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La princesse du Royaume des Fleurs a disparu. Elle a été enlevé par Ghulibas du Nord, et c'est désormais au courageux Zee Tee de la sauver. Dans sa quête, lui - et vous - allez découvrir les terres cachés de ce paisible royaume, et vous retrouverez face à d'inquiétants secrets.
Date de parution: 7 jun 2010
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À propos du jeu

La princesse du Royaume des Fleurs a disparu. Elle a été enlevé par Ghulibas du Nord, et c'est désormais au courageux Zee Tee de la sauver. Dans sa quête, lui - et vous - allez découvrir les terres cachés de ce paisible royaume, et vous retrouverez face à d'inquiétants secrets.

Ceci est la version haute définition du jeu indi Eversion, désormais supporté sur steam ! Remplissez les succès et combattez vos amis dans des niveaux à duré limitée !

Caractéristiques principales :
  • plate-forme de jeu de style rétro
  • Gameplay modulable qui change les niveaux du jeu autour de vous
  • Découvrez huit mondes soigneusement élaborés
  • Dessiné à la main, dans le pur style indie
  • Un scénario plein de rebondissements
  • Un jeu d'une durée idéale pour les fans de jeux vidéos occupés
  • Trois fins différentes
  • Divertissements supplémentaires si joué seul durant la nuit
  • Une expérience inoubliable

Configuration requise (PC)


    • Interface : Windows XP ou équivalent
    • Processeur : Un seul core 1GHz+
    • Mémoire : 64Mo ou plus
    • Graphismes : résolution 640 x 480 ou supérieure
    • DirectX®: N/A
    • Disque dur : 20 Mo d'espace disque
    • Son : Requis

Configuration requise (Linux)

    • OS: Ubuntu 12.04 LTS, Mint 13 LTS, Fedora 16, fully updated
    • Processor: Single core 1GHz
    • Memory: 64MB or more
    • Graphics: 640 x 480 resolution or higher
    • Hard Drive: 20MB
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Petits jeux sympathiques, très cours, jeu de plateforme avec une touche d'énigme, difficulté moyenne. Rien de révolutionnaire mais ce jeu vous fera passer une bonne heure tranquillement pour un prix raisonable en promotion.
Posté le : 28 juin 2014
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Pas mal jeux TERMINER ^^
Posté le : 17 mai 2014
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I went into this expecting a super cute platformer game, and my god, never judge any more books by the cover. About half way into the game, it started going to hell, and I mean litterally, there were black arms with red clawed hands shooting up out of the water!!
Backgrounds get gnarled and twisted, death screens give you occaisonal messages such as "Ready! To die", "Stop", "Give up", and "Mother", it truley turns into something you'd see in an internet creepypasta.

It's very short, I was able to complete it in under an hour, but very entertaining. I'm not sure if I would call it worth $4.99, so maybe wait for a sale to get this odd little gem of a game.

Moral of this story, book covers can troll you.

Posté le : 15 mai 2014
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"The horror!"

A cheap little platformer, this might be one of the smallest games on Steam. I imagine anyone buying it just wanted it because it was cheap and looked cute.

How wrong you are.

Something about the princess being taken is written on the store page. You won't really see much story once in the game, except for the ending.

Cute graphics here, they are what drew me in to purchasing this game. Little did I know that would soon change to a nightmarish landscape rather quickly. While they are rather basic and obviously inspired by classic games, they still look nice.

The isn't a lot of music in the game, but it fits the setting. Simple sound effects that do the job as well. Not really much to say about them.

As the controls are rather simple, they work well on keyboard, but gamepads also have support if you prefer those. Movement, jumping, the Eversion ability (which shall be detailed below) and a pause button. You could play this with a NES clone controller if you own one.

Run, jump, bounce off enemy heads, collect the gems and reach the end of the level. Sounds like any NES era platformer game, right? Well, since the game opens up with a Lovecraft quote, there is obviously going to be something creepy lurking in the shadows. And that is where the Eversion ability comes in. In each level, there are locations where the walls between realities are weak. If you can find them, you can shift to another reality, often darker than the one you were already in. This will have an effect on both the landscape and enemies. That bush will wither and die, only to be replaced by deadly vines. Enemies may lose the will to live, just standing there for you to end its life, or it may get faster and more dangerous. Switching realities is needed to get all the gems through the levels, and sometimes even to progress forward through what would otherwise block movement.

This game is short. Including the final level which requires you to find all the gems, you are unlikely to spend more than an hour or two doing the main game, including the different endings. Once you have seen the true ending, you do unlock a time attack mode with leader boards, which can add to the time spent on the game. There is also a level editor available, though I haven't played around with any of the community content myself.

While not a bad game, the short game length alone is a good enough reason to only get on sale or with a Steam discount coupon.

6 / 10
Posté le : 4 mars 2014
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Zaratustra does it with the fantastic platformer Eversion.

You play as Zee Tee a little cloud like creature that embarks on a mission to save a princess who was taken by Ghulibas. Sound familiar, well it should it’s essentially Mario. Unlike Mario where the levels, albeit fun, offer little in the realm of puzzling the game Eversion does. Eversion allows you to drift between realms by hitting eversion points where you can essentially shift the environment. This changes your impact on the world around you. And the enemies the world presents.

The Ambience:
This is by no means a children’s game despite the colorful allure the steam snap shots show. For More Information read the following sentence, beware some would say this is a spoiler – The game presents a rather dismal idea about how bleak the world can really be. Entering emersions converts the game slowly to a more depressing state until the point of complete madness.

Eversion is a game everyone should experience and enjoy. I highly recommend this game, although only if you can get it on sale for 75% or more off. I personally 100% completed this game, but if you just play through the game without doing 100% you can beat the game in less than thirty minutes. In my opinion 30 minutes is not worth $4.99.

+Fun atmosphere and great level design
+Levels have puzzles within them or require you to solve puzzles to proceed
+Great character control
+Interesting enemies
+Ability to change the levels based on the eversion you are in
+Multiple Endings
+Not as easy as it looks, but not too difficult
+Secret level
+Fun music

-Really short game
-Game got corrupted after completing the map editing achievement and had to wipe my save (lucky the games only an hour long)
-Achievements are not all listed so you don’t know exactly what to do
-Full screen is not actually 1080p, causing windows on my other monitor to shift to the right of the screen. (You can just leave the game in window mode and resize it)
-Default controls are rather odd, remember to click space bar in order to select the menu options (or change your controls like I did)
Posté le : 26 février 2014
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Tout petit jeu sympathique, à la Mario, croisé avec Inception : on commence dans un niveau flashy, avant de descendre petit à petit dans les enfers... 8 courts niveaux, avec uniquement les 2 derniers qui nécessitent de se creuser un peu la cervelle.

Durée de vie 2 heures (pour obtenir tous les succès) + une surprise en cours de route, c'est pourquoi je vous le conseille, oui, mais prenez-le à tarif réduit : à 1 ou 2€, pas à 4€.

Edit : Au moment où j'écris cette recommandation, sur la page du magasin, il n'est fait mention nulle part des cartes Steam et badges de ce jeu. Il en possède bien.
Posté le : 26 janvier 2014
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