Jet Set Knights is an old-school arcade action platformer inspired by classics from the golden age such as Mario Bros, Snow Bros or newest Super Crate Box. If You love retro 2D platformers mixed with tower defense and RPG elements, Jet Set Knight is for You!
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Release Date: Jan 1, 2016

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September 25

Update Patch Notes - September 25, 2016

The following updates have been implemented:

Added Shrine of Champions.
If you have least 10 coins (tokens) you can buy blessing.
Blessing increases hero power for one stage run.

Added new Achievement - FREEZEMAN42
(destroy 420 frozen monsters)

Fixed "Gambler Achievement" in Artifact-o-Matic machine.
Now you can unlock this achievement and play on machine repeatedly even if you have unlocked all the artifacts, you can still win the coins. (useful for buying blessing)

Fixed "lance bug" for Bonus Stage.
Previously, you could not destroy training doll with lance.

Enjoy this update! :)

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September 7

DonutsNJustice has been GREENLIT!

Woohoo! \(ˆ⌣ˆ)/ Our new game DonutsNJustice has been GREENLIT!

Thanks so much to everyone who supported us!

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“Jet Set Knights is the PC return of old school platforming. It’s a difficult game but one that begs to be played. I highly recommend it.”

“JSK has a solid foundation, it looks good and the wave-based platforming gameplay is a lot of fun but it only has a few levels and it does have a couple of balancing issues. If you’re a huge fan of old-school platformers I’d say go for it but if not it may be best to wait for a sale.”
El Kemosabe

About This Game

When the king is not at home, the bad things can be done...

The peaceful tiny kingdom is now under attack from their old enemies, beings from the dark world... The princess Kitty and all people of the kingdom are now in danger!

Don't wait! Take one of four brave knights, face hundreds of evil creatures and protect the princess at all costs!

Jet Set Knights is an old-school arcade action platformer inspired by classics from the golden age such as Mario Bros, Snow Bros or newest Super Crate Box. If You love retro 2D platformers mixed with tower defense and RPG elements, Jet Set Knight is for You!

  • Simple controls and pure arcade action
  • Choose from 4 Knights, each with their own unique abilities
  • Single player and Local multiplayer for 2-4 players
  • 2 Players Survival mode. Defeat monsters together with your friend!
  • Three local multiplayer modes include Last Man Standing, Domination or famous EGG Tournament
  • Secret Characters
  • Retro-styled handcrafted pixel graphics created with love
  • Over 14 unlockable weapons, spells and special artifacts
  • 12 Unique Enemies - Including Ghosts, Slimes, Skeletons, Devils or Giant Snowballs!
  • Plenty of hidden secrets, surprises and deadlies traps
  • Level Up your heroes and collect many power-ups
  • Fight with powerful Bosses!
  • 12 in-game Achievements
  • Funny mini-games
  • Full Xbox 360 controller support
  • Steam Achievements and Trading Cards
  • Future content updates
  • Awesome retro-style game manual
  • Excellent Soundtrack
  • And of course, there's a princess to save! =)

Note: The multiplay modes for 2-4 players are local only, not online.

System Requirements

    • OS: Windows 7/8
    • Processor: 1.8 GHZ
    • Memory: 2 GB RAM
    • Graphics: NVIDIA GT/s 4xx or Equivalent
    • DirectX: Version 9.0c
    • Storage: 200 MB available space
    • OS: Windows 7/8
    • Processor: 2.4 GHZ
    • Memory: 2 GB RAM
    • Graphics: Nvidia Geforce 600 Series or Higher
    • DirectX: Version 9.0c
    • Storage: 200 MB available space
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Early Access Review
Posted: January 12

Jet Set Knights is an old-school, arcade action platformer which is currently available through Steam Early Access and is developed by FobTi Interactive. You’re a knight (well duh) and as a knight it is your job to free the realm from evil! Over the course of six different levels you’ll take on several different kinds of enemies as well as a boss fight for each level. The levels are small and often have environmental dangers meaning enemies aren’t the only things you need to be wary of.


Since JSK is inspired by the likes of Mario Bros, it’s hardly surprising that FobTi have gone for “retro-styled handcrafted pixel graphics”. The game does look good, providing you’re a fan of the ‘retro look’, and it does, in my eyes, emulate the appearance of the games it’s inspired by but with its own little twist and with a touch of modernisation. The UI is simple yet provides all of the relevant information while sticking to the art direction of the game.


JSK’s gameplay is more in the vein of Towerfall rather than Mario. Rather than moving through a level you stay in one spot and fight off waves of enemies until the boss for that level appears. The level is complete when you have defeated the boss but failure takes two forms in JSK. The first fail condition is outright death which is, of course, when you reach 0HP (you start with 3HP), the other fail condition is if an enemy reaches the princess on the bottom floor of the level, if she dies the level ends. It seems each level has five waves before the boss fight with each wave having more enemies than the last. To aid you in your fight against whatever enemies the level throws at you, you have a sword (given to you automatically at the beginning) and a bow and arrow (arrows must be collected from chests, you can unlock special kinds of arrows such as ones that freeze enemies). You also have a special attack which is unique to each of the four characters and can be used as many times as you want, though there is a short cooldown period you must go through first.

As well as chests, every so often a special item will appear such as a health potion or a stack of iron ingots (used to build turrets). These items are incredibly helpful to you and it’s important you pick them up as soon as you possibly can. While the princess is pretty much just a damsel in distress, she will offer you special quests to complete, such as drink five health potions or find ten chests. Completing a quest grants you a special token which can be used on the gambling machine found in the Artifact-o-Matic location within the game. The Artifact-o-Matic is a slot machine which, if you win, awards you with artefacts which can be used to help you in some way during the game’s levels. While the quests sound quite easy I’ve found that it’s incredibly difficult, if not nigh on impossible, to complete the quests in the space of one level as the number of times you need to do something is usually unrealistic, for example the chance of getting five health potions is incredibly small. The quests are so hard to complete that I’ve only managed to complete one and unfortunately I didn’t get lucky with it so I haven’t been able to try out any of the artefacts in the game.

Killing enemies not only gets you coin drops (the number of coins depends on the enemy) as well as some EXP. Currently there seems to be no use for the coins but the dev has said you will eventually be able to get Artifact-o-Matic tokens when you collect 100 of them (though the chances of you getting 100 coins in one level is pretty unlikely). EXP is of course used to level you up and once you have enough to level up you can choose one of your stats to increase such as damage or max health.

  • The game supports controllers. The game is just as good with a controller as it is with keyboard and mouse so it comes down to personal preference.
  • There’s not much in the way of graphics options and the game window is surrounded by black bars in fullscreen mode. Windowed mode isn’t much better as it seems to be the minimum resolution supported by the game which is far too small to play the game on.
  • While it is shown on the store page as having multiplayer, JSK only supports local multiplayer for the time being though online multiplayer is planned.
  • There’s no tutorial and no explanation of the items in the game, I managed to learn the ropes pretty quickly but I realise this may bother some people.
  • The game’s audio is generally good but I found the sound effect for stepping on a build location when you don’t have materials both repetitive and irritating.
  • It already feels like a complete game and I didn’t encounter any gamebreaking bugs or issues. Occasionally enemies got stuck on walls but that’s about it.
  • The game is difficult and you’re going to be replaying levels a fair few times before you’re able to beat them. If you get frustrated with games quite easily then this game may not be the best choice.
  • While the levels are all relatively different to each other they’re all the same size, personally I would have liked some more variation in regards to the size.


Worth Purchasing on Sale.

JSK has a solid foundation, it looks good and the wave-based platforming gameplay is a lot of fun but it only has a few levels and it does have a couple of balancing issues. If you’re a huge fan of old-school platformers I’d say go for it but if not it may be best to wait for a sale.

Just Reviews.

El K.
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12.2 hrs on record
Posted: May 12
Product received for free
NOTE: While you may see my name on the 'Thank you' screen in the credits, or you may see an item, or an achievement with my name in it, I am not an employee of FobTi Interactive. I have just been friendly with the developer Tibor since he made Obludia, and he has thanked me for the support by making items, or achievements named after me in the game. :)

That said, I am a bit more friendly with the developer than most of the players that will buy this game so I will try to be more critical of the game than someone else because I have to be. Fortunately, I like the game so I don't have to be negative about it, or write a negative review.

Jet Set Knights (JSK) is the second game made by FobTi interactive, a "one-man" gaming studio and developer named Tibor Fobel. I have talked with Tibor for the last couple of years and gotten to know him in regards to his development and found him to be exactly what we want from Indie developers as gamers. Someone that makes games for the pure joy of being a game maker. He works hard to fix and change things he can for the gamers that play and buy his games, as well as making sure they are fun to play. He is also honest, which frankly seems to be lacking in the Indie gaming scene more and more these days. From Obludia to Jet Set Knights I have seen great improvement in not just his design skills, but in the artwork he has been able to make for his newest game. Tibor is a developer that I am happy to support.

JSK is a game that you can describe mostly as a Tower Defense sort of game that uses a 2D platforming style of screen with some slight RPG elements to level your skills. The entire level is on one screen in the side-scroller 2D style where the Tower Defense is you stopping enemies coming from the top down to stop them from getting your little Princess at the bottom! You play in several waves and each wave the enemies become more abundant and faster paced as you get closer to the end of the level and ultimately the level boss. Each level has a boss that you must fight at the end of 5+ waves to finish off that level and win. The bosses are fun and look good. I really loved the artwork on the bosses and you can see a few of them in the Store Page screenshots. After beating the level boss you can continue with the level for higher scores, but enemies become so fast it is very difficult to stay alive. :P

Depending on the difficulty level you start at (Easy, Medium, and Hard) your character starts with different stats for the RPG element of the game. Easy you get 5 HP (Can get hit 5 times before death), down to Hard where you only start with 3 hearts (HP). As you kill more enemies you gain XP and when you "Level Up" you get the choice to use 1 skill point in Attack, Health, Speed (How fast you can move), or Critical+. Attack is usually the best to use early, but at times you want to use HP because it offers the extra benefit of healing you to 100% health on top of giving you another heart so if you are about dead you definitely want to take that. Attack allows you to increase your power and how long it takes to kill enemies who have differing levels of health.

Besides stomping the enemies by doing a Mario-jump on their heads you are given an array of tools to stop them. Stomping on their heads is actually one of, if not the most effective ways on normal enemies to kill them while saving resources at the same time. When I first started playing I didn't realize you could so I ran out of arrows all the time and had to melee up close for extra danger. In the stages you get treasure chests you can open up that contain "ammo". You start with arrows you can shoot and each chest you open adds more ammo. After opening a certain amount of these you can unlock more weapons like fire arrows, ice arrows, thrown axes, ninja stars, etc. It adds a nice variety and you will strategize the ones you want to use most as you learn more.

On top of weapons you get even more power ups during stages. You can get boards that allow you to put up fences around your Princess to slow down any enemies trying to get to her. You absolutely want to do this because if you don't enemies will end your game very fast when they get down to her. There are metal bricks you get as well that allow you to set up turrets/orbs in certain spots on each level to help to clear out the enemies. On top of these you get other power ups that are random. For example, one that looks like a cat allows your princess to shoot projectiles above at enemies and help you out for a limited time. There are hearts to heal, books that blow up the screen to kill all the enemies on it, more powerful weapons you can use for a limited time, time stops, etc. These all help in making you stronger for short bursts and appear randomly so collecting them ASAP is almost always a smart idea, or save a very powerful one if you think it will be a big help later. Plus there are letters separate from the power ups which spell out "B-O-N-U-S" that give you a small mini-game that stops the level to allow you the chance to earn extra tokens for the Artifact-O-Matic!

The Artifact-O-Matic. This is a slot machine outside the levels on the World Map in the 'Gambling House' that allows you to spin the tokens you earn in the game and earn powerful artifacts that you can equip to help you beat the levels. While I haven't been able to get many of these yet, there seem to be several different ones you can obtain and use to increase your power and dominate levels better. There is the choice on the mini-games screen with a Gameboy on there too that has 3 mini-games too that I guess you can unlock to allow you to play mini-games for extra tokens, or items too. Just a bunch of fun extra stuff to do outside the main game. While there are more secrets and unlockables in the game I don't want to spoil them all, or list them all so I will just leave it at that.

I am solely a single player gamer for most things so I have not yet tried this, but JSK does offer the ability to play local co-op for these levels and survive as long as you can. It also added in a Player vs. Player Local-MP option as well that you can mix it up in, but i have not tried it.

JSK is a very fast paced Tower Defense game that is just fun to play. The pixel graphic style is exactly the kind we expect from the 8-bit era games and looks great for the style of gameplay. The music is top notch and fits the game well. I would like to see more levels added eventually that have more variety in how they work. IF there is anything that FobTi needs to work on is map variety in his games. He has good concepts in the game design and weapons and items, but the maps tend to be very similar as you play through his games thus far and could use some more variety in the future. This game doesn't really have an overall story/point to it either so far, which it could add. Not sure how, but it needs to have some sort of "end", or reason for it. Might be nice to see some story elements, but the lore and story aren't necessary. It is a Tower Defense game so we don't need it, but Tibor has started he has some story/lore and may put it into a comic at some point rather than adding game story. Tibor is very open to suggestions so if there is anything people think would add more to the game he will take it into account if he thinks he can make it happen.

I'd recommend this to Tower Defense fans and those that like a bit of fast paced platforming thrown into the mix to make it more action-orientated tower defense than strategic. There are no pauses here to stop and think out your strategies. It is all on the fly and you must move quickly to stop enemies. I would recommend it for most people when it goes on sale, but I don't think the retail price is too high for it.

JSK includes Trading Cards, and WILL have achievements soon (There is one named after me so I definitely know they are coming. xD).
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Early Access Review
Posted: February 26
Local multiplayer fun, reminding me of

a) cool Amiga platformers from the 90s
b) Towerfall Ascension

Both are positive things to think of.

Still early access, but seems to run fine for me (Windows 8.1).
XBox 360 controller supported.
Difficulty level: high (in single player). I died a lot.
Fun level in 4 player mode: extremely high.

Recommended for 4 players + 1 large TV gaming fun.
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6.2 hrs on record
Early Access Review
Posted: January 30
If at first you don’t succeed then try, try again. This is one of the many lessons that FobTi Interactive have learned from their debut Steam game, Obludia, which received only mixed reviews. Jet Set Knights marks their second attempt on Steam and thus far I have nothing but good things to say about it. Thus far Steamified have been fortunate, to the point of being blessed, to have been able to cover some of the best games in Steam’s early access program. More often than not these have been accompanied by hungry and talented development studios who are dedicated to seeing their final product reach its maximum potential. FobTi Interactive are a perfect example of this type of developer. Hard work and perseverance ultimately pays off and it appears to do just that with Jet Set Knights.

As the Steam description explains, Jet Set Knights takes its inspiration from the likes of Mario Bros. and it shows in every aspect of the game thus far. It’s definitely old school in the way Mario is as well in that it is a rather difficult game. I’ve read that it has taken experienced gamers over twenty attempts to get past the first boss and truth be told it took me about that as well. For the first several games I really didn’t understand what I was supposed to do so when the first boss popped up I was wondering what I had done to really trigger his arrival. I died fairly quickly. I then died a few more times before I got it to pop again – kill all of the mobs. You can build towers and walls to assist you in protecting your princess but if she dies – even if you don’t – it’s game over. My advice to newbies to the game would be to take note of the advice given in this thread posted by the developers on the Steam’s discussion board. When you get tokens it is recommended to use them in the gambling house as they can help you greatly. However, be careful for the triple poop as you’ll lose everything!

If there is one concern that I have for the game it’s that there is no plan to include online multiplayer but thankfully they will be incorporating up to four player local player which is great. However, for those of us who haven’t got many friends who would be able to play that we’ll miss out on an option that would seemingly be a ton of fun is a bit of a downer.

In its current state Jet Set Knights is entirely playable. The devs are just adding the last major components of the game together and working out the bugs before they are ready to launch the full retail version of the game. They anticipate that this will take them a month or so – from the launch of early access at the start of January – so we’re looking for a February or March release. As per most early access games the full retail release will be set at a higher price point than the early access level. I recommend taking the jump if the game appeals to you as a result. There’s more than enough content already present to be worth your ten bucks. Further, they’re already planning on incorporating achievements (they’re present in the game already but are not Steam-ready) and Steam trading cards.

FobTi Interactive have updated the game 7 times in the less than 4 weeks that the game has been available so you’re definitely looking at a dedicated development team.

Jet Set Knights is the PC return of old school platforming. It’s a difficult game but one that begs to be played. I highly recommend it.

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Early Access Review
Posted: January 17
While I totally like what I see so far with Jet Set Knights, I'd highly encourage you to wait to purchase until there is more content. What content is there right now is really awesome, though.

The game is very similar to Super Crate Box and the original single-screen Mario Bros.. What makes this wayyy more awesome is that there is going to be four player local involved. Hopefully soon, too.

+Its difficult, in a good way
+Artwork and sound is really good
+There are multiple levels, and all are significantly different
+There is meta-game unlocks, and a currency, which is cool
+Controller support is working well
+It also has elements of tower defense which are implemented nicely

-While I think this game will reach the original vision, much much more developement is needed

Keep this on your radar if you liked Super Crate Box (if you have never played that - its free on Steam and is really addicting).
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Early Access Review
Posted: March 6
Another game for my 'Co-Op with son favorites'. Even though it's in Early Access, it already offers a lot of fun for two. The game is basically the Towerfall with a twist: has base defense aspect (protect the princess, build a wall) and interesting skill progression and pickup items. The only thing I don't like is that you can't revive or get back (after level complete) fallen mate - it's not fun playing alone, so having a revival would satisfy my cravings for slightly less difficult Towerfall.

We like this game as much as Towerfall. It's not polished as much, but I'm pretty sure it will be a solid game on release.
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Early Access Review
Posted: January 17
This is a very good game already and has lots of potential to become awesome.
The game is actively improved on (look at the game's news)
The dev does a good job and reads what players say (:


Below is a list of ALREADY FIXED stuff I mentioned in my reviews 1st version.

* PLEASE(!!!!) pause the game while any pop-ups is taking sight OR player-controll is disabled. This makes the game's first hour really frustrating. I lost a lot of healtch just becaus of this.

* wooden plattforms look like they are passable from underneath. How about: allow to jump through wooden plattforms. This would also fix my problem with banging my head on the next floor instead of getting up there.

* I see that you try to give every weapon a unique feeling. Still I find it frustrating if my arrow doesn't hit an enemy (e.g. on the arrow's highest point). A limited weapon-aware auto-aim feature would greatly help with this. (I have to do the evil comparison: this works VERY well in TowerFall Ascention, sry ;) )

* @boomerang: to make it more unique, how about: let it collect coins (zelda-like) (people like references to other games hehe)

* It's not always obvious which frozen enemy will defroze next. How about: have a visual state, when it's defrozing (yup, much work, maybe another coloring is enough).

* shurikens are by far my least favorit weapon: to compensate the short range, let them do more damage or enemies give more XP when killed with a shuriken

* The hitbox of great slime is smaller than the visual size (at least when jumping on it's head).

* I would expect hitting enemies gives them a little knock-back, this would make attacking near enemies less painfull (especially with default sword)

* the bounce-stuff is kind of annoying (lvl 2 and 4), it pushed me more than once into the top-spikes and often costs this extra second to get to the next stage above. How about: replace them with a zone that will boost your jump while inside.

Kind regards,

PS: my ideas which didn't make it into the game yet (and may will never :)

* please, please let health potions unused as long as my health is full

* I think the drop-rate of iron and wood is to random. When beginning to play, there's plenty of them dropping, after an hour of playing all the other stuff is comming instead. And since the tower-defense is part of the major game, how about: you can use your health to build walls and towers, too. A spend health hurts less than a game over and additionally rewards good dodges.

* monster-portals could give better feedback. E.g. the portal being small, as long nothing is going to spawn soon.

* So far I havn't seen the point with player-portals. They trigger much to happy. I would like to trigger them with a button rather than automatic activation when near (e.g. down button, I perceive the down button as the way to interact with the world). I lost much health when trying to collect coins lying in a portals area.

* I saw my hero shoot in the wrong direction a couple of times. This costs time and health. I would like to have the pressed button define the shooting direction. One to shoot right and one to shoot left, independet of the hero's current (visual) orientation.

* some weapons don't hit enemies when they're just in front of the player. How about: always attack with the default sword, when enemy could be hit with it.

* I would like to have a visual hint, in which direction the treasure chest is, as long as it cannot be seen on screen. Thus I can take the shortest way to grab it.
* and the same thing for enemies out sight would be FANTASTIC (sneaky ****) =)

* I have to be extra cautious when jumping near a spike or else i will lose health. How about: don't allow running into spikes, they simply block your way.
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Posted: May 11
Jet set knights is an old school 8bit (how could I describe this?) arena type game. The characters are based off of Knights at the round table (ex: Arthurus (King Arthur)) this game is getting updates about every 2 weeks with something new and really fun to do, there is a map. The goal of each level is to defeat all the waves of enemies without dying and letting the princess die. Did I mention awesome power ups and leveling up? Pretty epic, I support this game, and keep in mind that this game WAS by ONE person it wasn't I big giant game by a company it's just a small game to play and there will be bugs, but don't look at that. It's a really fun game and I give it a 10/10 rating. I've made fan art for this game and just try it out for yourself. You might have fun ;)
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Early Access Review
Posted: January 5
-Awesome Art
-Great Music
-Fun twist on a classic genre
-Replayable if you don't get frustrated and give up (much like a rogue lite)

-Have to learn controls on the fly
-Only a few maps
-Maps don't differ too much other than themes
-REALLY hard to get coins from maps and treasure from gambling hard

This game has proven to be undeniably difficult, but in no way does that retract from the enjoyment of playability. The creator has set the date of release to 1-2 months, but as it stands now it has a fantastic amount of replay to it. The first dungeon is difficult and by no means one which acts as a tutorial. Rather it throws you in the midst of it. Do not be dissuaded by that either, the controls aren't difficult to pick up and there are a great deal of random drops throughout the stage progression.

I played this with two other of my friends, who happen to also be part of the channel I'm with. We started this game up with only the briefest of ideas as to what lay within. Epic boss fights, challenging stages, low set health and an ever present need to protect a princess. My group thoroughly enjoyed this, we continue to play it even now, and look forward to whatever else this developer happens to release.

Most games on early access I loathe and almost detest to even try to play. Most are barely playable or stuffed with game breaking bugs. This game is good to go as it is and frankly whatever happens next we're consistently brought back to try and tackle that damned ice dungeon.

Check out the video if you want to see more gameplay and get a broader understanding! Just from watching the steam video and screenshots my understanding of how this game played was way different from actuality, not in a bad way mind you, so this video might also let you see how this game plays before you actually want to get it for yourself.
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12.1 hrs on record
Posted: July 18
This is an odd hybrid. It looks, sounds and plays (superficially) like an 80's platformer. It really nails the retro look and feel, better than many more popular games that aim to achieve the same thing.

But the game itself is really a tower defense game, just rendered as a 2D platformer.

I think it all comes together well. Deserves more love than it's received so far.
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Recently Posted
1.4 hrs
Posted: August 18
mfw I gather up 50 tokens to have them all lost on my first roll.
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2.3 hrs
Posted: June 26
Does not work with Steam Link.
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0.5 hrs
Posted: June 26
Its honestly horrible when you go up through a platform and expect to beable to go back down you are left dissapointing and it feels a bit too much liek yo uare a rock with the gravity in this game and seeing as the main way of attack is jumping on enemies for a 1 hit kill and soem 3 hit or shoot a crap ton of arrows and hope of hitting or cut em a bunch with a sword. It may just be that this is just not the game for m. Im a bit used to being floaty .
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Digital Mily
1.9 hrs
Posted: June 25
Fun & addictive game! Also love the music
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Big Big Loader
3.6 hrs
Pre-Release Review
Posted: April 11
Amazing. Launched it a few times and they just keep updating it with new stuff.
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1.0 hrs
Posted: April 9
"Incrase Maximum HP" pretty much sums up the game. They didn't put in enough effort or competency to polish this game at all. Bugs everywhere, no in-game explanation as to what you are doing. Somewhat misleading in the description. Extremely short on content, I beat all the bosses in 30 minutes. Very easy game that gets boring quickly.

Anyway, tower defense game with no strategy. Says Survival but more of a Tower Defense. If the maiden at the bottom gets hit it's game over. Took me a while to figure out why i was instantly dying for no reason. Press down to build simple defense structures. Level up to increase HP or ATK. Kill enemies until you die. Doesn't seem to keep track of your scores or anything either so there really is no point in going for a higher wave count. Says "TOP" at the bottom of the map select but that number seems random. Sometimes says 0 after beating 11 waves, other times says 22 after beating 6 waves. Enemies are mostly just walkers with a one flying enemy. Nothing new here.

Bugs are quite ridiculous in this game. Music bugs are the most annoying. Sometimes stops playing music altogether but if you are really lucky, it'll play two songs at once. Sounds amazing.

My final verdict, too high a price for so little game play. This is the kinda game i'd expect on an app store for free.
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