio 2014
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A fun puzzle game with an Indiana Jones-style storyline and cute cast of characters. The gameplay reminds me of the old Crash Bandicoot games, running over platforms, collecting gems, and trying to get to the end of the level without dying. An excellent game for the $1.00 I paid for it with a 90% off coupon.
Publicado: 19 febrero 2014
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