PLEASE PURCHASE TREE OF LIFE ONLY IF YOU WANT TO SUPPORT IT. Tree of Life is under development now, which also means it’s not a perfect game. Therefore, there might be a serious bug in the system, or it might be changed dramatically. Tree of Life will be improved continuously.
User reviews:
Mixed (69 reviews) - 63% of the 69 user reviews in the last 30 days are positive.
Mostly Positive (4,984 reviews) - 78% of the 4,984 user reviews for this game are positive.
Release Date: May 27, 2015

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Early Access Game

Get instant access and start playing; get involved with this game as it develops.

Note: This Early Access game is not complete and may or may not change further. If you are not excited to play this game in its current state, then you should wait to see if the game progresses further in development. Learn more

What the developers have to say:

Why Early Access?

““There are no real games to play, even though there are so many endless-quest-requiring MMORPGs and extremely easy Mobile RPGs, why? Why there are no enjoyable games at all?”, “Those are not the games I was really into.” That’s why we started developing Tree of Life. We have focused on the issue for a long time, day and night, over and over again.

Finally, after 3 years of development, Tree of Life was released in Early Access. With your valuable suggestion, we would like to make Tree of Life near perfect to build the one beautiful world for everyone.”

Approximately how long will this game be in Early Access?

“We have a plan to launch Tree of Life officially at the end of 2016 for now.”

How is the full version planned to differ from the Early Access version?

“Most of all, mastery will be fully implemented, therefore you will be one of important members in Tree of Life world, whichever you choose. Plus, the guild system will be fully completed, you will be able to enjoy various contents like The Mermen attack or Guild War. Then, we’re going to add various enjoyable event, items, etc.”

What is the current state of the Early Access version?

“Construction, crafting, fishing, farming, ranching, adventures, The Mermen Attack, bounty hunting, etc. Tree of Life are full of lots of entertainments already. You can be anyone you want to be, depending on how to combine 24 classes in Tree of Life. You can be the last warrior in the world, or legendary master in the world. You can be a wanderer, fisherman or bounty hunter. Whatever you want.”

Will the game be priced differently during and after Early Access?

“There is a possibility that it might be changed after launching Tree of Life officially, due to the fact that Tree of Life is on beta now.”

How are you planning on involving the Community in your development process?

“We will refer to the community’s suggestion whenever we face important decisions in the future. For instance, if there are an important balance adjustment, we will analyze players’ data first, after that, we will adjust it.”
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January 19

[2017-01-19] Adventurer’s feedback

Hello, adventurers,

This week again, we picked some hot topics among the community, trying to answer your questions with this Adventure’s feedback

If you would like to read the last week's feedback, please go to:
Ok, let’s take a look.


Q1. I saw in the previous feedback that you were working on the game UI. I don’t think its priority is so high. Why don’t you focus on more important tasks like the game system improvement, bug fix, etc.?
- From the ToL Steam community

A1. We are currently working on the new systems and the improvements that I have already introduced via the feedbacks. The game UI is one of the tasks that the developers and the artists are doing.
Most of the tasks are not visible: lines of the codes that the programmers are writing; documents that are written in numbers and text. What you can actually see with your eyes is the artworks or prototype/draft that the artists have created. As the game UI improvement is one that you can see, and the work could dramatically change the game, I chose it to show you.
In fact, I was going to improve the UI from the beginning of the EA service, but there were more things to do first. Before the end of EA, the improvement will be done, so that you could enjoy ToL with more comfortable and beautiful UI, and play the game with a controller.
- From Wonpary in the game design team

Q2. About the PTR update yesterday. I thought it was for the new combat system, but it was about Healing and others. It’s great to see you have made a progress, though. Actually the most interesting feature is to heal my ally, and it will make PvP more intense. Please improve the faction system and the Relic war to make the PvP more exciting.
- From the official forum and the ToL Steam community

A2. Thanks, we keep working hard. As you see, you can heal or revive another in the PTR server. Those features will make the battles more exciting: they makes the foundation of the new combat system, I can say.
Including the faction system and the Relic war, we will have a number of changes. You will like them.
- From Wonpary in the game design team

Q3. I want a feature/item to change the appearances of my characters and/or buildings. When I see the bases, all towns look the same except the positions; the characters look the same, because they wear Plates. I found the vanity slots were great to make my character unique.
- From the official forum and the ToL Steam community

A3. Our artists are creating graphical assets for your characters and base.
New hairs for the male and the female characters:

They are making new walls, fences, decos, etc.:

Including those works shown above, the team is working on new NPCs, the monster species and a lot more. The new assets will be added, when the new combat system is updated. They will keep creating more decos/items to add.
- From Wonpary in the game design team

Q4. Recently I can’t see Chaya or anyone around but Wonpary. Where are they? What are they doing?
- From the official forum

A4. They are working hard now, being seated. Obviously, it takes some time to write the feedback, so I got their words and write the feedback on behalf of them (this does NOT mean I am free…)

Chaya, as the head of the company and a programmer, is dealing with paper works and writing codes. The art designers and the 3D modelers use the new game engine and the tools made by Chaya, to make the World of ToL even more beautiful.

Dalraechagi is designing new game systems and working on improvements for the current systems. The changes recently updated on the PTR are from his head.

I, Wonpary, am pushing the development progress, in terms of the game design and the game art, not to make any delay in the game development. Plus, I am listening to you guys with Bearhug.
- From Wonpary in the game design team

Q5. The pic of the day: Alice’s choice
Lots of nice screenshots are on the Steam community! Let’s take a look. +_+

Ok, that’s all I have for now. See you next week!

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January 18

[PTR] Patch note 2017-01-18

Hello, adventurers
We have some changes for the PTR. This time the changes are made to fix some old bugs and improve the balance. Read the patch note here.

[Important notes]
1 -the game client has been updated. Please restart the Steam client to download the patch.
2 - To execute the game, the Microsoft Visual C++ 2015 Redistributable package is essential. The package will be automatically installed when you start the Steam client.
3 - this PTR patch is for a test. The changes over the systems and the values/rates will be improved/modified after receiving your feedbacks. Once a series of tests is over, the contents will be uploaded onto the live server.
4 - The world buff has been enabled: 500% EXP gain, 200% item drop, 300% higher grade item drop.

1. Heal and Revival
We have many changes over the Heal system. Please read through and help your allies.

(1) Heal
- You can heal your allies with the bandages. An ally in this context means one from the same faction only.
- You can earn the Mastery EXP when you heal yourself or your ally.
- When you heal a target, the HP gradually recovers in 6 seconds (DoT heal).
- The recovery rate depends on the Healer’s Mastery: even if you have a higher grade bandage (like Silk bandage), the amount of the HP recovery will be lower than the maximum rate, when your Healing Mastery is not high enough. The table below shows the maximum recovery rates (i.e. when the Healer’s Mastery is at 50)

- Bandage: The bandages are stackable: 30 items in 1 slot. The item has one grade only: Normal (white). Even if you use high-quality ingredients (Rare/Mystic/Legend), the result will be Normal.
- The Healer will be vulnerable and cannot move during healing. The Healee can move, but the healing will be cancelled if he is in distance. Although the healing is cancelled, the recovered HP will not be deducted.
- Healing will not be cancelled, even if the Healer got attacked while healing, but the total recovery rate will be reduced by 1/6 for each hit. Suppose that the total rate is 360 and the Healer got one hit from an enemy. The sum of the recovery will be 300.
- You are not allowed to heal a target who is already being healed. Also your ally cannot heal you, when you are healing yourself.
- Healing effect added. You can see the graphical effect that a Healee is being healed.
- The bandage and the food/the drink will not share the cool-time.

(2) Revival
- Your character will not recover from the death ‘automatically’: you must look for Mr. Boboo to ask him for revival, or your ally can bring you back to life, using a Reviver.
- You should ask Mr. Boboo for revival with no charge (no Coin or items necessary) You can find him on the Map. Press M to open the Map. See the image below.

- After revival, the HP and the Satiety recover at 50%. Stamina will not recover.
- Revival effect added. You will see the graphical effect when your character gets revived.
- The Soul piece will not be shown on the field.
- If you log out when you are a Ghost, you can log in again 30 minutes after the last logout. Then your character will be revived.

(3) Reviver
- The item of Reviver has been added. With this item, you can bring your allies back to life again. An ally in this context means one from the same faction only.
- You can craft the item on a Workbench. Note that the item is consumable.
- The chance of successful revival depends on the Healer’s Mastery. When the Healer’s Mastery is not high enough, the chance will be significantly low.
- You will not gain the EXP, even if you successfully revive your ally. However, you can earn the EXP when you craft a Reviver.

2. Farming

(1) Collecting the wild crops
- Depending on the species of the plants, the amount of the EXP gain varies.
- You can earn the EXP and the crops by hitting them. Thus, you will not gain any EXP when you hit a Spore tree and loot a Mushroom.
- The EXP rate from collecting is fewer than harvesting.

(2) Plant and harvest
- Name of Fields: the names of the Fields have been changed.
=== Field -> Small Field
=== Manure Field -> Manured Field

- You can plant a certain kind of the Seeds on the specific Fields only.
- Grade of Fields: Small Field < Manured Field < Fertile Field < Great farmer’s Field. The most advanced Field is Great farmer’s Field.
- You can plant many species on ‘better’ Fields: you can plant only few species on Small Fields. In particular, you can plant some seeds on a Manured Field, but on a Small Field. On a Great farmer’s Field, you can plant any kind of the seeds. Look at the table below.

- The higher Mastery you have, the better Field you can make. Also you could harvest more crops and have a higher chance to get the Seeds from the Fields, when your Mastery is high enough.
- The results of harvesting are divided into 4 grades: Famine, Poor crop, Average crop, and Good crop. The results will be derived from the Mastery of Farming: if you are a skilled farmer, you could have Good crop at a higher chance.
- Trouvaille: The chance of Trouvaille is closely connected to your CON (not the Mastery). The higher your CON is, the higher chance to gain extra crops and seeds.
- You can recognize the results with the graphical effects when you harvest:
=== Famine: Violet smoke
=== Poor crop: Green smoke
=== Average crop: Blue glitter
=== Good crop: Gold glitter
=== Trouvaille: Red light pillar

3. Ranching

(1) Tame
- Taming system added. You cannot own an animal by simply moving them into your base. Once you approach a wild but tamable animal, you can select the interaction of Tame.
- It takes 10 seconds to try taming an animal. You can see a graphical effect that you are trying to tame it.
- While you are taming an animal, it will be cancelled if you move a bit OR the animal is over 12m away from you.
- Once it is successfully tamed, you own it and gain the EXP. You can move it anywhere, too. Although the livestock goes out of the area, the ownership will stay the same.
- You cannot move any animal which is not yours.
- If taming is failed, you can see your character looks disappointed.
- The existing livestock will belong to the guild master. The guild master has the ownership only, not the EXP and any bonus stats.
- Your guild members can move, feed, and kill the livestock that you have tamed.

(2) Release
- You can release your livestock to the filed. Once you approach to one of your livestock, you can select the interaction of Release
- You can tame your ex-livestock again, but you cannot gain EXP from it; no one else can. Still you can kill it and loot the meat and the other items from it.

4. Hunger
- Lurching animation added. When your character gets hungry, he/she will be lurching.

5. Combat and Mastery

(1) Shield
- The shield defense depends on the grade (i.e. Quality)
- The spear could give you damages at a certain chance, as the weapon can pierce the shield.

(2) Mastery
- Shield: depending on the Mastery, you can block an attack with 0 damage at a certain chance (Perfect block), even a piercing attack will give you no damage. You can see the graphical effect when you successfully block.
- Tactics: this Mastery will enable you to deal more damage by increasing Min. and Max. damages. You can gain the EXP when you attack a monster and attacking wild animals such as the wolves, the bears, etc, but your enemy (i.e. no EXP gain from PvP)
- Anatomy: depending on the Mastery, the chance of the critical hit will increase. Thus, you could deal more damage, as your Mastery is high enough. You can gain the EXP when you kill a living monster, but the undead monsters like Zombie.

6. Control
- When you move/relocate your building, you can cancel it by right-click. You could press ESC to cancel it, too.

7. Fixed issues

(1) Rotating a building
- You can relocate and rotate your buildings.

(2) Items
- The Spear can deal a piercing attack.
- Torch, Advanced Torch, and Lantern are stackable with the same grade.

(3) Others
- The veins and Corpse of sailor will be even in size.
- The fuel/feed icon for a Small cart has been removed.

8. Game system
- Apart from Healing, all interactions (actions that the circular graph turns clockwise such as taming, crafting, etc) will be cancelled when you get hit. While you are crafting but it is cancelled, you will not lose the ingredients; while you are taming but it is cancelled, you will not earn the EXP; while you are using the Drink Me but it is cancelled, you can try it again.
- The Wild zaka will eat Potatoes and Corns. Thus, it can eat Apples, Carrots, Tomatoes, Strawberries, Garlic, Pumpkins, Watermelons, Mushroom and Ginseng.

9. Game Client
- When the game client forcedly terminates by unknown errors, you will have to install the Microsoft Visual C++ 2015 Redistributable package manually. Please click the link below to download the package.

- When you try to install the Microsoft Visual C++ 2015 Redistributable package, the installation could be failed, if your Windows is not up-to-date. Please update the OS and try the installation again.

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About This Game

  • Make your own village, anytime, anywhere.

    Thinking of building your own village to show your workmanship? Oh no, you feel like that all buildings on the street are kind of grand castles? If so, it’s time to play Tree of Life. You can make your own village anytime, anywhere. You can also be anyone. You can be a lord who rules a huge grand territory, or make a knight guild to protect the ToL world. What about a village for wanderers? Whatever you want!

  • The one beautiful world.

    Yes, our world is not perfect. It is full of dangers. So, it could be a good way to explore the ToL world in your room. What about the desert? Come and feel the sunshine, chase a mirage, find unique cactus and shooting stars… If you prefer the North Pole then the desert, why don’t you explore the snowy field on the North? Please keep in mind that you should bring your warm leather clothes. (… be careful with bears!) Can you feel it? Just explore the world!

  • Player-based Economy

    Are you tired of endless battles? But you still want to support your guild as one of guild members? If so, be a master, then move the entire economy of ToL. Build and maintain your own farm, then generate food to support your guild. Or just be a grand merchant, then transport goods across the whole world, or be a master who make good weapons in legendary level. Whichever is fine. That makes the economy.

  • 24 Class combinations & No restrictions

    World best warrior in the realm, legendary master, 5 star chef… You don’t really know which one fits you? Well, have you ever thought why you can’t be a mighty warrior and 5 star chef at the same time? Like... a chef who catches a big brown bear with his bare hands. As you want, you can be both of them N.O.W, since there are 24 job classes in the world! With no restrictions! YAY~~~ You can make your own character as you like.

  • Be a friend, or be an enemy. That is the question.

    The real world is full of difficult choices. Yes… but what if the Tol world is, too? You can be a good friend with other players, or just be a night watchman to protect the new world order, or offer a reward for criminals to bring the justice. Depends on your choice. However just be careful. Anyone could offer a reward for you!

  • Fight against your enemy!

    Grand castles always win a lot of praise. Even monsters will envy you, thus please keep calm and don’t panic, even though they begin the war to take your territory. This would be a superb chance to be the best knight in the ToL world! Be a hero by defeating your enemies who try to take your grand castle.

    So, get ready for Tree of Life? Just play your own game, make your own world. In Tree of Life world, you can be anything whatever you want to be, and you can do anything whatever you want to. Yes, it’s time to play REAL RPG. Don’t miss the chance to live your second life. PLAY NOW!

System Requirements

    • OS: Windows 7
    • Processor: Core 2 Duo
    • Memory: 1 GB RAM
    • Graphics: 512MB Video Memory, Shader Model 3.0
    • DirectX: Version 9.0c
    • Network: Broadband Internet connection
    • Storage: 1 GB available space
    • OS: Windows 7 or later
    • Processor: Core i3
    • Memory: 2 GB RAM
    • Graphics: 1GB Video Memory, Shader Model 3.0
    • DirectX: Version 9.0c
    • Network: Broadband Internet connection
    • Storage: 2 GB available space
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