《Lost Coast》原本企劃做為《戰慄時空 2》中「17 號高速公路」遊戲章節的一部分,現在則是導入 Source 引擎所加入的高動態範圍光源之技術展示遊戲。
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發售日: 2005 年 10 月 27 日



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"Valve shot us down bang bang Came back from the dead with vengence 2pac 2k14 8/10 interesting game half a life for tupac deputy callahan save us again"


《Lost Coast》原本企劃做為《戰慄時空 2》中「17 號高速公路」遊戲章節的一部分,現在則是導入 Source 引擎所加入的高動態範圍光源之技術展示遊戲。


    最低:Pentium 4 2.4GHz 或 AMD 2800+ 處理器、1GB 記憶體、DirectX 9 等級顯示卡、Windows 2000/XP、滑鼠、鍵盤、網際網路連線

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Best game ever! 20/10

The character development is amazing!That fisherman is one of the most developed characters in history .

The game itself plays like any other Half-Life game,so that's a thing

The story is a very emotional one,which challenges your mind with heartbreaking decisions.It's like Game of Thrones,you never know who dies next!

So,as a final thought,this game is GOTY material .Every year.
張貼於:06 月 5 日
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Hi. I just posted this review to make this game seem more popular.
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Half-Life 2 Lost Coast is a kind of show-case made by Valve to introduce their new High Dynamic Range method of applying light into the Source Engine. Actually, although this is a very technical subject, the developer's commentary that comes with it, is more than worthwhile listening to. It gives some insight into how this mini-level was constructed, and even into how HDR lighing actually works. Fascinating stuff, and you even get Gabe Newell's words at the beginning of the commentary ;-).

After playing it through for a second time after having left it aside for some years, I wondered how amazing some of the graphics and ofcourse especially the lighting still look today - a full nine (!!!) years after this level was published. Especially the little Byzantine church, part of the monastery on top of the cliffs, still feels amazing and oozes atmosphere. At the same time, it also made me a bit sad, because, well, how long has it been since we got the latest Half-Life content? Oh well, who knows....

Since this one comes for free in the Orange Box and the Half Life 2-complete package, I guess most of you who played Half-Life 2 at some point, have this in your game collection. If you haven't tried it yet, by all means do so, but be advised: it's very good, but also very short ;-).

Overall rating: 8.5/10
張貼於:08 月 23 日
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i lost this game if you catch my drift
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This game is so good I clapped at the end. Well, I was clapping throughout the whole thing, but I meant it especially for the end. I give it 10 out of 10 and an additional golden cheeseburger.
張貼於:05 月 1 日
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It was basically a short mission containing new graphics. I honestly thought this was going to be,"explore" the lighthouse and town that would take hours, i was disapointed when i found out you can do this under 15-40 min. The graphics were good though. I reccomend this if you want to see a new tpye of grapics or whatever, but people, IT IS NOT A GAME.
張貼於:2013 年 11 月 25 日