Strife® is a truly free to play, competitive, online ARTS / MOBA that features non-stop action and engaging combat. Take control of powerful and versatile heroes, each capable of dominating in unique ways, and exert your will in an epic battle between two teams.
User reviews: Mostly Positive (1,723 reviews)
Release Date: May 22, 2015

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"A MOBA that can be seen as a new Heros of Newerth, this one aims to shake up the genre. Mostly by having an actual story. Free, like most MOBAs today."

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May 26

Patch Notes 1.0.2

==Patch 1.0.2==

==Bug Fixes==

-Fixed some cases where ally spells were affecting towers.

-Poison Slug - Ability description/tooltip.
-Fire Slug - Poison Ammo bonus numbers corrected.

-Extended Barrel - Ability description/tooltip.
-EMP Cannon - Fixed bug where it wasn’t applying states properly.

Lady Tinder
-Bindweed - No longer pulls bosses.

-Chains of Judgement - Ability description/tooltip.

-Nether Strike - Distance when cast around walls limited to max cast distance.
-Nether Strike - Fixed bug that allowed Nether Strike’s multicast to work on creeps and towers.
-Smoke Cloud - Description changed from “Armor Reduction” to “Resistance Reduction”.
-Fixed issue with low quality model showing up black.

-Bomb Toss - Fixed bug where stun would only occur if bomb was hit with boomerang.

==Balance Changes==

We’re liking the increased pacing of the game resulting from spells hitting towers. Now we’ll look to reduce some of the cheesy stuff. Backdooring is definitely a strategy we try to keep from becoming too strong, so we’ll ask you to bring a creep wave or stand in the line of fire yourself if you want to nuke towers.
-All buildings have 300 resistance unless enemy units are within tower attack range.

Exploding slugs gave Buford another powerful tool to add to his arsenal, but we think he needs toned down a bit.
-Poison Slug - Explosion damage reduced from 100/150/200/300 to 100/140/180/220.
-Poison Slug - CD increased by 3 seconds and damage reduced on ammo by 5.
-Fire Slug - Deals 50% damage to towers.
-The Buford Special - Reveals enemy targets.

Any ability that you set and forget was too powerful against towers.
-Knight Blitz - Deals 50% damage to towers.

Any ability that you set and forget was too powerful against towers.
-Quickpit - Deals 50% damage to towers.

Any ability that you set and forget was too powerful against towers.
Dark Storm - Deals 50% damage to towers.

Hitting a tower with Ball Lightning is easy and getting the same mana return as hitting a Hero was a little much.
-Ball Lightning - Mana return when impacts towers reduced to creep value.

We’re excited about the amount of fresh hot death being served up by Rip, but he probably needs to be toned down a bit.
-Smoke Cloud - Radius decreased by 50.
-Vanish - Damage reduced from 75,110,145,180 to 75,100,125,150.
-Nether Strike - Range decreased from 500,750,1000 to 500,650,800.
-Nether Strike - Speed reduced by 25%.

Any ability that you set and forget was too powerful against towers.
-Aether Beam - Deals 50% damage to towers.

Any ability that you set and forget was too powerful against towers.
-Bioswarm - Deals 50% damage to towers.

Immortal Gaze
Immortal Gaze is a revive effect and as such should not be reduced by CDR.
-Cooldown no longer affected by CDR.

Unstable Shard
This item is creating a lot of fun and crazy new interactions. One of those was to combo an invulnerability ability or item to escape the damage at the end of the buff. The intent of Unstable Shard is to be high risk and high reward, so we’re going to try making the risk more consistent. Also, CDR made this item usable way too often, so thats no longer the case.
-Unstable Shard will deal its damage at end of any ongoing invulnerability states.
-Effective base cooldowns increased to 60 seconds, which starts AFTER the effect expires.

==Hotfix 1.0.3==

==Bug Fixes==

Fixed issue with Q+W combo not doing correct damage.

Dark Bargain
Added orange text scaling.

Fixed issue with Rook’s Hide Then Seek not causing him to hide.

Vanish can no longer be seen in fog.

Bomb Toss now deals 50% damage to towers.

Fixed issue with Pot Shot not allowing multiple instances of damage when using Unstable Shard.

Unstable Shard
Fixed issue with damage not being applied upon expiration.
Added a .1 second stun to avoid same frame CD increase of abilities in rare cases.

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May 22

Patch Notes 1.0

Patch 1.0 introduces the ability to hit towers with spells, Rip, the stealthy swordsman from Gael, along with a new pet Zen, three incredibly powerful new items, balance changes and bug fixes. Be sure to test your skills with Rip and see how the new items affect the game!

==Game Mechanics==

Towers now take damage from abilities.
(We felt that abilities flying through towers didn’t really make much sense. I mean...why would a rocket hit a floating cat, but not a tower? This change should increase the pace of the game and give more fun interactions like Midknight being able to hook himself over to a tower.)

Resistance can no longer go below zero.
(We’re pretty happy with how easy it is to kill a squishy target at 0 resistance, so we added a clamp.)

==New Hero==

Rip, swordsman of the wastes, hails from a mysterious tribe of Elves – the Kenar-Ahdam – that eek out an existence in the ruins of Strife where they have been effectively exiled to by the other races of Gael as a result of suspicions that they are half-Dharkwave/half-Elf. Rip, second son of Mhernad, ventured forth to join in the Trials of Strife in order to win himself a place within his tribe, and his tribe a place amongst the rest of the races of the planes.

Smoke Cloud (Q): Target area to create a smoke cloud, reducing enemy resistance and drastically lowering their vision. While inside the cloud, Rip is stealthed until you deal damage or use an ability.

Vanish (W): Target area to vanish for 1 second, then reappear at the target location. Upon reappearing, deal damage in the target area.

Dark Empowerment (E): (Passive Skill) Every 5th attack charges your blade. Once charged, your next attack deals bonus attack damage. Avoiding enemy vision instantly charges your blade.

Nether Strike (R): Target direction to dash, attacking all enemies you pass through. If you hit at least 1 enemy, you may cast this ability again for up to 6 seconds - up to a total of 3 times.

==New Pet==


Wisdom (Passive): Increases mana regeneration. (scales with hero level)

Revitalize (Passive-Active): Prevents going into combat for 5 seconds when out of combat.

Knowledge (Active): Target a position to send Zen flying over it revealing the area for 8 seconds.

==New Items==

Eye Of Tempra (5665)
10% Cooldown Reduction
10 Mana/sec.
Activate: Cast a frozen sphere at target location. Everything that is hit by or touches the sphere is frozen and unable to take damage. This includes everything except for Baldir, Cindara and Krytos.
Sundering +250 - Cast immediately at your location, radius increased.

Dark Bargain (6035)
+25 Attack Damage
Activate: Spend 400 gold to gain +25 Attack Damage for 8 seconds. No cooldown. Can be stacked. After the 8 seconds, you retain 5 attack damage permanently for each stack.
Diligence +500 - Increased duration by 2 seconds.
Restraint +0 - Spend 250 to gain +15 Attack Damage, but no permanent damage.

Unstable Shard (5665)
Each kill/assist grants a 15% reduction of current cooldowns.
Activate: Instantly regenerate 1000 mana and gain 500 additional max mana and 75% cd reduction for 9 seconds. On expiration, you take 1500 pure damage and deal 250 damage to nearby enemies.
Greed +1000 - Increased to 90% cd reduction, self damage increased by 750
Wisdom +750 - Refreshes all abilities on activation, and you will die no matter what.

Immortal Gaze (REWORK)
Grants 20% additional Max Health.
Passive-Active: Upon death, you will be revived with 15% Health and Mana. 180 second CD.

==Hero Balance Changes==

Fire Slug - Now ignites and explodes Poison Cloud dealing massive damage.
Fire Slug - Damage now scales with Power.

Mimic - Can now be cast on ally heroes. Very tricky!

Fixed an issue where EMP Cannon could not be purged.

Sand Elemental - Maximum number of elementals per level increased from 2 to 2, 3, 4, 5.

Lady Tinder
Stonebark Shield - No longer usable on creeps.

Hookshot - Range increased by 25 and hit radius increased by 20.
Chains of Judgement - Now applies a 20% slow to all enemies who are chained.
Absorb - Now properly removes the slows from Bo Throw and EMP Cannon.

Boomerang - Range increased by 50 and mana cost reduced by 10.

Anti-Matter Shield - No longer usable on creeps.

==Pet Balance Changes==

Blast - Reduced range by 25 to avoid missing Cindara and Baldir and wasting the ability.

==Item Balance Changes==

Captain's Crest
Fixed tooltip.

Cursed Wand
Increased Cooldown to 50s
Reduced active effect to -35 Resistance
Ruin enchant now removes the slow effect.

Guardian Helm of Mending
Now regenerates the full amount properly.

Immortal Gaze of Swiftness
Now gives 25 MS at full HP instead of 25 mana regen.

Inferno Brand of Focus
Damage now increases properly.

Oracle's Trinket
Now removes ALL Status Debuffs. (For example, the Resisance reduction of Cursed Wand.)
Protection Enchant (400) - Cleanses all allies in a 500 radius.

Spirit Ward
Now grants a shield 40% of your Max Mana for 6 seconds. Down from 50% for 8 seconds.

Reduced recipe costs by 450.
Marksmanship Enchant (350) - Increases range by 30.

Attack damage now updating with power in tooltip.

==1.0 Weekend==

Double Earned Gems
Starting at 6:00PM EDT and continuing through the weekend, all games played will earn you 2x gems!

Gem Package Sale
All gem packages are 50% off this weekend!

==Misc Changes==

Build Sharing
You can now share those amazing builds you’ve created with your friends! Just drag the friend from your friends list to the bottom of your build!

Death Recap
We have updated the Death Recap and continue to look at ways of improving it.

UI Sounds
Missing UI Sounds have been re-enabled!


Hotfix 1.0.1

Fixed issue where Rip would get stuck while ulting.

Fixed issue where when all generators were taken, Crux could be displaced.

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“Strife: S2 Games’ answer to the toxic MOBA”


“Strife is daring to make significant changes instead of just following the usual formula set by Dota 2 and LoL. It’s refreshing to see a new MOBA game escape the shadows of these two giants, and strive for innovation”

Strife on Steam Celebration!

To help celebrate the launch of Strife on Steam, we are unleashing 3 Steam-exclusive packs practically bursting with goodies!

Additionally, for the first week only, we will be offering a 10% early-bird discount on Steam purchases!

Don't want to buy anything? That's cool too! All Strife Heroes are free and they always will be! Strife is truly free-to-play.

About This Game

Enter the Hero

In Strife®, you will assume control of a powerful hero. Each hero is uniquely designed to embody a play-style or idea, and heroes are by far the most important aspect of any game of Strife. As a hero, you will decide how the game flows, how quickly it progresses, and whether the outcome is favourable for your team. All Strife heroes are freely available from your very first match!

Community First

How your fellow players behave matters a lot in online multiplayer games. Strife is designed from the ground up to encourage cooperation and reduce toxic conflicts.

Customize Your Armoury

Crafting enables you to change item components and recipes, allowing any item to be part of your arsenal.

Every Hero Needs a Sidekick

A Pet will accompany you onto the battlefield, offering you unique advantages. Play to unlock more pets to expand your options.

Shared Last Hit Gold

Fight your opponents, not your allies. Last Hit bounties obtained from brawler and hero kills are split between contributing teammates.

Out of Combat Regeneration

Staying out of combat for a short period of time will significantly increase your Health and Mana regeneration, allowing you to stay near the action instead of going back to base.

Personal Courier

Each player has an invulnerable personal courier to automatically deliver purchased items.

System Requirements

Mac OS X
SteamOS + Linux
    • OS: Windows XP Service Pack 3
    • Processor: Dual-core Intel or AMD at 2.4 GHz
    • Memory: 4 GB RAM
    • Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce 8600 or higher, ATI/AMD Radeon HD 2600 or higher, Intel HD 2000 or higher
    • DirectX: Version 9.0
    • Network: Broadband Internet connection
    • Hard Drive: 4 GB available space
    • OS: OS X 10.7
    • Processor: Dual-core Intel or AMD at 2.4 GHz
    • Memory: 4 GB RAM
    • Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce 8600 or higher, ATI/AMD Radeon HD 2600 or higher, Intel HD 2000 or higher
    • Network: Broadband Internet connection
    • Hard Drive: 4 GB available space
    • OS: Linux
    • Processor: Dual-core Intel or AMD at 2.4 GHz
    • Memory: 2 GB RAM
    • Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce 8600 or higher, ATI/AMD Radeon HD 2600 or higher, Intel HD 2000 or higher
    • Network: Broadband Internet connection
    • Hard Drive: 4 GB available space
Helpful customer reviews
136 of 206 people (66%) found this review helpful
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288.9 hrs on record
Posted: May 22
I have over a 100 hours in on this game and come from playing DotA (original and all stars), LoL, and Dawngate.

Towers do hit hard at the start, but they are less aggressive than in LoL. If I have let all my minions die and stay in tower range the tower will attack me, as soon as one of my minions (aka brawlers) runs into tower range the tower will automatically switch back to my brawlers even if I did not leave the tower range. The only reason the tower will keep focus of you is if you stay in tower range after attacking a champion. In many games early on (around lvl 4) if you and your lane mate kill your lane opponents you can almost kill or kill the 1st tower by the time they get back to it if you have about 2 waves of brawlers built up when you kill them.

In mid to late game tanky dps can tank the towers (generators excluded) for a bit to let your team take them. I have back doored many towers because I could out dps it before it could kill me. The shields on the generators help give a team that had a bad game start a chance to come back so that the game is not automatically over if you lose a few tower early. Also the generators give huge bonus gold to your whole team if you kill them so the generators are supposed to be harder to kill. Also killing the generators make your main building easier to kill, so you are not supposed to be able to be able to super easy kill them...

Game Phases
In this game jungling is a shared responsibility between all 3 lanes. Also, since gold is shared between your team for last hitting, everyone is encouraged to last hit, including supports. The phases of the game are similar to cap vision/early gank/ farm, rotate into jungle/cap vision, back to lane, hopefully kill enemy on lane rotate to jungle after clearing lane, cap vision/rotate to allies lane to gank when able, focus on trying to kill baldir or cindara, take towers/cap vision, push, repeat in random order based on what the other team is doing. If it is boring it is because you are doing bad and are failing your team. Because of the way the gold mechanics work in this game your support characters can carry your team late game if built right since they are not item starved in order to feed gold to a possibly bad adc.

Summoner Skills
Summoner skills are replaced with a pet with a passive, passive/active, and active skill. The pets are balanced for different roles and or strategies. Many different pets are applicable for playing as adc, nuker, support, tank, or combination of the 4.

Wards are replaced with vision capturing pillars that give you site of part of the map. Vision is not based on how much gold you spend, but on whether you are doing your job of capping it when you are able and before trying to do things like gank, jungle, push tower, or take baldir/cindara.

Tired of players who won't buy boots because they want 6 slots for "good" items, well Strife solves that by giving a 7th slot that is only used for boots.

Lost because 4v5
In strife when a player is DCed for a certain period of time or blatantly quits, all of the gold of their items is split between the remain 4 members. Also, the gold that used to be split between 5 players is split between 4 players so if your team is good you can out farm the team of 5. I have won many games that I was losing because of a really bad player that was feeding the other team because they rage quit and then our team started earning more gold since we were not giving some of our earned gold to the feeder. The other team lost their free gold sack and we started earning more gold. Game became more balanced so we had a chance to come back.

Full Build... Now what?
In Strife when you hit full build you can start spending your extra mony on tomes: health, mana, and power. Each time you buy a tome it becomes a little more expensive to buy the next time. The starting cost for a tome is 550g.

Game Duration?
Most games unless they are pretty epic or completely stupid (really bad or VERY new players) last 30-45 minutes.

Progression, Crafting, Marks, Masteries, Build/Item Variation, and The Myth of Pay 2 Win!
In League your progression is based on earning runes and points to spend on mysteries. In Strife you earn elixirs which you can spend to craft altered versions of items. When you alter a item you decide what components you use to make it. All items are made of 1-3 base components and the recipe requires item build points from 1-10. Some base components equal 1 build point, some are 5. You can't include more build points of components into an item than what the recipe calls for. Some recipes allow 1 build point of components and some allow up to 10 based on the strength of the recipe. If you craft a mana form of an item it will often be cheaper than the original item where as building a speed/power form of an item will be more expensive than the original item.

Crafting items lets you add an enchant on the item which can make it weaker but cheaper or strong and more expensive. Example one item can be enchanted to be about 700 gold less but it has 2x the cool down time, another item which was just released makes the item 750g more and kills you when the affect of the item expires after 9 seconds. If you put more powerful components into an item it makes it take longer to unlock during a match. If you put weaker components into an item you can earn it faster in a game. The end strength of the item in game is based on the stats of the components/recipe/enchant. The cost of the item is based on the cost of the components/recipe/enchant.

So... you can super customize your characters because you can craft dps items with lots of HP, or craft tank items with lots of attack speed/power, or craft support items with man/hp regen, or etc. I can customize the heroes in Strife more than I ever could in LoL or DawnGate (RIP) based on unlocking new crafted items. Also, you don't have to pick what items you build before the game starts. At any time during the game you can craft any of your unlocked item variants. I have had to craft tanky dps gear as a range with cc when the melee tank decided he was going to go pure dps. In LoL once your mastery is picked and the game starts you are stuck with what you have, in Strife you can adapt based on changing your build based on your unlocked items you choose to build.

Also, crafting items is not near as hard as what has been stated by many negative reviewers. The problem is they either want their customization for free with out time invested in the game or they don't understand how to earn elixirs. You earn around 90 elixirs every time you level up (max account level is 70). You can earn free elixirs once a day by spinning the prize wheel. You earn elixirs for getting so many wins in a row or a certain period of time. You earn lots of elixirs by getting certain numbers of wins with different heroes which gives you a higher star level on the hero so people know how experienced you are with the hero. You also get elixirs for completing the starting story thing in the game. The very first item you craft in the game is free. It gives you a tutorial once you hit 360 elixirs showing you how to craft items during which the item you craft you get to keep for free.

Earn FREE skins?!
SKINS! In Strife they let you earn skins for free! Now, yes, it takes a while, but at least you CAN earn skins for free if you sink in the time and don't want to spend any money. Each skin can have several color sets that range from 60-100 gems to buy. Then the usual cost for buying an entirely new skin is around 100. You can then buy new color pallets for the new skin which then costs around another 60-100 usually. You get one gem for every game you play whether you win, lose, or fight only bots.

Final Few Words
Currently my favorite MOBA. Have a question? I will try to answer.
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6.2 hrs on record
Posted: May 24
Man, this is the best League of Legends update yet!
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41 of 64 people (64%) found this review helpful
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38.7 hrs on record
Posted: May 24
As a relative newcomer to MOBA games I found Strife really easy to get into. My first forray into the genre was SoaDA and Strife is now my second game I've tried in the genre.


- The game looks amazing. It's like cartoony game with a lot of charm.
- Large variety of heroes from the start.
- Pretty solid player base, never waited more than a minute or two to get into a game.
- Highly customizable items and crafting system

- No craftable skins. (Although they can be rented/purchased with in-game currency you can earn.)

Final Thoughts:
A very addictive, fun MOBA game without all the anal retentive players found in other, more popular, games in the genre.

EDIT: Thank you Kror. I did not know that a penalty had been added for leavers.
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137.5 hrs on record
Posted: May 24
I've been playing for around 135 hours now, and the game keep getting better.

Some guys are crying over connection problem, I don't have any, playing on Europe server from Norway; some of my premades are playing from USA on the Europe server without any probs.

The gameplay is pretty easy to learn (easier than Dota2 or LoL), but it's not a bad thing in my opinion, the game is simple but powerful !
The devs are working hard to balance the game, and add new heroes (2 heroes in less than a month, keep up the good work guys ;D)

There's enough heroes for any playstyle, from support to tank, with some assassins, bruiser, etc ...

Well, to sum up :
- The game is awesome, cartoonish design and simple gameplay
- Most of the community is nice with new players !
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31.2 hrs on record
Posted: May 24
This MOBA game has the good sides of both League of Legends and Dota 2 :

-In this game people has less reason to argue. There's no supp role no wards etc.(no need for errand boy) so you choose your hero and join the battle. Everyone is carry.

-No need to argue for farm cuz it splits equally between the laners only one of you need to last hit. (i love this farm system)

-Heroes are not nerfed to death (i hate you riot!)

-Super Nice fantastic Item crafting! You can change recipes of items as you like.

-Items both passives and actives are nice.

-Towers are more considerable than LoL or DOTA 2. (it's good for begginers ^^)

-Out of Combat regen is really nice

Only bad things is the game is new and we have less players than thoose overrated MOBA games so waiting to find a match can be long
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46.5 hrs on record
Posted: May 27
I played Dota 2 for 1500 hrs + so I think I am really in position to tell something about MOBA's

and I really can recommend this game, it is not that hardcore as DotA 2 is but it has the fast past combat from LoL and took some pretty much good aspects like the chicken (curier) from Dota and put it in to it.
Well, I really like it and played the first time today. I just wanted to play like one short match to find out how it works and 6 hours later I still played Strife.. it might not be everybodys favour because it got that colourful comicstyle wich is not loved by everybody and if you played DotA 2 it will look a bit childish next to it but the fights are very funny and the matchmaking finds a match in like 10 seconds.. I really enjoy it, it is a lot easier then DotA 2 but still you can do a lot strategic stuff, like capture some towers in the jungle to gain temporary sight on that spot, kill a Bosscreep (wich is a lot stronger then Roshan from DotA 2) and steal his big a** monkeything to push a lane extremly or open some kind of black wholes on the map, wich will spawn some stronger creeps rushing to the enemy base. That all looks pretty well so far, balancing isn't a problem too as I see it. Even the bots are playing extremly naturally, I wouldn't believe that guys are bots if I would not know it better.

Sure thing that I there are some negative aspects like some low resuluted textures or a not that big pool of heroes/champions. But hey! It is a Beta and for that is is pretty much more a game then the most free games are after release.

I really enjoy playing Strife and I won't stop! Totally recommanding it.
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17 of 27 people (63%) found this review helpful
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10.7 hrs on record
Posted: May 27
This MOBA is really good, no rage, fun people. Really easy to get started. The pet system is fun, maybe a bit hard to unlock them. Characters to play are unique thanks to their curses and abilities. A really good idea when you are tired of some games like HotS, LoL...
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6.2 hrs on record
Posted: May 25
Good solid game. Only played a handful of games but they all went smooth.
It's free so try it out, don't read my or any other "review" and make up your own mind.

Be nice, and you'll enjoy the game more. Nobody likes a russi... hater!
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3 of 3 people (100%) found this review helpful
24.0 hrs on record
Posted: May 29
Simplified mechanics of LoL, with the item customization (upgrade items, buff items, etc.) of Dota. With a flair of very cartoony characters. Reminisant of pre-popular LoL character art, models and characters.


Little to NO trolling

Very easy to learn after about 10 games or so

Fun little Adventure Story Mode Series

After you win a game you get "Gems" which are used to buy new skins for characters

You get pets that follow you around and give you passive and activation buffs


Afkers every 1/5 games or so

Feels a little clunky (but that is easily forgiven)

A bit of a learning curve if you are new to a semi-Dota system

Costs money to buy large amounts of "Gems"; read above in "Pros" about "Gems"


Fun, free, and very enjoyable, more enjoyable in fact than LoL, which I am (was) an avid player in Gold Rank. It can feel a little clunky and odd at first, but give it a chance, at least play 10 games, if you don't like it, uninstall it, it's free after all.

Would recommend this game to a friend.
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6 of 9 people (67%) found this review helpful
57.2 hrs on record
Posted: May 27
i like this game
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38.2 hrs on record
Posted: May 25
After reading the comments, I only found it fair that I post a review of my own.
For starters, I've seen numerous complaints about the over all aesthetic. Please, if you've got complaints on how THIS looks, go back and take a peek at LoL Beta, or Dota Beta. Only real MOBA that has been released, without a "rough looking" beta, would be HotS.
I find myself to be an avid MOBA player...
League of Legends: 3K games
Dota 2: 500 games
HotS: ~250 games
This being said, it's my opinion, that this is a well-polished BETA.
There are a few issues with the game, that the developers need to address, but this is to be expected from a game that claims a lack of completion.
I rather enjoy the out-of-game crafting system, and would be dismayed to see it removed. League of legends brought its own system of "rune crafting" which took a rather extensive amount of grinding as well, to obtain the various runes required to spec out all of your various champions.
I expect to see balancing for the heroes, as well as the crafting system. But all in all, thank you devs for producing a solid beta. I'll hang around to see you guys to full release, and appreciate all the work you've put into the game.
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10 of 17 people (59%) found this review helpful
26.5 hrs on record
Posted: May 25
Coming from someone who plays Dota2 and LoL, this game is actually really fun. I like that it has certain features and that I wish the other games would include like sharing gold when a creep is killed. The fast paced nature of this game is sweet so there's less waiting around and more playing.

Overall, it's definitely worth a try if you're into MOBA games and it's also a great game if you're not into them because it's still fairly new and there are minimal characters to be familiar with.
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2 of 2 people (100%) found this review helpful
26.6 hrs on record
Posted: May 29
Pretty awesome game as far as MOBAs go, as someone who has a 30 account on LoL, 800ish hours on DOTA and more on Smite. I don't like playing LoL which Strife feels most like graphically and gameplay wise, but its different in its own way.

Brings a lot of new and cool stuff to the table such as being able to modify item recipes/add enchantments, and pets which are basically summoner spells except each pet gives one active and two passives.

Definitely worth trying if you like topdown MOBAs, we tried it because it was F2P and expected to laugh how terrible it was for a few games before uninstalling but 3 days later have sank 21 hours into it.
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20.4 hrs on record
Posted: May 28
Strife is of the group of games that are NEW and that are GOOD. They listen to players and try to accommodate for everyone's needs while pushing out some very unique and great quality characters and contents. Not only that, the female characters are made strong, and within normal body standards. NO hypersexualization for both male AND female characters.

TL;DR Game is great in all aspects.
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20.1 hrs on record
Posted: May 29
Good Game
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Posted: May 27
good game but needs some work i definitely recommend it but i want more supports and some junglers :P i rate 8/10 for now though
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Posted: May 27
Pre-Release Review
actually loads of fun. this game is in development mode so there are some minor bugs but I have to tell you once i started it was hard to quit
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Posted: May 27
Still have fun when I'm getting rekt.
11/10 would get rekt again.


*The biggest downside for me is no all chat
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Posted: May 27
A good starter MOBA that also provides a potential challenge for more advanced players.

Some pros include: clean graphics, custom item crafting, all heroes are free, and the effort from S2 games to attempt to provide an importance for lore.

Some cons include: to-be-expected Beta-related bugs, the games can run a little long, and the jungle is underused (major emphasis on laning).
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Posted: May 26
look good but i cant even find a match in SEA server :/
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