Young Thomas has just moved into his new house; his parents snapping up the deal for the property without realising its dark past. Thomas finds a cassette player with a tape left inside along with a much needed flashlight. As darkness falls, he soon realises he is not alone within the room.
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Release Date: Nov 2, 2015

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May 4

3.3 Patch

• Searching for batteries much more fluent.
• Battery meter colour turned yellow for clearer view.
• You now get a reward for beating nightmare night.
• Easter egg added.
• Improvements to VR support. (Please see tutorial instructions)
• Tutorial room added for re-visiting without starting new game.

15 comments Read more

April 29

3.2 Patch

• Settings now save.
• Added toggle to window mode to settings.
• Added resolution settings.
• Fixed trapping yourself inside rooms.
• Fixed hidden book been too dark to read.

9 comments Read more

About This Game


• Use your flashlight to ward off the Boogeyman, it seems to be the only thing it fears.

• There are five ways into your room: The door, closet, window, air vent, and sides of the bed. Watch them carefully.

• The bedside lamp, nightlight, passage light, street light, and even the moon light help you to see around the room.

• Your battery will only last so long. Conserve as much power as you can by relying more on the sounds around you.


• Full dynamic lighting.

• Weather will change each night, affecting the way you play. Rain will drown out noise, lightening will give you quick glimpses of the room in full light, snow blizzard will make it impossible to hear much at all.

VR Support

The game supports full VR running at 90fps using the Oculus rift CV1 with minimum specs (GTX 970).

System Requirements

Make sure your system has a dedicated graphics card with at least 1GB of VRAM. Integrated graphics are not enough to run this game at full FPS.


Personal inquiries or business: (48hr response)

General support: (24hr response)

System Requirements

    • OS: Windows 7
    • Processor: Intel i3 2.5ghz or equivalent
    • Memory: 4 GB RAM
    • Graphics: 1GB VRAM
    • DirectX: Version 11
    • Storage: 1 GB available space
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Very Positive (11 reviews)
Very Positive (183 reviews)
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Cookie Monster
( 4.0 hrs on record )
Posted: June 25
I haven't played this without VR, but in the Oculus Rift this is one of the scariest games I have played! It's a jump scare game, but more than that, the atmosphere it creates is brilliant!

You are a young boy in his bedroom at night, and a monster (which comes out in the dark) is trying to get you. A fantastically simple premise, which everyone gets instinctivley. (Unlike Five Nights At Freddy's).

Not only is it a simple but scary premise with a great atmpsphere, but the story unpacks well, building the sophistication of the game.

If you want a VR horror game then go for this which will scare you then select this!
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Shawn |
( 13.7 hrs on record )
Posted: June 18
This game is horrible.
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( 0.9 hrs on record )
Posted: June 13
I'm too scared to ever play it.
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( 3.7 hrs on record )
Posted: June 10
This game, at first glance, appears to be an instant buy sort of eye candy. However, when you play it, you will probably say WTF did I buy? Seriously. The game starts off with you standing in a hallway. You try and open doors and nothing happens. Then after reading a wall that contains a legend as to the controls, you may proceed down the hall and open the door. At this point you are in Thomas room on his bed. Nothing in the games limited instructions (the wall) indicates that you are sitting on the end of the bed and can not move, so you will mspend fifteen minbutes resetting the ghame thinking you are stuck with buggy controls, until you realize that you have to sit on the bed ad look around for the boogeyman. You are paralyzed with fear and have to keep looking left, right, up, down, for the boogeyman who will try and sneak into the room from one of those directions. When he does, you have to click the flashlight button and shine the light in his face. This is the entire game. You keep doing this over, and over, and over, and that is the entire game. BORING. To top this off, you have to keep doing this routine for a full 6 minutes of the clock each night, until morning arrives at 6:00 A.M. and then you are allowed to wander the house and look for something in one of three rooms that you are allowed to go into. There is a cassette tape dropped at random locations in these 3 rooms and you have to find it and put it in the cassette player to listen to some story dialog. BORING. After you collect whatever items are left for you in these 3 rooms, you go back to Thomas bedroom and repeat the same BORING 6 full minutes of sitting on the bed and looking left, right, up, down, etc, etc, looking for the boogeyman. This, is the entire game. 3 rooms containing the same crap and another cassette tape and repeatedly shining a flashlight in the boogeymans face when you spot him. YAY. I don't care if the game costs .50 cents. I would not buy it again and I wish I never had. Save your money because you will wish you had. This game sucks....BADLY.
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( 1.7 hrs on record )
Posted: May 28
im too spooked halp me plz bb
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( 5.4 hrs on record )
Posted: May 28
Good. I've seen every version. I'm excited for 4.0

Pros: Everything but con

Con: Little girl next to bathroom, The first time I saw her was her spawning right on me when I was eating ice cream

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Doom Banana
( 1.0 hrs on record )
Posted: May 27
This game is creepy. The mechanics are nice. It reminds me of FNaF. It's a great game, needs a little work. Maybe try making a better pause menu. The pause menu may be fancy, but it is technically not a pause menu, because the game still keeps going. That's the only thing I don't like about the game, overall it's a nice game.
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( 1.4 hrs on record )
Posted: May 19
OMG! This game is awesome!!! It's also great for jumpscares!
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( 0.7 hrs on record )
Posted: May 19
Product received for free
Absolutely fantastic game, similar to FNAF but with far better graphics, more nights, VR compatible, ability to move and much more scary. If you are after a scary game, for the price, this is definitely worth it.
Helpful? Yes No Funny
( 0.7 hrs on record )
Posted: May 15
But please make it more compatible with much lower system requirements. All we want is a game for everybody, not a game for only gamers from Youtube.
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4.0 hrs on record
Posted: June 25
I haven't played this without VR, but in the Oculus Rift this is one of the scariest games I have played! It's a jump scare game, but more than that, the atmosphere it creates is brilliant!

You are a young boy in his bedroom at night, and a monster (which comes out in the dark) is trying to get you. A fantastically simple premise, which everyone gets instinctivley. (Unlike Five Nights At Freddy's).

Not only is it a simple but scary premise with a great atmpsphere, but the story unpacks well, building the sophistication of the game.

If you want a VR horror game then go for this which will scare you then select this!
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3.9 hrs on record
Posted: November 22, 2015
The Gist of the Story

A young boy named Thomas moves into a new house, where he can make memorable memories that will last him a lifetime. Little did he know there’s a creature there that lurks in the darkness of the night. Thomas finds the tape recordings of a young girl named Alyssa. In the recordings, she and her sister describes the boogeyman, a monster that loves to visit at night for a chance to nibble on them. She notes that she has left her trusty flashlight, the monster’s weakness, under the bed. Grabbing it, Thomas stays up during the night to protect himself from this relentless attacker.



The game consists of surviving during the nights similarly to the FNAF (Five Nights At Freddy’s) games. It’s not a carbon copy as it is a little different from FNAF. Thomas is armed with only a flashlight, a tool that will prevent the Boogeyman from entering his room. This is a magical torch will drive off the boogeyman with its beam of light. It’s an ancient technology capable of bringing down the most devilish monsters out there. If given to the wrong hands, the world will be driven to the brink of destruction. This means that Thomas is the one, the one boy that will protect humanity and save all of us from evil… or so I would like to think. He’s probably just a normal boy and it’s probably just a normal flashlight.

Anyways, the first few nights are quiet. It picks up around the 4th night and so forth. The Boogeyman has four ways of getting in Thomas’ room: The vent, the closet, the door and the window. On those occasions where the Boogeyman isn’t present, there’s a high possibility that he is hiding under the bed and this becomes a problem when you need to put new batteries for your torch because of course the extra batteries are there. Unfortunately, there’s a chance that the batteries will not be there. (For me, the batteries were almost never there. That’s me. Lucky Lucy)

The game is heavily dependent on sound cues and learning these cues will help you survive the night. They’re simple and distinct from one another. However, during nights where there’s a snowstorm, for example, it will be hard to discern which direction the boogeyman will come from because the storm will mostly drown out almost all the sounds in the room. This problem and the fact that there are other distracting noises, like the booming white noise from the television that will keep you from hearing the cues.

There are three difficulties: easy, medium, and hard mode. The only difference that I found between the difficulties is the rate of battery drainage. Obviously, on hard mode, the battery will drain faster and on later nights like 5 and 6, grabbing the extra battery from under bed becomes paramount if you hope to survive the night. Just cross your fingers it’ll be there.


Did ya scare me?

The scare factor of the game, on the scale of 1-10 (1 being, “me looking for something to scare me but couldn’t find it, no matter how hard I tried” and 10 being, “I ♥♥♥♥ my pants, I should’ve worn a diaper”), I rate Boogeyman a 2 out of 10 (2 being, “Sorry, I meant to scare but failed.”)

First of all, the model for the Boogeyman is a bit laughable. I don’t mean to be disrespectful but it could be more menacing. It tries to scare you. For instance, he whispers in your ears, “I’m hungry.” Of course I must respond with, “There are leftovers in the fridge, man! Let me sleep!” If I have my way, I suppose there wouldn’t be a game. I say this but I did get somewhat freaked out when he started walking towards me. He is a silent esshole (let’s see if Steam bleeps this one).

The game lacks a threatening monster but the well placed ambient sounds do make up for it. It’s not enough to create a scary atmosphere but it can bring about an uneasy tension that the monster fails to elicit. I especially enjoyed the times when it’s raining or snowing outside because the weather noises paired with the supernatural occurrences (e.g. boom box malfunctioning or music box randomly playing) happening in the room makes for a more interesting game.


Graphics and Technical Issues

The game is built on the Unreal Engine 4 and considering the setting is in a little boy’s room, graphic wise, it’s fitting. It’s not extravagant. There are several graphical options so there is room for tweaking if the game isn’t running up to par with your machine. If it’s still running slow, the developer(s) seems to be very active in sending out updates and responses from the looks of the forums.

Personally, I didn’t encounter any bugs nor had any crashes but that’s me.


My observations

Honestly, the game becomes dull and repetitive by the 30 minute mark. Whether it’s on easy or hard mode, I barely felt the difference between the two modes. That’s me personally.

Alyssa’s (spelling?) little story was more intriguing than the actually game itself. She and her sister play a valuable role since they discuss the boogeyman in more detail in their tape recordings. They do act as part of the tutorial but the sisters’ conversations are a highlight for me. Whoever voices them, does it very well.

Also, at times, you can see an apparition of a young girl and I wonder if that’s Alyssa or her sister haunting Thomas.


Wrap Up

For 7.99, will I recommend this? I say, get it on a discount. If you enjoy games like Five Night’s At Freddy’s, maybe this is a game that you will enjoy since they are similar in structure.

It’s not the best game I’ve played, but it’s not the worst. It made me laugh and I know that’s not the developer’s intention to tickle their players but I need laughs in my life.

I’m reading that Boogeyman scares the beejesus out of some players so maybe I’m just weird.

Thanks for reading :)




- Great dynamic sounds that plays an important role in gameplay
- VR support

- The Boogeyman character model could be more menacing
- Becomes dull and repetitive fairly quickly
- There aren’t any noticeable differences between easy and hard mode


By the way, if you have the time, watch me fool around in Boogeyman

Boogeyman Video

Lastly, for more information about Boogeyman or other news and reviews of other horror games, check out
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93 of 134 people (69%) found this review helpful
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3.6 hrs on record
Posted: December 6, 2015
Spooky, scary Boogeyman send shivers down your bed.
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27 of 33 people (82%) found this review helpful
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4.4 hrs on record
Posted: December 27, 2015
Scare factor Quadrupled with the Oculus on!
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13.5 hrs on record
Posted: November 24, 2015
This game is amazing in my books! It has FNAF like influences but don't mistake this for another crappy fnaf clone because this is far from it. With little to no bugs, amazing atmoshpere, good quality jumpscares, great enemy boogeyman model and much more, I can easily put this in my top 10 favorite horror games thus far!

I played this on my YouTube and completed every night including Halloween night, which let's just say is very difficult lol.
My end verdict, if you are a horror fan this is a must buy!

Video Link:
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0.7 hrs on record
Posted: December 15, 2015
Firstly, a disclaimer: No, no, and finally NO, I have not yet played Five Nights at Freddy's 4. But I'm well aware that there may be certain strong similarities between that particular game and this one. I have, in any case, played the first three FNAF games, and can thereby make comparisons to those.

I'm relieved to report that this is probably the best FNAF "homage" that I've played thus far. Have I played them all? Again...NO. I play a lot of horror games, and not all of them have to resemble an ever-so-mildly "ground-breaking" title from as far back in the annals of human history as the year 2014. But I have played a few Freddy "rip-offs", and this is probably the best. Well, okay...the best which features a first-person perspective, like Freddy's. Go To Bed: Survive The Night is probably on a par with this. But it doesn't look like this. But it is set in a bedroom, where you have to keep beasties at bay, sometimes using light and...

Oh Lord, do you see how difficult this is getting? This is because I know what a bunch of tribal ferals the FNAF fans are. Self-righteous little turds who think that because something got released while they were just growing their first pubic hairs, it's the most revolutionary thing to come down the turnpike since SLICED ♥♥♥♥ING BREAD. Every generation does it, I'm sure. I'm sure MY generation did it. Hell, a fair proportion of MY generation thought that we invented rock 'n' roll (it was actually called "grunge", and contrary to some reports, WASN'T actually the first time in recorded human history that someone had plugged in a guitar and screamed over the top of it). So anyway, can I get on with my review now? Now that I've acknowledged that, yes, I'm aware of a series that this game takes some, ahem, "inspiration" from?! A series which is barely over a year old as I type these words?!? Good. Thank you.

Boogeyman is actually rather good. Not revolutionary, but good. Not the most original game in all of gaming history, but really, really solid. And as an added bonus, and unlike some other super-recent FNAF "clones" (Emily Wants to Play? Emily Wants to Suck My Big, Fat ♥♥♥♥, more likely!), it lays down its rules simply and clearly and just ups the stakes from there. In other words, it's clever enough, without being TOO "clever" for its own boots. Sure, it messes with you, but it's mostly quite fair and doesn't wallow TOO much in "cheap deaths" the way that many FNAF wannabes - and the FNAF games themselves, for that matter - do. And I suspect it would be better still with one of them Oculus Rift thingies.

Definitely recommended, not ONLY to Freddy fans, but to horror fans in general. No great shakes - maybe a few decent scares, at best - but a very solid premise with very solid gameplay and a few minor tricks up its sleeves. Nice.

Verdict: 8.5/10.

(PS All you "Freddy" fanatics DO know that there was a very famous horror "Freddy" long before the Fazbear? Just a minor example of how you little tiddlywinks DIDN'T invent ANY ♥♥♥♥ing wheels. Google it if you need to.)
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1.2 hrs on record
Posted: May 2
+ Pleasant to look at graphics
+ Decent animation
+ Awesome Monster Designs and Concepts
+ Tense and well built atmosphere
+ Well placed scares
+ Constantly improving, consistant addition of new things
+ Management Horror

- A couple of minor glitches ( will explain below )
- Issue with the menu screen
- No mouse sensitivity options ( My mouse will fly around )
- A bit too easy but suddenly 0 to 100 on Night 5 and beyond.

PROS: Boogeyman is an $7.99 game which I picked up for only $3.99 and has been an overall enjoyable experiance and worth the $3.99 that I paid for it. Following on the tails of the new popular genre of management horror, as made popular by Five Nights at Freddy's, Boogeyman is a fresh take on this genre and does not clone other popular management horror games- even if it comes with the Fazbear brand cassete tapes to start the nights off. A lot of love and care has gone into the details of this game, making Thomas's room very detailed and putting a lot of time and effort into the animations of the various monsters and items in the room. Boogeyman also has very, very good sound engineering that makes audio the main focus of surviving the night. Not only in the survival portions of the night but the collection portions as well. The atmosphere is also very well built with the lore and consistant with its tense build up of threat instead of throwing jumpscares at you like most horror games found on Steam. It is an overall challenging and fun experiance!

CONS ( but mostly recommendations to the developer ): Something that I noticed is that Boogeyman has heavy VR support and I did not play it with a VR set up, which would definately intensify the survival parts of the night- but the developer shouldn't forget to include the players who are not using VR and to make sure to have full control support ( i.e. mouse sensitivity settings ). There were a few glitches when I was playing that resulted in having to suicide under a vent or restarting the program- this being that when I opened the menu while in the survival portion of the night that no keys would let me close the menu therefore resulting me in having to close the program. The second glitch which I encountered was the shelf in the bathroom would become inaccessible since I could not fit between the bath tub and the toilet- meaning that when the flashlight was in that location that I would not longer be able to access the rest of the game unless I suicide or re-start the program. Lastly, when it comes to issues, I felt that the difficulty level majorly increased- I went from being able to complete to night barely looking at the screen to being completely unable to make it one hour into the night ( which may be my own fault ) but with the trailor, I cannot imagine getting far past where I currently stopped.

But despite this, I would recommend this game for the $7.99 that the developers are charging for it. You will definately get a few hours of fun and challenge, especially those that you are into games like FNAF.

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Posted: November 21, 2015
Well, I purposely held off on reviewing this game until I felt I had proper time played as well as knowledge of the developer, So let us get into this review.

First, I will say this IS a game that seems to be heavily inspired by Five Nights at Freddy's, But I really wouldn't consider it a complete copy, It's definitely different, And it's a bit more than just senseless jump scares. I don't personally find this game very scary personally, But I still enjoy playing this one quite a bit. In this game, You're armed with only a flashlight, As the boogeyman tries to come at you from four different directions, However there's a few catches. The boogeyman is loud, And each place he tries to come from has a distinct sound, Making audio a key factor. When you hear him, You simply have to shine your flashlight on him and he goes away. It's apparent he doesn't enjoy the light very much, So when the sun comes up at 6:00 AM, He's done for the night. A very basic concept, And it's faily well exectured.

Everything seems to have a good amount of detail to it, The lighting seems perfect, There's various distractions such as weather changes, An owl, A plane going across the floor, A ball rolling off the shelf, Your nightlight will randomly go out, The hallway lights will also go out, And the television will occasionally turn on with quite a bit of white noise to it. I personally feel all of these little things add some extra tension that just wouldn't be there normally.

If you happen to run out of battery (You really shouldn't in most cases.) You can still save yourself as there's batteries under the bed with I believe a 50% chance of getting a battery, 25% chance of nothing, And 25% chance of the boogeyman trying to eat your head off. The batteries you do get vary in how long they last, Having red, green, And blue batteries. Blue being the best with a realtively low chance.

The one thing I'm neutral about is more preference than anything else, The boogeyman has a seemingly goofy appearance, And while it fits the game's art style pretty well, I don't personally find it to be that frightening.

Now, We'll mention some things about the developer. He/She seems very passionate and appears to care greatly about the game, As a result of this he fixed complaints, Bugs, And adds suggestions in a relatively fast manner. This is always a great thing. He's been very active about responding to posts, Whether it's for technical help, Suggestions, Bugs or criticism he seems to be taking it well. It's always comforting to see developers actually work on their game in the indie field, As recently we've seen a lot of broken games or buggy games that just suck with no attention given to them. This is NOT one of those games. I have nothing but good things to say based on what I've seen in this department.

• Great atmopshere
• Good art direction
• Plenty of things to distract you while playing, Making it sometimes easy to not notice the oogy boogeyman
• Changing weather, With rain and wind.
• Good gameplay for the type of game it is
• An acceptable amount of game options, But note that it lacks sound options
• Incredible developer who seems very passionate about the game, And has released a patch almost everyday since I've acquired the game (Not everyday, But close enough), Sometimes doing two patches a day.

• A somewhat goofy creature trying to get you, Despite fitting the game's art very well, He doesn't seem too menancing.
• There's no sound options at all (It's apparently harder then expected, And it does sound like He's looked into it, But I still have to list this as a con. It doesn't bother me personally, But it may bother you.)
• For some, The price may be an issue.

At the current time, This is currently all I have to say so far. I plan to update this review if I experience other issues, Or have more things to add. Thanks for taking the time to read if you did, And hopefully this review helped you in some way.
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Posted: May 2
Awesome game, it's so scary that one time i threw my mouse at the wall, and my cola fell down :/
Love it so much. When this game was first released it was like FNaF, but now in 3.0 it's so much diffrent. LOVE IT. I will recommend this game 101% It's so great 11/10
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1.0 hrs on record
Posted: December 22, 2015
This game is beast. literally. If you're looking for something to play after you play all of the five nights at freddys games, this is it. In the case of this game, The boogeyman is trying to get you by going through your vent, your closet, your door, your window, and sometimes under your bed. The first time he gets to one of those places, he doesn't attack you. Instead, he rigs the entrance way to your room so all he has to is jump on you if he comes that way again. Do not play this game if you have a heart condition.
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