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Release Date: Feb 25, 2016

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This content requires the base game X Rebirth on Steam in order to play.

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About This Content

Home of Light is the second expansion for X Rebirth, with new regions to explore and challenges to overcome. Along with the 4.0 update, the experience reaches a whole new level where the opportunities to TRADE, FIGHT, BUILD, and THINK have never been bigger.

  • A Larger Universe: Set a course through the Jump Gates to three whole new systems.
    • Home of Light: The fabled system, complete with a massive economy to profit from.
    • Toride: The universe has never been as hostile, nor had so much to explore, as in the Toride system. Be aware and be warned!
    • Cold Star: A source of resources in massive quantities, combined with dangerous regions and other secrets.
  • Build Warehouse Stations: Construct specialised warehouse stations to stock up on large amounts of any wares. Set it up as your own trading station or use it as a storage depot. Take control of the market!
  • New game starts: Jump straight into trading with two capable freighters in the middle of the rich Home of Light system or take on the role of Verge Explorer, with a well-equipped ship and a versatile crew.
  • New missions: Experience new missions to be found in the new systems, putting you right in the thick of the action and taking advantage of the new X Rebirth 4.0 Bulletin Board System.
  • More Challenging Enemies: The ever-threatening Xenon are even stronger than before, and you may also encounter an old and forgotten enemy.

Take on the X Universe with new weapons and missiles, and hunt around for new hidden treasures in X Rebirth's biggest expansion yet!
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108 of 133 people (81%) found this review helpful
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Posted: February 25
Note: I played this DLC for about 150 hours during the betatesting phase, so while this DLC just got released today i already had plenty of time to play it.

This DLC is great. It adds three new systems, which almost doubles the amount of systems of the game (Teladi Outpost not included), and adds fun new toys to play around with, like the new weapons (which i really like) and the new Warehouse station (great help for supplying your own stations).

The new systems are really nice and atmospheric and offer many different styles of gameplay. One system is made for mining operations, one is a great system for trading and building and one is a huge one-sector system with many zones to explore and new enemies to fight (i won't spoil it here).

While X:rebirth was absolutely broken and horrible on release day 1.5 years ago now it's a great game, thanks to all the free updates and the DLCs make it even better and more immersive.
If you like X:Rebirth then this DLC is definitely worth the price.
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49 of 59 people (83%) found this review helpful
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Posted: February 26
An X game being finally an X game! I'll say just a simple world : TORIDE! Wow!!!!! What a place! Started the Verge Explorer at Very Hard setup and man, it's awesome! Since you can't use highways or jump, and you start in empty space surrounded by enemies, you really need to manage your missiles, shields (need to be carefull to not boost too much), and use almost non-stop (finally!) the Long Range Scanner! A hole new gameplay experience! And when I finally managed to find civilisation, at Lacrimosa sector, I recieved a call : I'll not spoil the plot mission, but it's a very nice challange!

A challenge that I accept gladly and I really recommend every space sim fan to accept it too!

X is coming back, slowly but bigger and better at each version! Bravo Egosoft, you guys managed to save one of the most tragic game launch we ever saw, and that's really awesome! Now, what about a next DLC "Legend's Home"? Let's bring back OTAS to the fight!

JUST A PRECISION FOR OLD X PLAYERS : my experience with this game is totally bug free (and I'm on Linux), the game is now totally playable and enjoyable, BUT it's still Rebirth, it's not a total conversion mod trying to transform it on X3 Albion Prelude. It means that you still have just one ship, you still haven't all the precise autopilots you have on X3 etc. I believe X Rebirth is something different from its predecessors, a more immersive experience where you really need to always pilot your ship : it's a space simulation game with fleet and station management features, not a fleet and station management game with space simulation features.
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54 of 70 people (77%) found this review helpful
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Posted: February 25
-NEW ATMOSPHERIC SPACE: A huge hostile territory with tons of stuff to discover and break (and wormholes), a calm mining colony where Terrans, Pirates and Xenon live in harmony (my favorite), a massive industrial zone with Xenon lurking in the nebulas. We've got you completly covered, there's no need to return back to non-DLC systems as you've got it all here.

-TWO NEW WEAPONS: A railgun with zoom function, and a plasma cannon Mk3 that can be charged to fire a huge powerful plasma ball (currently my most favorite weapon in the game)

-THE WAREHOUSE: new possibilities - use it as a trade HQ, as a storage, or as a mining centre. Or fill it up with guns and use it for protection.

Worth every cent! (Beta tester here)
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54 of 70 people (77%) found this review helpful
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Posted: February 26
Now with this DLC and the 4.0 free update, this game is becoming really great.
This DLC is adding 3 new systemes which almost doubles the amount of systems of the game, and adds fun new stuff like the new weapons and the new Warehouse station that can help you supply your stations.

now with the 4.0 free update egosoft has really improved their game and, from a catastrophic launch they made this one of the best space 4x simulation, they did not let us down.... it's really great to see devs who care about their customers.
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34 of 40 people (85%) found this review helpful
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Posted: February 29
This game is really awesome now. Its a shame X:R lost so many players with that aweful release quality.
This expansion is easily one of the best single DLC's i've ever seen! It almost doubles the games content, not just by scale, but also by depht.
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28 of 37 people (76%) found this review helpful
Posted: February 25
Home of Light adds a LOAD of new content to X-Rebirth for a cheap as chips price.
WARNING! There are spoilers in this review so if you don't want it to be spoiled, leave this review.

- The New Weapons, the Railgun Mk1 acts like a powerful sniper rifle with about 9km range, great against those annoying new Xenon P's and their shield ignoring weapons, and the Plasma Cannon Mk3 which is basically used to cause great damage to Capital ship turrets (Not advised you use them against fighters, it's slow and has a Star Trek Photon Torpedo look about them when fired.

- The Kyon Torpedo is better than the Novadrone, faster and more destructive against capitals, they have to be crafted from parts found in the new Systems.

- You have 3 New Systems

- Toride Sector which is just chaos, but the system is asthetically gorgous!! Kudos to Lino and the team, you did a really good job on that system. It also has 'Distress Missions' realtime missions when a freighter or Capital Trader ship is attacked by Pirates or any other enemy it creates a distress message you contact and accept the mission.
Including a MASSIVE one off 'Xenon Incursion mission' where several Xenon Destroyers enter Toride and you have to take them out (Warning! You will need allot of destroyers to face off a Xenon I and several K's).

There is also the return of the Kha'ak, there is a zone ruled by them with a Kha'ak Station (Sadly frame rates here suck balls, because of the gas cloud, fix this please!)

There is also Warp Anomalies which, when entering will randomly teleport you to another area of the Toride system.
There is no other Sectors, but no Local Highways, the place is vast so for the explorer it's a great place to visit.

- Home of Light is also a very nicely designed system, it is fully self-sustaining like Albion and Omicron Lyrae so a large market to exploit.
West Gate Sector has allot of secret zones and plenty of Xenon activity.
HoL has these little stations you can land on and the Warehouse can be constructed with CV'S from here.
Dissapointed that there are no new Terracorp capital ships or even freighters like we've seen with DeVries and Omicron and the voicepacks and ships in the expansion are all copy/paste Albion ships, even Toride Colonists use DeVries Succelus destroyers.. I hope the next Beta changes this like they did after the Teladi Outpost? They need their own invidual look and voice packs or it gets too mono-bland, don't do this Ego, the whole point of exploration is to find new cultures and explore, not just a change of wallpaper.

- Cold Star is an interesting System, it is simply Terracorps mining Outpost which the Toride Colonists are custodians over as part of the Lores treaty between both factions.
Has 3 Sectors but it's mostly rocks and gas with some hazardous regions and Xenon/Pirate activity.

- New Warehouses, these work like the Trade Outposts of previous X games, you can build the station and order the Manager to buy and sell whatever ware you want.
Not gotten the hang of it, but you can use it in theory to horde plenty of a certain ware when it's cheap and sell it when the demand goes up making you a ton of cash.

- New game starts for the dlc (Not tried these yet but they pretty much work the way other game starts work)

All in all this expansion is a great edition and greatly expands what was a Universe with a lack of Systems to explore and a lack of oppertuinity.
Paired with the massive changes of 4.0 to ships that flee danger, better command options and the SETA and Jumpdrive reintroduced, this is a welcome edition and can only hope they improve on it a little more before they move on to X:R 2.
Improve on NPC's with more voice packs and lore friendly additions to stations, don't go copy and paste mad, it dulls the quality of the game, we want a living breathing universe and you've semi-kept your promise. A mammoth task i'm happy to say you've made a great step forward here.
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25 of 32 people (78%) found this review helpful
Posted: February 28
Thank you Devs for continuing to work on XR. XR is an immense and enjoyable game. :-)

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27 of 38 people (71%) found this review helpful
Posted: February 26
SEE THE REVIEWS people and think of this.
How can a game with 33/100 get
100% rating on the dlc Home of Light
Awnser is simple.
With both DLC's
We got ourselves the X game we sought at release.
Highly suggested to buy the game with both dlc's VERY enjoyable.
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16 of 20 people (80%) found this review helpful
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Posted: February 28
HoL brings three new systems in the game (vanila has four). The DLC brings lots of new trade oportunities, but in my opinion the best part of it is exploration.

The world looks amazing.

Vanilla vession 4 brings lots of new features and improvements.

The devs also removed lots of eazy money - scrap metal is not as abundant, pirate traders are heavily escorted, raid missions do not pay mint (Egosoft, thank you for this).

With Very Hard difficulty and Aim Assist OFF, the game can become rather challanging.

Please pop by and check my LP on YouTube. Season two focuses on HoL DLC.

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17 of 22 people (77%) found this review helpful
Posted: February 27
<< EDIT: Have now passed the 300 hour mark in Rebirth, and just now really getting into 'HoL territory', and.. I am STILL LOVING THIS GAME! >>

I have absolutely fallen for X Rebirth - it's a great game and I'm loving every minute of it. The 4.0 update and this expansion make a very good thing even better. Three new systems and a whole lot more added here; very much worthwhile.

I've happily seen hundreds of hours fly by in the base game and first expansion alone, and I can already see how very much more this expansion adds to the galaxy and the game. It seems to me that this expansion pushes Rebirth across the line; achieves and surpasses that "critical mass" for the galaxy to feel truly Big-Big.

Rebirth gives me just what I've always wanted in a sci-fi game. It has character and wonder and beauty, its has breadth AND depth. A big vibrant hand-crafted galaxy to explore and admire. A fantastic big beautiful space sandbox to play in. Big but not generic. Places feel unique and intentional and alive. Rebirth has almost high fantasy undertones; it feels like the setting for a great book or movie - it feels like a place to build your own stories in, whatever you may want them to be. There is just so much do. And it's all just plain fun. Great variety of missions, if you want to do missions. Great big galaxy to fly around and explore, if you want to just gawk. Be a humble trader, or build an economic empire. Be a lone wolf pirate, or become a military force to be feared. Start small and grow, or start big and take it from there - many different starts available give great incentive to replay along different paths. What I love about Rebirth is that it's a great big sandbox to play in, full of possibilities - but it has not been left generic; they have taken the time to craft it into something beautiful. Somewhere worthy of making our own stories.

This is a big expansion that brings a lot to the table and makes a great base game even better. I'll happily take all I can get of Rebirth and this expansion has a lot to give.
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Recently Posted
Posted: August 22
Remember how Terran Conflict and Albion Prelude took X3: Reunion and made it truly entertaining?

Yeah, that's what Home of Light does with X: Rebirth. You're looking at the DLC that pretty much turned it all around for X:R. SETA? Back. Jump Drive? Back. Bugs? I think I've had the game crash once, and that was the fault of Windows Update trying to upgrade my operating system in the middle of a cap ship battle. (♥♥♥♥in' Micro$oft.)

If you're picking up X:R, both DLCs are must-haves. But if you absolutely MUST pick, this is the one to own (by only the barest of margins).
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Posted: July 26
It took years but the game is finally really good as of this DLC. All the updates and things went a long way.
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Posted: July 18
Awesome dlc, get war and conquer mod for best combat
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Posted: July 5
Dont buy this scamm. Still alot of bugs and the developer dont fixed after the last DLC release.

Egosoft "was" a great company.
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Posted: June 18
Great DLC)
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Posted: June 9
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Posted: May 29
56 Positive reviews... I'm sure rebirth had at least that many... but was it worth buying? The answer is no, and neither is Home of Light. I'm pretty sure some of these reviews have been planted because I cant even get the game to start after updating to 4.0 and installing Home of light. After spending what 3+ years polishing a turd - It is still a turd.
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Posted: April 16
I haven't tried it, yet. But, I bet it's cool!
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Posted: April 6
This game started out with a rough assessment by Steam players, because it's scope was so big ! After Teething problems, and piles of Steam and NEXUS add-ons, along with needed fixes, and then wonderful DLC's, this has become something of a CULT CLASSIC. Be paitient with your learning all the processes, study the mods, so you use the ones that will help you the most, for your content preferences, and ship commander style, and make sure to get all the DLC's, because they take it from good to Awsome, and you just will not know what you missed... That said, I also fly Elite Dangerous, a bit of Star Citizen, and have played the whole Mass Effect series, and this Has it's own unique Story, and becomes quite epic in scope, if you are persistent in aplying yourself to learning it's nuances. Honestly, you really have to study the MODS on both Steam, and on the NEXUS, because they redefine the scope of almost every part of the sim, into so much more. Warning, if you are lazy, and somewhat common core in your learning ability, you will get lost hopelessly in this game, and your criticisms of it, that you will inevitably blurt out in your myopic review, will really be very transparent to those who did their homework on this game with due dilligence...
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Posted: March 15
I cant wait for next!
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