Con más de 6 millones de unidades vendidas y elogiosas críticas sin precedentes por parte de aficionados y prensa de todo el mundo, Sid Meier's Civilization está considerada como una de las mejores franquicias de juegos para PC de todos los tiempos.
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Fecha de lanzamiento: 25 oct. 2005

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Acerca de este juego

Con más de 6 millones de unidades vendidas y elogiosas críticas sin precedentes por parte de aficionados y prensa de todo el mundo, Sid Meier's Civilization está considerada como una de las mejores franquicias de juegos para PC de todos los tiempos. Ahora, Sid Meier y Firaxis Games elevarán este adictivo e increíblemente divertido juego a nuevas cotas añadiendo nuevas formas de jugar y ganar, nuevas herramientas para gestionar y expandir tu civilización, funciones mod completamente nuevas e intensos modos y opciones multijugador*. Civilization IV cobrará vida como nunca antes gracias a un mundo en 3D extraordinariamente detallado y vivo que elevará la experiencia de juego a un nuevo nivel. Civilization IV ha sido coronado ya como uno de los diez mejores juegos de 2005 y uno de los juegos indispensables para jugadores de todo el mundo.

*El modo multijugador en línea de la versión para Mac ya no está disponible.

Requisitos del sistema

Mac OS X
    Configuración mínima: Windows 2000/XP, procesador Intel Pentium 4 o AMD Athlon a 1,2 GHz o equivalente, 256 MB de RAM, tarjeta de vídeo de 64 MB con Hardware T&L (GeForce 2/Radeon 7500 o superior) tarjeta de sonido compatible con DirectX7, 1,7 GB de espacio libre en el disco duro, DirectX9.0c (incluido)
    Configuración recomendada: Windows 2000/XP, procesador Intel Pentium 4 o AMD Athlon a 1,8 GHz o equivalente/superior, 512 MB de RAM, tarjeta de vídeo compatible con DirectX 8 (sombreado de vértices y píxels), tarjeta de sonido compatible con DirectX7, 1,7 GB de espacio libre en el disco duro, DirectX9.0c (incluido)
    • SO: Mac OS X 10.5.8 o posterior
    • Procesador: Chipset Intel
    • Velocidad del Procesador: 2.0 GHz
    • Memoria: 512 MB de RAM
    • Disco Duro: 3.5 GB de espacio libre
    • Tarjeta de Vídeo: ATI Radeon 9600 / nVidia GeForce FX 5200
    • Memoria de Vídeo: 128 MB de VRAM
    • Multijugador: El juego por Internet (TCP/IP) y LAN (TCP/IP) está soportado. Para jugar por Internet es necesario disponer de una conexión de banda ancha
    • Dispositivo Óptico: Unidad de DVD. Gráficas Soportadas: nVidia GeForce 5200, 6600, 6800, 7800. ATI Radeon 9600, 9650, 9700, 9800, X600, X800, X850, X1600
    • AVISO: Este juego no está soportado en volúmenes formateados como Mac OS Plus (mayús./minús.)
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Publicado el 24 de octubre de 2015
Uno de los mejores Sid Meier's que hicieron.
Siempre que tengas mucho tiempo libre te lo recomiendo.
Te hara perder la nocion del tiempo por el gran entretenimiento que te dara.
Uno de los mejores juegos de turno que se han echo.
10/10 Recomendado para todos los que gustan la estrategia.
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Publicado el 8 de noviembre de 2015
He jugado desde pequeño a todos los civil y da gusto como no pierde la esencia. JUEGAZO DE ESTRATEGIA
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3.3 h registradas
Publicado el 2 de enero
¡Gran juego!

A pesar de tener 10 años me sigue pareciendo un juegazo. Con este juego descubrí que me encantaban los juegos de estrategia y volver a jugar ha sido maravilloso. Durante las muchas horas que vas a pasarte jugando a este juego vas a disfrutar pero bien, ya sea explorando el territorio, preparándote para una guerra, negociando con otras civilizaciones... o simplemente construyendo las pirámides en Francia.

Sin duda es muy pero que muy adictivo. Procura jugar pendiente de la hora ya que sin darte cuenta te habrás pasado ahí, frente al PC, varias horas enganchado xDD
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Publicado el 7 de septiembre de 2015
It's 4000BC. Before me stood a tribe of people who called themselves 'Romans'. They have decided to finally settle down after many ages of nomadic life, they look to me to guide them in these uncertain times. Who would have known, that this small settlement would be the beating heart of what would be perhaps the grandest Civilization that has ever come to pass. They all looked to me to guide them on this journey, it was up to me to guide these people to their glory, perhaps even...their destiny.

3000BC. It was not long after when i came across other groups of people, each with their own cultures, one particular group i met claimed to call themselves 'Germans'. We greeted eachother with a sense of suspicion of our two peoples. Beforehand we knew nothing of the world but our own kind, i could tell by the look by his facial expression that it would be a while before we could trust eachother. As it would turn out, his suspicions later on would be well founded.

2000BC. Surveying the known world before me, i immediately saw a potential problem. The geographical location of the Germans mean't that i would be able to keep them penned in, in order for my own people to claim the surrounding lands as their own and settle down in the areas of question, but i soon realised on the possibility that i may need to subjugate them by military force before this potential nuissance to my South East grows to become an ever annoying thorn in my side. I made my choice, in order to make sure my people would prosper largely undisturbed, the German people must become part of the Roman Empire for the sake of longer term peace between our two peoples.

1500BC. After building some legions of Archers and Praetorians, i watched the borderlands closely, they had already expanded to make a settlement just east of my own. But that was not the main concern, as i discovered i still had an open borders agreement with the Germans, as they managed to settle to the North of my growing empire also. I immediately cancelled the agreement in attempt to contain him and prevent such a move again, but the fact they had settled to the North, where a vast continent was waiting for their potential to sieze mean't i could delay no longer with my plans for subjugation.

It was time to sound the horns and bang the drums, to war.

1400-700BC. To be honest, i was a little uncertain what the outcome may be. The Germans had concentrated their troops in the cities, while i was spread thin on the offensive and in some ways, fighting a war on two fronts, since i wanted to take the German city of Munich in the North as soon as possible to minimise any chances of them to expand further into the world that would lay before them, while at the same time besieging the settlement to the East so they cannot so easily rally their troops and use the settlement as a springboard to invade my territories.

But this was Rome, they possessed some of the finest warriors of their time, the Praetorians. They made devastating work of the German troops which were quite numerous and perhaps to most lesser quality troops, too strong. However, fighting a war on two fronts still takes its toll. As i concentrated my forces to the East to take the settlement in order to march on their capital, Berlin, while harassing the Northern settlement to make sure they could not grow so easily.

600BC. Berlin has fallen, and with it, the heirachy and leader of the German people, I also gained new knowledge of a settlement to the North East of Rome itself. I had been aware of this Civilization, but not in finer detail. Upon looking at our geographical locations i thought to myself, "It may be possible i have to subjugate this Civilization too, some of their settlements are already not too far from my own, then again, the Egyptians could perhaps keep them occupied in terms of landgrabs alone for me to turn my attention elsewhere.

500BC-1200AD. The Greeks to the west have had me concerned. I know little to nothing of their military strength, i would be investing more troops to the area, if not for the accursed barbarians who seem too keen on stealing some of Rome's riches by pilliaging the lands. I also decided in the end, due to the present situation, it was not worth going after the Milanese to the North East.

The French and Spanish seem to have been driven to the point of War. Isabella urged me to join the conflict againt the French. I declined, since to fight a war quite far away and at a time when i was occupied with growth would put quite a strain on my Empire's production and economy.

1300-1600AD. The 'Franco-Spanish' war has come to an end it seems. No clear victor as i can make out of it. I'm glad that the balance of power has been indecisive as this means i am pretty much the more dominant power of the world. Plus when i have borders of 4 nations to watch over, my power is best kept conserved on the homefront. Meanwhile, i had aquired a technology in order to break free from being only able to traverse shallow waters. Now able to traverse deeper bodies of water, i can begin exploring more of the world. I soon found a new Continent, and more Civilizations with it. But there was no room for expansion, as evident as not too soon the Persian and Mongolian Empires would duke it out.

1700-1800AD. It seems the Japanese are having a go this time against the Spanish. This time though, upon Spain's request to assist her against the agressors, i answered the call, something which would save her for the time being.

Japans armies were something of the last era, and stood little to no hope against my Grenadiers and Musketmen. I razed one of the Japanese occupied cities they had cultural claim over and captured, so they would not have such claims over the surrounding lands again any time soon, while the other city they occupied, i liberated and handed over authority to its original rulers the Spanish. The Japanese, shattered by their losses made peace with Spain and given my job was complete, i followed thereafter. Victory was shortlived however, as Napoleon of France was now beginning his march into Spanish territory, thus begun the 'Second Franco-Spanish' war.

1800-1830. The war was going horribly for Spain, the capital Madrid had fallen, and upon getting dragged in found out that France was on par with technology as i was. My expidition force had no heavy guns of the like, and in so much as step a single foot on French soil, my expidition force was mostly anniahlated. Only a company of Grenadiers fortified at the Spanish city i recaptured was all that remained. As i counted my dead and came to terms with what had happened. I recieved news from the Milanese Embassy...

...A state of war was declared between us.

1830-1930. The 100 year struggle to quell the Milanese was a bloody one. I learned the hard way the usage of artillery on cities, and after taking a 3rd city from them, figured they had been taught a lesson and put in their place. So i signed a peace treaty with them to which i can imagine we were both relieved from. The war had taken a toll on my power status as i now didn't have the lead i had before this bitter war. I also considered razing the city of Gao to prevent Egyptian influence threatening my borders. But in the end i spared it and decided to give it to the Egyptians as a gift.

From here i leave to you to decide what the fate of the Roman people shall be in the next 100 years. As it stands, i am in a sort of Cold-War esque stand off with the Egyptians, while the Indians on the other Continent are really making things concerning on the score and i cannot afford another war, things are getting tight indeed.

May not be as graphically good looking as Civ V, but i don't mind that small little detail. From what i hear Civ IV is more complex so may feel more rewarding as a result. I may have only *36 hours gameplay, but damn am i enjoying this game.


*At the time of review.
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Publicado el 21 de noviembre de 2015
Even though Civilization V is out there, this game is still very playable, very enjoyable and could actually rival with Civilization V in terms of depth.

A must have for every fan of strategic games.
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