When one gives up living and using his soul, he can’t only lose the soul but can also devote it to death… Before souls completely die they stick in The Void – an odd space between life and death. There is an outside chance to survive in The Void and even to come back from it.
User reviews: Very Positive (356 reviews)
Release Date: Dec 15, 2009

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"Surreal adventure game dealing with light, dark and survival."

About This Game

When one gives up living and using his soul, he can’t only lose
the soul but can also devote it to death…
Before souls completely die they stick in The Void – an odd space
between life and death. There is an outside chance to survive
in The Void and even to come back from it. This chance is
The Color – the only food of a dying soul wandering through
the mournful realms of The Void, governed by monstrous Brothers
and malicious Sisters, who are desperately struggling for the
last drops of it. The Color is not only the sense of life of these
mysterious creatures but also gives power and vital force to the
whole Void. The Color gives you power to do almost everything
even to get out of death clutches if you gain enough Color, but
there is a great lack of it in the arid deserts of The Void. There is
Color only for one.
Be the one, get your lost soul back!
  • The Color is the only resource in the game: it acts as the health,
    inventory, skills and perks system, armory.
  • All in-game actions are realized through drawing. You literally
    need to draw your way with your own blood.
  • Each Color can cause both harm and good. A player gets various
    advantages from getting any of The Colors, but when he draws
    with it he feeds the enemy forces of the world.
  • Fight with golems, bloodthirsty predators and other spawns
    of The Void.

System Requirements

    • OS: Windows XP SP2 / Vista
    • Processor: Pentium IV 2GHz
    • Memory: 512 MB
    • Graphics: 128 MB DirectX® 9.0c compatible video card (e.g. NVIDIA® GeForce™ FX 5600 or ATi® Radeon™ 9600)
    • DirectX®: 9.0c
    • Hard Drive: 6GB
    • Sound: DirectX® 9.0c compatible audio card
Helpful customer reviews
31 of 31 people (100%) found this review helpful
48.7 hrs on record
This is one of the strangest games I've ever played and I absolutely loved it.
Other reviews have mentioned the severe difficulty and the need to restart after hours of play and they're entirely correct. This is, at heart, a resource management game with bizarre, unintuitive mechanics and there is zero hand-holding. You will be confused (but also intrigued) from the start of the game to the very end. If you're quick to anger and frustration this may not be the game for you.
If you're patient, however, you'll find one of the most creative and stylized games you'll ever play. The artistic direction is stellar and (though perhaps more style than substance) the atmosphere alone is worth the price of admission.
Be warned that the "story" is vague, dream-like, and never fully fleshed out. Nevertheless, the developers manage to imbue an impressive amount of personality in the characters despite lines of dialogue that are sparse and cryptic as can be.
You should also be aware that there is an excessive amount of nudity in the game. I initially thought this may be a cheap ploy for attention but I'm now quite convinced it was an artistic decision. It contributed surprisingly well to the otherworldly, surreal atmosphere and is never remotely sexualized or graphic. It should be fine for mature players.
Overall, if you're a patient player with an eye for style and an appreciation for some genuine originiality this game is worth every penny.
Posted: September 29
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44.0 hrs on record
Great game for those who are not looking for action. It's challenging and makes you keep playing forever.
Posted: October 20
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37.5 hrs on record
There was a woman who loved you before you killed yourself.

You walk through the furnished apartment in the middle of a black hole. Listen to the sounds of life and laughter you'll never see on the other side of dirty wallpaper and doors that are sealed shut. Find the wedding dress she never wore displayed reverently on a mannequin covered in dust, framed by an empty and forgotten room overlooking a beautiful city that no one ever lived in. Find that woman, down here in the center of the emptiness that drove you to suicide, only to find it wasn't ever empty at all. She was there.

And because of you she always will be; trapped in the broken dream of your life together.

Find her, and apologize. Give her everything that matters to you and set her free.

Whether this is what actually happened or not, I don't have a clue. But this is the story just one of the levels told me in the ten minutes I spent exploring it. It never said a word.

Screw the gameplay. Cheat. Find console commands like I did and give yourself all the Color you could want. One-shot the "Tortured Souls" bosses. Free the girls. Watch the weirdly-placed and questionably-necessary strip-tease. Skip the impenetrable poetry and exposition. It doesn't matter.

Just walk through this place, and see what kind of stories it tells you.

If you like the way Dark Souls told its story--through the world and not the dialogue--pick this up. You won't regret it.
Posted: September 26
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0.5 hrs on record
This game is definately diffrent.
Posted: October 1
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2 of 7 people (29%) found this review helpful
1.1 hrs on record
So I bought this game while it was on a ridiculous sale all excited after reading the reviews. It has an interesting atmosphere and concept but other than that I found the "action" parts and puzzles to be boring up to the point where I don't want to have The Void in my Library anymore. Great concept, poorly executed. One of the games I'll play when there's literally nothing else available and when I'll feel like wasting time to get used to weird controls.
Posted: October 2
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2.4 hrs on record
Cant even start the game. Using windows 8.1. Read forums it says: replace the configs, change the path folders, change resolution, uninstall physX, uninstall AVG, reinstall drivers, and lots of other stuff. Did most of it but I dont understand why I have do all this just to play a game that I BOUGHT. Waste of time, too bad was looking forward to play this. So unless you wanna spend 5 hours reconfiguring your computer I would not buy this game.
Posted: October 13
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2 of 14 people (14%) found this review helpful
0.9 hrs on record
i dont understand what is this... maybe is a game about nothing...
Posted: September 27
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3.3 hrs on record
Very nice atmosphere, but the game mechanic begins to get tiring after the first few battles. The story is super dull and repetitive, but this is what you get from foreign games that have been rewritten for Americans. Still worth playing for the extra cool art. Screenshot city up in hurr.
Posted: September 25
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13 of 16 people (81%) found this review helpful
32.2 hrs on record
The Void reminds me of Star Control 2, which is one of my favorite childhood games. It is one of the more unique games I have played in quite some time. It is a fairly long and complex game that doesn't explain anything until hours in. Therefore you may need to start over mid way through because of your actions.

You are introduced as a lost soul who was dragged to a world that is nearly barren of life. Your goal is to escape The Void, which can be done in different ways. There is a set timeline and where different factions will seek to convert you to their cause. Be warned that there is a LOT of female 3d nudity but no genitals or sex.

The game revolves around a limited resource known as "Color" in order to survive and accomplish tasks. Color is extracted by collecting flowers, planting and harvesting trees, mining rocks, catching critters, and defeating some enemies. It is initially harvested as a health that is temporarily used to boost stats. Over time it is converted into mana that is used for casting spells. The game hides a lot of information about the use of Color until late in the game. Therefore, it may be helpful to know that casting too many spells in the same area will cause problems for you and determines what endings are available to you.
Posted: June 27
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26.1 hrs on record
This is easily one of the most player-unfriendly games I have ever encountered. This is basically a resource/adventure game, and you WILL have to restart a couple times after playing a couple hours each time, because the game is purposely vague and unforgiving with resources in the beginning. It is also a game which requires a good amount of micromanagement and reloading. The resource system is fairly complex, so I won't bother trying to explain it (it also SOUNDS really ridiculous).

The environment and storytelling is also confusing, but also compelling. The world is mostly black, grey, and white, and you are in constant search of color, which you require in your body in order to survive. The girls look like alluring goddesses and the guys are grotesque monstrosities, and it creates this really weird environment which is a mix of horror and sort-of-existential "WTF".

It's also a bit buggy, and crashes for no reason every once in a while.

This is not a "fun" game, but it could be worth a look for the environments, storytelling, and resource system. It is HARD though, so if you're easily frustrated stay away.
Posted: September 2
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3 of 5 people (60%) found this review helpful
8.8 hrs on record
An unclassifiable piece of art video game. Unique in so many ways, from art style to gameplay. Frustrating and enthralling. Atmospheric and unforgiving. Thought-provoking and downright weird. One that you may love or hate but will not easily forget.
Posted: June 24
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11 of 21 people (52%) found this review helpful
9.7 hrs on record
use console cheats and then fap to the babes
Posted: August 31
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2 of 4 people (50%) found this review helpful
31.6 hrs on record
How am I supposed to recommend The Void? In writing about videogames, we simply do not have the right vocabulary to do that. I can merely offer these fragments, shored against its striking ruins:

I. You cannot hope to win the game. You can only survive.

II. The Void is a computer simulation of a highly complex system which you will not understand. From the first moments, you are required to manipulate its many variables, all obscured by very peculiar terms and tangled in a complex web of relationships. Helping the system is hurting it. Everything has consequences. You cannot know what they are. What you are doing is probably wrong.

III. Everyone is lying. Particularly when they say that everyone is lying.

IV. The videogame known as The Void is art. Unashamedly and gleefully art. The whole thing may be an extremely elaborate sexual metaphor. It may be the dark vision of an uncaring afterlife. It may be both. How many poems have you played lately?

V. There is rather a lot of naked ladies in it.

VI. It pleases me greatly to see the old surrealist sensibilities alive and thriving in a new medium. The visuals are bold and fascinating in their crumbling beauty. Erudite, yet still its own.

VII. You try writing about this without sounding pretentious.

VIII. The difficulty might be a bit extreme. I played it with the medium difficulty patch and had my hands quite full.

IX. Ice-Pick Lodge’s use of interlocking systems to tell a story is truly fascinating and pioneering work. Here is a linear game that everyone will experience completely differently. There is no crude illusion of choice and consequence; everything is consequence.

X. In conclusion, I can recommend this videogame product to everyone.
Posted: August 10
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2 of 4 people (50%) found this review helpful
0.3 hrs on record
The Void is an interesting game.

On one hand, it's graphically impressive and has a great story; I enjoyed the narration and the way the story was presented. It also has a creepy atmosphere with some unique designs.

On the other, stronger hand, however, it's extremely repetitive. You'll be doing the same thing, constantly. While you can argue that's pretty much any game (shoot the same people in a FPS, sneak around the same way in a stealth game, etc.), The Void just seems to have it wrong. I played for about twenty minutes, and couldn't bring myself to continue, despite the great story.
Posted: September 15
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11.1 hrs on record
I need only one word to convince you to buy this game:
Posted: July 24
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2 of 5 people (40%) found this review helpful
1.2 hrs on record
you move really slow in this game, its boring, the fun never starts because it takes 10 minutes to walk across a room. bad ♥♥♥♥, highly recommended
Posted: June 28
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1 of 3 people (33%) found this review helpful
23.7 hrs on record
The Void is the most original game you will play. Within minutes of playing you will realize this game is unlike any you have played before. The level design is great. Soundtrack is great. Voice acting is great. Graphics aren't bad. The only bad thing i would have to say about this game is that it does require a lot of farming, which could get annoying sometimes. Its also pretty difficult and you may find yourself restarting the game a few times in the beginning or going back to an old save file. SAVE OFTEN. However there are quite a few difficulty mods out there to make the game easier as well as some console command cheats to avoid farming if you find yourself getting annoyed by it. Having said all that, this is definitely a game you should pick up. It's a truly unique experience.
Posted: June 15
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1 of 3 people (33%) found this review helpful
0.5 hrs on record
Thought it seemed cool at first, but it was too slow and boring for me to get into it. I may give it another shot in the future but currently its out
Posted: June 25
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0.9 hrs on record
Heart Death Sister Brother Something Something Color Something.

Then a flying thing smacks me on the head and I die.

What am I doing.
Posted: July 5
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12.5 hrs on record
Really trippy great atmosphere ♥♥♥♥ED GAMEPLAY IMPOSSIBLE BORING ♥♥♥♥
Posted: September 1
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