From commanding the battle standing on the bridge of your flagship all the way down to tactical infantry firefights - AFF brings together all the combat you ever wanted.
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Release Date: Oct 1, 2015

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Early Access Game

Get instant access and start playing; get involved with this game as it develops.

Note: This Early Access game is not complete and may or may not change further. If you are not excited to play this game in its current state, then you should wait to see if the game progresses further in development. Learn more

What the developers have to say:

Why Early Access?

“This is a full working game with lots to see and do - but it still has rough edges. There are some bugs left, some assets, effects and UI need polish - you may even stumble upon an occasional crash. We openly admit that we intend to release it right now as Early Access to give the team an adrenaline boost after years of working under the radar.

We want to make AFF even more awesome, and Early Access is a way we can re-invest in developing the game further - and let people get their hands on it who have been loyally waiting for yeeears.”

Approximately how long will this game be in Early Access?

“We would like to spend around one year refining AFF to a 1.0 standard and adding currently prototype content.”

How is the full version planned to differ from the Early Access version?

Features we're planning on adding/improving:

  • More maps!
  • More optimization!
  • More weapons and weapon mods - we made a design choice to generally keep the base weapons simple, standard FPS guns for easy learning. The weapon modifications though can explore a whole lot of crazy gameplay mechanics, from bunker-buster launchers to immobilizer nets to personal shields etc.
  • Cleaner user interface.
  • More seamless transitions between capital ship interiors and space - animated launch sequences for all fighters, all the way from the flight deck out into space.
  • More destructible elements in the maps.
  • Better particle effects.
  • Smoother vehicle handling.

What is the current state of the Early Access version?

The core of AFF gameplay is completely functional and all features we imagined for the game have been implemented. Some things are of course buggy and/or don't meet the quality standards we'd like to maintain. Here's a detailed feature list for the current version:

  • Combined-arms combat - fly starfighters and capital ships, drive vehicles and fight on foot.
  • Objective-based matches, each map features a unique scenario with an escalating set of objectives, plus a Territory Control gametype.
  • Multiplayer up to 64 players, dedicated and listen servers, with bots able to fill in for players in any role.
  • Full AI bot support - use bots to increase body count for matches with fewer players. AI understands every aspect of gameplay, including the chain of command. Offline play is possible, as well as co-op style of matches where human players face off against bots.
  • Tactical, squad-based infantry gameplay.
  • Customizable infantry, vehicle and spacecraft loadouts.
  • Infantry suit modifications to personalize the gameplay style - pick a light suit to run circles around your enemies or a heavy suit to withstand their fire.
  • A huge variety of unique infantry loadout items - weapons, mods, customizable sights, underslung launchers, deployable turrets and more.
  • Intricate gun handling, multiple firemodes per weapon, material penetration, leaning around corners, reviving teammates.
  • 16 different capital ships to take command of, defend, repair or board and sabotage from the inside.
  • Multiple fighter and bomber classes to pilot, launched from capital ships and stations.
  • Space battles in which all ships are pilotable from huge battleships to the fighters they launch, infantry combat within capital ship and station interior locations.
  • Space fighters also with customizable weapons and subsystems.
  • Planetside battles involving infantry, vehicles, aircraft and sprawling environments.
  • Vehicular ground combat in all its shock and awe glory.
  • Customizable personal or multi-crew vehicles delivered right onto the battlefield by dropships. Switch out weapons and add vehicle mods as you earn more points.
  • Commander mode - an elected commander can issue orders to squads from a tactical overview map - but if nobody feels like it, the AI commander is always ready to serve.
  • Flexible loadout points system - nothing is locked, but everything costs you points earned in battle.
  • Persistent player stats.
  • Wiki website with extensive lore describing the Angels Fall First universe.
  • Gigabytes of content created by a team of industry-moonlighting pros and talented amateurs over nearly a decade.

Will the game be priced differently during and after Early Access?

“Yes, we think it will be worth a higher price for our continued work on AFF when we decide to release as a finished game. We intend to make AFF awesome - and whatever we decide to charge, Early Access customers will own the full game - you buy it now, you got it for life.

Of course we also intend to introduce more content over the Early Access period. This will pile on the value over time.”

How are you planning on involving the Community in your development process?

“We'll listen to anybody who isn't shouting.”
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Recent updates View all (28)

July 24

Update 15 is live!

Hey there AFF Community!

We're back with more content, some important fixes and a big system overhaul.

New map - Anaster

Anaster is the massive corpse of a failed moon, situated in the belt of debris around the planet Anansi c. The tunnels and chambers were partially formed by natural processes, when the more porous rocks were etched away. In times past pirates and smugglers from Glyfhaven had build structures in the vacuum of these tunnels to serve as an outpost.

These have been long since abandoned, but the Antareans see it as an optimal location for establishing a beachhead on the border with the Cinnabar Republic. Now, both the Antarean Empire and the ULP fleets are vying for control over this curious structure and the habitable planet below.

Gameplay-wise, Anaster is a space Territories map, with a handful of twists. This time you'll be facing off inside a structure with your fighters and corvettes. In addition to capturing the objectives you'll also be able to take control of additional warp-in beacons to bring in the reinforcements exactly where they are needed.

Commander AI overhaul

Over the last few weeks we've been carefully observing how players organize their defense and offense on various maps. Based on that data we've rewritten MILNET, the commander-level AI in the game.

This doesn't affect the behaviour of individual bots in combat as much but an AI-driven team as whole should behave more like an organized group of actual people. The new AI has a much better understanding of spreading and focusing forces, picking flanking routes, prioritizing objectives based on teammembers' locations, enemy locations, objective completion percentage and a couple hundred other factors.

Of course this also means the human squadleaders should now be given more sensible orders if MILNET AI is in charge.

Smoke effects

Another thing we've been investing into recently is rendering upgrades that will be introduced over the next few updates. In the meantime we also got a lot of feedback about the smoke grenades being, well, frankly quite useless - the smoke did technically mask the signatures of enemies but the visuals were so glitchy and weak that you could simply spot enemy silhouettes inside the smoke cloud.

So in response we used some of our new tech to make a more seamless, better optimized and more functionally obscuring smoke effect. It will possibly need some further tweaking but it's a good representation of the visual fidelity we want our VFX to achieve in the nearest future.

  • New map - Anaster. Fight over control points and warp-in beacons inside a huge space rock
  • Improved commander AI based on data gathered from Community playtests
  • New effects for the smoke grenades/detpacks - less glitchy and more functionally obscuring
  • AI-led squads will now re-deploy whenever dropships become available more responsively, dropship-occupying AI will fall back to boarding a different ship if they can't get inside the one they're ordered onto
  • Tweaked the destroyable objectives (dropppods, lockouts, cores) to be a bit weaker versus explosives and AV weapons
  • Minimap location name now cycles with driven vehicle name
  • Disabled overheat mechanic on space shotguns
  • Objective-related messages stick around on the HUD for a bit longer
  • Added HUD prompts which tell the player that a dropship is available at a particular station/carrier
  • Rebalanced the health of subsystems on capital ships so that they can be disabled easier from the outside, having a more meaningful impact on the gameplay
  • Tweaked all the LSP variants (for infantry, vehicles and ships) - more lenient overheat, smaller burst size
  • Reduced splash radius of the underslung rocket launcher
  • EVR rebalanced to have a more useful (and faster-traveling) primary firemode and less overpowered heavy mode (less accurate, plasma travels slower, overheats faster)
  • Rail barrel mod slightly less powerful
  • SAR reconfigured to be less good at everything and more of a specialized weapon - burst-fire, with a minor potential for overheating and a recoil pattern that promotes stationary firing
  • Reduced heavy vehicle counts in Yin Tao Shan Territories
  • Improved how spawnpoints and warp-in beacons are listed in the locator part of the TacMap
  • More lenient Sturm tailgun constraint
  • Ship interior location subtitles in the TacMap now cycle between displaying the location name, person at the helm and ship health value
  • Shortened the core meltdown timers for destroyers and corvettes
  • Increased the speed of MLI rockets
  • Reduced the spread on RID's dumbfire mode again, should be less ridiculously inaccurate but still not practical compared to the lock-on mode
  • Gunship bomblets split into submunitions over the ground and inherit gunships velocity. Generally they now fall where you'd expect them to now.
  • Lock-on and reload mods removed from vehicle weapons for now
  • Cooling weapon mod increases reload time by 10%
  • Increased the effective DPS of MGA across the whole spin-up range
  • Flechette cannon mag size increased to 50
  • Minimap location name now cycles with driven vehicle name
  • Fixed TT18's default ammo display in the loadout
  • Fixed an issue where HUD chatbox steals focus from mouse actions, preventing weapon-switching with mousewheel
  • Fixed vehicle offer and team balance prompts spamming the HUD during the de-briefing
  • Fixed disabled-by-EMP effect not appearing on vehicles
  • Hopefully finally fixed bots navigating that ramp in the hangar at Ixion
  • Reduced some instances of log getting unnecessarily spammed with messages for players who join an online game during the de-briefing, bloating the logs directory
  • Several minor fixes to Meudeverre's collision and navigation
  • Fixed the dropships limit not working correctly on some maps
  • Fixed incorrect command rank being displayed for the MILNET AI
  • Several minor fixes to collision and lighting in Irega and Errah
  • Added missing server details in the in-game server browser
  • Steam's server browser (the one in the Steam client, not in-game) should now display correct playercounts
  • Fixed a rare case of Steam invites failing due to bots filling the server
  • Fixed passenger turret variant of the MNL

If you got a feedback on anything in the game, post on AFF's Steam forums or contact us directly through our Discord!

Onwards and upwards!
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July 5

Sealing hulls with epoxy (Hotfix #2 for Update 14)

Hey there AFF Community!

Here's one more patch to address the awesome feedback we've been getting since the last major update, before we go back to implementing new content.

We made a lot of adjustments to maps. And not only to the newest Lukather maps, we've also redesigned the gameplay of the least played pair - Meudeverre Territories is now focused on lighter ships that can move around this big map faster, while Meudeverre Incursion received an overhaul of its objectives. They should be more interesting and dynamic to play and feel more unique now. We've also made several balancing tweaks and small quality-of-life additions (a toggle option for leaning, for example).

There's been some reports of the game crashing on alt-tabbing or changing the visual settings too. Even though these cases seemed very rare (AFF might be not particularly well optimized yet but it sure is stable on the vast majority of systems) we managed to find a potential offender - a bug where the engine wouldn't clear certain texture buffers correctly, resulting in an inevitable crash on changing graphics options or resolution. Hopefully that issue is gone now.

We'd also like to use this opportunity to remind everyone that it's the last day of the Steam Summer Sale!
You can still grab AFF at 30% off!

  • New phase for Meudeverre Incursion, with generators to destroy. Beware the EMP when they blow up!
  • Adjusted the objectives in Lacroix
  • Slightly adjusted the spawn locations in Irega
  • Replaced Ixion's station missiles with gatling guns for less infuriating flying experience
  • Adjusted the Incursion phases in Yin Tao Shan
  • Re-balanced the NB3345 map to be focused purely on battleships and their fighters and bombers
  • Removed battleships from Meudeverre Territories because they were no fun on this huge map with tight spaces between the asteroids
  • Extra ammo suit mod will now grant 30% more ammo for all guns instead of adding clips. Multiple mods of this type can still be stacked.
  • Human players per team noted on scoreboard for easier balance checking
  • Added a "toggle leaning" option, can be enabled in the Controls->Misc section of the Settings menu
  • MNL alt-fire will now produce bouncy grenades
  • Increased damage dealt by the "return to battle" volumes to 200 per second
  • Increased bleed-out time
  • Increased point-defense flak damage
  • Fixed lock-on line-of-sight calculations when aiming from a vehicle or a ship
  • Fixed a rare crash on changing visual settings or resolution
  • Fixed a few issues with the boarding icons display logic
  • Fixed several destroyable elements (like breach pods) receiving less damage than they should
  • Fixed the extra ammo suit mods not working for weapons that don't store ammo in magazines/clips (like the P8 rifle)
  • Fixed support points not popping up when repairing ship components
  • Fixed the delay on displaying the scoreboard screen
  • Fixed blocked breachpoints inside the Khamun frigate
  • Trimmed the unruly hedges and shrubberies in Lukather, smoothed over the random edges that ended up becoming a safety hazard
  • Lukather Territories now has a properly configured sea level too, eliminates players falling in. Adjusted the effect of falling into the ocean
  • Lukather now has "return to battle" areas properly configured according to Incursion phases
  • The top of the Lukather tower now with more railings and less nasty hidey-hole
  • Slightly less opportunities to glitch vehicles into the terminal on Lukather
  • Corrected planting the hack spikes taking unusually long on Lukather
  • Added some cars to the rather barren Lukather parking lot
  • Replaced temporary TacMap icons for several locations in various maps
  • Fixed several mis-placed and mis-scaled "return to battle" volumes around the maps
Thanks again for the excellent, in-depth feedback, keep that coming guys and girls! And see you on the battlefield!

Onwards and upwards!
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About This Game

Angels Fall First is a first person combined-arms sci-fi wargame.

AFF focuses on team-oriented tactical gameplay and objective-based scenarios with a high degree of replayability, featuring:

  • Wide selection of weapons and tools, ground vehicles and spacecraft to fight with.
  • Diverse combat opportunities - assume point to clear a building, hunt with a frigate wolfpack as a lineship captain, issue orders from the bridge of your battleship.
  • Fully operational and pilotable capital ships with playable interiors.
  • Unique combination of spaceship and infantry combat - board spacestations, shipyards and vessels to capture or destroy them from the inside.
  • Dogfighting using space interceptors and bombers, launched from capital ships and stations.
  • Gameplay mechanics designed as a mix of modern elements (customization, loadouts, persistence) and inspirations from classic shooters (frantic, fast-paced firefights).
  • Commander mode for issuing orders to your squadmates and teammates.
  • Full AI support - all scenarios can be played both offline and online identically, supporting up to 64 players or bots filling in for the players if required.
  • Rich science fiction universe setting.

Another space game?

Well, we've been doing this a long time - AFF has been a rich universe of fiction and art since 2005. We made a Homeworld mod, and kept building from there. Work started on an Unreal Tournament 2004 mod, but was then ported over to UT3 in 2007, culminating in a 3rd place grand prize in 2009's MakeSomethingUnreal contest.

Angels Fall First as a standalone game is, for us, a mission to enable the player to do as much as possible in a vast environment - whilst still retaining the focussed, fun experience of match based FPS games.

Way back in the back-whens, we loved Tie Fighter. A little later on, we loved Battlefield. We waited patiently for the game which would inevitably unite the vast scale and spacefights with the close and personal firefights and thunderous vehicle battles...

But it never really appeared. Many games came close, but there was always some part missing. You couldn’t get out of your spaceship, you couldn’t get into your spaceship, you had big spaceships but you couldn’t run around in them, you could run around in your big spaceship but you couldn’t fly it and so on and so forth and gahd damMIT! Where was our spacefight groundfight game?

So, we set ourselves to work. AFF exists because it MUST exist. Only in AFF can you spawn in your crew quarters, run to the bay watching the space fight out of the windows, launch a dropship, fight through the defenders to the enemy flagship, breach the hull, run and gun your way to the bridge and SHOOT THE ENEMY CAPTAIN IN THE BACK OF THE NECK.

Calm Down!

Ok. But it's this slightly twitchy passion which has driven us to create such a monster. We grew old making this, and we got grumpy watching everyone else release their cool games or whatever. We're from a time when games were about blowing stuff up for points and glory and now FINALLY we want to go out there and share this crazy passion with all of you!

System Requirements

    • OS: Windows 7
    • Processor: Dual Core 2ghz
    • Memory: 4 GB RAM
    • Graphics: Nvidia 400 series or later
    • DirectX: Version 9.0c
    • Network: Broadband Internet connection
    • Storage: 10 GB available space
    • Sound Card: A little bit of imagination
    • OS: Windows 7 or Later
    • Processor: Quad Core 2.8ghz
    • Memory: 8 GB RAM
    • Graphics: Nvidia 600 series or later
    • DirectX: Version 9.0c
    • Network: Broadband Internet connection
    • Storage: 20 GB available space
    • Sound Card: Fancy Soundcard
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