Albino Lullaby is a horror adventure game that doesn't rely on jump scares or gore. Escape from a surreal psychological nightmare as the world dynamically twists and contorts around you.
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Release Date: Sep 15, 2015

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October 7

40% Off Birthday Pre-Halloween sale!

Independent studio Ape Law is celebrating the one-year anniversary of the launch of their psychological horror game Albino Lullaby with a Pre-Halloween Sale. The studio, comprised of veterans from Bioshock: Infinite, top-selling indie title Chivalry: Medieval Warfare, the Tomb Raider reboot and the upcoming PSVR Launch Title Here They Lie, will offer their 2D and VR, no jump scares, no gore horror game for 40% Off from October 7 th through 14 th on Steam for PC and Vive.

“While we are working on Episode 2, this is the perfect opportunity for players with the game on their Steam Wishlist to buy Albino Lullaby at huge discount. For players that are still on the fence, we have made our Demo available for free and it includes the first 40 minutes of gameplay. This is a great chance to check out the game!” said Justin Pappas, creative director of Albino Lullaby and Founder of Ape Law.

The Albino Lullaby: Episode 1 Demo of the first 40 minutes of gameplay is now available for free on Steam: .

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May 30

Version 1.5.2 Update

I just posted v1.5.2 update. It is a small update that fixes rendering issue some people were having with Grandmother at the end of the game.

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“The game I’m most looking forward to playing in 2015.”
-- John Walker. Rock, Paper, Shotgun

“Part Stanley Parable and part Alfred Hitchcock... This is a sick place, full of sick allusions and sick jokes.”
-- Colin Campbell. Polygon

“Indie Gaming's Beetlejuice”
-- Stephanie Carmichael. Syfy Games, G4

About This Game

Albino Lullaby is a horror adventure game that doesn't rely on jump scares or gore. A Lynchian psychological nightmare where you play as yourself. Escape from a dark and surreal Victorian town that clings to the precipices of underground cliffs. The gamespace dynamically twists and contorts around you in real time, as you unravel an equally twisted narrative. Discover the hidden spaces haunted by 'The Grandchildren' as you uncover clues to understanding just where and what you are. Albino Lullaby is set for initial release on the PC and will be fully VR compatible.

Game Features

  • The Next Gen of Adventure Games - Player driven pacing, no cutscenes.
  • Transforming Gamespace - Mechanical mansion deconstructs around you.
  • Environmental Storytelling - Deep background of characters and events, conveyed through the gamespace.
  • Different Play Styles - Sneak or gung ho!
  • Episodic Releases - Pay as you go or get a season pass.
  • VR Ready - Built from ground up to play great on the Oculus Rift, Vive and Morpheus.

Developed by Ape Law.

To make game for to give to man! Ape Law exists to explore and experiment with games as the next great storytelling medium and was formed by Justin Pappas in the summer of 2013 in Cambridge, Mass. Justin has worked as a level designer on games like 'BioShock: Infinite' and the 'Tomb Raider' reboot and moved onto the indie scene in 2011 as the level design lead on 'Chivalry: Medieval Warfare' He is now the creative director and level builder/designer for 'Albino Lullaby'. The studio is comprised of other industry vets, who have worked on a myriad of games from 'Borderlands' to 'Lord of the Rings Online' and at studios like Warner Brothers, Hasbro and Harmonix. We are spread out over the north east coast of North America, from Toronto down to New Jersey and communicate primarily over Skype.

Gameplay Captured On

System Requirements

    • OS: Windows 7 or Later
    • Processor: 2.0+ GHz processor
    • Memory: 2 GB RAM
    • Graphics: SM3-compatible video card
    • DirectX: Version 10
    • Storage: 6 GB available space
    • OS: Windows 7 or Later
    • Processor: quad-core Intel or AMD processor
    • Memory: 4 GB RAM
    • Graphics: DX11 compatible video card
    • DirectX: Version 11
    • Storage: 6 GB available space
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Most Helpful Reviews  In the past 30 days
1 of 1 people (100%) found this review helpful
0.6 hrs on record
Posted: October 14
Product received for free
Writen by me on

Albino Lullaby is an Adventure Horror game with an amazing art style similar to that of Alice in Wonderland. This isn’t the usual jump scare horror game you’d expect from an indie dev and there’s no gore either, The dark world inside Albino Lullaby goes for a more psychological and surreal style. I love the art style and how they tell the story. You explore a dark mysterious castle finding notes that slowly give you an idea on whats going on. If you like mystery then this is definitely your game.

If you’re looking for an intense horror game then this may get a little bland at times but if you’re looking for a adventure story telling game with eerie aspects to it then you’ll have an amazing time. It’s a lot of fun collecting notes and learn more about the strange and twisted world all while you feel as if something is following you. This is just Episode 1 so be ready to see more updates for this in the future. Oh and one more thing, it’s also VR compatible and I believe it would improve your experience 100%. Albino Lullaby: Episode 1 gets a 7/10 rating for its lovey art style and eerie world. You can get Albino Lullaby on Steam for $9.99! I hope you enjoy and have an amazing week!
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1 of 1 people (100%) found this review helpful
1.6 hrs on record
Posted: October 15
Product received for free
Me and my brothers play horror games every october.

We really enjoyed this game the atomsaphere and the game is not a normal horror game it's more thinking and strange horror I definitely recommend it.
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1 of 1 people (100%) found this review helpful
9.2 hrs on record
Posted: October 22
I decided to try it out when I read it was a horror game that didn't rely on gore or jumps scares. Albino Lullaby Ep 1 definitely delivers on this promise.

In the first ten minutes of this game I found it very charming and entertaining, with garishly beautiful colours, fun textures in the environment and a quirky vibe overall. But then the game slowly layers creepy experience over creepy experience and before you know it you've gone from charmed to terrified.

This game is like being told a spooky story by a circus ringmaster, standing under a spotlight in an otherwise darkened tent. It's got a strange mix of joy and hideousness that makes it really stand out from the crowd. This game seduces and them turns on you. It doesn't just re-use the common symbols of vaudeville style horror you see in other games, it weaves them into a rich narrative that is communicated almost wholly through the environment. It's very appealingly self-aware.

ALSO THERE IS A TOILET CAROUSEL ISTG I LOVE IT SO MUCH. The music and voice acting is top notch, it matches the environment perfectly.

I love that there's a unique death message if you decide to intentionally run into a furnance (there's really no way that death can happen unintentionally, it's easy to avoid, so I really enjoyed the game 'rewarding' me for deciding to be an idiot for fun).

One thing I'd critisize is that (and perhaps I'm just not cut out for these) most of the puzzle elements revolved around "find a button and press that button". And while the button treasure hunt forces you to explore the game more thoroughly (you can tell just how much the game wants you to not miss a single lovingly created detail) I did get very frustrated when I returned to an area later in the game and had to re-do it's particular button quest all over again. YMMV: this is a minor complaint. I'm not very good at finding buttons, especially when I'm terrified out of my wits.

Another gripe would be that even with gamma set to maximum there were times where I actually could not see anything and wandered around in pitch black until finally I found an unseen staircase etc.

The final gripe would be that you do not have control over save points, they are automatically determined which means if you want to explore your options in ways that lead to regular death/capture, sometimes you have a long walk ahead of you and sometimes you have to go find and re-press all of those damn buttons again).

These three complaints in no way would lead me not to recommend the game. I'm truly glad I decided to give it a go. There's a sequence that occurs just before you enter a boneyard that is honestly one of the most beautiful things I've seen in games for years. It's worth playing just to watch that gorgeous two minute sequence for yourself (it must be amazing to play that part in VR). Also the ghost and bat designs are adorable and if there was merch of them w the Albino Lullaby logo I'd consder getting some (I'm... not really keen on the Grandchildren, CRAZY I KNOW).

I don't play a lot of horror games (more a strategy and rpg person) but this one is really special. I'll certainly give Ep 2 a go when it is released.
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1 of 1 people (100%) found this review helpful
9.5 hrs on record
Posted: October 22
Two words describe this game.

Uniquely Disturbing.

Albino Lullaby is a great horror game, it builds up great atmosphere and develops an amazing story that kept me up all night. I created a review video for those looking for a more visual review.♥♥♥

This game is truley one of a kind, and deserves a lot of attention to Horror fans.
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1 of 6 people (17%) found this review helpful
Not Recommended
0.1 hrs on record
Posted: September 30
this is NOT a vr game...
this will make you feel sick and dizzy in seconds
one jostiq for movement, one for looking around, worst controls possible
and then the world is tumbling and rotating... its a showcase of all the things you should NOT do in a vr game :P

playing it as a regular game:
cool atmosphere, but the game isnt fun, not for me at least...
reminds me of that old ALICE game, but that one had better graphics and was actually fun to play
also reminds me a bit of that old EVIL TWIN game, but yeah, that one was more fun too
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108 of 148 people (73%) found this review helpful
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4.9 hrs on record
Posted: September 14, 2015
*Review for episode 1*

What a ride.

Albino Lullaby is a game that truly nails how to set an atmosphere. You find yourself thrown into this strange world and everything is so strange and off-putting. Notes scattered all over the place give you an insight into it's strange inhabitants thoughts, which only adds to the creepyness. In this surreal Victorian town you meet some weird creatures that are somehow both goofy in appearance, yet oddly offputting and creepy at the same time. Several of them have dialogue that exposes some of their creepy culture and odd society. They consider you a "worm" that must be caught, and you will need to avoid them by any means necessary and escape this place.

For this, you have at your disposal several gameplay mechanics, which are introduced in a fairly gradual way.You will need to use stealth to avoid these creatures and progress, initially. You can use special lamps scattered throughout the level to make "safe spots" the creatures can't go to, but only for some seconds. And then one of the best features of the game, the switching and activating of various traps that transform the level layout itselft. The world is full of moving parts that work very well together to make various death traps that will both challenge you and help you by manipulating them to your needs.
There's also some sections where you need to run and evade the creatures as fast as possible, and you also get a device that helps you make the creatures dissapear for a bit so you can progress (this device can sometimes take away a bit of the tension of being chased, but I think it's used sparringly enough).
Do mind that the game isn't really what someone would normally call "scary". You will not find the usual scares that would appear on your average horror game. It goes for unsettling and surreal imagery and sound design that always make you consider this world such a creepy and off-putting one. I think this where the game shines, by being atmospheric rather than outright scary. You will also find some disturbing more disturbing imagery and refrences that while won't scare you, they will creep the hell out of you.

Coupled with great world building, I really have to mention the sound design of the game- It's legit one of the most professional crafting of sound i've ever seen(or rather, heard) in a indie game. The sound-mixing is really top-notch, and it really contributes to the atmosphere. Doors opening, floor creaking, pieces and gears moving, sound cues of enemies, all feels very well placed and of great quality. If you have a good audio system you will really appreciate all of this as well as the great audio positioning.
To add to that, I have to say that there's also great voice acting, coupled with good use of voice modulation. The voices fit the characters perfectly and constitue a big part of their creepyness.
The soundtrack is also of note, with themes that are both soothing and calm while at same time feeding into the whole surreal vibe.

While I really enjoyed, that is of course not say that I didn't have some issues. The game does have a few flaws. My biggest pet-peeve is a certain section of the game(won't spoil much, but involves luring a creature) that breaks the pacing the game a bit and wasn't particularly creepy or added nothing of substance to the game in that particular area. The game does recover after that and gets the pace up again.
There's a few sections where the game doesn't seem to direct you to progress, and you may find yourself lost or even stuck sometimes. Biggest offender was a place where I was apparently(though I could have missed something, fair enough, although I did explore quite a bit the area) supposed to use the logic of a map exploiter and jump on a fence at a certain angle to be able to access the area. Nothing on this area suggests that's the way to take or hint a it in the slightest.

I've also run into a few bugs:

- Sometimes, when you respawn, the enemy spawns can get messed up(this only appears to happen in one area however). Specifically, there will be more enemies each time you respawn, sometimes spawning upwards of 30/40 enemies where normally would have been 15 or less, and can actively make your progress impossible as the sheer number of them will be enough to block you. This bug can be "fixed" by restarting the game.

- I've had severe performance issues in the final area. Until this area, I was running the game comfortably @2880x1620 without a hitch. However, upon reaching this area, it immediately dropped to lower 20s. Scaled back to 1080p and while better, it still struggles to hold 30 fps and will be in the mid-twenties a lot throughout most the level. However, there's one specific room in this are where the issues the most drastic: upon this room "spawning" the game will imeddiately drop to 15-17fps, and if you further venture into it will get even lower, not even managing 10 fps and if you go some specific places it will even go as low as 2 FPS. My rig is a 4690k with a GTX 970, so It doesn't seem to be an issue with my build. I hope this gets patched quickly as it can really sour the enjoyment of a otherwise great performing game.

Overall, I think it's a very promissing game based on this episode, and manages to keep the gameplay somewhat fresh throughout the episode, never having really a boring moment to speak of. I'd really recommend keeping a eye on this game, which as the potential to be really, really good in the following episodes.

7.5/10(easily a 8 after the issues are fixed)
+ Great artstyle, coupled with wonderful atmosphere and world building
+ Creepyness oozes throughout everything and always keeps you on your toes
+ Gameplay that feels fresh through the whole episode
+ Amazing sound design

- Bugs that can affect progress
- Performance issues in the final area
- Level design sometimes does not lead the player properly

Disclaimer:Key was provided by the devs for the purpose of reviewing.
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81 of 110 people (74%) found this review helpful
Not Recommended
1.3 hrs on record
Posted: April 9
This game may very well be good, and I may very well someday try to play it... on a monitor. The VR implementation of it is in a word, awful. With my new Vive in hand, I've been looking for some horror games to sink my teeth into, and decided to try this one because it looks different.

The VR implementation is braindead. It should never have been released like this. There is no movement of neck and body, your head is on a pivot. Leaning over will not move you an inch, but it sure will make you sick. Just as bad, the scale of the world is completely wrong. I feel like a giant running through and even more giant house, and turning with everything this big makes me even more sick. I do not get Sim-sickness easily, but this is one of the few first person games that has managed to make me ill. Not as bad as Town of Light, but still so bad it ruins the fun.

If the devs ever fix the game up to work with VR PROPERLY, I will revisit this review. For now though, do NOT buy this game for VR, it is easily the worst experience I've had so far on the Vive.
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29 of 32 people (91%) found this review helpful
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3.9 hrs on record
Posted: September 21, 2015
A sublime mix of influences seeming to comprise Pink Floyd, Guillermo Del Toro and Terry Gillian, Albino Lullaby:Episode 1 manages to stand out among the plethora of recent horror games by it's atmosphere alone. Creepy and claustrophobic in some places and nightmarish and adrenaline pumped in others.
The graphics seem a little basic and underwhelming at first, until you start to get into the game and the realization hits that you no longer see them as a negative, but they fit the atmosphere perfectly.
The sound and music are absolutely spot-on. The music plinks and plonks spookily in the background but swells to fever-pitch when you get spotted. The voice acting is probably some of the best and worst I've seen in recent years, you can tell the voice actors put their all into the work. The problem is that, again, it all fits together perfectly, both the good and the bad.
The gameplay is probably the hardest to review as the game seems to change it up from time to time, first it's an exploration game as you look around to try to find out who? what? where? and why? Then it turns into a stealth
game, then it's a chase game as you run away from the enemies, then it's a puzzle game, then all combined.
All in all, yet again, it fits together well.

I would say if you enjoy horror games, or just fancy something a little different give it a try.
Grandmother would be very dissapointed in if you don't...
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61 of 88 people (69%) found this review helpful
8 people found this review funny
8.4 hrs on record
Posted: September 15, 2015
Albino Lullaby has a very unique atmosphere, with creepy and cool enemy designs
There isn't much in terms of gameplay, but that's not exactly a bad thing.
The game focuses on exploration, and atmosphere build up. You go around, read some notes, explore a unique and beautiful looking environment. All is good, until you meet them. Until you hear them. Oh God.

The enemies in this game are incredibly grotesque, and I absolutely love it. Their gargling voices, and the things they say makes you feel so uneasy. You can't fight back. You just try to avoid them stealthily, or run away if they've noticed you.
The game makes you scared, without any lame tactics like overdone gore, or jumpscares.

Lastly, the music is fantastic.

I love everything about this world, and I think you should give it a try.
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40 of 55 people (73%) found this review helpful
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9.2 hrs on record
Posted: September 14, 2015

* Atmospheric Victorian steampunk environment with a suitably grotesque story
* A darkly cartoonish nightmare that's about rich imagery rather than scaring you silly
* Sometimes slow and puzzly, other times fast and forcing you to think on your feet.
* Creepiness is diluted by the time you get to the more action-driven later scenes
* Roughly 5 hours playthrough, with optional notes to collect
* Episode 2 is currently promised for Q2 2016

Full review:

Horror-wise, it's true that Albino Lullaby doesn't rely on jump scares or gore, although it does give you one or two sudden shocks and some unsettling grotesque imagery. It's more a forboding, dreamlike feeling, and use of dark surreal imagery that taps RIGHT into your dreams. It's paced nicely, with longer, slower bits building up dread, then the short release of a panicked chase or plummeting through madness.

The game is split loosely into a series of scenes, each letting you explore an area until you work out the puzzle/objective. Often it's just a case of finding the key or pressing enough buttons, but it mixes this up with mild stealth sections, panic-chases, rooftop navigation puzzles, arena fights and a clever action-puzzle towards the end where you need to work out how to trap somebody.

Gameplay highlights video of the first section:

The core story is best experienced free of spoilers - the creepy evil worms you see on the advertising are obviously a major part of it, and beyond that it's all about slowly revealing the horrifying truth of who they are and who you are, all the time with the threat of a sinister Grandmother hanging over it all. The story happens through action (and figuring stuff out yourself) rather than cut scenes, although occasionally it'll freeze you to the spot so you can only look around while something crucial happens.

It looks beautiful and is lit brilliantly. Every scene sets a consistent mood of suffocating Victorian creepiness, with a dash of Steampunk and a dark hand-drawn cartoon aesthetic. Most locations are packed with little details that you can easily miss if you're in a rush - such as one of the evil worms taking a bath, or gravestones whose text reveals on inspection some disturbingly young deaths.

Similar detail is found on the now-traditional horror-game notes you can pick up. As usual they flesh out the story and provide atmosphere (or just jokes), while sometimes offering clues about stuff such as how the worms are afraid of something, suggesting that maybe you could use that to your advantage. You'll probably not miss much by ignoring them, though.

The game is never unfair, always making sure to teach you stuff before you have to rely on that knowledge during more dangerous situations (eg letting you work out how to fix a broken power line at your own pace before making you do it later in a panic).

As the story goes on, you get used to the initially creepy worms and by the time you have a weapon late in the game, you'll see them as cartoonish fodder. It's definitely less spooky and more plain surreal later on - at one point you're surrounded by broken clocks, toilets and furniture, and the on-screen mission objective literally becomes "I dunno, WTF?", which did make me laugh a lot but ain't exactly horror! The final, large scene where you (sort of) take on a boss isn't scary either, but there's satisfaction as it guides you into piecing together the final parts of the backstory.

It felt like an okay length for episode one of a story-based game - I played it through in around 5 hours. It's probably a one-shot deal; because it's all about reacting to unfamiliar situations and figuring stuff out, you'd be able to do a second runthrough in a fraction of that. Even the actions bits are mostly simple after you've figured out the knack.

On the technical side, occasionally it's a bit too dark - literally - so you simply can't see stuff. I had one major bug (too many enemies spawning and blocking a door on one level after dying several times) but this is bound to be fixed asap. I hit a few massive frame rate dips later on. It's odd how a few game props have physics (particularly the chairs), but most don't. Finally, the font can be a pain in the ♥♥♥♥ to read!

Thanks to Big Ape for supplying the pre-release version.
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Recently Posted
3.9 hrs
Posted: October 23
Wow....just wow.

Ape Law blew my mind with this far this game exceeded my expectations. The art is amazing, the voice acting is awesome along with the story. This game is the total package if you are looking for something that is unique.

Don't be fooled by the "Episode 1" bit, you would be amazed on the length of it. On multiple occasions I expected it to cut off, but it never did. Ape Law made one hell of a game in Albino Lullaby, this player expects quality from you in the future.

A solid 8.5/10
Would HIGHLY recommend :)
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0.3 hrs
Posted: October 16
so boring
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Don't Trust the Pantaloon
2.2 hrs
Posted: September 22
*I did not play the VR version of this game*
I honestly would love to recommend this game. It started out so quirky and interesting. But I never got to finish it. When I first started playing it, I was able to play it with the graphics settings all the way up and get really good frame rate. But it reached a part where my frame rate dropped completely, and I was barely getting 2 fps with the graphics all the way down. I don't know what happened, but I am really disappointed. I had really been looking forward to playing this game.
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1.3 hrs
Posted: September 12
when i episode 2 coming bby
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7.0 hrs
Posted: September 8
There are no words to even begin to describe the strangeness that is this game. Even after completing it, I feel I understand it less than I did before starting.

In my opinion, it's not particularly scary, but it more than makes up for the lack of scares with incredibly creative worlds and visuals.

It's a surreal, first person, Tim Burton-esque styled horror game with elements of dark comedy that also happens to be one of the most unique games I've ever played. Worth a try. Looking forward to the future episodes.

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