ManaCollect is an action packed take on the classic Minesweeper as an action/puzzle game. Two contestants compete on a grid based arena to collect hidden mana by following numbered hints and unleash special attacks to drain their opponents mana.
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Release Date: Apr 17, 2015

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“Whether you are playing against the vindictive CPU, with friends in close proximity, or challenging your own limits in the Dungeon mode, ManaCollect is nothing short of a good time and a title I’m sure many will like if given the chance.”

“This is a new type of Minesweeper that can be quite addictive and while it’s not a hardcore game, it’s perfect for casual gaming when you don’t wish or don’t have time to play something more lengthy.”
8/10 – 3GEM Studios

“For fans of click-and-reveal puzzles, timed skirmishes and engaging manga story lines, this game is a must.”
76/100 – Gamer's Haven

About This Game

Get ready to... Collect some Mana!

ManaCollect is an action packed take on the classic Minesweeper as an action/puzzle game. Two contestants compete on a grid based arena to collect hidden mana by following numbered hints and unleash special attacks to drain their opponents mana.

Now in HD! English release includes an all-new 720p Widescreen mode, Anti-Aliasing and Texture Filtering support.

  • 4-chapter single player storyline
  • 10 playable characters
  • 4 difficulty settings
  • 2-Player Local multiplayer
  • Dungeon and Tournament modes

System Requirements

    • OS: Windows XP, Vista, 7 and 8
    • Processor: Intel Pentium 4, 3.0 GHz or higher
    • Memory: 1 GB RAM
    • Graphics: DirectX 9.0c compatible video card with 256MB memory
    • DirectX: Version 9.0c
    • Storage: 1 GB available space
    • Sound Card: DirectX 9.0c compatible
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0.7 hrs
Posted: July 14
Really good game, even though it can be a hard.
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Flying Fox
3.4 hrs
Posted: July 4
Never has minesweeper been this addicting (and this rage intensive for some?) - curse you adding plot to minesweeper!

Gotta collect all dem mana

Minesweeper revamp into a battlesystem
Local Coop
Has story (touhou/100%orangejuice level of story)
Different heroes with different ultimateskills

Onlinemode would have been nice, but it goes without

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Gray Tiamat187
8.2 hrs
Posted: April 8
Okay, I may be taking the question "Do you recommend this game?" a little too literally.
Let me first say that I love this game, being a long-time player of Minesweeper and tactical battle simulations such as MTG and Etrian Odyssey. This game fuses the two in such a manner where it's fun and complex, but not to the point of being incomprehensible to a novice player, such as my father(who has never played Minesweeper, mind you). This game, though simple, is actually quite strategic.
"Do you attack now, before your opponent has collected any power on this layer? Or do you wait for them to strike, knowing you'll have enough to do a counter-attack afterwards? Do you limit your opponent's movement with a skilll, or will you wait for them to almost achieve a Full Collect and stop them dead in their tracks?"
That's what this game is.
While I do love it and I would recommend it to anyone that enjoys both Minesweeper(or any classic puzzle game, for that matter) and any tactical battle simulation(generally referred to as RPGs), the majority of people reading this likely will not be a part of this niche audience that I have described. Thus, for the majority, I do not recommend this game.
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9.5 hrs
Posted: February 24
An anime and multiplayer version of Minewsweeper that is fun and fast-paced. The story mode has no real merits other than practice, but playing with other players online with the multiplayer mode can be rewarding. A good casual game to try if you're looking for something more laid-back.
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0.5 hrs
Posted: January 5

Good? :
[+?] Minesweeper alike in hexe grid without bomb but with attack and defense gameplay. kinda good at first and then turn ... bad for me cus my brain cannot keepup da pace like enemy is fast at marking that I end up mashing button for special powa ... ugh not good eh...

[] The head of 2d char avatar.... well, one look like got hammered often or something...
[] When you lose, you must retry from building mana pace, at first was ok, but when I got lose very often this just boring...

Bad :
[-] Player and enemy AI char model hinder the hint numbers for the bomb (I mean, the mana) so yeah enemy AI stole the mana very often cus I don't want to miss the mark and redo marking.
[-] Enemy very fast and 90% very accurate on finding the mana.
[-] I was ok with no mouse button on interface or gameplay ... but the game does not show me what button is attacking button? defense button? cancel button? what are these button and the option menu just showing controller symbol no keyboard?... yeah learn the button by pressing all over... that was ... annoying.

The button I still remember for keyboard is :

Z for selecting menu and marking mana.
X for cancel

otherwise forgotten...
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Dangerous Beans
4.9 hrs
Posted: November 2, 2015
Magical moe minesweeper combat...

No! Come back! It's good!
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Sir TapTap
6.8 hrs
Posted: October 13, 2015
You'll definitely want a controller for this game. It's not an amazingly versatile game as far as graphics or input goes--I don't think it supports mouse, I don't recommend the keyboard controls, doesn't support arbitrary resolutions or even 1080p. Not super surprising for a Japanese indie title frankly.

It's basically competitive Hexagon minesweeper, where clearing mines gives you "mana" to attack other players with (or defend from their attacks). The "story mode" is just silly basically random stuff going on, character designs are kinda eh. The single player is more like a practice mode, included for the sake of having one.

I would say if the idea of local multiplayer minesweeper *with controllers* sounds great, definitely try this out. There's not much more to this game than that, but I don't really feel there was meant to be. Vs minesweeper is still pretty neat.
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4.5 hrs
Posted: September 3, 2015
It's Minesweeper (you guessed) except that you can only see limited clues around you - and the clue for the cell you're standing-on is also hidden (which makes it a memory-test)

The fact that someone thought the best way of playing minesweeper was making your character walk around the board is also pretty hilarious.

I like Minesweeper but what it needed was 'less randomness' (esp at the start) - not more guesswork!!

Was there a competition for 'classic games you can ruin mechanically by anime characters" and if so, did this win?
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2.4 hrs on record
Posted: April 17, 2015
So, right off the bat I'll say a few things people might like to hear. First of all, I felt this game was SIGNIFICANTLY better using a controller. Second: I am a huge minesweeper fan. I play it a lot to kill the time and I'm pretty good at it. Also, bought this at -10%.

So this is like minesweeper. Except you are marking the mines and then killing them whenever you like (if ever: you can complete a 'floor' without clearing and it's basically exactly like minesweeper.

In the multiplayer (or vs bots) mode: There's like 8 characters. Each one has exactly one special ability. If you've played Puyo Pop: it's sort of like that. You guys are both contesting the same mapand you both want to mark and collect as many mines as possible whilst retaining your combo of selecting mines without clearing or selecting an incorrect tile.

I'll be honest: the story is really bad and very stupid. The AI is not horrible and will sometimes make mistakes (this is good). The art direction is OK. It's an anime-style game. The Dungeon Mode (ie, endless mode) is very fun and I enjoy playing it. It relinquishes the fighting bit and you're basically just playing nearly endless minesweeper.

The long and short of it is, if you like Puzzle Quest or Puzzle Fighter and games like that: you will like this game most certainly. If you like minesweeper: you will probably like this game. If you like little moe anime girls running around and clicking mines: you will probably like this game. I recommend this game, especially at its tiny and honest pricepoint.
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5.5 hrs on record
Posted: June 13, 2015
I am huge fan of the games that come out of Japan. They are strange, innovative, and show a completely different thought process. Especially when it comes to their games. Fruitbat Factory is one of my favorite publishers for these types of games. Bringing us such games as 100% Orange Juice and War of the Human Tanks. All games I have had the pleasure of reviewing. ManaCollect and all the aforementioned titles, have a certain charisma and personality to them that is hard to describe. Simply put they must be experienced. However I will do my best to bring it justice.

First off, when you boot up the game, the first thing you are greeted by is the cheery, over the top, cutesy music. The kind we have all learned to love and expect from these types of games. The soundtrack is catchy and poppie. It flows with the gameplay in natural style. There are several tracks to enjoy and for the most part the music is not grating on the ears. The only thing I could've wished for was the ability to choose which track to play. No big deal.

Now again most games from Japan usually like to add a twist to games. 100% Orange Juice is still the strangest card/board game I have ever had the pleasure of playing. ManaCollect takes the concept of Minesweeper, you read right, Minesweeper and adds a heaping of anime, kawaii style. The gameplay is more or less the same as the American version except it's hexagons that are numbered and you must find the "Mana spot" AKA the mine spot. Added to that, is the games versus style combat. You see the mana you collect is turned into points. Points that you can use to hurt your enemy. Hence the more more mana you find the more damage you can inflict.

However your opponent is far from helpless. The opponent is collecting mana as much as you are. Running around the battlefield in a mad dash to collect. They can use this mana to attack but also defend themselves, so that all your precious attack mana is wasted and the game continues. Also each of the ten playable characters comes with a unique power, one that can easily give them the advantage if played right. This adds a pretty tactical aspect to ManaCollect. Not only using your powers at the right time but knowing when to attack or defend is crucial. Also being damn good at playing mine....ahem. Collecting mana.

Now the game comes with an assortment of different game modes. All of which are more or less a different variety of the combat versus mode. The Story mode is decent enough and adds some pretty decent AI that can easily dispatch you. I know, I lost many times. Story mode has four chapters total, ranging from easy to chaos. Now if you were to ask me what ManaCollects story was all about, I wouldn't have the foggiest idea. This is kind of typical though. Most games from Japan have a very over the top story. ManaCollect just kinda throws you into the middle of things, with little to no explanation. I feel as if I missed a prologue or some sort of introduction to the world and characters. Alas there isn't one. There also isn't a large visual novel aspect to the game, compared to lets say, War of the Human Tanks. You kinda just are these characters and go! No questions! Collect mana!

The visuals of ManaCollect are fair enough. Giving you an over head view to see the action and numbers. Your eyes are usually so focused on the numbers and mana most of the time. I barely noticed the avatars themselves running about the field. One thing that is kind nice to note is that ManaCollect comes in 16:9 resolution. Which is very rare for some games coming from Japan. Other options like rebindable keys, Anti-aliasing, full controller support are all options that are nice to have.

The game does offer plenty of replay value, including several difficulties dependent on your skill level. The local versus mode does add quite a bit of Mana collecting chaos. I can imagine having a few quick fun rounds with friends, battling it out as we use our powers and plan when to attack, then moving on to another game. I guess the mileage you will get out of ManaCollect all really depends on how much you enjoy Minesweeper.

In all, I had fun with ManaCollect. I felt though that there was something missing, a gaming Umami, if you will. The usual games I see coming from Fruitbat Factory and Japan in general, all have this unique style to them that makes me smile. ManaCollect needed a bit more of this in my opinion. It's what makes the genre of games unique. Otherwise it's just Minesweeper with an anime skin and versus mode. This "gaming umami" is hard to define. It's not exactly a specific aspect, but just how the game made me feel. I had fun but it was forgettable. If you play these types of games constantly, you may know what I mean. It's fairly priced ($6.99) and you may get a few hours, to a couple of days worth of entertainment out of it.
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3.5 hrs on record
Posted: April 17, 2015
Manacollect is competitive Minesweeper in an Anime setting. While the setting doesn't exactly execute that well and the story is meh, the puzzle battle element is done well, and is good for local multiplayer games. The minesweeper element is actually interesting, and against a human opponent, there's strategy in when to press for more points and when not to. It's tense and works pretty well. Overall, a good battler puzzle game.

-Good puzzle action, simple yet strategy.
-Good risk versus reward gameplay in battle sections.
-Still has a single player minesweeper game for those who don't want to battle.

-Story is weak.
-Characters skills are imbalanced in my opinion.

For more information and gameplay:
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Not Recommended
2.5 hrs on record
Posted: January 31
I've got very little to say that hasn't already been said. For background, I am not a veteran minesweeper player, and I have played ManaCollect up until I have finished Chapter 4.

I think the biggest infraction is that there's no epilogue from completing the final chapter. We don't even get to know what happened to our heroes. The story may not necessarily be an important part of this game, but an explanation or some lines of text would be nice. After beating the final boss, literally the next thing you see is the final credits. Besides that, difficulty levels scale fast even on the easiest difficulty possible. Folly me for thinking that the game would be kind to players new to minesweeper. The UI could also be done better. There's a bunch of blank space on the video game screen that isn't being used for anything. These spaces could be used to make the maps easier to see or make the map bigger. Also some of the character's special powers block your ability to see the screen.

The character designs are the best part of the game and the only part of the game I didn't hate.
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4.2 hrs on record
Posted: August 27, 2015
2min of this game

Mine sweeper with a twist.
The game has 2 mods of play when your alone trying to get mana or vs when your battling an opponent.
In both you move around the board revealing numbers in tiles 1 space from your character and you have to mark tiles with 1+ in all surrounding tiles.
If any but the tile your marking has a 0 you'll miss and if your alone it'll collect all your marks but in vs you'll lose all your marks and collect nothing.
Once you place a mark down a bar will count down on your character and when it empties it collects all mana attached to your marks.
If 2+ marks are collected they will count as a combo, also if you collect all the mana on a level at once you'll get x1.5 the value.

In vs its the same as above but now only 1 mark can be placed on each tile and each character has a ability and most will restrict the opponent in some way.
This ability uses a power bar on the side that fills up slowly over time (faster if you have less mana).
As you collect mana you can also attack the opponent and make them lose mana but they can Defend and cause them to lose less from the hit or even make you miss.
You win but getting your opponent to 0 or having more mana when the time runs out.
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3.4 hrs on record
Posted: April 26, 2015
Lets see, the best way to describe this game is... "Anything Goes - Supercute - Minesweeper Martial Arts - Battle Arena!!!" This is why I love Japan, and more specifically, Fruitbat Factory.
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4.1 hrs on record
Posted: April 18, 2015
Competitive minesweeper with combos and abilities mixed in.

Enough content to warent the cheap asking price.

Just wish it was online multiplayer :(
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6.3 hrs on record
Posted: May 15, 2015
ManaCollect is what Minesweeper would be if it was licensed as a kind-friendly anime. There’s a sentence I never thought I’d be saying, but Fruitbat’s latest offering in their crusade to localise the vast, untapped richness of the Orient’s Doujin networks presents exactly that. You’re still working with a grid that, when you explore it, gives you a numerical prompt about how many mines are in close proximity, except that you’re no longer trying to avoid stepping on a mine. You’re trying to ferret out mana points and collect them. And you’re no longer just clicking about a grid; you’re running around a hex-based map controlling an adorable anime girl.

It’s kind of like that crazy nightmare I had that night I overdosed on sugarcane vodka and believed the Skifree guy was not devoured by a yeti but torn to shreds by nomadic lolis, except several hours of gameplay tell me this time, it‘s real. Manacollect is a thing, and there’s certainly worse ways to kill time.

Full Review //
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2.2 hrs on record
Posted: April 22, 2015
It's a fun game to have for local family play.

There are 9 characters in the game, but lets make that 8 since 1 is just a mirrored, recoloured version of the other. (one unlockable character but that's just uses a random ability of the others)

The characters do have 1 special ability.
  • 1 ability to lock your opponent in a very small field (But you have to be next to him/her)
  • 1 ability to stun for a few seconds
  • 1 ability to slow down (which basicly means that this character is already worse than the one above)
  • 1 ability to create a wall on the right side of the field which your opponent cant pass
  • 1 ability which mirrors the previous one but on the left side
  • 1 to again, stun you opponent AND break his/her combo (although you do have to get near him/her)
  • 1 ability which makes your character faster. (this one can backfire since being faster, means that it will be easier to mess up the marking of a tile)
  • 1 abillity to switch places with your opponent. (This abbility is very cool, but useless against the computer)
  • 1 abillity to make your attack 3x stronger. (no comment on this one)

On solo mode, the game is not easy. This is a fast phased minesweeper. You need to have a very good memory and the ability to calculate and think very fast, especially on the higher difficulty settings. (That is, if you are aiming for high scores with combos). The computer, even on the easy settings, can be tough, mainly on bigger boards. (more mines)

If the action is too fast for you, there is still the dungeon mode, where you need to clear fields with increasing difficulty by yourself. You dont have anyone else on the board, so you can take your time. This is where the game resembles more to the traditional minesweeper, although you still can't see the whole board, but unlike the original, you can mess up once or twice before game over.

Control wise, the game works ok with both keyboard and controller.

Also the music is great too.

Story is rubish, but no one really cares, came to play a fast phased minesweeper, no to see a drama.

For its asking price, the game is well worth it. (Can be much more fun if you have someone to play with locally)
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12.8 hrs on record
Posted: July 24
ManaCollect is competitive minesweeper where two players compete to clear the same board. If you can mark all the bombs by yourself you get a massive bonus, and if you make a mistake, you lose all the correct mines you have identified no the board. Each character also has a special skill that can be used strategically to hinder the opponent's mine finding efforts. When you have found enough mines you can launch attacks on the other player which, after you deal sufficient damage, will win the game.

Overall I found the game somewhat mediocre. It is fun if you have a friend who also loves minesweeper I guess. The story is kind of nonsensical, I beat it and have no idea what is going on, but it does shine in multiplayer. I agree with the other comments that it is way better with a controller. The graphics are nice and the controls are snappy enough that you can usually mark hexes quite quickly without input error. The main issue for me is that I really have no inclination to play this game, by myself or with a friend, after the ~10 hours I put into it. There are simply other games are are more fun. I think if you can buy this game on sale and don't have expectations you will play it for that long, it is a decent pick.

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