Dai creatori di Puzzle Quest, gioca a GEMS OF WAR, un gioco che mischia i generi rompicapo/GdR/strategia! Abbina le gemme per caricare le tue magie e abbina i teschi per distruggere i nemici! Poi fai tuo il bottino di guerra e forgia un potente impero.
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20 nov 2014

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Gioca a Gems of War - Puzzle RPG

Free to Play

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13 dicembre 2017

Update 3.2.5 - Holiday Celebration & More UI Enhancements

Greetings Adventurers!

This update brings a season of giving, as well as lots of additiona UI enhancements Please see below for the detailed patch notes:

'Tis the Season
We're celebrating the season of giving with 12 days of giveaways. Check back every day through Christmas for FREE stuff!

Hero Menu
  • Players can now rename their hero in game
  • Name Changes can be found on the Customize tab
  • All players get 1 free name change
  • After using that name changes will cost gems
  • * '[' and ']' will not be allowed in character names and will be converted to '(' and ')'
  • Hero Armor available for purchase are can now be found and bought in the Armor screen (except for Deathknight Armor Bundle which will continue to live in Shop menu)
  • Players can view their avatar in the different armors before they purchase

Chest Menu
  • Players can open keys in lots of 200 (if they have 200+ keys)
  • Each Chest screen will display what rewards are possible from that chest, (Guild Chests updates as the level increases to reflect what is possible from that chest level)
  • New chest opening animation sequence
  • Chest reward list has been switched back to a vertical list

Shop Menu
  • VIP Menu/ Progress have been updated to give better explanation of what players gain from each level
  • Several bundles have been removed from the Store
  • New bundle offering secondary Legendary + keys has been added (but will not be available on PS4 until Dec 18)
  • Store Items now display time limit or limit (if applicable). (Eg. Glory Bundle will display how much longer that troop bundle is available).

Offers Menu
  • Starter Bundles have been revamped and now offer new troops, Spinnerette or Ser Cygnea; as well as resources to level up those troops
  • Intermediate Bundles have been revamped, with one bundle now offering the new Grosh-Nak Legendary, Sol’Zara
  • New Monthly Deal: Ring of Wonder – gain 50% bonus to Gold, Souls, XP (additive with any existing bonuses a player may have) for 28 days. As well as Gem, Gold, Gem Keys, and Glory. (will not be available on PS4 until Dec 18)
  • Spinnerette, Ser Cygnea, and Sol’Zara will be available from chests once the update goes live.

UI Update + Improvements
The following screens have received updates or improvements to their UI:
  • Guild Menu
  • Hero Menu
  • PVP Menu
  • Chest Menu
  • Shop Menu
  • Kingdom Pop Up
  • Hero Level Up
  • Offers Menu
  • Treasure Hunt
  • World Map
  • Creating first Hero (for new players)

UI Refresh
To keep the UI consistent, the following screens have been updated to match the rest of the game. These screens will be further reworked in a future update:
  • Settings Menu
  • Troop Upgrading
  • Hero Class Upgrading
  • Hero Profile Screen
  • Kingdom Management Screen
  • Guild Creation/ Joining Menu

  • Submerge will now protect against Mana Burn and AOE traits such as Kraken’s Tentacles + Hydra’s Many Heads.
  • PVP Tier Rewards will now be sent + collected via in game mail
  • When Heroes gain a level + skill point, it will display what level they will next earn a skill point
  • Bonuses on Troops & Teams menu has been updated to better display what each bonus gives
  • Changed icon on dead troop slot in Puzzle Battle
  • Green Buttons in new UI have been toned down so they are less bright + have new button highlight
  • Improved UI optimization for 4:3 aspect ratio (such as iPads), to make use of more of the screen
  • Improved quality of graphics on mobile devices when set to Low/Medium Quality
  • Improved fading between menus
  • New status effect has been added for our upcoming kingdom Bright Forest
  • New visuals for most Status Effects
  • New Particle effects
  • 2 new achievements on Console & Steam (Mobile achievements coming later - it didn't make this update)

Bug Fixes
Some of the bugs fixed in this update include the following:
  • Fixed issue single kingdom tributes not displaying correct glory earned (this was a visual issue only).
  • Fixed issue where Emperor Khorvash’s spell would stun and mana drain 3rd troop if first or second troop died. (This fix should also apply to other troops such as Scorpius and Kraken who had similar issues).
  • Fixed issue where Guild Wars defence teams were not saving correctly.
  • Fixed issue where viewing Hero on Guild Wars defense team would show weird troop card.
  • Fixed an issue where the Hero Avatars was clipping over the top of the puzzle card
  • Fixed an issue where troop on event menu was being stretched
  • Improved how assets are downloaded (hopefully should fix the missing asset issues)
  • Fixed issue with Lion and Lion + Serve and Protect weapons were changing troop order was causing incorrect troops to be affected by their spells
  • Improved Submerged’s help text to better reflect what it does
  • Fixed an issue on PS4 with Aspect Ratios
  • Other bug fixes and improvements

Known Issues
  • Guild Wars Battles counting as losses
  • First 3 characters of Chat input disappear behind camera on iPhone X (when camera is on the left side) – This is an issue with the iPhone X, so we can’t fix this but rotating the iPhone so the camera is on the right is a temporary workaround.
  • Cleanse particle effect doesn’t trigger when you cast a cleanse spell (works correctly when troop cleanses status effect naturally)
  • Claim Button can appear incorrectly for mail items that don’t contain rewards
  • Tick in guild roster always shows on Level icon after re-opening the filter
    After leaving/ disbanding guild, the Guild options still show as “Enter Guild” or “Fight Guild Wars”. Workaround: Select “Enter Guild”, you will receive error message. Close error message and select Guild button, to create/ join a new guild
  • Level Up screen background can be distorted on lower quality devices
    Ring of Wonder + Legendary Troop bundle won’t be available until around the 18th December on PS4 (we're waiting on final approval from Sony)
  • Team banner/name does not update immediately after changing team banner/name in the troops screen and going back to the Guild Wars Defense tab
  • Game crashes when player wins 6+ battles in Arena during the troop offer screen. Fixed for now... though troop offers will be disabled until a fix can be put out in the next client update, so players can continue to earn seals from arena without this issue affecting them).
  • Game doesn't display when the next skill point level is, unless the player gains skill point from leveling

Happy Matching, and please come join the convo on the forums at: community.gemsofwar.com

-GoW Team
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25 ottobre 2017

Hot Fix v3.2.012 - UI Improvements & Bug Fixes

This hotfix contains bug fixes and optimizations related to the most recent update. This includes:
  • Improved readability of troop stats in battle
  • Lightened puzzle grid background and lessened transparency to make the gems more visible.
  • Increased size of troop stats and amounts on collection screen
  • Added darkening behind other text throughout the game to improve readability
  • Numerous bug fixes including fixed the issue with spells being able to target the wrong troops
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Informazioni sul gioco

Un caloroso benvenuto a Gems of Wars, un mix tra i generi rompicapo e gioco di ruolo, sviluppato dai creatori di Puzzle Quest, il gioco di ruolo/di abbinamento a 3 originale!

· RACCOGLI ed elabora una STRATEGIA – Equipaggia il tuo eroe con armi e armature e conduci in battaglia una squadra di fantastici mostri. Pensa a una strategia, in base a cui potenziare le tue unità e utilizzare le loro abilità uniche per sconfiggere boss potenti.
· LAVORA DI SQUADRA – Unisciti a una gilda, chatta con gli amici e lavora di squadra per sbloccare potenziamenti.
· COMPETI – Partecipa ad eventi settimanali e tornei PvP per vincere premi esclusivi.
· VIAGGIO – Affronta una vasta gamma di missioni, ognuna con una storia distintiva e ricompense che cambiano il gioco.
· GIOCA OVUNQUE – Collega il tuo account e gioco su più dispositivi e piattaforme.

· “Questo gioco è fantastico! Impegnativo e divertente. Non è uno dei soliti giochi di gemme. Grande scoperta!”
· “Penso che questo sia il gioco di abbinamento a 3 migliore in circolazione. I tanti elementi tipici dei giochi di ruolo gli conferiscono una grande profondità. Mi ricorda un sacco Hearthstone.”
· “Come non amare un mix di bejeweled e magic the gathering concentrati in un’unica app? Lo adoro!”
· “In pratica, questo gioco prende i miei elementi preferiti di Ascension e Hearthstone e gli dà delle basi diverse e, a mio avviso, migliori.”
· “Mia moglie mi prende in giro dicendomi che Gems of War è un Candy Crush per uomini. È un’affascinante combinazione tra un gioco di gemme e un gioco di carte collezionabili. Mi piace la modalità campagna e giocare con la gilda.”
· “È la versione di Puzzle Quest che non avevo mai saputo di volere. Un mucchio di missioni, sfide, attività di gilda, mostri fantastici, combattimenti in arena, combattimenti classificati e poi, accidenti... potrei passare le mie giornate sul minigioco del tesoro.”

Requisiti di sistema

    • Sistema operativo: XP SP2, Vista SP2, Windows 7 or higher
    • Processore: 2.33 GHz or faster x86 CPU, or Intel Atom 1.6Hz or faster CPU (SSE2 instruction set support)
    • Memoria: 1 GB di RAM
    • Scheda video: Radeon X700 series or better, GeForce 8 series or better, Intel 3000 or better (Pixel Shader 3 support required)
    • DirectX: Versione 9.0
    • Rete: Connessione Internet a banda larga
    • Memoria: 800 MB di spazio disponibile
    • Scheda audio: Required
    • Sistema operativo: Windows 7 or higher
    • Processore: 2.33 GHz or faster x86 CPU, or Intel Atom 1.6Hz or faster CPU (SSE2 instruction set support)
    • Memoria: 2 GB di RAM
    • Scheda video: Radeon HD5000 series or better, GeForce GTX400 series or better, Intel 3000 or better (Pixel Shader 3 support required)
    • DirectX: Versione 11
    • Rete: Connessione Internet a banda larga
    • Memoria: 800 MB di spazio disponibile
    • Scheda audio: Required

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