You've inherited your grandfather's old farm plot in Stardew Valley. Armed with hand-me-down tools and a few coins, you set out to begin your new life. Can you learn to live off the land and turn these overgrown fields into a thriving home?
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Overwhelmingly Positive (23,555 reviews) - 97% of the 23,555 user reviews for this game are positive.
Release Date: Feb 26, 2016

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April 4

New Build -- 1.07



  • Spouses now say unique dialogues during festivals (most of the time), rather than the generic handful of dialogues
  • Spouse stands next to you at the Dance of the Moonlight Jellies
  • In-law dialogue... when you marry someone, their parents/relatives dialogues will change slightly to account for the change
  • Sam, Sebastian, and Abigail now go to the saloon on fridays after you marry them.
  • Spouses won't leave on rainy days, unless they have to go to work.
  • Fruit trees produce higher quality fruit as they age. (once per year, up to gold star)
  • Fruit tree harvesting now involves shaking the tree to drop the fruit
  • Lightning strikes now have a unique effect on fruit trees
  • Lightning is more likely to strike trees and crops, but lightning rods now have a very good chance of intercepting lightning strikes (if they aren't already processing a lightning bolt)
  • Charcoal Kiln now requires 10 wood to produce 1 coal, down from 20
  • Maxed-out friendship levels will no longer decay
  • Added another digit to the shipping menu money counters.
  • Dying in mines is less harsh: money lost caps at 5000g, rate of item loss reduced, can't lose rings or the Galaxy Sword
  • Your assigned movement keys are now used within Journey Of The Prairie King
  • You can now retrieve powerups and coins that drop on the edge of the map in Journey Of The Prairie King
  • The last two hearts are now greyed-out for marriage candidates until you give them the bouquet
  • Willy now likes most fish dishes
  • Adventurer's Guild now sells monster slayer rewards after you've unlocked them (you still get the free reward)
  • Hardware mouse cursor option

Bug Fixes:
  • Tools left in chests within farm buildings won't count as "missing"
  • Poppy properly consumed in poppyseed muffin recipe
  • Can no longer incorrectly "consume" trap bobbers (click to make them disappear with strange sound)
  • Agriculturist profession no longer causes an extra 25% growth rate when speed-gro isn't present. Speed increase effects should now properly apply to very slow-growing crops.
  • Fixed sunflower seed price at JojaMart
  • Chests should no longer appear on top of you in bed after upgrading your house.
  • Item placement with the gamepad improved, and there is now an option to show an item placement indicator
  • Snow yams shouldn't appear in the desert anymore
  • Sea Cucumber should properly appear in the fishing tab of the Shipping menu
  • Farm animals should no longer get stuck on fences placed directly to the right of the barn door.
  • Various minor bug fixes.
  • Minor changes/fixes to dialogue

Edit (6:16 PST, 4/6): quick fix for Harvey's bugged 4-heart event.

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March 20

New Build -- 1.06

With version 1.06, the first steps are taken to improving marriage in Stardew Valley! Each spouse now has a unique dialogue sheet, and leaves the house at least once a week to visit town or take a walk. In short, they retain a lot more of their unique "personality" after marriage.


  • Added unique dialogues for all spouses.
  • Spouses now leave the house on mondays.
  • Value of most animal products increased.
  • Holly is now poisonous.
  • Missing events problem shouldn't happen anymore.
  • Minor bug/grammar/graphics fixes.

Note: animal product prices and edibility of Holly will only take effect on items generated after the update. items that already existed before updating will still have the old prices/edilbility.

There will be more marriage improvements to come. Hope you're having a nice weekend.

Edit: uploaded another quick patch that should fix the problem where spouses had a speech bubble but no speech, and also the farm rampage.


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“Far more than just a farming game, this one-man labor of love is filled with seemingly endless content and heart.”
5/5 – Giant Bomb

“The core mechanics and relaxing aesthetic merge so well together that players will sink in to the experience and never want to leave.”
95 – Destructoid

“Stardew Valley has been the most rich and heartwarming experience I’ve had in a game in years.”
95 – CGMagazine

About This Game

Stardew Valley is an open-ended country-life RPG!

You've inherited your grandfather's old farm plot in Stardew Valley. Armed with hand-me-down tools and a few coins, you set out to begin your new life. Can you learn to live off the land and turn these overgrown fields into a thriving home? It won't be easy. Ever since Joja Corporation came to town, the old ways of life have all but disappeared. The community center, once the town's most vibrant hub of activity, now lies in shambles. But the valley seems full of opportunity. With a little dedication, you might just be the one to restore Stardew Valley to greatness!

  • Turn your overgrown field into a lively farm! Raise animals, grow crops, start an orchard, craft useful machines, and more! You'll have plenty of space to create the farm of your dreams.

  • Improve your skills over time. As you make your way from a struggling greenhorn to a master farmer, you'll level up in 5 different areas: farming, mining, combat, fishing, and foraging. As you progress, you'll learn new cooking and crafting recipes, unlock new areas to explore, and customize your skills by choosing from a variety of professions.

  • Become part of the local community. With over 30 unique characters living in Stardew Valley, you won't have a problem finding new friends! Each person has their own daily schedule, birthday, unique mini-cutscenes, and new things to say throughout the week and year. As you make friends with them, they will open up to you, ask you for help with their personal troubles, or tell you their secrets! Take part in seasonal festivals such as the luau, haunted maze, and feast of the winter star.

  • Explore a vast, mysterious cave. As you travel deeper underground, you'll encounter new and dangerous monsters, powerful weapons, new environments, valuable gemstones, raw materials for crafting and upgrading tools, and mysteries to be uncovered.

  • Breathe new life into the valley. Since JojaMart opened, the old way of life in Stardew Valley has changed. Much of the town's infrastructure has fallen into disrepair. Help restore Stardew Valley to it's former glory by repairing the old community center, or take the alternate route and join forces with Joja Corporation.

  • Court and marry a partner to share your life on the farm with. There are 10 available bachelors and bachelorettes to woo, each with unique character progression cutscenes. Once married, your partner will live on the farm with you. Who knows, maybe you'll have kids and start a family?

  • Spend a relaxing afternoon at one of the local fishing spots. The waters are teeming with seasonal varieties of delicious fish. Craft bait, bobbers, and crab pots to help you in your journey toward catching every fish and becoming a local legend!

  • Donate artifacts and minerals to the local museum.

  • Cook delicious meals and craft useful items to help you out. With over 100 cooking and crafting recipes, you'll have a wide variety of items to create. Some dishes you cook will even give you temporary boosts to skills, running speed, or combat prowess. Craft useful objects like scarecrows, oil makers, furnaces, or even the rare and expensive crystalarium.

  • Customize the appearance of your character and house. With hundreds of decorative items to choose from, you'll have no trouble creating the home of your dreams!

  • Xbox controller support (with rumble)! (Keyboard still required for text input)

  • Over two hours of original music.

System Requirements

    • OS: Windows Vista or greater
    • Processor: 2 Ghz
    • Memory: 2 GB RAM
    • Graphics: 256 mb video memory, shader model 3.0+
    • DirectX: Version 10
    • Storage: 500 MB available space
    • Sound Card: Required
Customer reviews
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Overwhelmingly Positive (1,998 reviews)
Overwhelmingly Positive (23,555 reviews)
Recently Posted
( 1.7 hrs on record )
Posted: June 26
In simple words: It's the closest game to "Rune Factory" for PC until now.
*IF* You've ever played Harvest Moon or Rune Factory, you know what to expect.

And *IF* the Dev continue to expand the game: 10/10.
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( 8.2 hrs on record )
Posted: June 26
It sucks when you're in fear of losing your game all the time, when it crashes and destroys your hard work.
Helpful? Yes No Funny
( 6.4 hrs on record )
Posted: June 26
Product received for free
I had never play these types of game before soo at first it was very hard for me to into it ,but once I gave it some time. It grow on me. It's a very fun game. Once you get into it. You can't stop playing. Just give it some time..
Helpful? Yes No Funny
Electric Cursive
( 24.0 hrs on record )
Posted: June 26
Went into town one night

Saw homeless man digging through trash

Barkeep caught homeless man digging through aformentioned trash

Barkeep offered to give homeless man food if homeless man asked


Helpful? Yes No Funny
( 7.9 hrs on record )
Posted: June 26
I couldn't believe Harvest Moon could get any more addicting, until I actually played this. Truly a gem worth playing.
Helpful? Yes No Funny
Boosted Animal
( 0.4 hrs on record )
Posted: June 26
This game seems very calm and quite fun, even if i just started playing it.
Try this game out if you have played Harvest Moon and wanted a similar game.
Helpful? Yes No Funny
Tyler Sewaddle
( 1.2 hrs on record )
Posted: June 26
It's just harvest moon SNES. Feels like the game is a bit too tedious. Theres no quicksave feature so if you want to stop playing you either go to bed early or have to play an entire game. Fishing minigame is super frustrating.
Helpful? Yes No Funny
( 18.2 hrs on record )
Posted: June 26
Game is great!!!!....Buy it!!!!!
Helpful? Yes No Funny
( 113.0 hrs on record )
Posted: June 26
If you liked any of the Harvest Moon games, you will love Stardew Valley.
Helpful? Yes No Funny
Vampiress Star
( 4.0 hrs on record )
Posted: June 26
Product received for free
This game is time consuming. I have no idea why i couldn't stop playing. A game to come back to when bored for sure.
The only thing i disliked mostly was the fishing in this game, had trouble with it.
Helpful? Yes No Funny
Most Helpful Reviews  In the past 30 days
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91.2 hrs on record
Posted: June 15
Ok so far from my game this is what I got:
> farming for first week
> mayor tells me to socialize with the townfolk
> decide to talk to random people
> lots of talking
> finally think i met everyone
> try to interact with trashcan
> find a salad in trash, untouched
> girl sees me digging in trash
> girl gets grossed out from me digging in the trash
> get mad, decide to follow her
> catch her walking towards lake
> turns out shes pretty
> want to know how to marry her
> find out that i can gift people
> dont know what to gift
> remembered i had salad from the trash that she saw me grab
> give salad to her
> she loves it
> advance a year or two later
> me and girl are married

I don't understand women, both in this game and in real life.

10/10 would dig in trash again
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1,054 of 1,173 people (90%) found this review helpful
1,444 people found this review funny
107.9 hrs on record
Posted: June 3
>redecorating kitchen
>Abigail nearby
>accidentially give her a chair
>"Hey, how'd you know I was hungry?"

10/10 Never got my chair back
Was this review helpful? Yes No Funny
801 of 917 people (87%) found this review helpful
86 people found this review funny
51.5 hrs on record
Posted: June 1
has helped me through my depression. It gave me that extra little bit of happiness in my life to help me get over my obstacles. Stardew valley has been keeping me happy, despite I bought it by random..
Was this review helpful? Yes No Funny
375 of 440 people (85%) found this review helpful
513 people found this review funny
78.4 hrs on record
Posted: May 27
I was so busy to water my virtual plants that my real one almost died.
Was this review helpful? Yes No Funny
148 of 162 people (91%) found this review helpful
65 people found this review funny
106.3 hrs on record
Posted: June 5
Pretty good game. Especially when you lost your last games in Dota2. So... at least you can farm here without any problems.

On a serious note, get this if you like any/all of these:

-> Farming
-> Fishing
-> Mining/ Exploring/ Dungeoning
-> Dating/ failing at dating
-> Getting rejected at your 1st dance festival by a girl/guy
-> Helping poor townfolk solving their daily problems
-> Gifting Daffodils to a girl twice a week in hope you can marry her some day

Future plans for this game
-> More varity of crops
-> More types of farm buildings n equipments
-> Co-op multiplayer
-> Depth to NPCs
-> etc etc
Was this review helpful? Yes No Funny
113 of 132 people (86%) found this review helpful
74 people found this review funny
95.2 hrs on record
Posted: June 17
Ruined my life almost as much as Civ V. Loved every second.
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69 of 73 people (95%) found this review helpful
5 people found this review funny
45.8 hrs on record
Posted: June 4
After spending 45 hours on it, I figured Stardew Valley is due for a review.

Story/Characters: While not heavily driven by the story, Stardew Valley sets up your farm-life, and fills it, with many solid, and fun cutscenes. You'll also run into a few nuggets of lore occasionally. Every villager in Stardew Valley is unique, and worth getting to know. 9/10

Gameplay: The farming life has never been better. I fell in love with farming, then with fishing, then with mining. All these are valid methods of keeping a steady income in Stardew Valley. So, I had fun devoting days to different activities, while also completing different quests and requests from the villagers. Also, there are mods, which I haven't even gotten into yet. 9.5/10

Sound: Relaxing, colorful, and happy music kept me humming while doing my daily work. The sound effects were also bright, and they fit in perfectly 9/10

Replay Value: I played Stardew Valley for 45+ hours. In that time, I completed 1.5 "years", got married, earned quite a lot of items and money, and almost finished the community center. That might satisfy most; I plan to do it all again, with a few mods. 8/10

Overall Score: 8.9

Summary: Personally, I had a ton of fun with Stardew Valley, and will never forget this game. Thanks to ConcernedApe for this awesome game. I love the crap out of it. Everyone should at least try it. Begin your life in Stardew Valley
Was this review helpful? Yes No Funny
84 of 96 people (88%) found this review helpful
5 people found this review funny
11.2 hrs on record
Posted: May 30
An Open-World Country-Life RPG
+ Visually the game looks absolutely gorgeous, you can instantly tell a TON of work went into creating all the sprites, likely one of the best 2D games of this style I have ever seen. Very cute, colorful, and filled with detail.
+ Has a ton of charm, I would say it's like Harvest Moon, Animal Crossing, and a bit of Terraria/Minecraft although in my opinion Stardew Valley is much better as far as a single player expeirence.
+ Surprisingly has a TON of things to do. It seems like every single day there's "something" new going on in the world, and the game constantly gives you new goals to work torward while opening up new mechanics consistantly without overwhelming the player.
+ Extremely addicting and filled with loads of content, many people will invest 20-50hours+ into this game
+ Lovely relaxing soundtrack
+ There are full-on retro-styled games within the game. "Mini-games" if you will, but I was completely surprised at how good they were. I spent over an hour playing "Journey of The Prairie King" which is one of the arcade games in the Saloon which to me was a load of fun.
+ Loads of quests and events
+ Player choice / branching story. I'm not too far into the game at this moment, but you are able to support "Joja Mart" which is like an evil Walmart corporation trying to take the towns business, or you can choose to support the town instead by building up the community center and so fourth.
+ Many different ways to earn money, you can farm, raise animals, fish, mine, quests, forage or "explore" and find all sorts of items to sell, and so on.
+ There is even a combat system where you fight monsters in the mines, and can get new weapons, equipment, and earn many rewards.
+ Relationships / Friends / Children! You can even have a gay relationship, and adopt a child if you wish!
+ Crafting / Upgrades, you can craft a large variety of items, and unlock more as you expand your house, level your skills, and advance through the game. Many of which are optional, but give benefits like sprinklers to water your crops for you.

- The only real issue I had is a lot of the information you need is not given to you, and you will have to use a guide/wiki in order to find out a lot of things in the game.
Was this review helpful? Yes No Funny
75 of 85 people (88%) found this review helpful
13 people found this review funny
198.3 hrs on record
Posted: June 5
Product received for free
This game is basically Harvest Moon, but better in every possible way. It is a really amazing game and I'm glad I have it. A good friend of mine gifted it to me a while ago.
Was this review helpful? Yes No Funny
45 of 48 people (94%) found this review helpful
7 people found this review funny
310.7 hrs on record
Posted: June 13
I definetly recomend this game!
The things that make the game exellent is you can do whatever you want at your own pace, its a very relaxing game in my opinion, But if you want a more cambative game you can head into the forest or the mines! Another thing I liked about the game is you can fit yourself into the town, you can chat and gain relationship points everyday and end up settling down and having kids! Everybody has there own story with this game you can choose from many characters to marry or become friends with you can explore the mysterys of the town hall and the mines, or you can have a peacefull life planning out your farms layout upgrading your house and buying animals to take care of. Also the game is a lot like Harvest moon, but at the same time not I would play this game over harvest moon anyday! But it still has the shipping box the foraging macanic and relationship bar! Another thing i liked is the customization! you can pick from 100+ shirts hair accesories and more you can choose your prefrance of dogs or cats {If you play the game you know why they do that ;)} And More! Btw The creater Makes many updates improving the game! SO HAVE FUN!
My rating 10/10!!!!
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