Three Heroes make their way through dangers untold in a fairytale world, featuring physics-based puzzles, beautiful sights and online co-op.
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Trine 2: Complete Story 구매

Includes Trine 2, Goblin Menace DLC and the Dwarven Caverns level

여름 할인! 종료일: 2016년 7월 4일


Trine 2: Complete Story 3-Pack 구매

Includes three copies of Trine 2: Complete Story - Send the extra copies to your friends!

여름 할인! 종료일: 2016년 7월 4일


Trine 2: Soundtracks & Artbooks 구매

Includes Digital Artbook with commentary by Trine 2 artists and soundtrack by award-winning Ari Pulkkinen.

여름 할인! 종료일: 2016년 7월 4일

Trine 2: Complete Story Upgrade 구매

Includes the Goblin Menace DLC and the Dwarven Caverns level. Upgrades the standard Trine 2 to the Complete Story version.

여름 할인! 종료일: 2016년 7월 4일

Trinelogy 구매 BUNDLE (?)

3 가지 포함된 항목들: Trine, Trine 2: Complete Story, Trine 3

Frozenbyte Collection 2016 구매 BUNDLE (?)

6 가지 포함된 항목들: Shadowgrounds, Shadowgrounds Survivor, Trine, Trine 2: Complete Story, Trine 3, Shadwen


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2016년 2월 26일

AMA from Trine devs on Reddit, 11am EST February 26th

We're doing an AMA today on Reddit. Come ask us anything!

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2016년 2월 24일

Shadwen Special Event: Play the Demo, Drop the Launch Price!

Play the demo, drop the launch price!

You can try out a sneak peek demo of Shadwen, our upcoming stealth-action game, for a limited time. Each playthrough helps drive down Shadwen's eventual launch price. So go ahead, download the demo and start playing! :)

Don't forget to share your best moments with #FromTheShadows for a chance to win Shadwen & Frozenbyte related prizes!


STEP 1: Get the demo!

STEP 2: Play!
  • Each playthrough contributes to a community score.
  • The higher the community score, the lower the launch price!
  • Play as many times as you want!
  • Follow the community score & launch price at

STEP 3: Share and win!
  • Share your best moments with #FromTheShadows for a chance to win Shadwen & Frozenbyte related prizes!

Event ends Monday February 29th 2016 18:00 GMT
Rules available at event page.


Shadwen is a stealth-action game where the only rule is to remain unseen. Stay hidden – or the ruthless guards will kill you on sight!

Shadwen, an assassin on a quest to kill the king, has a chance encounter with an orphaned girl, Lily. She follows Shadwen on her dangerous journey, but when the ruthless guards get too close, Shadwen must take action right in front of Lily’s eyes.

Will Shadwen risk the girl’s budding trust by resorting to violence, or try and find another way while keeping her real purpose concealed?

To kill or not to kill – that is the question.

  • MOVE FREELY – Sneak and explore around the dark and gritty medieval province and use the environment to your advantage – use your rope to grapple onto rooftops, silently drop down from ceilings, or veil yourself in the shadows.
  • STAY HIDDEN – Pick your assassinations carefully. Avoid being seen, heard or getting caught indirectly. Suspicious sights and noises will alert the guards – use it to your benefit!
  • TIME IS AN ACCOMPLICE – Time stands still when you are not moving Shadwen, allowing you to stop at any point mid-motion. Rewind time to manipulate your past and present actions!
  • USE PHYSICS – Use physics and a freely attachable rope to drag and topple objects. Make deaths look accidental; let gravity do the grave work.
  • CREATE TRAPS AND HAZARDS – Set up traps and hazards to lure guards towards their untimely demise; discover new ways to eliminate or distract your foes by crafting items into deadly surprises, including poison traps, spike devices, decoy toys and more.
  • TWO CHARACTERS – Embrace the darkness with Shadwen and her abilities to protect Lily and create a safe passage for her.

More screenshots available on our blog

What do you think? :)

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게임에 대해

Trine 2 is a sidescrolling game of action, puzzles and platforming where you play as one of Three Heroes who make their way through dangers untold in a fantastical fairytale world.

Join Amadeus the Wizard, Pontius the Knight and Zoya the Thief in their adventure full of friendship, magic and betrayal.

Trine 2: Complete Story fully integrates the Goblin Menace expansion campaign and the all-new unlockable Dwarven Caverns level into one mighty fairytale. All owners of Trine 2: Goblin Menace are automatically upgraded to the Complete Story edition.

Key Features

  • Complete Story edition features the all-new unlockable Dwarven Caverns level that takes our heroes on a journey through deep and dark lava-filled tunnels resonating with ancient legends
  • 20 levels chock-full of adventure, physics-based puzzles, hazards, enemies and contraptions.
  • 3 Heroes – Amadeus the Wizard, Pontius the Knight and Zoya the Thief, each with their own skills – and personalities charming and otherwise
  • Choose new skills to aid the heroes in their quest; fight dragon fire with fire arrows or turn your goblin enemies to ice, fly across chasms with the Kitesail Shield, levitate monsters to great heights and then trap them in a box, or slow down the game world with the time-bending gravity bubble!
  • Travel through beautiful vistas and environments (sometimes using extremely unreliable methods of transportation), including a castle by the treacherous sea, a burning desert, snowy ice mountains, all the way to the insides of a giant worm
  • Accessible for both casual and core gamers
  • Online and local co-op with up to three players
  • Save anywhere to play as long or short sessions as you like and use the Unlimited Character Mode and Game+ for additional replay value
  • Superb graphics with next-gen visuals use impressive technical effects, immerse yourself in the fantastical fairytale world full of magic and wonder
  • Hidden collectibles for extra adventuring
  • Fun and challenging achievements to unlock
  • Amazing 27-track soundtrack composed by the acclaimed Ari Pulkkinen
  • Full language support for English, French, German and Spanish, and optional subtitling for more than 10 languages
  • Supports NVIDIA 3D Vision

Trine 2 Soundtrack and Artbook Edition

Digital Artbook with commentary by Trine 2 artists highlighting the design of levels, enemies, buildings and many environments. Also features an exclusive look at material not used in the final game.

Soundtrack by award-winning Ari Pulkkinen, featuring 21 tracks from Trine 2 in MP3 format with a total length of 57 minutes.

The Digital Artbook will be placed in your Trine 2 folder in the Steam directory:
...Steam\steamapps\common\Trine 2\Artbook
The Soundtrack will be placed in your Trine 2 folder in the Steam directory:
...Steam\steamapps\common\Trine 2\Soundtrack

시스템 요구 사항

Mac OS X
SteamOS + Linux
    • OS: Windows 8 / 7 / Vista / XP
    • Processor: 2.0 GHz CPU (Dual Core recommended)
    • Memory: 1 GB
    • Hard Disk Space: 4.5 GB
    • Video Card: ATi Radeon HD 2400 or NVIDIA GeForce 7600 or better (Shader Model 3.0 needs to be supported)
    • DirectX®: 9.0c
    • Sound: DirectX 9.0c compatible
    • Additional: *Please note that Trine 2 may not run on most Intel graphics solutions used in 2004-2009. The game does run on new (2010-) Intel HD Graphics 3000 or better.
    • OS: OS X version Lion 10.7, or later.
    • Processor: Intel Mac
    • Memory: 1 GB RAM
    • Hard Disk Space: 4.0 GB
    • Video Card: NVIDIA GeForce 8600M or better / ATi Radeon 2400 or better*

      *NOTE: Please be advised that Trine 2 does not run on Intel graphics solutions used in 2006-2008. The game does run on new (2010-) Intel HD Graphics 3000 or better. Macs with NVIDIA GeForce 9400M or ATi Radeon X1600 may not achieve smooth gameplay.
    • Additional: Keyboard, Mouse/Trackpad with Secondary click enabled
    • OS: Ubuntu 12.04 LTS
    • Processor: 2.2 GHz CPU
    • Memory: 1 GB
    • Graphics: ATI Radeon HD 2400 or NVIDIA GeForce 7600 or better
    • Hard Drive: 4.0 GB
    • OpenGL: 2.1
    • OS: Ubuntu 12.04 LTS
    • Processor: 2.2 GHz CPU
    • Memory: 1 GB
    • Graphics: ATI Radeon HD 2400 or NVIDIA GeForce 7600 or better (OpenGL 2.1 needs to be supported)
    • Hard Drive: 4.0 GB
    • OpenGL: 2.1
    • Additional: Trine 2 runs best with proprietary drivers and may not function correctly with open source drivers.
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( 6.9 시간 기록 )
게시 일시: 2016년 7월 1일
This review is for both Trine and Trine 2. Still haven't gotten to play Trine 3 yet.

Trine is platformer puzzle game with some action combat to destroy walls, enemies and terrains. There are 3 characters that can be played and will be free to switch around when playing in single player. While in co-op, each control a character up to a max of 3 players and are free to switch character if both party agree. Each character has their own special abilities and are required to change character to cross the level.

I've played the game in co-op for both Trine and Trine 2. Co-op is really fun with the psyhics and there will be alot of laughter when playing it with friends. There are some very minor glitch but nothing really gameplay affecting.

Trine in co-op is about 6 hours of gameplay time, without rushing anything and getting all the exp.
Trine 2 in co-op is about 6-8 hours of gameplay time, depending on how many times you died fighting the boss or getting out of the body of the monster that ate you.
All played in hard difficulty.

It's a really fun game to play with friends and really helps to build your teamwork in co-op. I would recommend waiting for the game to be on sale before buying it unless you really can't wait. While it's on sale, it will be around a dollars so it's worth getting it when's it's really cheap. Otherwise, the price is still abit high.
유용한 리뷰인가요? 아니요 재미있음
eXe | Paruthi
( 19.4 시간 기록 )
게시 일시: 2016년 6월 29일
Very good looking game, every level is very beautilful. Coming to the main part, Trine is a puzzle solving + action game.
You shouldnt play rushing till end since only boss fight are tough.
You try solve the puzzles in various level and also collect the items in top or bottom, that is where the fun is mixing the all there personalites power.
Switching between characters to solve is the thrilling part.Also play with friend who can play other charaters along with you.
Music, Art, Level design are boon for the game. Expected little more tough puzzles, since i played Trine 1.
Loved the time bubble which is created by bow and arrow, makes it more intersting.
Must have for puzzle lovers.
유용한 리뷰인가요? 아니요 재미있음
( 10.4 시간 기록 )
게시 일시: 2016년 6월 29일
Trine 2 is a beautiful and charming game. Play it with a couple of friends and you'll have a good time.
유용한 리뷰인가요? 아니요 재미있음
Fereck the Wereshrub
( 18.0 시간 기록 )
게시 일시: 2016년 6월 28일
fantastic story simple but complex
유용한 리뷰인가요? 아니요 재미있음
( 0.5 시간 기록 )
게시 일시: 2016년 6월 28일
Very fun and has beautiful graphics! But be warned there is some pretty corny narraration.
유용한 리뷰인가요? 아니요 재미있음
( 23.4 시간 기록 )
게시 일시: 2016년 6월 28일
What a wonderful game!!!
It has a beautiful graphic, a nice sound track. As for puzzle, they are so great, tricky and so much fun. And combat scenes are verry good too. Instead of just running and jumping around, combat scenes make the game less boring and make me feel excited. The story is good, and the voices of the characters are very lovely.
I really enjoy this game!
유용한 리뷰인가요? 아니요 재미있음
( 11.4 시간 기록 )
게시 일시: 2016년 6월 28일
I played this game coop with a friend from start to finish. It is so much fun!
I recommend you play it with a friend with skype.
The DLC which you get here is even better than the original game.
유용한 리뷰인가요? 아니요 재미있음
( 3.8 시간 기록 )
게시 일시: 2016년 6월 27일
Beautiful game, puzzles are much more varied and interesting than the first game, some of the sights were so vivid and spectacular that I couldn't help but take some screenshots. This should be in the library of everyone who enjoys 2D side-scrolling puzzlers.
유용한 리뷰인가요? 아니요 재미있음
( 7.3 시간 기록 )
게시 일시: 2016년 6월 26일
Puzzles are too simple. Even simpler in multiplayer.
Combat system is boring.
Stunning graphics can't save its awful core gameplay.
유용한 리뷰인가요? 아니요 재미있음
( 2.3 시간 기록 )
게시 일시: 2016년 6월 26일
Beautiful artwork, good story, BUY IT NOW
유용한 리뷰인가요? 아니요 재미있음
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74명 중 72명(97%)이 이 평가가 유용하다고 함
34.2 시간 기록
게시 일시: 2016년 6월 21일
(Full review follows below)

  • Game Name: Trine 2: Complete Story
  • Original Release: 2013
  • Genre Tags: Platformer; Adventure; Puzzle; Coop; Beautiful Artwork
  • My Overall Grade: A
  • Estimated Playtime (Campaign): 10-25 hours
  • Multiplayer Aspect: Optional
  • Recommended To: Established fans of the genre; Those intrigued by the genre; Aesthetes; Game atmosphere connoisseurs; Casual gamers; Multiplayer gamers

Trine 2 is the sequel to the instant classic that was the first. And it successfully takes a big step forward from the first game in all the positive aspects. However, not too much was changed, ensuring that the charm achieved in the first game is still prevalent. Like its forefather, Trine 2 is a light game that is easy to digest but offers gripping visuals, a mystical atmosphere, and enticing gameplay. All of the features of the game are simple in design but intricate in execution. The gameplay, aesthetics, and narrative all come together to create a whimsical and charming adventure. I highly recommend this for all gamers to consider; and for fans of the genre it is a sure bet.

Keeping in the tradition of the first game, the best aspects of Trine 2 are the stunning visuals and alluring atmospheric presentation of the setting. Each and every environment you explore is diverse, captivating, and charming. The ambiance really captures the mystical aura of the game perfectly. Trine 2 somehow even manages to feel even more mystical than the first, and also has one of the most immersive 2D environments in the realm of video games.

The gameplay is light and quick to grasp. Anyone should be able to dive right in, regardless of ability level. But various difficulty levels and a “hardcore” mode ensure that skilled players can still find a challenge. And whether you are playing on “easy” or “hardcore,” the gameplay is entertaining. Trine 2 also offers a decent amount of increased depth to the character development aspects of the game compared to the first installment of the franchise. There are more abilities and items; and more varied strategies are needed to solve the puzzles.

As a direct sequel, the whimsical narrative is continued from the first game and the endearing trio of characters return. Even though it is a direct sequel, though, the story is quite separated from the original. So it won’t be the end of the world if you haven’t played the first game; but you probably should because it is also fantastic.

Also the option of playing in cooperative mode adds an additional layer of possibilities, as the unique gameplay of the Trine series is a joy to experience with friends.

So like I did with the first game, I would say that Trine 2 is worthy of your consideration regardless of your standard preferences. Check it out.

Follow my curation page to see more of my recommendations!
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7명 중 7명(100%)이 이 평가가 유용하다고 함
17.1 시간 기록
게시 일시: 2016년 6월 10일
Trine 2: Complete Story

If you liked the first, odds are you'll love the second. What did it for me was the visuals—they're even more breathtakingly enchanting than the first instalment of the series and that was enough to make me want to keep playing. The gameplay felt very similar to the original title, although that wasn't really an issue for me: not much of an attempt to improve, but then why try to fix what ain't broke. The story is the low point in my opinion, and felt like it was just there to feed lines to the characters and narrator—who are all still doing a great job.

  • Visuals are even more detailed, gorgeous and immersive;
  • Clever, slightly more challenging physics-based puzzles;
  • Fantasy creatures on a larger scale;
  • Build-up to boss fights increases anticipation;
  • Gameplay adapts to your play-style;
  • Casual base, yet deceptively intricate mechanics;
  • Soundtrack and VO are true to the first instalment;
  • Goblin Menace DLC adds a bit of much needed length;
  • Co-op doubles the fun.

  • New upgrades are original and fun, but ultimately aren't enough to change/improve core gameplay in a significant way.

  • Uninspired story and collectibles;
  • Trine 3 advertisement each time you quit the game;
이 평가가 유용한가요? 아니요 재미있음
7명 중 7명(100%)이 이 평가가 유용하다고 함
12.9 시간 기록
게시 일시: 2016년 6월 6일
This is one of the most enjoyable cooperative platformers I've played. It's perfect for having an easy-going expireance with any age group. I played through the whole game with my little brother (15) and sister (10) and we all had a great time.
The puzzels are varied - most of them aren't chalenging, but ocasionally some with requier a crazy act of skill too get past. This slight chalenge really never got frustrating as much as it infused the game with a little excitement. Almost everything about the game is fun. Simply put.
If you have 2 other people in your family who would enjoy a good time, get this game when it’s on sale (or a full price if you want).
One technical note is that one of the characters is a lot easier to play with the keyboard and mouse – rather than a gamepad – so 1 person on the PC with 2 others on controllers is an ideal setup.
이 평가가 유용한가요? 아니요 재미있음
2명 중 2명(100%)이 이 평가가 유용하다고 함
2명이 이 평가가 재미있다고 함
0.7 시간 기록
게시 일시: 2016년 6월 18일
recommended for if on sale, but wouldn't åay 17 euro for this....

If its lower than 8 euro it would be worth it.

anyways its a nice game.
이 평가가 유용한가요? 아니요 재미있음
2명 중 2명(100%)이 이 평가가 유용하다고 함
25.1 시간 기록
게시 일시: 2016년 6월 24일
Trine 2 is a sidescrolling game that includes jumping, puzzle solving and fighting, all in a pleasant and well measured mixture.

Game looks nice, style is childishly charming and fanciful, in line with it's fairytale theme.

Player takes control of one of the three characters - a knight, a thief and a wizard - and freely changes between them during the adventure, using various abilities available to each one and combining them to overcome obstacles, be they botomless pitfalls, weird contraptions or enemies.

Gameplay is smooth and fun, game is fairly easy and causes little to no frustration but there's still a hefty dose of satisfaction when you manage to reach some hard to notice collectible crammed in a niche in the ceiling or a hidden chest after using up a trick or two. Levels are fairly diverse, from bread and butter enchanted forests or dungeons, to walled towns under assault to really cool and weird stuff such as being inside a sand worm's digestion system.

I unfortunately haven't tried multiplayer as of yet.

I haven't played anything of this sort since childhood times of Prehistorik and Prince of Persia in the early 1990ies, so I don't have much modern first hand experience for comparison. However Trine 2 (as well as Trine) left me very pleasantly surprised after I got it due to a random urge to buy something on a discount. Being used to "serious" games such as aviation simulators, rpgs, Total War series, raiding mmos, Eve online etc in the recent decade(s) I remembered how it felt to play games when I was a kid and I must say the change of pace is welcome.

All in all, I can recommend Trine 2. I imagine children would love it, while some of us older warhorses used to dark fantasy, dark science fiction, serious modern warfare etc can find a welcome break in this little gem.
이 평가가 유용한가요? 아니요 재미있음
2명 중 2명(100%)이 이 평가가 유용하다고 함
1명이 이 평가가 재미있다고 함
18.7 시간 기록
게시 일시: 2016년 6월 2일
this is a good game.but there are some issues in ubuntu.trine 2 doesn' show my native resolution and 30 fps lock.i had to change both in options .txt file.why can't u just fix it?
이 평가가 유용한가요? 아니요 재미있음
2명 중 2명(100%)이 이 평가가 유용하다고 함
2.7 시간 기록
게시 일시: 2016년 6월 16일
Absolutely amazing!! Great graphics, very atmospheric, and just insanely fun in general. 10/10 recommend.
이 평가가 유용한가요? 아니요 재미있음
4명 중 3명(75%)이 이 평가가 유용하다고 함
9.0 시간 기록
게시 일시: 2016년 6월 2일
Great, fun, pretty, Platfformer.
이 평가가 유용한가요? 아니요 재미있음
4명 중 3명(75%)이 이 평가가 유용하다고 함
2명이 이 평가가 재미있다고 함
7.7 시간 기록
게시 일시: 2016년 6월 19일
Definetly worth it.
It looks good.
Plays smooth.
Nice storyline.
이 평가가 유용한가요? 아니요 재미있음
6명 중 4명(67%)이 이 평가가 유용하다고 함
4.1 시간 기록
게시 일시: 2016년 6월 1일
very nice graphics
이 평가가 유용한가요? 아니요 재미있음