Worlds Adrift is the first of a new breed of massively multiplayer sandbox games that features persistency and the freedom to create your own adventures.
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Release Date: 2017

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Available: 2017


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March 13

The skies ahead of us

Hi there,

With Alpha 6 on its way and our ongoing work on new features, we feel the time for getting Worlds Adrift into Closed Beta via Steam Early Access is coming, and the date is end of April (a month or so later than we expected, but still around the corner). Getting to Closed Beta is just the start of the journey: you’ve seen how much we’ve been updating the game, and we very much intend to carry on doing so. If anything, we’ll get faster at adding new features and bugfixing following your feedback and ideas, thanks to our increased ability to reinvest into the game with the backing from Beta players.

We do want to address a specific issue, though, that we’ve mentioned before: We’ve all seen time and time again large multiplayer games suffer from not being able to handle the extra load at launch, and we really want to make sure this doesn’t happen to Worlds Adrift. These problems are inherent to the genre, but we really want to ensure the rapid influx of players coming in all at once doesn’t create queueing problems, server instability, lost progress, etc.

So our solution is straightforward: we’ll make the game available to batches of players. Once we can guarantee that current players are having a good experience, we’ll allow more players into the game with a new batch of keys. While this ensures those playing will have a smoother ride, the side-effect is that not everyone will be able to play the game on day one.

To mitigate this restriction, we’ll communicate the planned release of new keys first to you, our dedicated community, here on our forums and through the email newsletter. We’d be nowhere without you guys, so we want to make sure you’ll hear about more keys ahead of the release, with enough of a heads up to grab a copy.

We’re intending this phase, with its staggered batches, to last between three and four months, after which we’ll finally open the doors to everyone. Then we’ll reset the servers one last time and move the game out of Closed Beta – but Beta players will be able to keep special items that will not be available again after the reset. They’ll also get a bit of a headstart for being a part of the Closed Beta!

No plan ever survives the heat of battle unscathed, but this feels like the right thing to do in order to allow the best possible experience for everyone.

Fly high,

Henrique, Herb and the Worlds Adrift team

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February 23


Ahoy travelers!

We’ve got some fantastic news that you’ll want to hear ...

Worlds Adrift is about to head into Alpha 6 and we need even more stalwart crew members to sail the skies and find adventure where others dare not tread.

Now will be YOUR LAST CHANCE to join an alpha playtest before we start closed beta!

To apply, make sure you register on the Worlds Adrift site and once you've activated your account you'll receive an application link. The deadline to sign up is midnight on 1 March, 2017. If you have already applied to a previous playtest and been unsuccessful, don't worry, we have your details already and you don't need to re-apply. If you're already in a playtest, there's also no need to re-apply. 

To discover all the features that you’ll be able to try out in the next playtest, check out the latest blog post.

We look forward to seeing you and your crew in the skies creating your own adventures.

See you soon.

The Worlds Adrift Team
x o x o

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About This Game

Find what was lost and rebuild what was destroyed

A thousand years ago, a cataclysmic event shattered a world into floating islands scattered across an endless skyline. Civilizations tumbled, societies collapsed, and all seemed lost.

From the rubble emerged ragtag bands of nomads, who fly cobbled-together skyships from island to island, scavenging for resources to keep moving. These are the players of Worlds Adrift: Explorers of a new world and seekers of ancient knowledge.

Within the coveted ruins of the past, cryptic and forgotten fragments of the technologies developed by civilizations who built much, and over saw the collapse of it all. Harnessing such forgotten knowledge, players build greater and more powerful skyships that carry them further, past the crushing wind walls, through devastating lightning storms, to entirely undiscovered islands holding the mysteries of an earlier age.

Either working alone or with a crew of friends, players will choose their own path, create their
own stories, and tell their own tales. To jealously guard knowledge or work together to rebuild society is up to them; these choices will constantly shape the characters they become and the universe they live in -- the worlds adrift.

Game details

Worlds Adrift is an unscripted, sandbox game with real-time physics, set in a world that is permanently changed by players’ actions. This new breed of MMO is set in a universe that was destroyed by the overmining of its precious levitating mineral, the Atlas stone. All that remains of the planet surface are the thousands of floating islands still rich in the precious mineral and scattered with artefacts from many lost civilisations.

Players will build a legendary skyship and escape to the clouds, forming a crew to seek the lost history of this mysterious world.

Worlds Adrift is one of the first games created using Improbable's unique technology, which allows Bossa Studios to simulate real-world physics on a scale never achieved before, for thousands of players in real-time.

System Requirements

    • OS: TBD
    • Processor: TBD
    • Graphics: TBD
    • DirectX: Version 9.0
    • Network: Broadband Internet connection
    • Sound Card: TBD
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