Cradle is a sci-fi first-person-view quest designed for the player to explore the surrounding world. The story is built around the relations of the protagonist and a mechanical girl who by quirk of fate found themselves amidst the desert.
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Mixed (14 reviews) - 57% of the 14 user reviews in the last 30 days are positive.
Mostly Positive (811 reviews) - 74% of the 811 user reviews for this game are positive.
Release Date: Jul 24, 2015

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May 13

French and Turkish localizations

Hello everyone!

Good news: we have launched French and Turkish localizations today!

Thanks Thierry Bégaud, Gaia Habert and Stéphanie Menu from Words of Magic for the help with French translation and proofreading!

Thanks Çınar Tuncer, Alp Sezer Orak, Bedirhan Köse, Ceyhun Özgöç and Cem Filiz from Crewals for the help with Turkish translation and proofreading!

13 comments Read more

January 31

New patch + Spanish localization

Hi everybody!

We have released a new Cradle update introducing the changes as follows:

— Bug causing performance drops when gamepad disconnected has been fixed. Thanks the colleagues from Unigine for that!

— Spanish localization has been added. Thanks Vanesa Gómez Paniza and Agustín Zammarrelli from ZombieWolf Team for the translation and proofreading!

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“Smart, subtle and sinister, Cradle is a wonderful work of science fiction that doesn’t quite fit inside the space Flying Cafe have designed for it.”

About This Game

Cradle is a sci-fi first-person-view quest designed for the player to explore the surrounding world. The story is built around the relations of the protagonist and a mechanical girl who by quirk of fate found themselves amidst the desert. The player’s task is to repair the mechanical body of his companion and solve the mystery of the neglected entertainment park located not far from the yurt together.

Key Features

  • Open World. Explore the mysterious and stylish world of the robotized Mongolia. Search the yurt, take a stroll down the river or head towards the entertainment park - this game has no fences you cannot overcome.
  • Interactive Environment. Interact with objects - all of them bear a part of the story and most can be used in the gameplay.
  • Living Characters. Communicate with NPCs. Owing to non-standard emotion display technology where actor eyes video is used, the NPCs in Cradle look as ‘live’ ones.
  • Deep Story. Immerse into learning the thoroughly thought-out story. Every of its detail adds to the storyline, while a short newspaper slip accidentally found in the steppe could completely change the sense of the storyline.
  • Varied Gameplay. Mix thoughtful exploration quests with bright and dynamic mini-games.
  • Excquisite Soundtrack. Engulf the atmoshpere of mystery with the enchanting soundtrack of the game. Cradle contains 90 minutes of music including the meditative ambient, synthetic tracks and vocal compositions.


Thirty years ago in the mid-2040s the sweeping development of neuroscience stirred up the common anticipation of victory over aging and death. In 2047 the scientists of the Neurocopying Institute in Cologne run the first experiments on transferring human consciousness onto an artificial carrier. In the course of experiments a weird previously unregistered phenomenon was discovered - the copies of neurotic system of the test subjects awoken in the computational device began to self-destroy by immersing in a state of deep irrational fear.

The discovery of the mysterious phenomenon induced a string of events to have completely changed the society. Dozens of years later the question of the ‘Panic Attack’ nature still remains open. We do not know how far the researchers’ thought has led them in search of the answer, but we believe it hardly ever visited this Mongolian steppe.

Year 2076, Mongolia. You wake up in a yurt amidst the boundless steppes. You neither remember your name, nor are aware of how long you had slept. Who are you? Who is this mechanical girl sitting on the table and what is the number she has on her chest? Nearby there towers the dome of a neglected entertainment park. How did it appear in these desert lands? What has happened here? Look around and try to sort things out. You are to begin on a peculiar and a touching story.

System Requirements

SteamOS + Linux
    • OS: WindowsXP SP3 or higher
    • Processor: Intel Core2 Duo or equivalent AMD
    • Memory: 2 GB RAM
    • Graphics: DirectX9c compliant card with 512MB
    • DirectX: Version 9.0c
    • Storage: 3 GB available space
    • OS: WindowsXP SP3 or higher
    • Processor: Intel Core i3
    • Memory: 8 GB RAM
    • Graphics: DirectX11 compliant card with 1GB
    • DirectX: Version 11
    • Storage: 3 GB available space
    • OS: Ubuntu 12
    • Processor: Intel Core2 Duo or equivalent AMD
    • Memory: 2 GB RAM
    • Graphics: OpenGl compliant card with 512MB
    • Storage: 3 GB available space
Customer reviews
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Mixed (14 reviews)
Mostly Positive (811 reviews)
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Sire Styx
( 12.7 hrs on record )
Posted: June 26
An interesting game. I quite like the sci-fi themes, with the robotic/cyborg sort of things going on. There graphics and design of the game is excellent.

I'd love to know more about this 'universe' and I'd love to play more stuff in it, explore more areas, go to the city etc. It's really enthralling and I've got an almost bittersweet feeling about it, because it feels like the game could have been bigger. I'm not knocking what we got; the game is superb. It just seems like it's part of a high-quality game and that we've only seen the first act or first few levels. This isn't really a fault, it just shows that they've got some wonderful worldbuilding. I'm hooked and would love to see it expanded further.

Anyway, some slight problems people may have:

Please note that there are a few parts to the game that involve a sort of 'minigame' where you need to collect boxes in a sort of computer arena. You'll see the screenshot here of the teal boxes, with a couple red and orange ones in. I quite enjoyed it, it was a different sort of twist in what's like a sci-fi puzzle/exploration game, but I can see how some other people wouldn't want that.

Minor spoiler (maybe, not really): it builds up a sort of mystery throughout the game, but it doesn't exactly explain itself when it comes to the end. You've got to read notes and stuff that's scattered about to try and get an idea about what has happened. It might just be be, but even then it wasn't exactly clear, but I did enjoy the sort of mystery. I think seeing little bits of information (like newspaper articles, or written notes) really helps to make the world seem bigger and I enjoyed it. It seemed quite natural and not forced (e.g. you didn't just get a big dump of information like you were reading a wiki article). However, some people may not like this and may prefer the game to be a bit more explicit with what's happening.

I would recommend this game.
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( 6.6 hrs on record )
Posted: June 25
A really good looking and interesting game. The puzzles are not too hard, but not even easy, so you need to use your head to solve them. You can read a lot in this game to know better the world of it. But I thought it will be more. We've got a really big map, but nothing in it, except the necessary parts for the story. Only 2 NPCs, however the description of the game talks about more. The game is good in overall, but I could imagine a story DLC in the near future.

/* And one more thing. Why the hell is the game's description's second half is in French?! */
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( 22.3 hrs on record )
Posted: June 24
It seemed to be an interesting Myst-like immersive puzzle game. Then you hit the virtual reality timed minecraft casino game with a frowny-faced evil block. I'm told there are several more of these. No thanks.
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( 1.6 hrs on record )
Posted: June 22
So this game is very frustrating at the start.- and you can't save when you want. I totally wouldn't have gotten this one.
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( 32.4 hrs on record )
Posted: June 4
I love the melancholy atmosphere of this game, It felt consistent throughout except while playing the cube puzzles (even though their presence is a legitimate part of the story narrative). I read some reviews complaining about an unresolved ending, but, given the storyline, I think one can only view the game as a "slice of life" out of the overall downward spiral of humanity to extinction. What kind of a happy ending can you have while the human race (in game) is becoming a piece of nostalgia not unlike the clippings and memorabilia found around the yurt?
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( 4.1 hrs on record )
Posted: May 31
I really like the atmosphere of the game, but it's a real shame about the mini games. I have given up on this game because of them. I simply cannot complete them and it takes way to long before you can skip them. Sorry count me out.
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( 15.9 hrs on record )
Posted: May 22
I have not had a great deal of experience with these ambient sort of games. Therefore, it should be understood that my experience is limited. I will, however, impart my review for those who are interested.

Cradle is ultimately a very unique and enjoyable game. I truly enjoyed many elements of the game:

The scenery is beautiful and fun to explore. But keep in mind that although the immediate area is seemingly immense, there are boundaries and very little interactive components.

The music is perhaps one of the most intriguing factors of the game. In this respect I'm glad that I purchased the soundtrack. The artwork that comes with the package is decent but nothing extraordinary.

The character design is also great although there are only a few characters. Ida is very compelling and I'm left wanting to know more about her. My gripe about the main character is his voice acting. I've read that his lack of intonation and inflexion was the director's intention. But it still comes across as flat and unauthentic which really took a while to get used to in the game (if I actually ever did).

So here is my final analysis:

The game was very enjoyable. I did enjoy the storyline, but unless you're prepared to read every scrap of paper you come across, and are willing to delve into a little deduction and theory, you may not enjoy the game. The storyline's denouement is not self-evident and rather cryptic.

The gripe that I do have about the storyline is that it ends just as it starts to become intriguing. I'm not so much opposed as to how the game ends as I am to when it ends. What actually seems like the beginning of a deeper storyline actually becomes the ending. The game had so much potential to be great by adding more content which would have inevitably provided a much richer storyline and experience for the player. I'm left wanting to play so much more knowing that it cannot happen.

For example ( SPOILER ): I truly wanted to explore more of the game with Ida by completely fixing her to the point she could walk around with me.

I was also not so keen on the optional minigame which can be played a number of times as you advance through the game. I like challenges so I completed the minigame out of obligation. But I would've perfered that the developers spent more time extending the game rather than incorporating the minigame. But others may disagree with me on this point as it is relative to each person.

For the price the game is a good buy. I felt that I got my money's worth and really did enjoy the game. But it does have its issues which deprives Cradle from being phenomenal. Nevertheless, I recommned this game.
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Buddy BlueHeart
( 8.1 hrs on record )
Posted: May 18
This was an extraordinary and heart warming game I loved every second I played of it and I'd only wish the gameplay was a little longer so I can enjoy even more of it.
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Captain Serious
( 7.3 hrs on record )
Posted: May 17
I love a good adventure game that tests your observation skills, and has practical puzzles that can be solved using logical solutions. I don't like immersion breaking mini-games that feel like filler material, but thank goodness the developers had the foresight to allow these games to be skipped without halting story progression.

This game features

+ Worlds sexiest flower vase
+ Great logical puzzles
+ Beautiful albeit desolate environment
+ Amazing ambient soundtrack & musical score
+ Pretty good voice acting performances from 2 characters
+ Intriguing sci-fi story
- Cringe worthy uninspired voice acting performance from players character
- Dull mini-game that breaks immersion
- Clunky item manipulation (Should allow us to rotate and position items we hold. Not just drop / throw.)

My score:
78.453156 out of 100.342146
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( 7.6 hrs on record )
Posted: May 16
I finished this game in about 7 hours straight in a day. But even so there were times when I just got bored or frustrated. In the first 5 hours of gameplay, for example, I had an idea of what is going on and I thought of this game as a mediocre game. I even thought of giving this game 4/10. Suddenly it gave me a slap in the face and turned my expectation upside down. And it left me wanting for more.

+ Pretty good graphics. Neat texture and shape. Amazing lighting and shadow
+ Very natural backgroud sound.
+ Beautiful atmosphere
+ Amazing story telling and story line
+ Unique setting.
+ Good dialogs

- Grass looks awful in close. Since player will be going out often, this can be major turnoff
- Voice acting for the protagonist. Sounds bland and mundane.
- Few bugs. Player can (but rarely) stuck in between objects and sounds suddenly mute and work again.
- No visible legs and arms
- Some bad and redundant puzzles
- Barely any clues for solving some puzzles and getting the achievements
- No note to keep all information to be re-read later on, which is a shame because those are the keys to understand this game and this game can throw everything at your face right from the start

Verdict 7/10
As I mentioned earlier I was giving this game lower rating at the beginning. But the story progress in a weirdly amazing way that I could overlook the bad and enjoy the game. It is a pity that with only a few polish this game can be a cult classic. Cradle feels similar to the Vanishing of Ethan Carter in terms of gameplay but with its own plot twist. If you like Fallout or Portal but are tired of playing them, give this game a try. A great game for 12,99€. A steal at discounted price.

(P.S I don't even get half of the idea of what is going on although Cradle has actually a proper ending)
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8 of 14 people (57%) found this review helpful
Not Recommended
4.1 hrs on record
Posted: May 31
I really like the atmosphere of the game, but it's a real shame about the mini games. I have given up on this game because of them. I simply cannot complete them and it takes way to long before you can skip them. Sorry count me out.
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2 of 3 people (67%) found this review helpful
6.6 hrs on record
Posted: June 25
A really good looking and interesting game. The puzzles are not too hard, but not even easy, so you need to use your head to solve them. You can read a lot in this game to know better the world of it. But I thought it will be more. We've got a really big map, but nothing in it, except the necessary parts for the story. Only 2 NPCs, however the description of the game talks about more. The game is good in overall, but I could imagine a story DLC in the near future.

/* And one more thing. Why the hell is the game's description's second half is in French?! */
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Most Helpful Reviews  Overall
176 of 194 people (91%) found this review helpful
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6.2 hrs on record
Posted: July 25, 2015
No real spoilers, but perhaps some hope will be spoiled/grounded in reality.

I found myself in awe at times while playing this game, it really does some amazing things. I was thinking things like.... more games need to do this... holy crap this is, game of the year ideas... and other impressed-sounding taglines... etc

Great story setup, graphics are nice and the overall atmosphere etc is great. This game had me so excited at some points, but I guess somewhere at the back of my mind was the low pricetag and the assumption it was all going to end too soon, and I guess for me it did. I don't mean 'it was short, and Í am not happy with short games'. Thats not me. Short is good if its complete. A game could be 100 hours long and be too short if the story needed 150 to play out. What I mean is it just sorta stops right as you are really getting into it.

Also - I really disliked the block puzzles sections. Really disliked being forced to do them, and really disliked doing them. It just felt like filler for a game that knew it was already too short. Like the short kid wearing platform shoes and not thinking anyone would notice, but I noticed. I give this section 2 thumbs down. Really detracted from the immersion and the story. I get that they werer part of the story, but they didnt need to be part of the game narrative itself.

I would hands down recommend this game for the 13 dollars worth that you get, they have done some very cool things here; but would also warn that you will wish you had spent 20, maybe 40, if it meant it had the rest of the story fleshed out or more juicy information. It feels like I just bought a cool sci-fi book from a second hand bookstore only to find out the last 3 chapters are missing and someone put a post-it note saying 'its all good' and a picture of fireworks there to replace it. Play it, maybe what I am trying to say will make sense, maybe it wont. Perhaps you will race here after playing to write yet another 100% positive review, we need about 50000 more of those. I just feel people might want to know the downs, even if it is only 13 dollars.

The trouble I have is it just felt like they ran out of money or ideas and without spoiling anything, I was left feeling unsatisfied in a big way. For a game to reach so many highs to fall flat on its face was for the biggest twist of all.

Its hard to be this blown away by something and at the same time so utterly disapppointed.
THEY DID SO MANY COOL THINGS THOUGH. There I said it. So cool on so many levels. But....come on... what happened?

I give this 1 thumb up 1 thumb down.
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9.7 hrs on record
Posted: July 24, 2015
Absolutely amazing. You are dropped into the game with little explanation. You slowly learn about the world, and yourself as you solve puzzles that have some very fun interactivity. If you find yourself frustrated, there is a hint button which tells you what you could try next.

If you're curious, you can check out the first 15 minutes of the game:

Almost everything can be interacted with. This helps bring the beautiful world to life.
The interior of every single drawer is unique, and every small piece of paper can be read.

The characters look fantastic. I love the designs, and the dialogue. It's done in such a way that the world seems very eerie, yet wonderful at the same time.

The ending (No spoilers) left me wanting more, in the sense that the game was a tad bit short, but I really loved the world I was put in, and wanted to play more.

Verdict: If you like exploration, unique & desolate worlds, give this a try.

In case you can't tell. I really like this game.
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358 of 459 people (78%) found this review helpful
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Not Recommended
5.2 hrs on record
Posted: July 25, 2015
Love the journey, hate the sudden ending

I've got severely mixed feelings about this game. Heck, given the option, I'd give it a neutral recommendation. But we don't have that, we need to pick either a thumbs up icon, or a thumbs down icon, and as much as it pains me to do so, I went with the one pointing downward.

Allow me to explain why.

First, I was really excited about it - the premise looked solid - this is what sold me on the game in the first place. "Androids" with eyes displayed for emotions? Awesome! A futuristic yet retro tram? Yes please!

And you know what? That premise IS in fact in the game. It's a great combination of new and old, wrapped in very pretty visuals (even if there are a few technical hiccups, but these can overlooked). The story starts off on the confusing side, then gets interesting, and then...

Well, then comes the kicker.

It then ends. I've played, and finished, the game in 5 hours - and that's including that at one point I think I left the game on to get myself some tea and chat with my girlfriend.

Don't get me wrong - I don't mind short games when they offer a complete experience. Like, say, Thomas Was Alone. But Cradle just kind of ends - it feels like it ends right in the middle of something far greater. What's even more frustrating is that it ends with the words "I'll explain everything" and then does the exact opposite (a short video during the credits places even more questions). If the answers are buried in the piles of randomly discarded newspaper clippings in the game world, then that's not a fun way to tell a story. :/

All in all, I enjoyed the journey, but the sudden end left me angry and dissapointed and with that, I sadly cannot recommend the game. Perhaps if it were a lot cheaper*?

*- No, I don't mean free! ~50% off, and while I would still dislike the sudden ending, I wouldn't feel as cheated on the length.
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195 of 236 people (83%) found this review helpful
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4.4 hrs on record
Posted: July 26, 2015
This is only worth playing once. It lasts roughly 5 hours or less, unless you're exploring a lot - though, I don't think it's exciting enough to.

The voice acting for the main character is pretty rough. They should redub it immediately. I volunteer as tribute.

The graphics are amazing.

The actual puzzles are easy.

Half of the gameplay is a minecraft-esque, out of place, joke.

However, the story, the music, and the overall atmosphere make this game worthwhile at a reduced price. I would hold off on a sale, and pick it up if you're looking for a weekend experience.
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89 of 95 people (94%) found this review helpful
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9.9 hrs on record
Posted: September 20, 2015
Cradle is an interesting game along the lines of Gone Home or Dear Esther - you are unfolding a story as you progress. You will solve some not overly complicated puzzles to advance the story.

The atmosphere in the game world is hauntingly beautiful. The lighting, music, dialogue - everything is perfectly honed to create a sense of eerie sadness and mystery. I personally loved the slower pace of the game, it was fun for me to try to uncover information as to what has happened in this world.

The mini games were ok, a little tedious and you can skip them if you fail with no repercussions on the storyline.

Keen Stalker fans will recognize some similar themes here, experiments on conciousness and contaminated zones, you can see the loose influence the Stalker franchise has had here, having some ex-Stalker devs working on it.

The ending may seem abrupt but if you pay attention to the dialogue throughout, and the clues scattered around your home, it makes more sense than if you skip through a lot of the details.

This game was right up my street but if you prefer more action orientated games it may not be for you.
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150 of 189 people (79%) found this review helpful
Not Recommended
6.5 hrs on record
Posted: August 6, 2015
Why the thumbs down? Several critical issues really annoyed me while playing the game.

The game is presented as having an open world. The reality is there are two buildings; the rest of the area is barren with an occasional to object to look at.

You can't . . . can not, save your game when you wish. There is a checkpoint system for the story. At least you can load a specific moment in the story.

The mini-games I found frustrating. With the limited FOV ( not changeable ) I kept falling and having to restart. Maybe I was just crap at the game, but the game movement was difficult to land accurately.

The game advertises a high level of interactivity, which is true, but only applies to the hut you start in. After spending a good hour reading and opening things, you never get that freedom back again.

The game ends pretty abrupt, relying on a short FMV, and taking you out of the game.

Sad that I can't recommend it, as the writing and technological concepts are brilliant. When I was reading, and listening to a particular "M-Body" I was enjoying the game, but maybe that kind of experience would be better served in a book.
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9.0 hrs on record
Posted: July 24, 2015
Cradle is a beautiful story of a mechanized post apocalyptic world experienced through the eyes of a person who lost his memory and uses a mechanical woman to figure out what is happening in the world.

Your goal is to do quests and mini games and through those you experience the world around you. It is extremely atmospheric and very frustrating. The game doesn't tell you anything and you can interact with pretty much everything. It took me an hour to do the first quest which can be done in 5 minutes if you know where to look.

I received the game weeks ago so I'm a bit surprised it is only 13€ albeit it has little to no replay value since the quests are always the same. You can expect to beat the game in less than 10 hours if you're completely clueless, probably around 4 hours in the second playthrough.

The main voice actor is a bit stiff and I don't like him but overall the game is definitely for anyone who wants to experience a strange and beautiful world.
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Not Recommended
4.6 hrs on record
Posted: July 28, 2015
Let me start by saying that it really pains me to rate this game down, and that if I could I would have given this game a neutral rating. But in the end I have to choose a side, and I’m sorry but I have to go with negative, let me explain why.

Cradle is a first person exploration and adventure game, I would probably describe it as a first person point and click, because the gameplay basically consists of clicking at things, picking things up, using things on other things, and rarely combining items. You have a limited inventory, for brief storage of key items, and it serves its purpose nicely. Going along the story you’ll have to play some minigames, which felt very out of place, and basically consisted of one simple and easy game repeated four times. These minigames were reasonably enjoyable, but felt like they were there merely as filler content in a short game. I feel like the gameplay is one of the games weak sides, of which it has a couple, but it wasn’t bad, just not good.

As for the story, I was pretty disappointed. The game takes place in a very well built world, but doesn’t utilize much of it, and delivers a story which was short and ended abruptly, without giving answers to many of the questions asked. I mean it literally ended with the sentence “I will explain everything” *credits roll*. *SPOILERS* At first it start out with a classic trope: you play a guy that has lost his memories, ‘who am I?’ But it slowly changes direction into something about terrorism, but not, and then it turns into ‘who is this girl I have sitting on my counter’. I felt like the story went all over the place, without really explaining anything. Don’t get me wrong I enjoy stories where you have to think for yourself, but this felt like the developers started a story they couldn’t quite finish, and therefore ended it prematurely.

Technically the game wasn’t good either, as it didn’t run well on my pc (you can check my specs on my profile, but I use a GTX 780), I did have the graphical settings maxed out though, but even then the game didn’t look fantastic, with subpar texture and model quality, and a problem with aliasing. The game was definitely playable, but the framerate would often drop to 30 FPS. On the other hand the whole gameworld was handled in a single world, and therefore there was no loading screens when moving from area to area, there would however be loading screens when starting a minigame, or going to a new chapter, and the loading time wasn’t brilliant.

I liked the sound design, and the soundtrack is good. I am listening to it as I am writing this. Cradle does feature voice acting, but the main characters acting is wooden, and not great. Ida’s voices are pretty good, and Tabaha’s are not as good, but good enough.

Now, the art is this games absolute strong point, and definitely what sold me the game in the first place. I have actually followed this game for years, because the art intrigued from the first moment. And I must say, the best reason to buy this game, would be as a piece of art, because boy is the designs beautiful. Set in a futuristic Mongolian wasteland, the interesting stuff is pretty sparse, but the designs more than makes up for it. The little yurt where you start the game, uses very beautiful Mongolian designs, and I am particularly a fan of the boots you’ll find in a chest later in the game. When venturing out of the yurt, you will come find a giant dome, which apparently is an entertainment park. This dome is more futuristic, but at the same time run down and overgrown. I will put some screenshots on my profile.

Overall I decided that I can’t recommend the game to the price, as it simply falls short as a game. You might be interested in it though as first person exploration games aren’t particularly common. If you are interested in the art however, this has some of the best I have seen in a long time, and I might play through the game once more just to look at stuff again. I bought the deluxe edition, but the art book isn’t worth the extra, so only get the deluxe if you want the soundtrack, which incidentally is pretty good.

TLDR; this game is a piece of art, don’t buy it if you are looking for interesting gameplay or a good story, you will be disappointed. If I could frame this game and hang it on the wall, that would be the perfect use for this game, and as a piece of art, it is worth it in my opinion.
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