Boundless is an epic voxel sandbox MMO full of endless possibility and discovery. Uncover and seamlessly travel to new worlds, build, craft, trade, fight and form allegiances. Forge your destiny in a Boundless universe.
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Vad utvecklarna har att säga:

Varför Early Access?

“Early Access enables Boundless (formerly known as Oort Online) to grow and change, giving us the time to not only create the game we aspire to build, but something you, our passionate community crave. With your continued support and suggestions we can continue to make the game as good as we know it can be.

As it's still in development there are some rough edges and certain features are being refined but rest assured, Boundless is fully playable and offers a fun and unique sandbox MMO experience.”

Ungefär hur länge kommer det här spelet att vara i Early Access?

“Our goal is to release the full version of Boundless in late 2017. That being said, development will not end there, like any other MMO, we want to support Boundless for a number of years, continuing to add unique features and content to improve and expand the game.”

Hur är det tänkt att den fullständiga versionen ska skilja sig från versionen i Early Access?

“The following features are planned for Boundless:

  • Additional Creatures - As well as our current set of creatures
  • Additional Recipes - More crafting recipes to create new items, consumables and brews
  • Forge - Experiment and upgrade existing items to discover new possibilities
  • Titans - Colossal creatures who roam the world and contain rare resources players need
  • Temples - Explore and Conquer ancient structures in the quest to gain epic loot
  • Guilds - Create or join a guild and make your mark in the community
  • Private Worlds - Create your own private world to share with everyone or your chosen few

And we won’t stop there!”

Hur är det nuvarande läget i versionen med Early Access?

“Boundless is playable and has been constantly evolving since its launch on Early Access in November 2014. Many players have over tens and hundreds of hours playtime and are enjoying the current core gameplay experience:

  • Explore new worlds and discover the Boundless universe
  • Claim land as your own and protect the home you build
  • Craft items with your hands or improve upon them with Crafting Machines
  • Hunt creatures or gather natural resources with your crafted items
  • Buy, sell and trade your loot with other players in Boundless
  • Collaborate with friends and other players from around the world
  • Develop your character and customise their skills with the detailed skill tree system

For more information head on over to or the Official Boundless Forums.”

Kommer spelet att prissättas annorlunda under och efter Early Access?

“This price will reflect general improvements and increased content and play time.”

Hur planerar ni att involvera gemenskapen i er utvecklingsprocess?

“Everyone who owns the game can have a say on development through our surveys and on our forums at”
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17 juli

Weekly Dev Update: 2017 June 23rd, 30th, July 7th, 14th - Progression, Polish and more!

For the past few weeks we've been focused on polishing up the Player Progression and Build Progression features and releasing them Live for all players.

This has resulting in 4 main releases:

In general we're attempting to complete features that have been partially developed and release them Live for the community to play with, this includes:
  1. Lance mêlée combat and clearly differentiating it from ranged combat.
  2. Bomb crafting and combat.
  3. Positive and negative status effects for bombs, weapons, the environment and creatures.
  4. Creature variation, including: Power ranges, Elemental and Exotic creatures.
  5. Creature spawning, including: underground, swarms and world difficulty variation.
  6. 1.0 balance for player progression, player skills and abilities, resource spawning, and world difficult.
  7. Finally completing the HUD and GUI.
  8. Server and Client optimisations to reduce network traffic, reduce the cost of player and creature simulation.
  9. Increase the scaleability of the Engine for many active Portal and Warps.
  10. ... and more.
The aim of focusing on the quality and completeness of these feature areas is to have a solid core experience. Once this is done we can start thinking about calling the game Alpha and evaluate which additional features need to be implemented before 1.0, and by association the features that will be included in post 1.0 updates.

Code - June 23rd
This week we updated the live version with the features seen on the testing branch and working through the issues, such as the portal collisions, and general polish.

The objectives continue up with the weekly and daily challenges. The GUI has been working through the trading and universe screens as well as starting a pass over the Feats UI. The block placement visualisation has been tweaked to make it more obvious when you're inside a beacon.

The new wildstock charge rework is integrated in for the next update. The creature spawning rules have been tweaked to spread the creature more evenly around users. The lance prototyping continues.

We also have reduced the network traffic as entities move around and are working on further reductions. The borderless window mode requested by users is being investigated. The bot testing continues to help us scale users per server. Adding support for multiple characters continues to progress.

Code - June 30th
This week we’ve continued with the lance exploration, prototyping various behaviours to find what feels good. The challenge is finding a solution where melee combat physically feels like you're impacting with creatures, and this is a big challenge for a client-server predicted configuration. We further tweaked the creature spawning logic.

Core support for the Contracts feature is being implemented. The Feats and Journal screens are being worked through as well as richer item information.

We added further feedback to portals on their state and added logic to detect whether the server has too high a latency to play on. The Sanctum now allows you to go to another world if the one you were on is down.

The support for multiple character continues. We’ve been optimising the server with the goal of getting more users and creatures on the servers.

Code - July 7th
We spent two days on a bug blitz to clean up many of the common issues. The fixes were rolled out in the update on the Steam Testing branch.

Creature spawning continues to be reworked, with the goal of getting more creatures per user with better discoverability and distribution. To make melee combat more engaging the creatures now push users which stops users walking through them.

The GUI continues to clean out the old GUI components and the Journal screen is being expanded. The multiple character support back end is nearing completion.

We continue to profile and optimise the server code to allow increased number of players and creatures. We are also optimising the network traffic to make the case with larger entity densities work well for users.

Code - July 14th
The game was updated to bring over the features that were previewed in the Testing branch.

The creature spawning logic rework continues. We also fixed some issues that the creature-user pushing showed up.

The GUI work is mainly focused on the Journal screens. We are also cleaning up some of the back end of the GUI now the old GUI is almost replaced.

We continue to optimise the servers to get more users on a world. This has included optimising game systems such as the physics, as well as changing how the data is stored. We are also optimising the network traffic, especially for cases where large amounts could be sent. The multiple character support back end is almost completed.

Design - June 23rd
This week has been mainly focussed around reacting to the live release, and building and polishing up features for the next release.

Luke worked with Andy to fix up some issues found in the tutorial and objectives, and then carried on with phase two of the updates objectives – Feats and Contracts. Feats are background goals which reward you for long-term play and Contracts are “missions” that you can select, customise, and then complete for rewards.

Ollie has worked and re-balanced the recipes for the beginning of the game to improve the experience for new players. He’s also tweaked tool and block placement ranges to make them consistent and interesting.

Rob has been updating the Journal section of the interface which covers the various types of objectives, including working on the design for the Feats screen. He’s also been fitting the weapon and tool attributes into the item tooltip.

Updated Feats GUI.

Item Attribute GUI.

Design - June 30th
This week Rob has finished up the design for the Journal screen with daily and weekly feats added and updates to the objectives and tracker tabs. He’s also been working on the flow for when servers go offline, and how the warps and portals react to that.

Daily and Weekly Feats GUI design.

Objectives GUI design.

Objectives Tracking GUI design.

World Full HUD design.

Luke has been building more data for the Contracts, while continuing to tweak the Feats and Objectives.

Ollie has been mainly doing project management work, writing dull documents, and working with our issue tracking software to keep on top of where we are with the project. Boring!

Design - July 7th
Ollie has been working on balancing multiple areas of the game, including the various status effects we have in development as well as improving the initial experience of the game. He has made changes to a number of recipes and the speed and performance of a number of tools and weapons.

Luke started the week working on the Contract system with Andy to develop a prototype for the procedurally generated quest system. He also added some new objectives to highlight our chisel tool and using the sanctum when a player is stuck. For the remainder of the week, Luke was working on improving the current threat system as well as the stamina system.

At the start of the week Rob worked with Marc to implement the new Feats GUI as well as the new presentation for Weekly and Daily Feats. Rob then moved onto the creating mock ups of the contract GUI and how players would interact with the contract GUI.

Design - July 14th
This week Ollie has been spending time balancing the creatures, including their damage and health values, as well as the logic that chooses which variants are on each worlds. He’s also been working with Fooksy on improving the logic for spawning.

Luke has been working on designs for the stamina system and the creature aggro system. He’s also fixed an issue with the hopper collision.

Rob has been working on designs for the chat system (with Luke’s help). Here are some work in progress designs for the system:

Inactive passive chat.

Active chat.

Expanded active chat.

Art - June 23rd
The art team has been a bit light this week with Amanda on holiday but we’ve been busy supporting and playtesting the live release and working on natural props and lighting amongst other things.

Jess has continued modelling our library of natural props and natural resources. Last week you saw the cactus, this week here’s a rockstack and a coralesque formation.

Rock Stack


Coral at night

It’s quite minor but she’s also done a test clean up on the resource seam decals. We think it’s a definite improvement.

Updated coal seam.

Jim has been iterating the lighting day/night cycles of Therka and Munteen. The other worlds will also have a polish pass next week. The effect in the distance is softer with fog lighting added and the sunsets are more dramatic.

We're also reducing the RGB saturation of the sky gradients. Here’s a less intense Munteen.

Jim has also been supporting Fooks on the Lance prototype and also working on the new Sanctum.

Art - June 30th
This week we’ve been a bit light in the art team with sickness but we’ve continued working on cool features.

Jess has been looking at different ways to approach our block texture blending. No firm conclusions to share yet but we will continue looking at this in the coming weeks. Many of the blends don't match their material structure and need customising.

She has also been working through our library of natural props. This week she’s produced:

Aloe Plant

Rock Ring
Jim has been supporting Fooks prototyping the lance. We’re generally happy with the feel of this new melee weapon. After some further review and balancing we will go into full art production on the final lance model tiers and a final animation pass before sharing with you.

Jim has also continued working with Luke on pre-production of the new Sanctum. We’ll be iterating this over the next few weeks before we go into full production.

Art - July 7th
This week the art team has been busy with the Bug Blitz and working on concepts, natural props, animation and lighting.

Amanda is nearly there on the core parts of decorative poles concepts. Here’s her latest with images also showing construction and placement ideas. The aim is to give everyone a toolkit to play with rather than single usage models.

Pole cross beams, fences and bunting.

Pole construction considerations.

Hanging construction considerations.

Hanging concepts.
Jess has made snowdrop and scattered fungus natural props models:



Snowdrops in the dark

Jess has also been experimenting with new wildstock colours. Here she’s added some new wildstock colours (just base and aux colours, not decals). This is an exploration to understand how colours should be generated in the future so that creatures fit into their highly varied environments and worlds.

Jim has continued on visual targets for the current 12 world lighting keyfames. He’s also added 3rd person animations for eating and shaking the lightcube. Now available on Testing.

Art - July 14th
This week the art team have been working on decorative props, natural props and lighting.

Amanda has continued her decorative prop concepts. She has shared a detailed post here:

Art: Decorative Totems (Trophies?) and Poles Update! [IMAGE HEAVY!]

Jess has continued with natural props:

A rock shard.

A dripping fungus.

Jim has been updating the lighting for all the worlds adding slight fogging and reducing colour saturation levels to achieve a more pleasing result. This will be going into the game in the next few weeks.

We're spinning many many plates!

Cross posted from Devlog Forum

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12 juli

Release 169: Tweaks, Fixes and Performance!

This update is accessible via the "Live" release of Boundless on Steam.

Please report all issues discovered with the update to this support thread.

Please restart Steam to make sure you get the latest version of Boundless. If the update happens whilst Steam is open it's unlikely you'll get the latest version.


This release contains all the features and fixes from the Testing 168 release.

Release Notes:

  • Art + Animation + Assets:
    • 3rd person jump land no longer played automatically after sliding.
    • Consume 3rd person animations added.
    • Fixed creature decals.
    • Lightcube activation 3rd person animations added.
    • Slowed Wildstock run animation.
    • The top of Ice blocks is now tinted along with the rest of the block.
    • Upped block vertex distortion from 0.13 to 0.250 so 'raw' material types look more organic.
  • Crafting + Resources + Equipment:
    • Any recipe which can be hand crafted can now be crafted instantly on a crafting table.
    • Beacon fuel has been modified slightly.
    • Beacon Plotter, and Plot Remover now need ingredients to make.
    • Beacon plotters now smart stack.
    • Disabled being able to grapple other players. Was not intended, and causes griefing and an instance of rubber-banding whenever a player is grappled by someone else due to the inability to predict correctly. Grappling friends will be enabled again in a future update.
    • Fix torches can be placed on doors.
    • Fixed beacon control effects not always changing state.
    • Fixed grapple claw not showing in storage.
    • Ice and Glacier can now be broken with the totem and wooden tools. Gleam can only be broken with copper tools and above.
    • Skills needed to craft initial recipes tweaked (Copper Tools and Weapons, Fossil Extract, Glue, Nails and Extractor are now basic recipes, Titanium Firepit and Crucible are Machine 1 Recipes).
    • Stone spanners now have durability.
    • The range of tools is now dependent on the Control attribute.
    • Timber is now a fuel source for a Beacon.
  • Creatures + Combat + Characters:
    • Fix for creature drops sometimes appearing before the creature finishes it's death animation.
    • Fix for creatures sometimes twitching during death animation.
    • Fix for dropped items disappearing when dropped while facing a wall (they didn't actually disappear they would teleport to the top of the wall).
    • Fix if no valid NPC spawn points can be found for a player then no more NPCs will spawn for any other players.
    • Fix an issue where projectiles don't harvest creature drops.
    • Fix spawning to not allow NPCs to spawn outside the max distance from players. This stops huge spam of NPCs when lots of players stand on a high tower. A new creature spawning system is in development that will allow for aggressive creature raids.
      [*[Improved pick up logic so that if a pickup falls through the player they will pick it up.
    • New Wildstock melee attack:
      • The Wildstock melee is now properly predicted. This fixes issues where players were hit by the Wildstock but on their screen they avoided it.
      • This makes dodging the Wildstock a lot easier so to address the balance the Wildstock will now charge for much longer and will change direction 3 times.
    • Only spawn new NPCs near to players (not portals). Portals can still keep NPCs alive but they won't spawn new NPCs in.
  • Sanctum + Tutorial + Objectives + Progression:
    • A New Dawn Feat has been renamed to First Steps.
    • A number of text changes has been made in various areas of the game.
    • Fixed an issue where the Daily and Weekly timers were displaying the wrong information.
    • Max level has temporarily been reduced to 35.
    • New Objective added to teach players about Chiseling blocks.
    • Objective "Build a Warp To Your Beacon" has been updated.
    • Re-balanced recipe skills to improve the beginning of the game.
    • The second exit from sanctum now behaves like the first, remaining open permanently once open unless manually shut down.
    • XP awarded for crafting has been reduced.
    • XP awarded for feats has been adjusted.
    • XP awarded for killing creatures has been reduced.
  • GUI + HUD:
    • Added new feats menu on the objective screen.
    • Changed block placement highlight to be more obvious and will always render if a block is held in either hand. It now has more colours:
      • Green - In beacon with permission to place and valid placement.
      • Orange - Outside of a beacon and valid placement (these blocks will be regenerated).
      • Red - Cannot be placed here.
    • Disabled block outline for tools (except Chisel).
    • Fixed seeing planet markers through other planets.
    • Fixed tooltip position to avoid showing it out screen.
    • Speed up GUI rendering, especially when HPET is enabled on Ryzen.
    • Updated item details popup box
    • Updated Portal GUI
  • Engine:
    • Fixed artefacts in sun-lighting of entities to be much closer to voxel lighting results, and fixed a couple minors bugs in block-light directions for voxel rendering.
    • Fixed breaking decals sometimes showing as barbed grass texture.
    • Fixed for water not flowing out of chiseled blocks when they are removed.
    • Fixed incorrectly trying to render more than one portal, killing performance for users.
    • Fixed portals getting stuck in grey state when going back and forth between worlds.
    • Fixed random specks on the screen when holding light sources, particularly the light cube.
    • Fixed the two known crashes in the new multithreaded rendering leading to random occasional crashes for players.
    • Fixed too many portals becoming active when there are multiple world connections, killing performance for users.
    • Increased the variability of error messages shown on portal/warp HUD info, whether portal is trying to reconnect/connect, is grey because we're still waiting for data, or because we're already rendering another warp/portal, or is black because we already have too many active portal connections.
    • Portals that fail to connect to the destination world will now retry after a short interval (currently 5 seconds) instead of remaining stuck grey until you reload the game.
    • Reduced one of the bottlenecks associated with updating the game for rendering, may improve FPS slightly for players whilst moving around the world or going through portals.
    • Reduced the cost of entities on the other side of portals.
    • The game will now monitor network status to servers refusing to connect to servers if the network would not be stable enough to play, or disconnecting servers if the network becomes too unstable once you're already connected. In the case that this is the world you're currently in, the game will try and log you out appropriately so that you will be put back into the sanctum (and you can choose to do a standard log-off to reduce that time if you wish), but in the case that the server is too unresponsive, or that the server really does go down for whatever reason, you will still end up onto the error screen where you will need to wait until the the character data becomes available to use again.
  • Server:
    • Fixed server crash using the furnace.
    • Fixed server crash when a player changes to a tool/weapon in the sanctum then hits a block or entity after going through a portal.
    • Reduced bandwidth usage of physics state from the server
    • Reduced network socket traffic ~2x.
  • World Builder:
    • Fixed most cases of being teleported up whilst editing a prefab.
    • Fixed worldbuilder where some prefabs would crash as soon as you joined in the client, and fix a crash if disabling blocktypes whilst viewing a world-generation in the client.
    • Removing level cap as we have people at 50 now.
    • Support packets in protocol beyond 64kB.
Resolved Known Issues:

The following items were known issues in previous releases and have now been resolved.
  • Assigning both mouse buttons to 'Use Left Hand Option' will disable the left mouse button. To fix delete C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\boundless\user_settings\yourname\controls.json.
  • Cannot switch tabs on Inventory menu using shoulder buttons on a controller.
  • Fixed Feats - Daily and Weekly Login tasks not functioning. (However, you may need to wait up to 24 hours to see the fix.)
  • Gem grappling hooks retract automatically when hanging.
  • Occasional visible specks appear on screen.
  • Sound effects for Portal and Warp Conduits may be missing.
  • World Builder currently does not work on Mac.
Known Issues:

The following items are known issues in this release.
  • [new] Beacons which are greater than 100 metres from the centre may not function correctly.
  • [new] Illegal protocol message sometimes appears after going through a portal.
  • Cannot close Inventory when Chat is used.
  • Changing the Chunk Cache Size in fullscreen mode will disable game functionality.
  • Entity rendering will not always work correctly when there are multiple warps very close together, or where a warp opens up to a location very near where the entrance is.
  • Game displays welcome message for a world through a portal without going through it.
  • GUI rendered incorrectly on Intel HD graphics (and some AMD / GTX laptop GPUs) on Windows.
  • If the game (loader) fails to start on Windows 7 and 8 you may need to install
  • If you spend a skill point before the tutorial asks you to, you will be required to unlearn and relearn the skill again.
  • Item placed into Request Basket will disappear when placing the same item into storage.
  • Item wanted is completely different to what was placed there before on the Request Basket.
  • Items will occasionally be unable to smart stack with other items that belong in the same smart stack category.
  • Menus may constantly reappear on screen after closing them.
  • Objectives & Feats - Some tasks are not being tracked correctly.
  • Opening or closing doors and trapdoors when standing too close to them will restrict player movement. To get out of the situation, interact with the door or trapdoor again.
  • Placing an item into the Crafting Table will somehow miss the intended slot and will drop instead.
  • Portal UI text overflows when the portal token name is very long.
  • Request Baskets (previously Buying plinths) that had wanted items set before v151 have unset them. Sorry. Going forward they will be fine.
  • Skill descriptions are not final.
  • Some creatures may disappear instantly and drop items before their bodies hit the ground.
  • Some interactive blocks (crafting table, machine, beacon control) have become corrupted during the migration. This will result in at best those blocks not being able to be interacted with, at worst the game crashing when interacting with those blocks. To fix the issue the block(s) in question need to be re-placed. In the case of anything other than a beacon control the block can simply be broken, picked up, and then re-placed. In the case of a beacon control this will work, although it would result in all the plots having to be re-placed one at a time and during that process the contents being unprotected. A better workaround for a beacon control is to craft a new beacon control, place that, and then break the old one, which will keep the beacon's plots placed throughout the process.
  • Speech bubbles may still be displayed above players after going through portals.
  • The recipes are not final.
  • Using D3DGear crashes the game on start up.
  • Z-fighting with some items (workbench and other machines) when placed underwater.
Cross posted from Devlog Forum

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In a vast universe of connected worlds, the choice is yours.

Explorer? Builder? Hunter? Trader? Fighter? Discover your place in the massive open-universe sandbox of Boundless. Watch the sunrise on one world before hunting down rare creatures on another. Explore dark caverns alone or build an empire with friends. Mine, trade or battle for resources. Can you unearth the elusive Oort technologies?

Will you build a shop, sell your treasures, craft amazing contraptions? Do you yearn to join the hunt for Titans, claim your land or seek new worlds? Open a Portal and expand your reach across the universe as you shape your citizen, define your role, and become Boundless.


Join the Great Transmigration and explore the Known Worlds of Boundless. Each world is full of unique, inhabitants and resources, ripe for discovery. With your trusty Totem in hand and the ability to build Warp Conduits, you can pinpoint locations on other worlds and travel seamlessly between them. No waiting. No loading.


Discover and use materials to build your base. Craft Beacons and claim land as your own, protecting all your beloved items within it bounds from other Players and from sacrifice to the land. Use special tools to tweak and transform blocks into ever more interesting and unique structures. Your imagination is Boundless.


Master the art of crafting! Create weapons, tools, building materials, and a whole host of other technologies waiting to be discovered in the Known Worlds. Use advanced Crafting Machines to build ever more sophisticated items and further your potential. Forge your legacy.


Hunt down creatures of all shapes and sizes scattered throughout the Known Worlds. Each world has it’s own unique breed of creatures to discover, each requiring different strategies to best. Get ready to take on the challenge.


Everything bought and sold in Boundless is generated by you the players. Buy and sell items through player owned shops, compete with others to become the most successful trader in the universe.


Boundless is a sandbox MMORPG that encourages player collaboration. Find friends or players from all over the world. Explore, defeat dangerous creatures, gather rare resources and build a colony together.


  • Learn the basics! Carefully crafted tutorials help you to understand the core elements of the game.
  • Complete Objectives, Feats and events to earn Coin and Experience Points to level up your character
  • Spend your hard earned skill points in the Skill Tree and tailor your character to how you want to play the game
  • Craft thousands of items including, building blocks, tools, weapons, food and many more
  • Colonise planets by yourself or join a settlement with others and grow your beacon into the capital of the world with the Prestige system
  • Build and maintain a Portal between two worlds for you and others to use
  • Trade items with others or set up a shop to sell and buy items while you’re off adventuring
  • Each world automatically regenerates areas that are not protected by a Beacon and returns it to its original layout, creating new and much needed resources for you to collect
  • Seamlessly travel to new worlds and discover different creatures, resources, block colours and user generated creations in an ever-changing universe

No Subscription Required

Purchase the game and enjoy your Boundless journey without a monthly fee.


Mac OS X
    • OS: Windows Vista, Windows 7 SP1 (64bit)
    • Processor: Intel Core i5 @ 2Ghz (or equivalent)
    • Minne: 8 GB RAM
    • Grafik: Dedicated DX 11 Compatible GPU
    • DirectX: Version 11
    • Nätverk: Bredbandsanslutning
    • OS: Windows 8.1 (64bit)
    • Processor: Intel Core i5 @ 3Ghz (or equivalent)
    • Minne: 8 GB RAM
    • Grafik: Dedicated DX 11 Compatible GPU
    • DirectX: Version 11
    • Nätverk: Bredbandsanslutning
    • OS: Mac OS X Mountain Lion 10.8
    • Processor: Intel Core i5 @ 2Ghz (or equivalent)
    • Minne: 8 GB RAM
    • Grafik: Intel Iris Integrated GPU
    • Nätverk: Bredbandsanslutning
    • OS: Mac OS X Yosemite 10.10
    • Processor: Intel Core i5 @ 3Ghz (or equivalent)
    • Minne: 8 GB RAM
    • Grafik: Dedicated GPU
    • Nätverk: Bredbandsanslutning

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