Strife® is a truly free to play, competitive, online ARTS / MOBA that features non-stop action and engaging combat. Take control of powerful and versatile heroes, each capable of dominating in unique ways, and exert your will in an epic battle between two teams.
User reviews: Mostly Positive (2,692 reviews) - 77% of the 2,692 user reviews for this game are positive.
Release Date: May 22, 2015

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"A MOBA that can be seen as a new Heros of Newerth, this one aims to shake up the genre. Mostly by having an actual story. Free, like most MOBAs today."

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September 8

Patch 1.0.8

Patch 1.0.8 takes a broad stroke to the game’s balance based on community feedback. So thanks to you guys!


Increased Minerva Q cooldown from 5 to 6 seconds
Decreased Minerva W damage from 85,120,155,190 to 85,115,145,175
Decreased Minerva R damage from 150,200,250 to 150,185,220

Reduced Jin She W mana cost from 70 to 55,60,65,70
Increased Jin She W damage radius from 375 to 420

Increased Chester Q projectile speed
Increased Chester Q cooldown from 11,9,7,5 to 12,11,10,9
Reduced Chester W cooldown time from 23,20,17,14 to 18,16,14,12
Increased Chester E illusion damage multiplier from 0.2,0.25,0.3,0.35 to 0.45,0.5,0.55,0.6
Reduced Chester R damage reduction from 40% to 30%
Reduced Chester R duration from 10 seconds to 8 seconds

Reduced Ace W cooldown from 18,16,14,12 to 13,12,11,10
Increased Ace W jump speed


Reduced Eye of Tempra range from 1200 to 1000
Reduced Eye of Tempra projectile speed

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August 22

Patch 1.0.7

Patch 1.0.7 brings the nerf bat to Aemon plus other minor UI improvements.

==Balance Changes==


Consecration (Q): damage reduced from 20,30,40,50 to 10,20,30,40

Hope (W): heal reduced from 10,15,20,25 to 5,10,15,20

Justice (R): back attack damage reduced from 30,50,70 to 15,25,35

Justice (R): Spheres are no longer visible in brush


Added more Russian translations.

Fixed the ‘New’ icon in the hero pick screen. Removed from previous heroes and added to Aemon.

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“Strife: S2 Games’ answer to the toxic MOBA”


“Strife is daring to make significant changes instead of just following the usual formula set by Dota 2 and LoL. It’s refreshing to see a new MOBA game escape the shadows of these two giants, and strive for innovation”

Strife on Steam Celebration!

To help celebrate the launch of Strife on Steam, we are unleashing 3 Steam-exclusive packs practically bursting with goodies!

Additionally, for the first week only, we will be offering a 10% early-bird discount on Steam purchases!

Don't want to buy anything? That's cool too! All Strife Heroes are free and they always will be! Strife is truly free-to-play.

About This Game

Enter the Hero

In Strife®, you will assume control of a powerful hero. Each hero is uniquely designed to embody a play-style or idea, and heroes are by far the most important aspect of any game of Strife. As a hero, you will decide how the game flows, how quickly it progresses, and whether the outcome is favourable for your team. All Strife heroes are freely available from your very first match!

Community First

How your fellow players behave matters a lot in online multiplayer games. Strife is designed from the ground up to encourage cooperation and reduce toxic conflicts.

Customize Your Armoury

Crafting enables you to change item components and recipes, allowing any item to be part of your arsenal.

Every Hero Needs a Sidekick

A Pet will accompany you onto the battlefield, offering you unique advantages. Play to unlock more pets to expand your options.

Shared Last Hit Gold

Fight your opponents, not your allies. Last Hit bounties obtained from brawler and hero kills are split between contributing teammates.

Out of Combat Regeneration

Staying out of combat for a short period of time will significantly increase your Health and Mana regeneration, allowing you to stay near the action instead of going back to base.

Personal Courier

Each player has an invulnerable personal courier to automatically deliver purchased items.

System Requirements

Mac OS X
SteamOS + Linux
    • OS: Windows XP Service Pack 3
    • Processor: Dual-core Intel or AMD at 2.4 GHz
    • Memory: 4 GB RAM
    • Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce 8600 or higher, ATI/AMD Radeon HD 2600 or higher, Intel HD 2000 or higher
    • DirectX: Version 9.0
    • Network: Broadband Internet connection
    • Hard Drive: 4 GB available space
    • OS: OS X 10.7
    • Processor: Dual-core Intel or AMD at 2.4 GHz
    • Memory: 4 GB RAM
    • Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce 8600 or higher, ATI/AMD Radeon HD 2600 or higher, Intel HD 2000 or higher
    • Network: Broadband Internet connection
    • Hard Drive: 4 GB available space
    • OS: Linux
    • Processor: Dual-core Intel or AMD at 2.4 GHz
    • Memory: 2 GB RAM
    • Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce 8600 or higher, ATI/AMD Radeon HD 2600 or higher, Intel HD 2000 or higher
    • Network: Broadband Internet connection
    • Hard Drive: 4 GB available space
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Posted: April 15
Early Access Review
Edit: I've since been banned from the forums. Nice...

What to say about Strife except "Uninstall."

This game doesn't even cater to casuals. It's so mind numbingly boring with very little dept to it. The crafting system is a total joke and makes the person who has recipes for improved in-game items god like where other characters simply can not make these enchanted weapons unless they grind for hours on end or... pay!

The game is Pay 2 Win. The very first line on the store page is a blatant lie: "Strife® is a truly free to play, competitive, online ARTS / MOBA that features non-stop action and engaging combat." It is not "truly free to play." It is not "competitive." It is not "non-stop action." This is a blatant lie. It's the slowest MOBA i've come across. It's slower than League of Legends, it's slower than Infinite Crisis, it's slower than every MOBA title out there and that's reflected by the 50 minutes it will take you to play a match.

Pay 2 Win
"Truly free to play" does not include an out of game crafting system that places custom created weapons you craft in-game. Custom made items and weapons you can "enchant" to get buffs like lifesteal, more health than the item/weapon would give normally, more charges, more damage than normal but for a bit of extra in-game gold(200g more?). Can you craft these freely? Nope. You have to use "Elixirs" which you get VERY few of for each match played. For me it took 4 games to get 36 Elixirs, that was four 40-50minute matches. If you want a permanent recipe it costs you 360 elixirs just for that one item to be in-game enchanted or not. So, doing the math... 4 games gives you 36 elixirs... 36 divided by 360 equals 10. So, 10 by 4 = 40. That's 40 games, close to 40 hours to get a single recipe that you'll find you ABSOLUTELY need. Or, you know, you could simply pay for it to have an edge in-game. That's is, by definition, Buy. To. Win. You can play the game, but can you be competitive without paying? Absolutely not! Cost to create a permanent recipe? 50 gems. Only option to buy gems? $2.99 for 75. This game is nowhere near a fair game and definitely caters to those who pay over those who do not, giving people who pay a clear advantage in-game.

Average game duration
Each game lasts 40-50 minutes. Yes, almost a freakin' hour to play a game as standard. That's insane! It would be okay if it was actually enjoyable but it is anything but! The map is HUGE by MOBA standards, the turret ranges have massive areas of aggro and turrets are way too close to one another. This is a huge problem of itself but the fact that turrets are so overpowered you simply can not tower dive even if it's to get that last hit on an enemy and then diving back out. Turrets are simply too powerful which makes ranged sitting by turrets an absolute chore to go up against or play as. Literally, sit by your turret and last hit for gold. Turrets also scale up to late game making turret sitting a viable tactic by a losing team which definitely effects the game length.

The "feature" of allowing you to regen health out of combat is a terrible concept altogether. The only reason I feel it's in the game is because mana regen is so poor you have to gain mana faster somehow as more often than not you're out of mana after a single "poke" or engagement(All your abilities used once). It also makes the laning phase so much more tedious than it has to be. It makes poking an enemy pointless or even bringing them to low health. Why does it suck so much? Turrets. Turrets are extremely over powered. The enemy could be sitting in turret range, soaking up experience with 100hp and you could not dive in to take them no matter your level because the turret will kill you from full health regardless of your level.

Turrets are overpowered. It ruins any potential ganks and combined with the regen buffs you get in the game it makes poking or trading absolutely pointless except to deny the enemy a small bit of gold(Last hitting enemies). It's simply not great, they need to be nerfed hard and not scale to late game. Scaling turrets in a MOBA is the most stupidest things to do in a game after a certain point. When it's 50minutes in, everyone is max level and maxed their item slots with nothing but gold adding up and turrets are still hitting like trucks there's something wrong there.

It needs to go or it needs to be seriously nerfed in the price it costs to make recipes. It adds an artificial layer of complexity to the game in the form of "meta" recipes which you really need to be working towards from the start as it costs far too much to craft and takes far too long to craft these recipes.

Phases and heroes
It's basically just one big laning phase for the reasons i've outlined: Turrets have too high aggro radius, they deal too much damage from the start to the finish of the game and they're far too close to one another making backdoor ganks next to impossible. Did I mention that the map is huge? The map is huge. You have three turrets in each lane with the last tier being like a nexus turret. Each turret is beyond tanky and those nexus turrets have regenerating shield. The turrets range is, from the center, 90% of your screen. Then there's a small gap between each turret's range so they're not overlapping(Half a screen but i'd have to check). Then you have an average to small sized gap between the enemies first turret and your own turret which essentially means ranged can easily run back to their turret and sit under it with not a care in the world. This prolongs the game and makes it an entirely long, boring laning phase with very little action going on.

The heroes are very lackluster. They're quite boring, look very bland and have animations that do not offer much flexibility. For instance if you want to spin your hero around in a circle the hero simply will not do that. It will only look left to right as the command is too fast for the game to allow. Is it a disadvantage in-game? Not really but it makes it feel even more sluggish and boring.

Summing up
You literally sit in lane and farm gold then at max level(15) go engage enemies. Basically every tank hero is LoL's Nasus, HotS's Arthas/Stitches in Alpha and Dota 2's Str heroes on steroids with max equips.

It's not a good MOBA. It doesn't even look that good and it feels like they seen a lot that was being put into other games and thought it would fit in their game if they mixed it around and tried to make the game more like Heroes of Newerth(Which was a terrible MOBA and is now almost completely dead -- It's the same developers! Look them up, S2Games).

You have a very, very, very bad take on what I could only even try to relate to League of Legend's "Rune" system, a system which can only be purchased with in-game currency by playing games and can't be boosted or bought with real money and doesn't take nearly as long as it does in this game to gain a full rune set as it does to craft a recipe. Then you have the seriously overpowered Turrets and the game lasting 50 minutes and you have what is an afterthought to the Heroes of the Storm system which is shared experience/shared gold gain. It's pretty much the exact same as in LoL and Dota 2 except you only need to be near a hero that is last hitting mobs to get the gold gain: It's a simple patch job to fix "supports" and who gets priority over gold so as not to include GP5 items or whatever else to give you income to buy things.

My advice to the developers would be to get rid of the crafting system entirely as it's a completely broken concept unless it were 100% free, make the map smaller as it's way too big for the speed of the heroes in it and nerf turrets in every area; damage, range, health, scaling, everything!

I just could not recommend this game. It's worse than Dawngate right now and that's saying something.
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Posted: April 15
Early Access Review
Right here is the thing with Strife I love the look of it and I love the characters but thats it.

Here is my reasoning why it doesn't do it for me.
1. No matter what level I am it just seems like I do no damage even with a full damage build
2. When I get a kill or take a tower it is just not satisfying, something about it just feels like im bashing at a brick wall for what feels like hours, it crumbles then nothing.
3. Team fights last 10 seconds, It all kicks off people die immediately then your back to just killing minions
4. Theres too many minions, It's just a constant influx so you never really get to fight the person on your lane until team fights.
5. The items are somewhat confusing in the sense I can be one part away from an full item and the game suggests I start buying a totally different thing.
6. It feels slow, it feels dragged out when you die you feel so painfully punished because it just takes so long.
7. Past a certain point the game is decided, five people defending 4 attacking at the final obstacle in a base and the defenders have litterally no chance of saving the game, you go in pile in all youve got and your out of mana, out of health and forced back to the fountain to wait whilst till you can go back in, even the teleport back is painfully slow.
8. you can shoot through walls at the camps which means a hunter can farm camps endlessly without taking damage because the camps are confused by the walls which is I imagine they will fix very soon.
9. Items feel like they do nothing - like previously mentioned you never feel like your doing much damage or that you're fully leveled and you can have all the mana items and you still feel like you're going back to base just as much as you had to at the very begining.
10. If you get in a bad situation and run from a fight if someone wants to chase and kill you they will win, there is no movement penalty when attacking so you can run all you want they will always catch and kill you unless you teleport away with what I think is the most valuable item in the game, the boots of teleportation.
11.The camera is screwed, if you're attacking from the bottom left you'll be fine, if you're attacking from the top right your vision is impaired by the overlay at the bottom of the screen with all your items ... I can only suggest they mirror it so everyone has the same experience and view of attacking from the bottom left.
12. The enchanted items is a really cool idea but it unevens the playing field if you have basic items and your opponent has enchanted ones which in a moba can be a deciding factor. This wouldn't be a problem for someone dedicated enough to grind but i still think it puts people at a disadvantage.

Now what I like about the game is its introduction, its simple to understand. For someone who isn't keen on top down its not so bad, it feels somewhat comfortable. The AI is fantastic like you could play a game against bots and it isn't too far off playing against actual people just starting out. I can see why this would appeal but to me its just failing at a lot of things like pace and fun. Also their ward idea with observatories is top notch so it has potential but its definately not for me as it is.

PS. as someone mentioned it feels more RPG than MOBA ... like they took torchlight and tried to make it a something else... I love torchlight and I would have loved this as an RPG :(


This review is based purely on my opinion (which is defined as "A view or judgement formed about something, not necessarily based on fact or knowledge"). Everything written is how I FEEL not statistical or numerical based data.
In regards to damage comments I said it FELT like I did no damage as in even when I got a kill I was dissatisfied or took someone down in a couple of hits I was more confused as to why i felt no elation or success it was more “oh okay”. No matter how quick i killed someone I felt like I hadn’t achieved anything I had any reason to have been able to kill them. When I got a penta I felt no more excitement/elation it just happened.
The best way of me explaining it is there have been days in smite with new builds where I felt like I was doing no damage it seemed slower and more tiresome (maybe it was a bad day) but I still had 40K damage which was the highest on the team so I was doing damage I just didn’t feel it. That’s how i felt with this, no satisfaction it just happened
The fighting picks up in team fights but to the absolute extreme ... it goes from dull 1v1 to a team wipe out which is just as dissatisfying whatever side you’re on.
Maybe I went against passive people but I found I was next to never attacked there wasn’t the poke and harassment at all on the lanes I was on and instead I spent the game looking for fights because they wouldn’t push aggressively or gank. For me a moba should make me feel stressed about being ganked, under pressure when they push towers, satisfied when i get a kill and this doesn’t do that for me.
And lastly I know I don't know all the items and I admit I probably wasn't that great at the game but a good game makes you want to get better, it makes you want to practice, it makes you want to learn and keep coming back and this doesn't do that for me.


I will most likely re-review this game at a later date and update the review accordingly.

As to anyone who likes the game so much they feel the need to jump to the comments to defend it I have to ask this why? If you like it thats fine that is your opinion, please either take comfort in knowing you like the game and are in the larger percentile and enjoy your day or write your own positive review.
I should also point out I am a nobody I have no following and people will always make up their own mind about a game by playing it not by what one review says so bare that mind and ask yourself "why do I care enough about what this person says?" or "Why do I care enough about this game that I feel the need to call someone elses opinion s*** because I disagree."

If nothing else take this in good humour just think to yourself "what a noob" and have a good day.
Thank you :)
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Posted: May 20
Simply put, Strife is a slightly relaxed version of LoL with a bit of Dota/HoN mixed in and much fewer players. The main points of difference from LoL are:

* A lasthitting mechanic like in Dota, except that allied heroes share the income, so there's less of a competition for farm, but the flip side is that it's possible to mess up lasthits for allies.
* Significant health regeneration after not receiving damage for 10 seconds, meaning that players need to return to base less often, but it also makes harassment in lane less meaningful.
* No wards, but instead there's capturable towers that give vision (temporarily) like in Starcraft or HotS.
* All heroes are unlocked by default like in Dota.
* Instead of LoL's Summoner Spells, there's personal 'pets' that follow the player, give certain buffs and have a special ability. The pets need to be unlocked, and having access to more of them can give players an edge.
* Purchasable items can be upgraded outside of the game via "item crafting"; just like with the pet unlocks, players can get an advantage by grinding or paying for this, so there's a p2w element.
* Each player gets a free, personal and unkillable courier for delivering items.
* Instead of Roshan or Baron Nashor, there's two larger neutral camps that can be used to push a lane for a limited duration.
* There are special slots for boots so that players don't have to choose between having boots or having an extra regular item slot.

One of the most pronounced similarities to LoL is the cartoonish art style; even the user interface font is cartoonish, giving everything a somewhat childlike vibe.

The Good

* The game offers hotkey presets based on LoL/Dota/HoN, so players from other games don't have to relearn the keys or bother customizing them.
* Polished user interface; things like building items should be easy to pick up for beginners.
* Decent tutorial.

The Bad

* Some significant glitches and bugs (half of the time most of the text in my game was unreadable because of missing letters), but this is to be expected from an early access game.
* A medium-sized hero pool, but the heroes are arguably quite bland and uninspired. Many heroes are very 'samey', and it's largely a generic mix of stuns/slows/nukes/skillshots, with some heroes having a slight twist.
* The items don't have too much impact, and the progression in general just seemed very limited, so the late game wasn't that different from the early or mid game. The matches often felt like they were dragging on for 30 minutes.
* Small player pool leads to more unbalanced matchups and longer queue times. This is not a problem with the game itself, but should be noted.

Strife is supposed to be the best game of the genre, somehow having less 'toxic' players while still being competitive, but also casual-friendly, but all these claims show is the hubris of the developer. In reality, the main appeal of Strife I can see is for the more casual players (which seems to be reflected in all the positive reviews of this game here stressing the casual aspect), but even in that case I'd rather recommend something like HotS because it has more original ideas and interesting gameplay, while still proving casual with things like even shorter average match length.

I seriously doubt that Strife will manage to beat even the 'dead' game that is HoN in popularity, because most of what Strife offers is just ripped off from other, better games, and S2 doesn't have the resources to generate the required hype to get a game that can't stand on its own merits going.
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Posted: April 27
Early Access Review
Its like Dota and LoL had a baby that was adopted by Disney.
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Posted: May 22
I have over a 100 hours in on this game and come from playing DotA (original and all stars), LoL, and Dawngate.

Towers do hit hard at the start, but they are less aggressive than in LoL. If I have let all my minions die and stay in tower range the tower will attack me, as soon as one of my minions (aka brawlers) runs into tower range the tower will automatically switch back to my brawlers even if I did not leave the tower range. The only reason the tower will keep focus of you is if you stay in tower range after attacking a champion. In many games early on (around lvl 4) if you and your lane mate kill your lane opponents you can almost kill or kill the 1st tower by the time they get back to it if you have about 2 waves of brawlers built up when you kill them.

In mid to late game tanky dps can tank the towers (generators excluded) for a bit to let your team take them. I have back doored many towers because I could out dps it before it could kill me. The shields on the generators help give a team that had a bad game start a chance to come back so that the game is not automatically over if you lose a few tower early. Also the generators give huge bonus gold to your whole team if you kill them so the generators are supposed to be harder to kill. Also killing the generators make your main building easier to kill, so you are not supposed to be able to be able to super easy kill them...

Game Phases
In this game jungling is a shared responsibility between all 3 lanes. Also, since gold is shared between your team for last hitting, everyone is encouraged to last hit, including supports. The phases of the game are similar to cap vision/early gank/ farm, rotate into jungle/cap vision, back to lane, hopefully kill enemy on lane rotate to jungle after clearing lane, cap vision/rotate to allies lane to gank when able, focus on trying to kill baldir or cindara, take towers/cap vision, push, repeat in random order based on what the other team is doing. If it is boring it is because you are doing bad and are failing your team. Because of the way the gold mechanics work in this game your support characters can carry your team late game if built right since they are not item starved in order to feed gold to a possibly bad adc.

Summoner Skills
Summoner skills are replaced with a pet with a passive, passive/active, and active skill. The pets are balanced for different roles and or strategies. Many different pets are applicable for playing as adc, nuker, support, tank, or combination of the 4.

Wards are replaced with vision capturing pillars that give you site of part of the map. Vision is not based on how much gold you spend, but on whether you are doing your job of capping it when you are able and before trying to do things like gank, jungle, push tower, or take baldir/cindara.

Tired of players who won't buy boots because they want 6 slots for "good" items, well Strife solves that by giving a 7th slot that is only used for boots.

Lost because 4v5
In strife when a player is DCed for a certain period of time or blatantly quits, all of the gold of their items is split between the remain 4 members. Also, the gold that used to be split between 5 players is split between 4 players so if your team is good you can out farm the team of 5. I have won many games that I was losing because of a really bad player that was feeding the other team because they rage quit and then our team started earning more gold since we were not giving some of our earned gold to the feeder. The other team lost their free gold sack and we started earning more gold. Game became more balanced so we had a chance to come back.

Full Build... Now what?
In Strife when you hit full build you can start spending your extra mony on tomes: health, mana, and power. Each time you buy a tome it becomes a little more expensive to buy the next time. The starting cost for a tome is 550g.

Game Duration?
Most games unless they are pretty epic or completely stupid (really bad or VERY new players) last 30-45 minutes.

Progression, Crafting, Marks, Masteries, Build/Item Variation, and The Myth of Pay 2 Win!
In League your progression is based on earning runes and points to spend on mysteries. In Strife you earn elixirs which you can spend to craft altered versions of items. When you alter a item you decide what components you use to make it. All items are made of 1-3 base components and the recipe requires item build points from 1-10. Some base components equal 1 build point, some are 5. You can't include more build points of components into an item than what the recipe calls for. Some recipes allow 1 build point of components and some allow up to 10 based on the strength of the recipe. If you craft a mana form of an item it will often be cheaper than the original item where as building a speed/power form of an item will be more expensive than the original item.

Crafting items lets you add an enchant on the item which can make it weaker but cheaper or strong and more expensive. Example one item can be enchanted to be about 700 gold less but it has 2x the cool down time, another item which was just released makes the item 750g more and kills you when the affect of the item expires after 9 seconds. If you put more powerful components into an item it makes it take longer to unlock during a match. If you put weaker components into an item you can earn it faster in a game. The end strength of the item in game is based on the stats of the components/recipe/enchant. The cost of the item is based on the cost of the components/recipe/enchant.

So... you can super customize your characters because you can craft dps items with lots of HP, or craft tank items with lots of attack speed/power, or craft support items with man/hp regen, or etc. I can customize the heroes in Strife more than I ever could in LoL or DawnGate (RIP) based on unlocking new crafted items. Also, you don't have to pick what items you build before the game starts. At any time during the game you can craft any of your unlocked item variants. I have had to craft tanky dps gear as a range with cc when the melee tank decided he was going to go pure dps. In LoL once your mastery is picked and the game starts you are stuck with what you have, in Strife you can adapt based on changing your build based on your unlocked items you choose to build.

Also, crafting items is not near as hard as what has been stated by many negative reviewers. The problem is they either want their customization for free with out time invested in the game or they don't understand how to earn elixirs. You earn around 90 elixirs every time you level up (max account level is 70). You can earn free elixirs once a day by spinning the prize wheel. You earn elixirs for getting so many wins in a row or a certain period of time. You earn lots of elixirs by getting certain numbers of wins with different heroes which gives you a higher star level on the hero so people know how experienced you are with the hero. You also get elixirs for completing the starting story thing in the game. The very first item you craft in the game is free. It gives you a tutorial once you hit 360 elixirs showing you how to craft items during which the item you craft you get to keep for free.

Earn FREE skins?!
SKINS! In Strife they let you earn skins for free! Now, yes, it takes a while, but at least you CAN earn skins for free if you sink in the time and don't want to spend any money. Each skin can have several color sets that range from 60-100 gems to buy. Then the usual cost for buying an entirely new skin is around 100. You can then buy new color pallets for the new skin which then costs around another 60-100 usually. You get one gem for every game you play whether you win, lose, or fight only bots.

Final Few Words
Currently my favorite MOBA. Have a question? I will try to answer.
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