Sacrifice is the acclaimed real-time strategy game that focuses on combat instead of resource gathering. The only two resources you'll need to worry about are mana and souls. Need more units? Capture the souls of your enemy. Cast spells of awesome power.
Data de lançamento: 1 Nov 2000
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Acerca do Jogo

Sacrifice is the acclaimed real-time strategy game that focuses on combat instead of resource gathering. The only two resources you'll need to worry about are mana and souls. Need more units? Capture the souls of your enemy. Cast spells of awesome power. Choose which gods to support and you will be rewarded with a different selection of spells.
Banish your enemy by sacrificing one of your allies at his altar...

Requisitos do Sistema

    • OS: Windows
    • Processor: Pentium 300Mhz
    • Memory: 64MB
    • Graphics: DirectX
    • DirectX®: 7
    • Hard Drive: 650MB
    • Sound: DirectSound
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A very much underdog game it got passed up by a lot of others and that truly saddened me, this game has a mix of RTS and a magical FPS system too it, you're down in the fight and controlling the units is surprisingly easy for not being above the action. The game is charmingly funny and while the story is not the most engaging thing in the world it is quite fun to play through many times over for the branching and changed story lines. Many different endings phenomenal voice acting (including Tim Curry) It is quirky fun and an overall enjoyable game and is in fact one of my favorites of all time
Publicada: 27 abril 2014
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This is one of the best game I have ever played. Unique mixture of RPG/RTS/TPS, which doesn't feel like almost any other game. You are a wizard, who comes to a new world and is being offered to serve multiple gods, totally 5 of them, which one you will pick is your choice and each of them has its own distinguishable personality and the voice acting is just excellent! With names like Tim Curry, Brad Garrett and Jennifer Hale.

The gameplay self revolves around collecting souls that enables you to create your own units and capturing manaliths that gives you mana regeneration to cast spells and summoning creatures. The objectives vary in campaign, but is mostly focused on defeating enemy Sorcerer by desecrating their altars (casting Desecrate spell on own unit and killing enemy sorcerer), since if you only kill them, then they can ressurect.

Every time you choose to play mision in campaign, you have to pick which god you are going to side with and that grants you either specific creature/spell of that god or both, meaning each god has 9 Creatures and 9 Spells that you can combine. Some creatures and spells have similar concepts, but each has specific visuals and/or twist, which provides huge variety and replayability, although I personally think Pyro is the most powerful one.

The campaign also provides interesting story with some quite nice twists, it's indeed not the anything extremely extrodinary, but I sitll like the story regadless. The best part is that you can side with different gods with each gameplay, thus playing from different point of view, making it look like multiple different storylines. Every god has also specific personality, based off elements. Nature/Life + Ground/Rocks + Air/Ice + Fire/Machines + Death/Decay.

The graphics looks quite good for it's time (2000!), especially thanks to the character designs I've talked about earlier, but Sacrifice was also one of first games to use anti-aliasing, terrain change and other advanced technologies, which actually makes it feel more like 2004-2006 game, which is quite extrodinary achievement, so kudos to developers.

Still, despite being accepted extremely well by critics and being called one of the best games of the year, the game didn't sell well. It probably was due to many factors, but one of the main ones would be that it was quite performance depending game and only top PC setups could run it propetly, making it sort of Crysis of its time, making the actual market for the game quite tiny and the Shiny (company that developed Sacrifice) ended up in huge losses and never recovered, which is personally kind of ironic, since I consider this one of best games ever made to this day.

In conclusion, Sacrifice is worth not only playing, but also replaying. It is one of most unique games that works perfectly, the designs looks amazing and characters are extremely memorable, with great writing and voice acting, it is a gem that we should treasure, not only for its quality, but also for the efford it took everyone to make it. The developers put everything they had into this game and I only wish they had opportunities to make more great games. So buy and play this game, because it actually has, I date to say it, soul!
Publicada: 5 fevereiro 2014
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Sacrifice is easily one of the top 10 games of all time.

I bought it at release, years and years ago - and still today have not found another game that bridges RTS, RPG, and FPS so seamlessly and enjoyably as Sacrifice still does today.

Single player is one of the most enjoyable and story-rich campaigns I've ever played.
I would have bought this game if it was only SP.
Multiplayer is also one of the most fun and challenging MP experiences in any game I know.
I would have bought this game if it was only MP!

Now that its on sale for $4 you simply MUST do yourself a favor and buy this game.
I bought it at full retail price at release.
Its so good I am buying it again so I have it on steam.
Publicada: 9 março 2014
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You find a spectacularly violent and wonderfully thrilling adventure composed of epic, earth-shattering battles between deities' champions, fought in a dreamlike landscape as weird and varied as it is beautiful.
Publicada: 5 março 2014
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This has been a game that has followed me through the ages. I recommend this game to any one that loves great voice acting and makeing your own path in the story. It is as well a great stratagie game as well
Publicada: 12 abril 2014
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Have you ever played Brutal Legend? If yes, have you heard of Sacrifice? Assuming not, Sacrifice IS one of the first and the best Action RTS hybrid titles out there, so BL's gameplay is hardly all that "innovative" (though still fun). Fun fact: Tim Curry starred in both of those games. You don't know who Tim Curry is? Go sit in the corner, you're on timeout.

Sacrifice is an incredibly bizzare and twisted game. Probably the weirdest I've ever played, aside from American McGee's Alice and The Path. The game sounds fantastic, has got a very memorable soundtrack and the voice acting is simply superb. The world and the creatures that inhabit it are quite strange, but unique and beautiful in their own way. The graphics are pretty outdated in this one though and it's something that may be difficult to overlook, especially if you're having a hard time getting engrossed into the game.

The gameplay is something that takes time to get used to and playing the (rather comprehensive and enjoyable) tutorial is a must here. As previously mentioned, it's a third person squad based game where you make formations out of your units, cast spells to aid them in battle and complete various map objectives. Whatever units and spells you acquire vastly depends on the deities you choose as the story progresses, thus making the game replayable due to the large amount of combinations that can be created.

Last but not least, game has the same oddball sense of humor you might find in titles like Earthworm Jim. Considering that Earthworm Jim was the first successful creation of (now defunct) Shiny Ent. along with Sacrifice that followed a few years later, it's not all that surprising.

This game is really, horribly underrated. But at the same time, it's not for everyone. If you enjoy the hybrid gameplay of games like Brutal Legend, Overlord or Natural Selection (to name a few, but those three are on Steam), you might as well give Sacrifice a chance.
Publicada: 11 dezembro 2013
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