Experience what it’s like to be Batman and face off against Gotham's greatest villians. Explore every inch of Arkham Asylum and roam freely on the infamous island.
User reviews: Overwhelmingly Positive (7,234 reviews)
Release Date: Mar 26, 2010

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"Arkham City was great, Arkham Origins was ... not. For me, the best of the bunch is the first, Arkham Asylum. You just can't beat those Scarecrow bits!"

About This Game

Critically acclaimed Batman: Arkham Asylum returns with a remastered Game of the Year Edition, featuring 4 extra Challenge Maps. The additional Challenge Maps are Crime Alley; Scarecrow Nightmare; Totally Insane and Nocturnal Hunter (both from the Insane Night Map Pack).
  • Utilize the unique FreeFlow™ combat system to chain together unlimited combos seamlessly and battle with huge groups of The Joker’s henchmen in brutal melee brawls
  • Investigate as Batman, the WORLD’S GREATEST DETECTIVE, by solving intricate puzzles with the help of cutting edge forensic tools including x-ray scanning, fingerprint scans, ‘Amido Black’ spray and a pheromone tracker
  • Face off against Gotham’s greatest villains including The Joker, HARLEY QUINN, POISON IVY and KILLER CROC
  • Become the Invisible Predator™ with Batman’s fear takedowns and unique vantage point system to move without being seen and hunt enemies
  • Choose multiple takedown methods, including swooping from the sky and smashing through walls.
  • Explore every inch of Arkham Asylum and roam freely on the infamous island, presented for the first time ever in its gritty and realistic entirety
  • Experience what it’s like to be BATMAN using BATARANGS, explosive gel aerosol, The Batclaw, sonar resonator and the line launcher
  • Unlock more secrets by completing hidden challenges in the world and develop and customize equipment by earning experience points
  • Enjoy complete superhero freedom in the environment with the use of Batman’s grapnel gun to get to any place you can see, jump from any height and glide in any direction

System Requirements

    • OS: Vista/XP
    • Processor: 3Ghz Intel or AMD or any Dual Core
    • Memory: 1GB Ram(XP)/2GB Ram
    • Graphics: PCI Express SM3 NVidia 6600/ ATI 1300
    • DirectX®: 9
    • Hard Drive: 8GB free space
    • Sound: Any onboard sound card
Helpful customer reviews
71 of 74 people (96%) found this review helpful
15.4 hrs on record
Posted: August 3
Here are a few quotes from the game that are reason enough to buy it.

The Joker: [Over the P.A. system] Ding d-ding, dong! Joker here! Here's what's new in the asylum... Some idiot is running around the asylum, dressed like a bat...! I know! Crazy! He should be considered costumed and dangerous.

Thug: Allright the bombs are on the gargoyles.
Joker: Ok, Here goes!
Joker: Oops.

Employee's wife: Hello? Is anyone there? I'm trying to reach Steve!
Joker: One moment, I'll see if I can find him!
Employee's Wife: Thank you.
*after a second*
Joker: Sorry, but I can only find his head! I'll get back to you when I find the rest of him!

The Joker: [Over the P.A. system] Tell me Bats. What are you really scared of? Failing to save this cesspool of a city? Not finding the Commissioner in time? Me, in a thong?

The Joker: Paging Dr Bat, paging Dr Bat, is there a Dr Bat in the room?
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Posted: September 6
NOTE: Since this is the first game in the franchise, I will review it as if the sequels did not exist.


Batman Arkham Asylum is an action-adventure game and the first title on the critically acclaimed Arkham franchise. The game was released in 2009, developed by Rocksteady Studios and published by Warner Brothers Interactive Entertainment. Arkham Asylum currently (as of the writing of this review 2014), holds the Guinness World Record for “Most critically acclaimed superhero videogame” as well as several Game of the Year awards. The Story was written by Paul Dini who's notable work include Batman: Animated Series and Batman Beyond.

In this game Batman, after just having apprehended the Joker, takes him to the now infamous Arkham Asylum. Unfortunately, Batman soon realizes that it was all part of Joker's plan in an elaborate scheme to stage a major prison riot and take over the Asylum. Now trapped, Batman has to stop the Joker and at the same time, discover whatever sinister plot the Joker has started which seems to involve a new drug called Titan.

+ Graphically beautiful with amazing locations, well textured characters and environment
+ Excellent Voice acting from the cast, specially on Kevin Conroy (Batman) and Mark Hamill (Joker)
+ Combat Mechanic (Free Flow Combat) that goes well with...
+ Fluid Animation quality where Batman can chain attacks with absolute grace
+ Lots of cool gadgets and upgrades that can aid you in several situations
+ Perfect blend of Action and Stealth without sacrificing either one
+ Scarecrow Segments and Riddler Challenges
+ Great use of the Batman Lore with cameo appearances or references to other characters and locations in the Batman Universe
+ Excellent Story that really draws you in
+ Re-playability due to unlockable Challenges and a New Game Plus
+ Easy to learn controls and game mechanic
+ Relatively medium sized map that rewards exploration
+ Excessive amount of bone breaking physical violence

- Detective mode can be abused by perpetually leaving it active since it has no real drawback
- Underwhelming Mini bosses who can be defeated in more or less the same manner
- VERY disappointing Boss (Super Villain) battles which is perhaps the game's greatest flaw
- Combat mechanic can potentially become repetitive
- Games For Windows Live
- Game does not include a Shark Repellent


The game is a great comicbook / cartoon to video game adaptation of Batman. Easy to learn and use of the freeflow combat mechanic coupled with a well implemented stealth system makes the gameplay fun. The story is true to the formula that made most Batman cartoons and animated movies great with some added violence and mature content. Engaging and lovely atmosphere that is amplified by the excellent voice acting quality from the cast. Although the bosses in this game does not live up to the build up of the story, it still nonetheless wraps up each story arc pretty neatly.

Highly recommended to Batman, Martial arts or Stealth fans out there. At $20 for its full price this game is worth every penny and it should be a no-brainer when you see it on a sale.

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58.1 hrs on record
Posted: November 5
Batman: Arkham Asylum is a Beat 'em up set in, well, the Arkham Asylum?

You are (obviously) Batman and after you catch Joker, who was strangely willing to go with you without a fight, you go to the Asylum to be sure he doesn’t try anything funny, bad part is you fail. Good part is the Asylum gets out of control and is up to you to solve the situation. But remember, Joker is not the only one there, so you have to be prepared for a long, long night.

★★★★☆ | Liked it
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37.6 hrs on record
Posted: August 22
Just finished this game and I admit it made me understand why the "Arkham" series of Batman games is so popular. The game has very nice and well-balanced mix of combat, puzzle solving and platforming. Lots of effort was put into all mechanics and as a result the player never gets bored with one part or another due to constant variation. Mechanically the game is very solid and it does give you a variety of things to learn in order to be able to progress without getting too overwhelming. All new tricks are introduced at a reasonable pace and most are explained well enough (also thanks to the fact that you are immediately forced to use the new unlocked gadgets in order to progress forward). The game is not entirely open-world and gives you a number of "hubs" or areas to explore and act in while unlocking them one after another. This makes the experience a bit more linear than some might like. Although, once again, the level design is really good and it will make your exploration enjoyable throughout the whole title.
The voice-acting is very well done and so are the cutscenes. The lore obviously adds a lot of charm to the game with lots of nice little details like interviews (voiced dialogues telling about the characters' past) and biographies to unlock and collect. The in-game graphics still look pretty good although some textures and objects do look at little bit outdated (i.e. low-resolution). Some tweaking with the usage of Steam forums might also be required in order to make the not-entirely-optimal port run at maximum resolution and with maximized visual effects even on reasonably modern systems.
The story is reasonably entertaining and holds the game together well to make it interesting for the player. The main questions the game asks (as its name states) are those of sanity and madness and how one can slide from the former into the latter while also asking the player whether the criminals can be considered as "ill" and/or "uncurable". Obviously, the aesthetics of the game is somewhat grim although not without some jokes inbetween (if you like the gags Joker produces).
One (non-crucial) problem consists in the fact that one can not access all in-game secrets that one detects immediately (special gadgets that unlock later are required for this). Thus I have spent some time in vain wondering whether I could not find the right approach to the secret before I gave in and Internet told me those secrets can only be accessed later on in the game.
The DLCs barely add anything to the main game as they do the same thing as other in-game stealth and arena combat pieces only in new locations. So if you are dying to do more combat/stealth, they can serve as some additional fun, but otherwise they are nothing really interesting. Same goes for the challenges, which basically repeat the in-game locations for arena combat and stealth missions with slight variations (enemy composition and/or additional environmental restrictions). While all of them can serve to improve your in-game stealth and combat skills, the main game learning cruve is so nicely adjusted that it is quite enough to just play the "Normal" difficulty mode continuously to gradually learn and use everything that might be necessary to beat the game.
Overall, if you want to start off with the first Batman game that made the whole series so famous, you will not be disappointed and enjoy your time. I heartily recommend this title.
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14.0 hrs on record
Posted: July 13
Great game! if you never played any of the Arkham games then this is the one to start with! The game has great visuals, great combat, and a good narrative. You get a good sum of boss battles, but they're a bit too easy (In my opinion) but the thing that makes this game truly fun is the Joker. The Joker is more relatable to the comics than Christopher Nolan's version of the Joker, but the Joker is still a great villain, and it could be one of the best villains in a video game. A good thing the game does is that the game has a ton of villains, but it does not use the most popular ones (Probably to save for sequels). The villains you will see in the game are Joker, Bane, Ivy, Harley Quinn, Mr. Zsasz, Killer Croc and Scarecrow. I spent 12 hours playing this game, and it is a good length for a game like this, plus there is a reasonable amount of replay value. There are also collectables as well, Ridler trophy's, tapes from patients (villains), and unlock bios for different characters. Also there are challenges as well. The game is a true master piece!
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73.6 hrs on record
Posted: October 19
Batman games are very complex games. Through interesting and very thrilling story you will experience satisfying hand-to-hand combat, stealth action, puzzle challenges and detective investigating. You will need to be strategical as you proceed the main campaign, especially in stealth parts of the game.
This game is done so well, that you even don't have to know the Batman or DC universe.

Pretty much everyting about Batman Arkham Asylum is great: Story, music, characters, graphics, gameplay and also the original voice over by Mark Hamill and Kevin Conroy adds the real Batman atmosphere.

My rank for this game: 10/10
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25.9 hrs on record
Posted: June 28
Batman Arkham Asylum is a smooth action game that mixes elements of platforming and stealth.
At the beginning of the game the Joker has just been captured and is being delivered to his holding cell in Arkham Asylum. You control Batman and follow the bound Joker and his armed escorts to the detention unit. Something goes wrong and Joker is free and you need to hunt him down and foil his plot, whatever that may be.
The combat is awesome. There are many ways to take down enemies. If you decide to attack them directly, you will start off with punches and kicks to build your combo count. As your combo count goes up, you are able to pull off takedowns, throws, ground and pound moves and more. If youwant a more subtle approach, there are still plenty of tactics. You can hang from a gargoyle and snatch up baddies as they pass below you, hand from a ledge and pull them over, blow up structures so it falls on their head, or simply sneak up behind them and take them out silently.
There will be alot of areas that will be cut off to you at first. As you progress through the story, you will gradually gain equipment that will unlock more and more of the previously inaccessible areas.
Early on in the game the Riddler will contact you and send you on a mission to hunt down trophies. These will unlock character bios, models and challenge mode missions.
The game looks absolutely beautiful. The environment is incredibly rich and dark. All of the villians have been redesigned to give them a grimier and more menacing look with bulging veins and dirty scuff marks on their attire. Batman's own appearance changes as you progress through the single player campaign. He receives tears and cuts and even bleeds a little by the end.
The vocie actors also did an excellent job.
Batman Arkham Asylum is without a doubt, one of the greatest Batman video games ever produced. The main single player story itself is a bit short, but it offers plenty of replay value through its unlockable contents and challenge modes. Batman Arkham Asylum is a must have, not only for fans of the dark knight.

Sounds 10/10
Graphics 9/10
Gameplay 9/10
Atmosphere 10/10
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12 of 12 people (100%) found this review helpful
56.1 hrs on record
Posted: June 29
[See the English version below]

Персональный рейтинг - 8 из 10

Он - ужас, летящий на крыльях ночи. Нет-нет, друзья, герой диснеевского мультика здесь совершенно не при чем. Как и герой мультсериала он тоже вступает в неравную схватку с преступностью, вот только градус безумия и буффонады здесь поменьше, пусть даже главные злодеи здесь все как один поголовно сбежавшие из мест не столь отдаленных законченные отморозки и психи.

Неспешно прохаживаясь по темным уголкам лечебницы Аркхем, Темный Рыцарь встретит немало своих старых знакомых. Большая часть из них, правда, в это время будет свободно разгуливать по улицам Готэма, вершить хаос и прочие безобразия, но некоторые из негодяев все же заглянут на огонек. Джокер, Харли Куинн, Убийца Крок, Пугало и еще один, чье имя скрыто за вопросительным знаком и я не могу вам его назвать, иначе мне придется вас убить...

Batman: Arkham Asylum не просто праздник сердца для миллионов поклонников Темного Рыцаря, это еще и демонстрация того, как сегодня нужно делать игры. Великолепное управление, где для того, чтобы победить действительно достаточно вовремя нажимать кнопку X, но любая критика тут же отойдет на второй план после того как вы увидите что в это время будет вытворять Бэтмен на экране. Кстати, осилив сюжетную кампанию непременно загляните в раздел испытаний, если хотите увидеть на что способна местная боевая система. Едва ли вы увидите и половину ее возможностей во время прохождения сюжетной линии. Огромное количество загадок от того, кого нельзя называть проверят не только ваше умение логически и пространственно мыслить, но и достойно вознаградят за усилия. И я говорю не об ачивментах, отнюдь. Скрытые аудиодневники с допросами осужденных, новые карты для режима испытаний и многое другое.

Страж Готэма не ведает страха, он идет по пятам тех, кто вознамерился пошатнуть баланс сил и ввергнуть город в пучину безумия и анархии. Он прекрасно знает, что его главный враг, безумный клоун, гений преступного мира вечно будет стоять там, по ту сторону. Они разные, но вместе с тем две стороны одной монеты. Как черное и белое, как добро и зло, как орел и решка, они ненавидят друг друга, но не могут друг без друга. Бэтмен не может отнять жизнь, но как поступит безумный клоун, если летучая мышь все же угодит в ловушку, мастерски расставленную охотником, и Темный Рыцарь вдруг окажется беззащитен, откроет глаза и увидит перед собой дуло пистолета на фоне мерзкой растянутой улыбки. Нажмет ли безумец на спусковой крючок?

Personal rating - 8 out of 10

He is the terror that flaps in the night. No, no... Darkwing Duck has nothing to do with this. But just as Disney cartoon hero he also struggles and wages his neverending war with criminals that swarm in Gotham; criminals that are equally insane and mentally unstable just as those from crazy cartoons.

Strolling around Arkham's dark and gloomy halls Dark Knight meets many of his old "acquaintances", all being from a list of loonies and maniacs he knows for quite a long time, whose truely deserved place is among those housed in the asylum. But no, they roam all over Gotham, making trouble and ruckus. We can only find some items which belong to them. yet some guests are here, on the party: Joker, Harley, Croc, Scarecrow and another one, whose name is hidden behind a question mark and I simply can't tell you his name or I will have to kill you...

Batman: Arkham Asylum is not only a major event for every Batman fan out there, but also an example of how games should be made. Greatly attuned controls where you really have to use "press X to win" tactic, but leave all the criticism behind once you've seen what Batman is capable of. By the way, if you're truly eager to see what fighting mechanic can do, please visit and try some of Challenges here. I bet you didn't see half of it's capabilities and tricks. To quench your thirst for collecting stuff, tons of riddles expect you, including and testing your logical and spatial reasoning, rewarding you not only with achievements but also giving you more valuable kinds of rewards such as new Challenge maps, character dossiers and more.

Gotham's guardian knows no fear, he's always there, following the steps of evil, always on the alert, ready to thwart plans of those whose ultimate goal is to plunge Gotham into abyss of chaos and anarchy. He knows his nemesis with sadistic smile and clown appearance is standing there, on the other bank of the river. They are different, but also like two sides of a coin. Like black and white, like good and evil, like heads and tails... they hate each other, but they can live without each other. What if Batman finds himself caught in devious trap, opens up his eyes and sees cold and frigid barrel of a gun being held by crazy hatred-driven clown? Will he pull the trigger?
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Posted: November 4
Oh, I love Batman's games :3 Nice graphic, nice story, nice gameplay..little open world. That game is awsome for guys which like using brain and logic at games :D
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11.3 hrs on record
Posted: September 27
I'll be short about this one:

It's the Batman.

(Because you know about the game, you already played it and everybody loves the Dark Knight.)
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Posted: November 11
One of the best Batman games of all time, it defined the new genre of Batman games. Batman: Arkham Asylum takes place as you would expect at Arkham Asylum, everything seems to be going as planned but the Joker always has a trick up his sleeve. I would say the game is semi-open world, yes you explore Arkham but the game does a great job at reusing previous locations to the story. It develops clever ways of ramping up the difficulty. Kevin Conroy and Mark Hamill do a great job at being the Batman and Joker duo. Another little thing I liked was that the Joker talks(taunts) you throughout the game, it’s quite funny. The Story is great and I won’t spoil anything in this review.

The gameplay is great and the free flowing combat is very satisfying to pull off. Batman has an arsenal of gadgets to assist him in combat and being the world’s greatest detective. The game has basic stealth and the AI is really not smart but it does the job. The easter eggs are awesome. If you do end up playing this game I encourage you to collect everything, its very interesting to learn about the history of Arkham Asylum and the DC characters in general.
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Posted: October 6
Action packed and full of awesome, Eidos did everything right to create a Batman game that fans want to play and a game that is more for the mature gamers. If your a Steam user you can find the game on sale from time to time for $7.50, its worth every penny.

As one of the best Batman games that have ever been made I have enjoyed every part of the game. The visuals are amazing and it really shows the Unreal Engines capabilities. The PhysX also really bring it all to life with the dynamic fog, steam, cloth and distributable environments, Also the absolute best part is how Batman is voiced by non other then Kevin Conroy and The Joker is voiced my Mark Hamill! That's right, the ones who did the voices for the characters in the animated series and for DC Universe Online also did the voices for the Arkham series.

The game doesn't have coop play but does offer a challenge mode that you can compare your score with others and try for first place, if your into that kinda thing. As for me I don't care for multiplayer modes in any games unless it offers coop play or team based challenges.

The campaign (or single player mode) starts off with you taking Joker into Arkham Asylum as part of the opening cinematic. The look and feel of that is incredible and being made with the Unreal engine has allowed the developers to really bring the mood of the Batman universe alive. Throughout the game you will come across other iconic characters from the Batman universe like the Scarecrow.

Through out the game there are Riddler trophies to collect and although some are easy to find, others require the use of special equipment to get to. There is a total of eight pieces of equipment that you will get as the game progresses and you will want to back track and hunt down where you can use them. I like the detective mode myself and with it you will find Riddler's questions marks around (only viewable in detective mode) and you can take a picture of them to solve the secret.

If you acquire all the Riddler's trophies and question marks, destroy all of Jokers chatter teeth and solve the spirit of Arkham asylum by finding all of the Amadeus tables, then beat the game you will complete 80% of the game.

The fighting in the game is excellent. Lots of various moves and combos that aren't hard to master. Your final hit on an enemy results in a slow motion cam for the it and a rag doll effect as he drops to the ground. All the fighting is non lethal as is Batman's style so no blood and gore here. However there are lots of Batman's gadgets to use and that is just super cool!

Weather or not your going to wait for this game to go on sale to pick it up, its worth the price paid for it.
Batman: Arkham Asylum, is worth a play!

  • Awesome visuals
  • Iconic characters
  • Characters voices
  • Lots to discover in the game
  • Lots of secrets

  • Boss battles have a recognizable pattern

CVGAnton's Rating

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Posted: September 19
This is one of the few games I can say I thouroughly enjoyed and would come back to and play again after beating it. I am not a player that usually enjoys going around and getting achieves but I found myself doing that and enjoying it as well. I love the combat system it is not overly hard to learn but more of a challenge to master and I am still going for the 40 hit combo achieve. Unlike alot of super hero games I would totally recommend this to non batman fans if they exist. What are you waiting for buy it already.
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10.4 hrs on record
Posted: November 28
From the opening cinematic sequence, superbly timed and beautifully drawn with the intro credits rolling, as Batman goes with the Joker through the inpatient procedure at Arkham, you can see the great care that was taken in every tiny thing. Arkham isn’t just dreary, but classic gothic horror dreary. Batman glides with the ease of an athlete, the cape swaying with his paces, ominous and implacable as the Rock of Gibraltar. The Joker mugs and hams – he seems awfully happy to be back at Arkham. What’s the reason for that?

I don’t think I’m giving anything away by saying that the Joker has a plan; a plan to bring Batman to Arkham to have him face all the criminals he’s put away there. Yes, the inmates are running the asylum, and Batman aficionados are going to get a full dose of the Jim Gordon, Oracle, The Riddler, Bane, Harley Quinn, Killer Croc, Scarecrow, Victor Zsasz, Poison Ivy, The Joker, and others. Themed similarly to the graphic novel of the same title, it is nonetheless a completely original adventure as Batman fights his way from one side of Arkham Island to the other rescuing Gordon and guards, doctors and nurses and others, while putting a stop to The Joker’s nefarious scheme.

At its root, AA is a third person fighting game. Using combinations of left and right mouse clicks Batman unleashes a flurry of attacks and counters, flinging, punching and kicking his way through packs of nameless convicts. My sole complaint with the game is that fighting these guys is pretty much a picnic. Even later in the game when they introduce thugs with greater fighting skills or weapons, you can easily beat up eight or ten or even twelve guys in a fairly confined space without one even laying a hand on you, like a scene from the Matrix on steroids, just a long string of button-mashing, head-cracking action. And if head cracking was the only thing this game had to offer, it would be pretty thin. Fortunately there’s lots of other stuff to do as well.

Batman has to do some detecting; he’s got to solve riddles, find clues, and investigate strange experiments going on in Arkham. Hitting ‘X’ puts him into Detective Mode, a sort of preternatural sight (he says that uses some kind of enhancement built into his cowl) which allows Batman to see important objects highlighted on the screen, follow trails of chemical vapors or find fingerprints. It also allows him to see thugs through walls like an X-ray, their stance, their facing, and whether or not they are armed. To aid him he also has the typical utility belt gizmos such as batarangs, explosive gel, a grappling hook, and he can do cape glides and cape attacks.

The game looks great, outstanding even. Early in the game when Batman escapes from the asylum and emerges on a peak overlooking Arkham is easily one of the top three OMFG videogame moments (the others, just for your comparison, being your first glimpse of the city of Bioshock from the bathysphere, and when you emerge from the first dungeon in Oblivion. The first view outside the vault in Fallout 3 probably also falls in that group somewhere.). My computer didn’t even meet the recommended system requirements (I have only 1GB of RAM whereas the game recommends 2), but if it caused any hiccups or slowdowns I didn’t notice them. The third person camera works extremely well, deftly avoiding the hang-ups and the ‘why am I looking at a wall’ moments. Batman’s motions are fluid, continuous, and definitely not a set of disconnected moves. He looks like a martial artist, not the sort of jerky puppet that so often happens in these games. Voice work, all of it done by actors from Batman: The Animated Series, is also perfect. Sound effects, music – all no corners cut and no expense spared. Kevin Conroy (Batman) and Mark Hamill (The Joker) particularly nail their roles, as they did for the TV series.

This is very nearly the perfect game. This game is as close to 100% as I’ve ever seen. If you’ve ever wanted to play Batman, were more than a little disappointed by the previous Batman Vengeance, and still own a pair of Batman Underoos even though they’re way too small and were probably the wrong thing to wear on your wedding night, you have to run out and buy a copy of this game. Run over your own mother if you have to. If you don’t have the money, sit on a street corner with a cup and beg to unleash your Caped Crusader within. Sell your blood. Who needs all of it anyway? Or a kidney! Likely an entire generation will go by and never find a better gaming dollar spent. Don’t miss it!

10/10, Highly Recommended

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Posted: November 23
There have been many superhero games throughout the years. Most of them have been sidescrolling "beat 'em ups" in the vein of the Final Fight series. Others were horrible adaptations like the Superman game for the N64. Arkham Asylum has been, with few minor exceptions, one of the most on-point adaptations of a superhero property into a game that I have ever played.

First, the format, a 3-D "metroidvania/Legend of Zelda" type deal where new tools open new areas and items to get, plays nicely into the feel of the game. That same format also helps with the "lone hero" feeling that is in many ways the essence of Batman. You feel like yes, you are alone, but you aren't out of your depth. Also, the classic animated series voices help set the tone of the game; dark with just a bit of humor here and there.

The game world is lush and well rendered, created in that gritty style also befiting a game about The Bat. Ruined sewers, secret tunnels, and crawling through airways and up walls all give this sense of being secretive, careful, and thought out. The world you have been given to play in is tailor made to adhere to the common action/stealth tropes that exist in other Batman works.

The combat and movement can be . . . halting at times. In particular the "hold button to run" command, something that I thought I had seen the end of when analog sticks came to prominent use, feels forced and unintuitive. When the combat flows, slighlty pauses on a big hit, and Batman is leaping to and fro kicking, punching and generally kicking ♥♥♥, it looks good, and it feels good to be doing it, but there aren't any ways to "do" the one move you like, really. And the combat system is at its best when you have maxed out all your available attack options.

The fightable enemies are simple and never waver from the basic human stock of "Joker goon fight"; they are either unarmed, armed with a melee weapon, armed with a firearm, a stun baton, or they are giant mutant freaks. This includes the "boss fights", making the gameplay and world far more engaging than the actual combat. That said, most of the combat is short and simple. I think the longest normal skirmish took maybe a minute. And the best parts of combat aren't specifically the combat so much as the setpieces where you have high perches to disappear to. You can swoop down, take out a goon, and then grapple up into the shadows, listening and watching as the other goons start to freak out as you take them down one by one.

And finally the story, which at least matches the quality of the old animated Batman series movies for plots. Joker has a crazy plan, and Batman has to stop him. The winding way Bruce has to do this is what makes up the bulk of the game. Some of the story points feel contrived, but overall, the story flows from point to point in a logical way. What helps in this is that Batman himself often tells the player (and Oracle over his headset) the next step. And when Batman tells you something in this game, a combination of the voicework and the writing just seems to make the next plotpoint make sense.

With solid voicework, a lonely, beautifully crafted world, and a combat and stealth system that is only sometimes marred by its own trappings, this is a solid, wonderfully made title that anyone who counts themselves as a superhero fan in general or a Batman fan in particular should own.
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Posted: November 6
Batman: Arkham Asylum is a great game - and, sadly, largely better than its successors, even though they are solid enough games themselves.

What this game does better than anything else - ever - is make the player into Batman. You are Batman. You feel like Batman. You do Batman-type things. The story is great, the characters are great, the flow of the gameplay is great, the voice-acting is spot-on... even the collectibles in this game are good.

This is one of the greatest games of all time and it would be criminal not to play it.

Grade: A+
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Posted: October 9
Well it´s been a while since we enjoyed a good Batman game OST HARDLY RELATED but this game is quite interesting...

Rocksteady Studios brought us this game in 2009, thats 3 years after Urban Chaos their first game (which was quite good IMO) so i´ve been waiting the Goty Edition of this game for a while and it´s time to talk.

It uses the Unreal Engine 3, built by the awarded Studio Epic Games, and it uses very well the LCPP (Lightning Calculations Per Pixel) and the HDRR (High Dynamic Range Renderer) allows you to behold all the scenery created for the game.

The plot is awesome, a twisted Joker instigate an elaborate plan to gain the control of Arkham Asylum, trapping Batman inside with all the maniacs and foes that he has been imprisioning all these years. As you see it´s simple but full of shades among the different corridors of the Asylum. During the game you´ll find some of the most famous villains, and every boss fight hides messages as references for their comic-story.

As for the gameplay. Actually its fun, it has some fails of course but you can still enjoy the combat. You can counter, attack or stun your enemy with the Freeflow combat, this system also allows Batman to move fast between your targets, chaining different combos with your gadgets in order to get over with.
If you don´t want to fight all day you can use predatory tactics. The predator combat is based on the stealth, silent knockbacks, takedowns, drops or even using your gadgets (like explosives) to destroy walls or roofs in order to tilt the odds in your favor.
After this you´ll be rewarded with XP, which are used to:

-Improve your physicall armor.
-Unlock combat moves & Gadgets.
-Get Health upgrades.

What about the enemies? Well, they react to your own acts as Batman. If they find inconcious allies their "fear" will raise, altering their behavior. And this means that they´ll change their patterns. They can shoot on sight, disable your predator points (gargoyles for instance), move to another part of the scenario, stay together with their allies forcing you to change your tactics.

The design is hilarious and was complete in 2 years, one of the developers spent these years just designing Batmans Cape, just for make it move realistically. It´s not about the cape, it´s about the work, effort and love that this developers made to make this game shine. Even the writing, they though that more characters (like Freeze) will not fit into this game, due to discrepancies with Joker and because he doesnt have personal grudges against Batman. They though this with nearly every antagonist and they only use the ones who makes sense with their plot.
Talking about characters...the developers WANTED the voices of the Animated Series made by Paul Dini. In fact Dini was helping with the writing of it. So they took Mark Hamill as Joker and Arleen Sorkin as Harley Quinn respectively...and Kevin Conroy for Batman. Nothing more to say guys 10/10 in dubbing.

Finally, the game also has a lot of content even when you finish it. A lot of riddles, Joker Teeth, Riddler Trophies, Chronicles of Arkham, Patient Interviews (audios talking about the different stories of the villains) and combat Challenges.

Must Buy Guys.


Bueno, ha pasado un tiempo desde que disfrutásemos de un buen Batman OST HARDLY RELATED pero este juego es algo interesante...

Rocksteady Studios nos trajo este juego en 2009, es decir 3 años después de su primer juego Urban Chaos (decentillo IMO), así que estuve esperando un tiempo hasta pillar el formato GOTY y es hora de hablar.

Su motor gráfico es el Unreal Engine 3, usado por el aclamado estudio Epic Games, y usa muy bien sus características como el LCPP (Lightning Calculations Per Pixel) y el HDRR (High Dynamic Range Renderer) permitiendote contemplar toda la escenografía y efectos creados para el juego.

La trama es increíble, un Joker retorcido que instiga un elaborado plan para hacerse con el control del sanatorio mental de Arkham, atrapando a Batman dentro con los maníacos y todos los enemigos que ha ido encerrando estos años. Sinceramente es una trama simple, pero creada para que de juego con todos los matices que quieren ofrecerte en el juego. A lo largo del juego encontrarás a algunos de los villanos más famosos de Batman, y todos esconden historias más allá de sus peleas referentes al cómic.

Hablando del modo de juego. Es muy divertido, aunque con fallos de respuesta en contadas ocasiones que ciertamente no te evitarán disfrutar del juego. Puedes contraatacar, atacar o usar stuns en un modo desarrollado por Rocksteady llamado Freeflow combat. Este sistema permite moverte a gran velocidad entre los enemigos, encadenando diferentes combos con tus artilugios para superar los encuentros.
Si no quieres estar luchando todo el día, te entiendo, puedes usar otra variante del combate conocida como depredador. El modo depredador se basa en el sigilo, ataques sigilosos y derribos sin alertar a los enemigos, usar puntos altos para agarrar a tus enemigos o usar los utensilios para destruir paredes, techos, etc... para inclinar la balanza a tu favor.
Después del combate, serás recompensado con puntos de experiencia, que son usados para:

-Mejorar tu armadura física.
-Desbloquear movimientos y utensilios.
-Desbloquear mejoras de salud.

Acerca de los enemigos. Reaccionan a los actos de Batman. Si encuentran a un compañero inconsciente o son alertados por un superior su nivel de "miedo" aumentará haciendo que adopten diferentes patrones y alterando su comportamiento. Podrán disparar a discreción, destruir puntos altos (como gárgolas), moverse en grupos, explorar el escenario, etc...

El diseño tampoco se queda atrás, fue completado en tan solo 2 años. Para que entendáis el empeño del estudio. Uno de los programadores pasó estos 21 meses de desarrollo programando solo la capa, porque necesitaban un movimiento realista y que quedase resaltado por el UE3. Incluso el guión fue cuidado hasta el punto de no incluir más villanos de los necesarios, porque muchos de ellos desentonarían en el ámbito que se desarrolla en Arkham Asylum o por discrepancias con Joker(como Freeze). Y hablando de personajes, los desarrolladores QUISIERON las voces de la serie animada de Batman, si aquella de los 90 que tanto molaba, que hizo Paul Dini. De hecho el mismo Dini acabó ayudando en más de un aspecto del desarrollo. Así que debido a esto tomaron a Mark Hamill y Arleen Sorkin como Joker y Harley Quinn respectivamente y a Kevin Conroy como Batman. Un 10/10 en doblaje.

Para finalizar, el juego tiene además una gran cantidad de contenido cuando lo superas. Acertijos, trofeos, mandíbulas de joker, diarios de audio para aprender más de los personajes, etc...

Este juego es uno de los que deben jugarse.
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Posted: October 5
I luv most of the Superhero Movies/Animations out there be it from DC or Marvel, but this game made me a real fan boy of the entire Batman Franchise (Games/Movies/Animation) - A 100% Epic Game followed by an awesome sequel (Arkham City) and even the non-rocksteady prequel (Arkham Origins) was a great game.

Eagerly awaiting the final game (Arkham Knight) in the Rocksteady's Trilogy of the Dark Knight!
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Posted: September 23
This game is woth only if you are a fan of the Batman universe.

When it came out there was a huge hype around it, and also friends advised me to try, however that time, I couldn't try because of weak hardver I had. But always wanted to see how it is, so nowdays bought it on steam sale. Meh, it is a huge disappointment.

First the good things: the game runs also on win 7, and you can play it smoothly also with keyboard+mouse combo, you don't need to have a controller.
The game's graphics is nice also with today's standards, and it is really polished, there are no bugs, so the quality is excellent.
The game's dark atmosphere is also very good, even if not good enough to make the game enjoyable.

I don't recommend this game because there are more negative or mediocre things in it which doesn't keep you interested to carry on.
First of all it's highly praised story is not a big deal: Joker made a plan to be cought by Batman, and he was taken to Arkham Asylum. But it was his plan so the place is overran by his terrorists, and because also Batman was on the spot, he needs to save the day. That is the story. Not more, not less.
The game is quite complex, as there are action, stealth, and sandbox elements in it. It sounds great, however the single elements are quite mediocre and makes the game boring and repititive.
If it's an action game then why the fights are so dumb and clunky? It is very similar to the Witcher 2's fighting system, however the withcer's is more challenging, more fast paced, and more fun. Come on, that is an RPG, how can it be that the action is better in an rpg, than in an action game? In Batman it is really enough to push the attack button, there is no need for the combos or for evading. If you wish to apply some tactics in the fights, you will die for sure, so it is enough to push the attack button continously.
Then comes the stealth: it is not bad, it works, however only if the programme wants you to use it. When it is the only possible way to solve a situation. When the programme wants you to fight, you can't use it.
Then the sandbox thing: the levels are huge, in the beginning the game informs you that you can find more ways to approach to the mission point, but generally there is only one way to get to the spot. It is or walking in tunnels, or using the bat rope to arrive from the roofs/ceiling etc. Also you can use the rope only where the programme wants you to use, not everywhere, so you can' use most of the elements of the scenery. At the end the levels are linear. And if you explore you can find only question marks (it gives you exp) or tape records which gives you some lore about the npc-s. This can be fun if you are interested in the Batman universe though. But nothing more, so also the exploring is not fun.
All of the mentioned things lead to the total lack of freedom in the game. You can play only in the way as the programme wants it. It is probably for it's storytelling, as there are cutscenes in every 15-20 minutes however who cares if the story is not interesting at all?

So as a conclusion buy this game only if you are a Batman fan, and make sure to do it when the game is on sale.
If you want to play with a good game, avoid this, because even if it is considered a classic, the game elements are not more than mediocre, so it won't be fun.
Probably it was a great product when it came out, however in the following five years (the game came out in 2009) a lot better action or stealth games came out, so for the same price you can get better stuff.
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Posted: September 13
11/10 You get to be batman- IGN
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