Battlefleet Gothic: Armada is the RTS videogame adaptation of Games Workshop’s classic tabletop game, pitting the Chaos, Imperium, Eldar, and Orks against each other in visceral space-battles.
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Mostly Positive (77 reviews) - 71% of the 77 user reviews in the last 30 days are positive.
Mostly Positive (2,326 reviews) - 73% of the 2,326 user reviews for this game are positive.
Release Date: Apr 21, 2016

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August 10

Update 1.7.9074

Greetings Admirals,

We're pleased to release a new update!

This latest patch is mainly a bug fixing update. The next major patch will feature the Tau fleet.

Edit: Due to an issue affecting a wide variety of players, we've been forced to revert the update. A lot of players sent us their corrupted save file and it's been really helpful while investigating the issue.

We're now working on a fix and will update the game with a clean new version as soon as possible. Thanks for your understanding.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed the crash provoked by the Eldar’s favors “Ulthwé” and “Saim-Hann”.
  • When changing Admiral level, the icon will be updated in real time."
  • A critical damage on the Engines on a ship fitted with the “Mezoa Pattern
  • Drive” will no longer deny the special maneuver “Burn Retro”.
  • In custom games, the selection arrow allowing to change the game size are hidden when two players are in the same team.
  • Erasing Space Marines ranked profiles will no longer create a profiles without name in the profiles selection panel.
  • In space station assault mission, the defending player can no longer deploy mines slightly outside of the allowed area.
  • The weaponry counter on the ship stats will instantly display the correct number of weaponry when the ship suffers a critical damage.
  • Changing the resolution in the game option will no longer reset the display mode.
  • Fixed the auto-launch on the skill “Void shield transfer” that wouldn’t trigger for the ships having only 100 shield points.
  • During a custom game, the last guest joining the game will now correctly see the environmental elements on the maps when the Host click on the ready button too quickly.
  • It will no longer be possible to change the space Marine chapter during the creation of a profile.
  • Fixed an issue when replacing a ship that cancelled the refund of the renown spent in the Upgrades and skills fitted on the ship.
  • Fixed an issue that provoked some of the environmental elements to spawn upon defense platforms.
  • The ship can no longer be stuck in the corner of the map when performing a full Ahead. The ship will now automatically return to the game area.
  • Fixed the Adeptus Astartes Imperial’s favor, which did not give its +1 boarding actions bonus.
  • Fixed the issue that prevented the player from changing the settings in custom games.
  • Fixed the crash provoked by the Eldar’s favors “Ulthwé” and “Saim-Hann”.
  • Fixed a glitch that allowed the host player to become invisible with his flagship during the missions “Assassination” and “Data Recovery”.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented the guest player from seeing the enemy ships in gaz cloud when they are at detection range.
  • In “breakthrough”, fix of an issue that counted the destroyed defense platforms of the previous mission when the player pressed the retry button at the end of the game.
  • Fixed the issue on the Dauntless’ wreckage that won’t collide with other elements.
  • In ranked profiles, the Admiral level is not displayed anymore.
  • Fixed the issue that prevented the player from remaping the camera’s rotation.
  • Fixed the issue that made the slow from the Zzap Kanon weapon upgrade permanent if it landed during a micro-warp jump.


  • Fixed a shift on a text in the pregame setting panel.
  • Fixed the rank upon the "load profile" screen which could display a shifted value instead of the actual league.
  • Change of two Eldar Captains portrait that were not properly displayed in the scorescreen.
  • In space station assault mission, the weaponry range feedback of the imperial space station is now properly displayed for the guest player.
  • In the main menu, added a missing space above the leaderboard button.
  • Fixed the In-game chat that was displayed above the escape menu which prevented the player from clicking on some escape menu buttons.
  • Fixed an issue that displayed the light critical damage instead of the heavy critical damage on the engine of an Eldar ship.
  • On the Orks generated profile, the skills will no longer be represented by a white square or a blank.
  • Fixed an issue that wouldn't display the right number of weaponry for the guest when one of his ships suffered a critical damage on the prow.
  • In ranked profiles, fix of an issue that displayed the Imperial logo for the Space Marines profiles.
  • Fixed the detection range feedback that wouldn’t display for the allied ships as long as they stayed unidentified.
  • Fixed an issue for the guest that could see the icon of the special action “lock on” above Host ships when the host was using the special action “Running Silent”.
  • The “escort ship” feat has been added to the transport ships.


  • The gamma setting is now hidden when launching the game.


  • Fixed the favor visual issue that could be be displayed over another ship.
  • In the scorescreen of the Elite mode, fix of an artifact displayed over the continue button.
  • For the Ork faction, the buttons of the skills boarding torpedoes and torpedoes are no longer swapped between the escort ships and the line ships.
  • Fixed the Plasma Macro-Battery firing FX on the Imperial space station.


  • The tooltips over the Admiral icon and the Admiral level are now properly displayed.
  • Fixed the Eldar Pulsar tooltip which displayed a wrong value (-1) instead of its correct value.
  • In “skirmish mode”, “coop” or “multiplayer”, a message is now displayed when the Host clicks on the “to Battle” / “Search button”.
  • Fixed an issue displaying the wrong name on the Ork weaponry “Turret Gunz” in game, in the "set your fleet" panel and at the docks.
  • Added the message “You have been disconnected” on the Main Menu when a player is disconnected from a Multiplayer lobby (except for the ranked match).
  • Fixed a text during the campaign mission “Negotiation” which was displaying the wrong text.

Known issues

  • In the campaign, substitutes aren't available when you don't have any ships left. Make sure to keep at least ship intact to avoid the issue.
  • The range for Reinforcement (Imperial Navy Favor Skill) isn't diplayed properly. It isn't set to 5000u but based on the detection range of the ship.
  • The biggest ships might appear a slightly after a warp but without consequences.
  • If the Warp Disengagement is activated automatically, the Guest won't be able to cancel it.

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July 28

Ranked Matches Now Available!

Greetings Admirals,

As announced in our development roadmap update last week, we're excited to roll out a new major patch today!

This latest patch brings the Ranked Matches and Leaderboard, as well as a lot of bug fixes and tweaks.

Update 29/07/16: We updated the game to fix several known issues:

  • Fix of the issue where, in ranked mode, if you replaced a ship, the associated skills and upgrades were not refunded.
  • Fix of the issue where, in ranked, manual refund of weaponry upgrades wasn't working as intended and gave back only 50% of the initial purchase price.
  • Fix of an issue causing Space Marines Strike Cruisers to have 4 assault actions instead of 3.
  • Fix of an issue with the Master of Forge.

Here’s the patchnotes:

  • Ranked Matches are now available.
  • Integration of the Selection/Creation of ranked profiles flow.
  • Leaderboard now available.
  • New achievements for Space Marine faction and Elite Mode.
  • Cruiser Clash can now be played with increased fleet point limit in Custom Matches (1v1 & 2v2) and in Multiplayer 2v2, allowing you to take 800 point fleets to your games.

  • Ranked
    • In ranked mode, refund grants 100% of the cost back.
    • In Ranked Mode, Admirals and ships start at max level.
    • In Ranked Mode, Reconditioning is free.
  • Chaos
    • Tzeentch “Wind of Change” now hides all allied ships, regardless of the faction.
    • The Desolator Battleship has been modified.
      • Its speed is now 188 instead of 150.
      • Its cost is now 235 instead of 233.
  • Ork Pirates
    • Zzaps Damages divided by 2 and cost reduced accordingly.

Bug fixes
  • Fixed a bug allowing skills to be launched twice in a row, once with Auto-launch and once manually.
  • Fixed a bug allowing the same part to be critically damaged multiple times, with its penalties stacked.
  • Fixed a bug on the “Fear the Darkness” Space Marine skill causing the indicated chances not to be modified by the Chief Librarian crew member’s level.
  • Fixed a bug on the “Fear the Darkness” Space Marine skill allowing the guest to use it without setting it on cooldown.
  • Fixed a bug allowing a player to click on “return to main menu” then on “quit” while still in the escape menu, causing the game to load the Main menu then close immediately afterwards.
  • Fixed a bug allowing a player to use the “Void Energy Transfer” skill on an Eldar ship, which had no effect.
  • The Critically damaged parts feedback in Advanced Info mode sometimes did not refresh.
  • Fixed a bug causing the “Warp Echo Signature” to appear in the Tzeentch cloud.
  • Fixed a bug causing the “Rigour” upgrade to malfunction and allow insubordinations.
  • Fixed a bug causing manipulated skills to be deselected if an auto-launched skill was used.
  • Fixed a bug forcing a ship in “All Ahead Full!” to stop to turn if the move order is too close to the ship.
  • Fixed a bug causing a guest ship warping out with the Auto-launch to have its warping out gauge filled instantly.
  • Fixed a bug keeping the Attack Orders on the “real” ship if it swaps with the Tzeentch decoy.
  • Fixed a bug causing the attack orders to stay (linked to nothing) if they are given on the Tzeentch Decoy and it disappear.
  • Defensive platforms triggered the move Acknowledged sound when given an order. It is no longer the case.
  • Fixed a bug preventing the camera from colliding with celestial bodies.
  • Fixed a bug causing the same countdowns to be kept between successive Custom Planetary Assault missions.
  • Fixed a bug preventing a player to be unlinked from its ally at the end of a Custom mission, which prevent further Custom missions to be played the way it should.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented the player from rotating the ship in the Docks using a maintained right click.
  • It was possible to invite a friend while searching for a multiplayer game. It is no longer the case.
  • A loading screen is now displayed between the Solo Docks and the Main Menu.
  • Fixed a bug causing Boarding Shuttles to follow their target ship out of the map if it was destroyed.
  • Fixed a bug allowing the damages from a Plasma Engine Surge to be dealt to ships before the according FX.
  • Fixed a bug sometimes preventing the Insubordination/Execution part to be triggered.
  • Fixed a bug placing a long waiting time between the end of the “Attack on the Webway” campaign mission and the cinematic.
  • Fixed a bug allowing a player to give an attack order on a ship currently invisible to him by clicking on its position (the sound of an attack order can be heard.)
  • Fixed a bug allowing the timer of a Multiplayer Set your Fleet screen to go under 00:00 if the guest use Alt + Tab.
  • Fixed a bug preventing the “Restart the Mission” button from working properly.
  • Fixed a crash ocurring when the Host of a Multiplayer game is disconnected in the end mission cutscene.
  • Fixed a bug making disappear the Admiral ship during the starting cutscene if the player uses the Tabulation key.
  • Fixed a bug not keeping the “Locking Cursor” option setting through a quit and relaunch of the game.
  • Fixed the auto setting functionality which wasn’t working anymore.
  • Fixed a bug causing the chat to be on “To All” by default in 2v2.
  • Fixed a bug preventing the Guest of a multiplayer match to hear some “acknowledge” sounds.
  • Fixed a bug causing the guest and the host to see different detection ranges for the Space Station.
  • Fixed a bug preventing the Defense Platforms to cast the Energy transfer skill in the mission “The Planet Killer”.
  • Fixed a crash in the 2v2 Multiplayer Lobby.
  • Fixed a bug blocking the guest of a multiplayer game if the host disconnects in the Battle Report after clicking on Ready.
  • Fixed a bug allowing a Guest player to select the same ship multiple times if he clicks quick enough.
  • Fixed a freeze that happened when a player disconnected in the battle report or if the guest disconnected in the end cutscene.
  • Fixed a bug allowing the player to select evacuated transport ships through the ship list.
  • Fixed a bug granting +9.000 range to macro-weapons in addition to the +3.000 to lance when the Refined Lenses upgrade was set.
  • Fixed a bug preventing the guest from using “Burn Retroes if he used it too often too quickly.
  • Fixed a bug causing discrepancies between the losses in game and the recapitulated losses in the Battle Report.
  • Fixed a bug causing an Ork ship that received a critical damage on its prow that to lose all its subsystems.
  • Fixed a bug preventing the Invoked Cobra Escort ship from having a name.

  • Fixed a bug causing the apparition of a small white square in the Set your Fleet panel, on the Escort ship cards when the mission is launched.
  • Fixed a bug causing the Pulsar’s weaponry range feedback to be an arc instead of lines.
  • Fix of two Space Marine Captains portraits that were switched with one another.
  • Fixed the Arcs of attack that were slightly misplaced of a few degrees to the right.
  • Fixed a bug preventing the Captain XP bars to update while in the Battle Report.
  • Fixed a bug showing the Elite option in Skirmish Docks as grey.
  • Fixed a bug preventing the Eldar Space Station Shuriken’s range from being displayed.
  • Fixed a bug delaying the apparition of the Disruption Bomb’s feedback for the Guest in Multiplayer.
  • Fixed a bug hiding the Special Order cooldowns if the deck was destroyed but the Enhanced Battle Bridge was fitted on the ship.
  • Fixed a bug displaying the “Cancel Warp” button for a brief instant after Executing a Captain.
  • Fixed a bug hiding the Torpedo feedback if the ships are selected through Tabulation in a multiple selection.
  • Corrections brought to the Mode Selection in Multiplayer.
  • Animation added to the Mode selection in Multiplayer.
  • Fixed a bug causing some Weapons skills to display a Permanent Critical damage icon when its affiliated weapon is only temporarily damaged.
  • Fixed a bug causing the Back button in the multiplayer mode selection not to work.
  • Fixed a bug always displaying “1” in the gamma setting when we relaunched the game.

  • Small tweaks on Space Marine Engines FX.
  • Small tweaks on planet FX.
  • Modifications brought to the Imperial Navy engines.
  • Less brightness on Chaos Lances FX.
  • Fixed a visual glitch on the Master of the Forge parts of a ship.
  • Fixed a bug preventing some Ulthwe and Saim-Hann favour details to appear on the Kurnous pattern Shadow and the Vaul Pattern Eclipse ships.
  • Fixed a bug showing the Eldar Transports reactors FX to be flipped.
  • Corrections brought to the Generator subsystems on Nurgle marked Chaos ships.
  • Fixed a bug causing some ships in the starting cutscenes not to have reactors FX.
  • Fixed a bug preventing High Energy Turn and Emergency Repairs from being displayed properly on the Retribution Battleship.
  • Fixed a bug causing the Space Marine Chapter insignia to keep a standard color even if the part was critically damaged.
  • Fixed a bug causing the smoke FX of the first mission’s space station to stay active on every Space Stations.
  • Solaris and Eclipse Eldar ships now have Asteroids-damage FXs.
  • Fixed a bug preventing Space Marine insignia from being suppressed in case of permanent critical damage on their parts.
  • Ships not yet visible now still play the Augur Disruptor FX.
  • Augmented the Memory allocation to texture streaming.
  • Fixed a bug displaying small black squares in the Reactor FX of the Space hulk in “The Hunt” Campaign mission if the Advanced Unfos mode is activated.
  • “Word of the Emperor” FX entirely changed.
  • Fixed a bug causing the Reactors FX not to be linked to the ship, thus ignoring the roll of the ship.
  • Some Reactor FX are now visible in the Deployment phase.
  • Fixed a bug causing a side element of the Despoiler Battleship to disappear if the Mark of Khorne was fitted on it.
  • Improvements brought to the Nova Cannon feedback.
  • Fixed a bug causing visuals to be blurred when switching from Medium to Low graphic details without changing textures.
  • When a Dauntless ship takes a Permanent critical damage to the prow, it was separated from the ship. It is now kept as intended.

  • Randomized Space Marines Admirals are now created with a Random Chapter too.
  • An assertion message is now displayed when you want to quit or restart a mission, to make sure that you want to leave.
  • Admirals randomly generated now feature a fully randomized fleet rather than a ship of each model.
  • A red circle is now displayed around celestial bodies in Advanced Infos mode.
  • A red circle is now displayed around Eldar Maelstrom in Advanced Infos mode.
  • The recipient of a message is now displayed on chat.
  • Writing a save name then using Enter now saves the game under such name.
  • The Tactical Cogitator now have a different look when the enemy uses it.
  • The Antialiasing Option has been modified to be clearer.
  • Timeout added to the Ranked Battle Report to avoid a blocking situation if a player is disconnected.
  • The admiral panel is now modified to fit the options possible in the Ranked Multiplayer docks.
  • Like Space Marine torpedoes, Shuriken and missile pods projectiles now lose their targets if it becomes stealthy.
  • A special overlay message “Boarding Resist” is now displayed when a ship resists an assault action due to the Master of Sanctity “Word of the Emperor” skill.
  • While in game, the Nemesis ships names are now translated.
  • New Loading tips are now displayed in Loading screens.
  • The escape key now stops the timer in a change of resolution.

  • Various Modifications.
  • Space Marines Macro-batteries had the wrong names for their stats, it is now fixed.
  • Suppression of the “Alt for More” text of numerous elements. Their base versions now display the Advanced Content by default.
  • Modification on the ships names. They are now in a more suitable order: Class Name + Model Name (Example: Light Cruiser Vanguard).
  • Fixed the Asteroid Tooltip that indicated an accuracy modifier of 0.
  • Fixed a bug showing wrong values in the “Fear the Darkness” Tooltip in Set your Fleet and In-Game.
  • Ships names written raw in the game are now linked to the localization.
  • Campaign “Exterminatus” and the “Turns left” are now localized.
  • One of the Space Marine Captain did not have Capital Letters on his name. It is now fixed.
  • Fixed a bug displaying the Tooltip of “Fear the Darkness” in the set your fleet screen incorrectly.
  • The confirmation message in the resolution change is now translated in all available languages.
  • The Adversary surrender message was too long in some language, cutting the text. It is now displayed correctly.
  • The description of the “Rigour” Imperial Navy favour upgrade is now explaining its real effect.
  • All the variables in the Traktor Kanon Tooltip have been replaced by their correct value.
  • The confirmation message for leaving the Campaign was cut in several languages, now it fits as intended.
  • The “Back” button in the Multiplayer mode selection is now translated.
  • Multiple bugs fixed : Decaled text in the scorescreen, flicking text in a confirmation message, text cut in some places.
  • A text in German was too long and created a flicking.

  • Lightning Strikes and Boarding successes acknowledge sounds are now played.
  • Heavily Damaged acknowledge sounds are now played.
  • Recovery and Assassination missions acknowledge sounds are now played.
  • Fixed a bug causing problems on Disengagement acknowledge sounds.
  • Fixed a bug causing the Tactical Cogitator to affect the time between two acknowledge sounds.
  • Fixed an error in Planetary Assault Space Marine acknowledge sounds.
  • Fixed a bug not playing “Escort destroyed”, “Success”, “Failure”, “Movement”, “Order”, “Fire at will” and “cancel order’ acknowledge sounds for the guest of a game.
  • Fixed a bug not playing “Bombardment mission Expiration” acknowledge sound.
  • Some acknowledge sounds for the Data recovery mission were switched. They are now playing with the intended event.
  • Fixed a bug causing the guest to not have any collision sound.
  • Corrections brought to the Big Red Button’s acknowledge sound.

Known Issues

  • When the Host uses the "Running Silent" order, the guest sees the "Lock On!" special order icon.
  • The Imperium Space Station weapons range is not displayed correctly.
  • Sometimes, the guest can't see the enemy ships in a gaz cloud.
  • A rare crash might hapenned between two round of a Ranked.

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“A joy to play”
Rock Paper Shotgun

“A tubthumping tribute to the 40K universe, with perfectly grim design.”
80/100 – PC Gamer

“The best Warhammer game since Dawn of War II: Retribution”
83/100 – Gamestar

Twitch Dev Session

Watch the Replay

About This Game

Battlefleet Gothic: Armada is the RTS videogame adaptation of Games Workshop’s classic tabletop game, pitting the Chaos, Imperium, Eldar, and Orks against each other in visceral space-battles.

Developed with Unreal Engine 4, Battlefleet Gothic: Armada offers deep management of every ship composing the player’s fleet, both during and between battles. From the fastest frigates to the gigantic, miles-long battleships, the player will customize all aspects of his ships: weaponry, defense and support sub-systems, but also crew, captains, and more... each customization affecting the very performances of the ship and the special abilities available during battle. From battle to battle, the admirals and crew of surviving ships will gain experience and promotions, improving the battle-readiness of the ships for future, bigger and more dangerous battles.

Additionally an extensive multiplayer mode with persistent fleets where up to 4 players can battle simultaneously, Battlefleet Gothic: Armada also features a big story campaign, taking place during the 12th Black Crusade and putting players in the middle of the Gothic War that raged between the Imperium and Abaddon the Despoiler. Players will be at the centre of every fight, commanding fleets of gigantic ships as the Chaos unleash a sequential chain of surprise attacks on Imperium worlds – the start of 20 years of warring in the sector.

  • An expansive single-player campaign across the Gothic sector.
  • Four factions to command, each one with its own strengths and skills.
  • Tactical PVP multiplayer offering infinite replayability.
  • A huge array of authentically recreated Battlefleet Gothic ships.
  • A real-time strategy experience retaining many of the tactical Battlefleet Gothic elements.
  • A plethora of lore-abiding skills to fill the player’s arsenal.
  • Upgrade and apply skills at port Maw

System Requirements

    • OS: Windows 7, Windows 8.1, Windows 10 (64-bit versions only)
    • Processor: AMD FX-4100 X4 (3,6 GHz)/Intel Core i5-2500 (3,3 GHz)
    • Memory: 4096 MB RAM
    • Graphics: 1 GB, DirectX 11, AMD Radeon HD 6850/NVIDIA GeForce GTX 560
    • DirectX: Version 11
    • Network: Broadband Internet connection
    • Storage: 10 GB available space
    • Sound Card: DirectX compatible
    • Additional Notes: Internet connection required for online gaming and game activation
    • OS: Windows 7, Windows 8.1, Windows 10 (64-bit versions only)
    • Processor: AMD FX-8350 X8 (4,0 GHz)/Intel Core i7-3770 (3,9 GHz)
    • Memory: 8192 MB RAM
    • Graphics: 2 GB, DirectX 11, AMD Radeon R9 270X/NVIDIA GeForce GTX 760
    • DirectX: Version 11
    • Network: Broadband Internet connection
    • Storage: 10 GB available space
    • Sound Card: DirectX compatible
    • Additional Notes: Internet connection required for online gaming and game activation
Customer reviews
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Mostly Positive (77 reviews)
Mostly Positive (2,326 reviews)
Recently Posted
17.5 hrs
Posted: August 25
if this wasnt an entirely 2d space battle game it would actually be playable as it is good luck with bombardment missions absolutely ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ difficulty spike halfway through. aka same trash from game workshop as always rather then pushing beyond the confines of board games they cling to them like its a life preserver. as long as games workshop makes board game style 40k games in a video game sense the games will continue to suck not worth 5 dollars much less 30.
Helpful? Yes No Funny
Lapis Lazuli
1.4 hrs
Posted: August 24
Please ♥♥♥♥ing downvote me into ♥♥♥♥ing oblivion, but after nearly 6 hours of almost 100 fixes the game won't even launch and it use to. I have a massive gaming rig and this ♥♥♥♥er won't even load. Do a google search of "Battlefleet Gothic won't even start." HUNDREDS of posts.
Helpful? Yes No Funny
66.3 hrs
Posted: August 23
This game is the best Warhammer 40k games i have played since the original dawn of war. (and it's expansions of course) It captures the atmosphere and the darkness of the 41st millenium so well and from the amount of detail and effort that was put into this game is indicative of the dev's obvious passion for the universe. Like, even the set pieces on the map are intricately detailed, not to mention the ships themselves. Even at the maximum zoom levels, the is still more detail to be seen and enjoyed. The campaign is also surprisingly fun for just playing the same 6 mission types over and over again, but with the widely varying playstyle of the enemies and the little unique missions or enemies they add in from time to time, it doesn't ever get boring. It actually captures the desperation of the gothic war and pragmatism that the imperium would actually have to excise quite well, as you will have more planets needing your aid than you can possibly help and having to then choose between the relatively poor world thats about to get an exterminatus declared on it and kill every loyal imperial citzen on the planet or the wealthier world that is being raided by ork pirates, having to choose whether to accept help from the foul xenos just to survive or staying faithful to the God-Emperor and purging them. I found it very immersive. The different races in the game at the moment (Imperium, Chaos, Orks, Eldar, and Tau(coming soon)) all play very differently too, so you have to employ completely new strategies to succeed, leading to a much more interesting game. This an amzing game, and not just for 40k fans.
Helpful? Yes No Funny
29.7 hrs
Posted: August 23
Great singleplayer campaign, but utilizing the campaign loss system in multiplayer was what must have been an intentional move to kill any multiplayer community from the developer. The addition of ranked matches is an improvement, but the lack of any ability to choose game modes/maps or set point values for battles or fleets kills even skirmish games vs the AI. The separation of the "admirals" means there is a huge amount of grinding in each mode and difficulty vs AI. If you can get the game for less than $15 the singleplayer campaign might be worth it, but otherwise it's just a waste.
Helpful? Yes No Funny
Sandor Clegane
1.6 hrs
Posted: August 22
This game's overall is good imo BUT:

How did the dev team record the vocals and effect sounds? 'Tis pure garbage quality there and I heard a lot of distortion especially the explosion sounds, no matter how I adjust the audio options.

Wish someone can explain it.
Helpful? Yes No Funny
2.2 hrs
Posted: August 22
I've tried to like this game but it just isn't my cup of tea. Maybe it's not as random and chaotic as I think and I'm just bad at it, but then I'm too bored of it to try any harder. A third dimension and a better campaign could have made this closer to Homeworld, but it's just a simple 2D RTS with no interesting terrain elements which replaces base-building with simplistic and tedious RPG elements on your few available ships.
Helpful? Yes No Funny
Big Jim Slade
102.1 hrs
Posted: August 21
For a $40 game, worth the money if you're into this kind of game. Definitely grab it if it's on sale.

Plays pretty much like the tabletop game, but in RTS mode. This is refreshing, as most RTS interpretations of WH universe tabletop games seem to leave the actual gameplay of the source material far behind.
Helpful? Yes No Funny
0.9 hrs
Posted: August 20
Like the table top game. Fun stuff !
Helpful? Yes No Funny
i am Llama Senpai
32.5 hrs
Posted: August 19
So i had been very exitec for this game when i heard about it and was thoroughly impressed by it, however since the spacemarine update i am no longer able to find matches on matchmaking. The most i had to wait before was 1 minute tops but since the sm update i've waited longer then 5 minutes and havent found a game. Either its a bug in the game that gets fixed in the future or the inital sparkle of the game wore off and now its a ghost town. i hope not because i was looking forward to the tau update. fingers crossed its better when tau get added
Helpful? Yes No Funny
35.6 hrs
Posted: August 19
Loving it. The mood and the feel captures the setting of WH40k. If you've read most reviews or forum posts, you'll notice two things:

- If you're in it for the story, the lore, or just plain like seeing ships doing broadside attacks, you'll enjoy it. The campaign, art direction, voice acting...pure awesome. I did struggle a lot at first and felt it was punishingly difficult; some missions I had to repeat over and over. Being a friggin' casual, it took me like more than half the campaign before things started to "click" and I started getting it; but once I did, defeats became rare. So hang in there!

- If you're going for the competetive multiplayer aspect, then I suggest waiting for more balancing to come or you'll have a bad time. I read that issues abound, but bug fixing and balancing (as of the date of posting) are continuous.

Looking forward for more content (or even a sequel!) someday.
Helpful? Yes No Funny
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Not Recommended
24.7 hrs on record
Posted: July 29
I wanted to like this game. I wanted to, so badly.

Not just as a part-time (non-tabletop) warhammer fan, but also as a lover of fleet battles.

Let's sart with the positives;

- Amazing voice acting; everything you can hope for is present in this department, both in multiplayer and outside it.
- Cutscenes and general art direction are absolutely amazing. Whoever was on the art team knew what they were doing completely.
- Campaign is a solid 30-40 enjoyable hours and the main flaws of the game, while still present, aren't that bad there.
- It's Warhammer.

However, these positives don't outweigh the negatives;

- Multiplayer is an umitigated disaster; there is, at most, ~200-300 players on at any one time, and according to steamcharts that isn't even guarenteed to be people on multiplayer. For the longest time the progression system, the same one in the campaign, was present in multi - one of the worst design choices I have ever seen in a game. It absolutely devastated the mulitplayer community and, now even with ranked (which removes it), I don't think the community will recover.

The fact is, with the progression system if you lost a ship in a fight, you couldn't use the same ship in the next 1-2 matches(you can otherwise spend points on fixing it, but that just sent you behind and forced you to grind even more). This means, before you can get the real goodies, you have to have your teeth kicked in basically on principle and without exception, no matter how good you are, a tleast a few times. And with a dwindling playerbase, the life of a noob got very hard, very fast, as you were put up against pros. It destroyed the community in the single worst decision I have seen an otherwise competent dev make.

- The factions are broken. While Chaos is at a good place, and Imperial Navy is playable, Orks are horribly overpowered (now from when they weren't, they used to be a joke of a faction) and basically can't be beaten by anyone. They have stronger everything until the devs decide to nerf them, where they will once again be worthless. The Eldar used to be unbeatable, but now they are the joke faction. This constant swing between god-tier and ♥♥♥♥-tier make playing multiplayer like putting your life savings on black.

- The missions are a joke. What if I told you that on some mission modes, both in single-player and not, it's literally impossible for you to win? Well, that's the reality in BFG. Planetary Assault and Starbase Assault, for instance, are basically unbeatable as the attacker in both instances, although Planetary can be just as bad for the defender if RNGesus frowns on you as the results are completely up to chance.

- I will quote the lead Dev himself: "I am uncocnerned about balance." Yes, that's literally what they said.

- With multiplayer dead and untouchable, single player is worth maybe $20, not the 40 they charge.

As I said, I wanted to like this game.
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Posted: August 3
Solid Naval combat game with a 40k skin

The Emperor would approve
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Posted: August 5
The hype train among the Warhammer Community before this game's release was unreal. While the game felt somewhat unpolished at launch, it was still fantastic.

+Nails the Warhammer 40k universe.
+Single-player campaign is a wonderful mode of picking the least-devestating outcome out of your few mission deployments. At least in strategic mode.
+One of the newest fleet-strategy games I've seen in a while.
+Each faction feels distinctly different, and plays completely different from eachother.
+Despite some bias towards the Eldar faction, it's still pretty easy to counter any faction's combat style.
+Outstanding soundtrack
+Story campaign which takes place throughout the 12th Black Crusade
+Excellent demonstration on the graphical capabilities of Unreal Engine 4.
+Ship Ramming has never been more satisfying.
+Ship upgrading leads to very different specializations for your ships and crews.

-The campaign in tactical mode is very repetitive. Basically the same missions against different targets.
-While you can still win against any faction (if you know what to bring), there's still a major bias towards the Eldar.
-Multiplayer is already dead.
-While you can do team battles, the fleet sizes are strictly limited.
-Game was unpolished at launch.
-Hard to get into if you're unfamiliar with the setting.

Overall, the game is still enjoyable, but with several large drawbacks. I'd get it if you know and love Warhammer 40k or if you have a friend to play with/against. If you want a good fleet strategy game, I'd get Starfleet Command if I were you. Much cheaper, and much more gameplay availible.
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Posted: August 11
So let me start by saying this: I love the warhammer universe. That being said, I provide an unbiased opinion on this game when I say, they did an amazing job! Also, I have owned this game since pre-release. There are constantly updates being released for this game which can be a double edged sword, but I'd definitely say it's a good thing, especially since the devs continue to take player recommendations into consideration. So onto the knitty gritty.

+Amazing, immersive campaign
+Game has good concept
+Many different game modes
+Interesting custom matches
+Constant updates
+Many races
+Tons of tactics
+Super fun
+Ranked matches are not one sided wreck-fests
+Generally accurate to the universe lore
+Many things still to come on the development roadmap

-Has balance issues (EX: Eldar Battleship)
-Multiplayer has low point cap for units
-Accuracy to lore sometimes limits ship choices (EX: Space Marines)
-Not enough time in the day to play constantly

All in all, my recommendation is this: get this game, play this game, love this game.
And as always,
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Posted: August 2
This is a game about space battles in the Warhammer 40k universe. As such it isn't really a SciFi game, but rather a SciFantasy game that plays like tall ships combat in space.

If you ever played Battlefleet Gothic, the tabletop game, then this is a great videogame version. Not all mechanics were ported over (e.g. solar winds for Eldar), but the factions all feel and play noticably different. The campaign also captures the WH40k feeling to a t. Sadly it is only available as the Imperial Navy. For everyone else there is a pseudo campaign mode that chains random missions together and allows you to level an Admiral. There's also multiplayer, which I did not try. Apparently the balance can be quite wonky.

I recommend this game for anyone who is a 40k fan!
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Posted: August 16
Single player campaign review (hard difficulty):

- It's a true W40K, faithful to the lore
- Story is very rich and engaging (I just expected ships shooting each other with a basic storyline)
- Climatic cutscenes and voice acting
- Main hero Admiral Spire is really cool
- Interesting choices affecting how story develops
- Battles are dynamic and exciting
- Fleet building and rpg elements
- Both graphics and art are top notch
- Epic ending

- Faction imbalance due to AI playing very aggresively (Orks are very strong on the border of op, Chaos is well balanced and Eldar are a pushover)
- A bit too much "filler" skirmish missions
- Early campaign can be way harder than the late game (should be other way around)
- A bit overwhelming at first, with steep entry level and not so good tutorial
- Last but not least - missions with suicidal allies

It's a must-have for all Warhammer fans and a great game overall.

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Posted: August 4
Fly me closer, I want to hit em with my Lance!


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Posted: August 11
Clash Of Cathedrals: Operatically-Overdone Space Combat

Having only played the single-player campaign I can offer the following observations:

1. You are constantly under pressure from all sides: fighting one enemy frequently means ignoring one or more of the others, who will waste no time in pinching some rando planet of yours.
2. This will quickly escalate into them springboarding on to another planet, which acts as a further brake on your resources.
3. It seems the developers have learned from games like Don't Starve and FTL that what the player really wants is a few catastrophes every now and then to add a bit of drama: I'm not sure if it's impossible to prevent a certain artefact falling into the hands of the enemy but I've always felt this was a great escalation of tension when it happens.
4. BG:A tries to vary the missions but I found I just avoid the ones I dislike (assassination, data theft) and of course one's fleet develops accordingly into one that can't do those sorts of missions at all.

Fun things: fitting out ships to meet specific roles, renaming them after GSVs from The Culture, shotgunning torpedoes into enemy ships at point-blank range, spamming frigates and destroyers when your real fleet is all up on bricks in the garage for two turns, warping out on your last ship's last blob of health and seeing those enemy missiles impact on nothing but empty space, the hilariously overdone 40k universe, the hammy dialogue, the beautiful beautiful graphics.

Mostly importantly, it is a great fun game with a ton of replay value.

8/10 would activate cogitators again
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Posted: July 30
As of July '16 I would say the game is properly patched.

This is an RTS spcae naval combat game in games workshop's Warhammer 40,000 universe.

The basic game has a lot of subtle strategy and allows you to cutomise your fleet to your play style.

The latest patch brings an excellent ranked game. First: Select your race, spend limited resources to upgrade your fleet of about 10 ships, and then go head to head with other players.

Ranked mode is 'best of 3 rounds' using a persistant fleet between the missions (which tend to last about 10 minutes each). Each round has specific mission objectives and allows you to bring 600-700 'points' worth of ships from your fleet (which usually works out at about 3-6 ships depending on your preference for lumbering dreadnoughts or smaller cruisers.

Ships destroyed in a mission are not available for round 2 ( or 3 if it comes to it) - which adds a lot of macro strategy to the micro ingame.

A fun game with a lot of depth
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