Sacrifice is the acclaimed real-time strategy game that focuses on combat instead of resource gathering. The only two resources you'll need to worry about are mana and souls. Need more units? Capture the souls of your enemy. Cast spells of awesome power.
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リリース日: 2000年11月1日


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"Cool RTS game where you gain spells & creatures by doing jobs for gods. Great replay value and also the best end credits ever - Brian Fargo loves it!"


Sacrifice is the acclaimed real-time strategy game that focuses on combat instead of resource gathering. The only two resources you'll need to worry about are mana and souls. Need more units? Capture the souls of your enemy. Cast spells of awesome power. Choose which gods to support and you will be rewarded with a different selection of spells.
Banish your enemy by sacrificing one of your allies at his altar...


    • OS: Windows
    • Processor: Pentium 300Mhz
    • Memory: 64MB
    • Graphics: DirectX
    • DirectX®: 7
    • Hard Drive: 650MB
    • Sound: DirectSound
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記録時間: 1.1 時間
投稿日: 11月7日
One of the first masterpieces I played way way back in the day. Beautiful back around the turn of the century, dated a tad now but still beautiful. Difficulty ramps up very fast after 4th fight, you'll learn or die. Very, very strategic. You MUST stay on your toes at all times.

9/10 would sac doctor again
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記録時間: 2.2 時間
投稿日: 11月11日
One of the less-known jewels of gaming history and one of the most innovative games ever made. The only RTS from a 3rd person view i have seen so far and it is really cool idea to stand on the battlefield and order your summoned creatures around like a true commander. Also the idea of verbal announcement of orders you are giving is really helpful and i can't imagine how chaotic the game would be without them. Big + for humour as well. The game shines in story mode as well as multiplayer for which (according to me) it was mainly made.

For all issue-oriented comments : I have Windows 7 64-bit and the game works fine so far. You just have to live with the fact that you CANNOT make the game looks like 2014 titles when its dated back in 2000. Just take a deep breath, swallow those spoiled manners of yours and play with the most suitable resolution you can use or if you are not able to do that dont buy old games.
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記録時間: 17.2 時間
投稿日: 11月20日
I remember buying this game in a target bargain bin for ten dollars about 12 years ago. I was obsessed with Giants: Citizen Kabuto at the time so it took me a while to get around to it, but when I did, damn was I surprised. A great blend of RTS/Third person gaming that is fun, engaging, and incredibly unique. After playing the masterpiece of Giants, I felt so spoiled and grateful upon having Sacrifice to play. It's an amazingly fun game with an interactive campaign that changes in a multitude of ways, both subtle and dynamic, depending on the player wizard's actions. It's great fun and I'm about to jump in and play as Stratos' right hand man! I hope you decide to throw down the cash to purchase this masterpiece and if you do, I will feel jealous, because of the awe the game evokes when you play it for the first time!
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記録時間: 2.4 時間
投稿日: 8月18日
I bought this game in its original big cardboard box + jewel case (who remembers those) when it was released back in 2000 (just looked in my cupboard and the cardboard box is still there ha), and man i can honestly say this is 1 of the best games i have ever played. I lost one of the discs over the years and then it popped up on my radar on offer here on Steam and i just had to pick it up.

This game probably has one of the best stories ever (not just for when it was released, but even nowadays). Obviously the graphics are dated at this stage, but back then games were made with quality, not like these days (hell looking at the cardboard box now, the effort alone put in to the art on the box is beyond anything iv seen in recent years)

If you want a game that has 5 different endings and hours of narrative story dialog. Then pick this game up. Back in those days i did not have proper internet so never truely got to try out the multiplayer, only ever managed to do skirmishes against the AI. Now that i have this again on Steam i seriously hope it has an active MP base to play with.
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記録時間: 0.3 時間
投稿日: 10月5日
Sacrifice is a game that is old, but still looks good and is perfectly playable, even online.
It is a third person perspective... RTS game :)
You play as a sorcerer who can summon creatures, order them to follow, move, attack, etc.
Your units are very unique and the best part is, they are given to you by the gods, that give you certain missions.
If you work against certain gods, you can forget about their units, but you get others instead.
And they don't behave the same, they have different skills... You can often alternate or even redeem yourself in the eyes of angered gods, which allows for a very replayable game.
The resources for summons are souls, which can be re-used for your creatures, or captured, for enemy creatures.
The AI are good, that makes the game hard. Very, very hard :)
Plus, the voice acting is kind of legendary in this game. There really is no urge to skip the lines of the gods, they are fantastic :) I played the game some time ago, but it seems like Steam version works, but doesn't offer full HD. My version had it, possibly a third party patch?

I highly recommend this game.
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記録時間: 0.1 時間
投稿日: 6月27日
This is likely a classic of a game, but I cannot recommend STEAMS version because of what appears to be a complete lack of compatibility support with modern operating systems.

So if you happen to own such an operating system, be smarter than I was and go buy it from
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記録時間: 6.0 時間
投稿日: 9月23日
One of the best games of all time. Many of you will skim over this because you've never heard of it, because none of your friends play it or because of its sparse store page. You shouldn't.

Sacrifice offers the best mix of tactical depth and ease of learning I have ever seen in a strategy game. You play as a wizard standing down on the field where everything happens. Any units you summon are summoned directly next to you, buildings are created only by you standing next to them (for up to 10 seconds for the largest buildings), and orders are given based on what you can personally see. This makes for a much more immersive and easy-to-grasp gameplay than most other strategy games out there where you may be queuing up orders, units and buildings; might be zoomed far enough out to be disconnected from the world but not far enough out to see any useful distance.

Furthermore, the wizards you can choose from in multiplayer (you always play as Eldred in the fully-voiced campaign) are all equal. That is, everyone you might play against has access to the exact same spells and units as you. Or rather they have access to the same choices: your spell and unit lists are fully customizable offering a massive amount of variation possible. You could have ranged units that damage over time, can go invisible, can track enemies etc. Or you could pick units based on style if you prefer and do just fine: disease-ridden monsters, aloof mythical creatures, rangers, soldiers, constructs...

This customisation is in the campaign too but in a much more organic style so that you won't have to worry about choosing units based on no previous experience. Every level of the game has 5 alternatives (one for each of the gods) and each god will try to convince you the help them for each mission. You can decide who to help on a mission-by-mission basis, picking the most interesting or beneficial mission for you. You can become unwaveringly loyal to a particular god (or a certain alliance between 2 or more gods) and only server them. Or you can decide completely randomly if you like. Every mission you take increases your pool of spells or units equally, with units and spells granted by the god you choose to work for. You can also pick up heroes along the way who will be loyal to you (unless you do something completely against their nature) and will follow you in future missions until they die or you lose their trust. Every mission you choose (and don't choose) affects future levels to varying degrees. By making a god's defence stronger you protect their territory that another god or being was after and would've been able to use in future levels. Discovering something allows the god you discovered it for use that information in future battles. Capturing a village, building, character, area etc. will give the benefits of that asset to your god (whether that be a new factory, new allies, a weakness in another god or a number of other boons). This all leads to your character and the world evolving organically in a way that's not always obvious but always makes sense. By the end of your fifth mission you'll have access to a wide variety of spells and units (and perhaps a hero or two) and certain gods will have grown or diminished in power noticeably.

All of the spells are breathtaking. From the bog-standard heal and speed-up spells you begin with which create a pleasant glow/melody and a cool-looking trail effect respectively. To the more extreme spells granted later on including tornados, volcanos, earthquakes, death-incarnate and many more. In addition, most of these spells can be cast within a couple of seconds and without stopping. This allows you to run amidst your army healing, speeding up and buffing who you need, sniping an important enemy unit (or a bunch of them) and then hiding behind your own units again within a very short period of time. A lot of these spells (and some units) scare the landscape permanently too. This makes places where small skirmishes and large battles have occurred very obvious, even after 5, 10 or 60 minutes. Scorch marks, blood stains, unnatural bumps or dips in the earth, sometimes even the earth itself has gone.

The penultimate thing will mention (even though there is so much more I could say) is that the humour in this game is incredible from start-to-finish. From the gods (voiced by Brad Garrett, Kevin Michael Richardson, Castulo Guerra, Jennifer Hale and Tim Curry) to the units (every one of which with the sole exception of the manahor (an armless, mana-dispensing bunny) has a half-dozen lines if you enjoy clicking on a unit repeatedly long enough for it to yell at you to get lost) to the wizards. This game has so much personality and not in an annoying way. The humor interlaces with the rest of the game beautifully instead of being forced like in so many other games.

Lastly, this game is worth your money and time without question. Without exaggeration I have played through the campaign seven times with a vastly different playthrough and experience each time: once following each of the gods wholeheartedly, once working for all of the gods and keeping them all as friendly with me as possible for as long as possible and once attempting to keep a pair of gods powerful and friendly with each other until the end.

At £7 it's worth it easily, at half-price (as it is at the time of this review) I can't recommend it more to everyone I know. Get it, it's awesome.
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記録時間: 11.3 時間
投稿日: 6月27日
This is one of the greatest Third person RTS's of all time. Sacrifice is a must play. Still highly enjoyable even with the dated graphics. Shiny Did an awesome job with this game and needs a remaster HD version or even remake it with no unit cap. I can't say enough that this game is awesome.
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記録時間: 6.0 時間
投稿日: 8月7日
Best game ever, very innovative for it's time. Highly underrated game.
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4 人中 3 人 (75%) がこのレビューが参考になったと投票しました
記録時間: 3.3 時間
投稿日: 9月22日
One of the best games ever made. A solid story backed by unique gameplay. I would love to see some sort of remake with modern graphics.
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記録時間: 73.7 時間
投稿日: 6月23日
You better just shut up and buy this right now.

It's that good.
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投稿日: 9月22日
Tedious, slow, great for falling alseep.
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記録時間: 0.7 時間
投稿日: 6月29日
This game is just tedious and boring. I can't imagine why people like it so much. :/ I couldn't get into the combat nor the magic casting nor any of it
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記録時間: 0.3 時間
投稿日: 7月5日
This game needs a high resolution patch. The picture doesn't fit on my screen, and whenever I try to change the graphics settings in the menu nothing happens.

This might be a really good game. I wouldn't know because I can't get it to work properly.

Not recommended.
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投稿日: 9月25日
Does not work.
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記録時間: 1.4 時間
投稿日: 8月19日
BF4 had better graphics 0/10
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記録時間: 2.5 時間
投稿日: 7月6日
this game was bad influence there is only one god jesus christ amen bless him burn blasphemers
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記録時間: 23.2 時間
投稿日: 5月31日
classic game to many missed out on it when it came out the first time dont miss out again
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記録時間: 2.3 時間
投稿日: 7月13日
Easy my fav retro game ever :)
Fun addictive and still gr8 if you can find someone else who has it
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記録時間: 6.7 時間
投稿日: 9月22日
A Game like no other, I have sunk many hours into this game well before steam was popular I great buy and a great play
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