Übernehmen Sie die Kontrolle über Lara und Ihrem neuen Partner Totec, eine Maya-Stammesmann und entdecken Sie die uralten Artefakte, die als "Spiegel des Rauchs" bekannt sind in diesem ganz neuen Action-Adventure.
Nutzerreviews: Sehr positiv (1,637 Reviews) - 93% der 1,637 Nutzerreviews für dieses Spiel sind positiv.
Veröffentlichung: 28. Sep. 2010

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"The first franchise reimagining was better than the second."

Über dieses Spiel

Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light ist ein Action-Abenteuer Spiel mit Lara Croft. Diese Markenerweiterung vereint die Merkmale der Tomb Raider Franchise inklusive Erkundungen & Entdeckungen, Platforming und Puzzle vereint mit Charakterentwicklung, rasante Kämpfe und Elemente von Kooperation und Wettkampf.

  • Der erste ausschließlich herunterladbare Titel von Crystal Dynamics und das erste ausschließlich herunterladbare Lara Croft Spiel.
  • Ein klassischer Mix aus Puzzle, Kampf, Erforschung und atemberaubenden Bildern zusammen in einem rasanten Spielgeschehen.
  • Eine Vielzahl an Möglichkeiten Puzzle zu lösen und tödliche Fallen in der Natur zu überwinden, bieten den Spielern beispiellose Entscheindungsfreiheit Ihre eigenen Lösungen zu finden und verschiedene Pfade im dichten Dschungel von Zentralamerika zu erforschen.
  • Crystal Dynamics eigene Engine bietet weite Landschaften ohne Ladezeiten und ein unglaubliches Spielvergnügen durch die Gruften bis tief hinein in die Erde.
  • Treten Sie gegen unzählige untote Krieger, die vom bösen Xolotl zum Leben erweckt wurden, an. Einschließlich vieler Meisterkämpfe, die Sie nicht verpassen sollten!


    • Betriebssystem: Windows 7 / Vista / XP
    • Prozessor: 3+ GHz Intel oder 2.5+ GHZ AMD
    • Speicher: 1 GB RAM (XP) / 2 GB RAM (Vista)
    • Grafik: NVIDIA GeForce 6 Serie (6800GT oder besser) / ATI 1300XT oder besser
    • Festplatte: 7GB
    • Sound: DirectX 9.0c kompatible Soundkarte und Treiber
Hilfreiche Kundenreviews
25 von 27 Personen (93%) fanden dieses Review hilfreich
1 Person fand dieses Review lustig
22.7 Std. insgesamt
Verfasst: 29. September
Short Version:

+ Great puzzles
+ Good level design
+ Most bosses are great
+ All levels have challenges which enhance the replay value
+ A good amount of collectibles
+ Enjoyable singleplayer
+ Amazing local co-op

- Paper-thin story
- Cheesy, dumb villain who is also a coward - he runs away from you from start to finish
- Buggy online co-op
- Voice acting is weak
-Cutscenes are lackluster - The characters lips do not move; the camera angles "cleverly" change to make that unnoticeable.

"Long" version:

I'm a big Tomb Raider fan and when Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light was announced, I thought it was a horrible idea. Fortunately, this game is quite an enjoyable experience.

Lara finds herself in Central America looking for an artifact called the Mirror of Smoke. After a long journey, she is successful, but a group of mercenaries led by a local warlord ambushes Lara and misuses the mirror, unleashing Xolotl, the aztec god of death and darkness. Totec, the Guardian of Light, is then awaken - he informs Lara that Xolotl must be stopped until dawn, otherwise, the world will face certain doom.

The story is really predictable and shallow. You release an evil god and you spend the whole game chasing him. The thing is, you are always on his heels, so he feels like a total coward, constantly running away. Its design is also bad in comparison with all the other bosses; he looks too cartoony and the stakes are never high. You don't care about any of the characters and the only reason you "care" about Lara is because of how well-established she already is as a videogame character/icon. If she was a new character, we would know nothing about her. You can play as Lara (Singleplayer/Multiplayer) or Totec (Multiplayer only) and the levels design changes accordingly.

The game can be played with a single player and a second player can connect at any time - Locally or Online.
Single player is good but I would suggest playing Local Co-op for a full, rich experience.
Local Co-op is amazing - solving puzzles with a buddy is awesome. You can also kill your teammate so there are a ton of possibilities for revenge and a few laughs, usually followed by an impalled/crushed ally.
On the other hand, Online Co-op is full of bugs and there are a lot of synch problems. Bullets doing nothing to enemies and Totec's spears not spawning (they are necessary to cross certain obstacles) are only some of the bugs I encountered with friends.

The gameplay is this game's main strength; it focuses on platforming, combat and puzzle solving.

Platforming is relatively simple. Lara and Totec can use their gadgets to get to higher places or to cross pits and chasms. Totec has a shield that allows Lara to jump on him and perform a bigger jump, allowing her to reach higher platforms; Lara can then pull him up using her grapple. Totec also has spears; once thrown against a wall, Lara can use these to cross certain obstacles.

Combat is good. You have a lot of weapons to choose from but you'll find yourself using the same combination over and over again. Once you kill enough enemies, you'll enter some sort of berserk mode and you'll get an upgrade - mana/health regenaration, scatter shots or even better mines - that will last until you are hit by your enemies. This kind of makes the game's combat super easy. If you pick a powerful weapon and you keep regenarating mana, you'll be able to kill everything with ease. Your enemies are a bunch of clumsy demons and summons who are kind of shallow in design, but they offer a decent enough challenge later on, when their numbers are massive. Some of these creatures get a different color pallet on certain levels, which provides them with different abilites (ressurection, explosion when killed, etc.). My real gripe with the enemies is that you only come across a really limited number of different creatures. More variety would have been better.

The puzzles are quite easy to figure out and only slightly harder to solve. You'll have to time jumps and dodges, activate pressure pads and deactivate hazards/barriers that block your way. Their design is really good and the scale grows bigger and more impressive in later levels. Unfortunately, even harder puzzles are sort of basic and provide no real challenge..

To mix things up and add replay value, each level provides some optional challenges to complete. They can be really easy to complete - destroy all trucks in a level or jump 12 times over a trap - or "infuriating" (complete the whole level in under X minutes or navigate a trap-filled hall on your first attempt). Once completed, these challenges provide helpful new weapons, health/mana upgrades or even relics. Relics are equippable items - they change your stats and help you in combat (better bombs, better speed, etc.).

Sound is kinda generic - guns don't really sound all that great but it's serviceable (explosions sound good, though). The dialogue is really cheesy and considering the story is also bad, you won't care about what the characters are saying - not that it matters. The game features a good soundtrack - I might be wrong but I think some of it was used in Tomb Raider Anniversary and maybe even in TR Legend and Underworld.

The game looks fairly decent. You'll have some graphical glitches from time to time but the game knows what it is and it tends to amaze you with huge environments instead of with graphical detail. Character models are ok, but their lips do not move during cutscenes; the camera angle keeps changing so players won't notice.

Overrall, this game is a great purchase if you enjoy inventive puzzle solving, mixed with a fair amount of combat and platforming. It might have big flaws, including what was supposed to be its main selling point (online co-op) but the gameplay is so satisfying and local co-op is so good that this is an experience I gladly recommend. The game currently costs 10€ - I'd suggest getting it on a sale. I think it is worth 5€ if you are desperate for a puzzle game but it goes on sale fairly often so I'd wait for a 75/80% discount.

Final Score: 7.5 out of 10.
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17 von 20 Personen (85%) fanden dieses Review hilfreich
15.1 Std. insgesamt
Verfasst: 2. Juni
Good controls, fun levels, probably one of the best local co-op games around. Works well with 360 or compatible gamepads.
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8 von 9 Personen (89%) fanden dieses Review hilfreich
8.7 Std. insgesamt
Verfasst: 7. Oktober
This game doesn't get enough credit. It's fun, exciting, easy to learn but challenging if you want it. It's co-op mode is really well done and I honestly wouldn't recommend playing this alone if you can play it with a friend. Movement feels really responsive but this game begs analog movement so grab a pad. The story is paper thin but the thirlls and intelligent puzzle and level design more than make up for it.
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5 von 5 Personen (100%) fanden dieses Review hilfreich
10.7 Std. insgesamt
Verfasst: 16. November
This more Tomb Raider then new Tomb Raider.
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5 von 7 Personen (71%) fanden dieses Review hilfreich
10.7 Std. insgesamt
Verfasst: 22. September
this game is underated.
pros :

nice action and adventure genre
easy to play
further level is more chalenging, ( the enemies, the puzzles, etc)
its very fun when you played with your friend (local coop or coop) together , solving the puzzle together which is very challenging and kick enemies azz

mediocre story line
isometric, (you cant rotate camera view)

buy it when its on sale, you guys should have great time together playing this game
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