New cars, new tools, new options, more parts and much more fun in the next version of Car Mechanic Simulator! Take your wrench! Create and expand your auto repairs service empire. Car Mechanic Simulator 2015 will take you behind the scenes of daily routine in car workshop.
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Release Date: Apr 23, 2015

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July 31

Maserati Performance Parts + Patch

In patch we added performance parts for Maserati cars, also we did redone some HP gain figures with carburetor cars - they should tune much better now - check them with dyno again :) Worth mentioning is new language in game - BIH/CRO/SRB thanks to Mark!

Patch released :
- performance parts for Maserati cars
- radiator fan from Sebring available in shop
- fix Maluch to be driveable again (test track & drag strip)
- wheels cast shadows in drive mode
- much higher HP gain on performance carburators
- higher HP gain on some performance parts
- new translations in Czech language
- new language thank to Mark : BIH/CRO/SRB

Make sure to visit our facebook fanpage to get newest info about game :)

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July 18

Maserati DLC + Patch

Here is another licenced DLC we bring to all our fans. As always thank you for supporting us. In we also added requested "empty swap" option for engines.

Car Mechanic Simulator 2015 - Maserati includes three licensed Maserati cars:

- Maserati GranTurismo MC Stradale
- Maserati Sebring
- Maserati Quattroporte (soon in an update)

Experience them in superb quality and astonishing level of details.
Repair, drive, buy, sell and contemplate them. changelog :
- Maserati DLC
- blank engine swap option - you need to reassemble new engine by yourself
- engine scoops visible in drive mode
- added performance camshaft for v8 ohv engine
- auto lowering texture resolution for PCs with less than 4 GB of ram and 2 GB of gfx memory

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“(...) I enjoyed my time with Car Mechanic Simulator 2015.”
3.5/5 –

“During a weekend of ill health, I shied away from drama and spectacle, but did manage to fumble the lug nuts of Car Mechanic Simulator 2015. It is absolutely delightful. (...) It’s one of the rare ‘Simulator’ games that is far more than an exercise in absurdist tedium and improves on last year’s excellent release, with a stronger structure to support the lovely bodywork.”

“The experience points system and the succession unlockable diagnostic tools are a step in the right direction.”
74/100 –,52265,3085585.html

About This Game

New cars, new tools, new options, more parts and much more fun in the next version of Car Mechanic Simulator! Take your wrench!

Create and expand your auto repairs service empire. Car Mechanic Simulator 2015 will take you behind the scenes of daily routine in car workshop.
Take on the role of the car mechanic and repair cars for your clients. Spend the earned money on expanding your workshop and improving your skills. Buy worn out cars, renovate them and sell with profit or become a famous car collector. If you manage your business well, you will surely succeed in the market.

Car Repairs

The essence of the game. It is your job. It is the way you get cash. It is the way you live... Ok, it is maybe not that important, anyway that is the basic activity in the game. Customer comes in and mysteriously says that his car is broken but he needs it for tomorrow. The clock starts right now.

Mission system

Jobs are generated randomly so you'll have to choose on which car you will work. It seems like there is a group of customers waiting in front of the workshop for the mechanic...
Additionally you can take limited amount of jobs in the same time and every one of them is time-restricted. With different difficulty and complexity levels and of course, different payment levels, wise management is the key here.

Workshop management

After whole day of hard work it is time to count your cash and then look around your business. What should I buy to improve my performance? What would attract more clients? You can always just buy more posters on the wall but it is not something called 'great investment' for such a serious business, right?

Car auctions

Speaking of investments.There is a chance for making even more money in the car auction house. Choose wisely, buy used or old cars and renovate them to sell with profit... Or, if you are one of those vintage car lovers, you can have your own collection.

Car Models

Cars are fully dismountable to the car frame with amazing level of detail. Every car is made of more than 200 interactive parts, which includes an interior, a car body and the whole engine.

System Requirements

Mac OS X
    • OS: Windows XP SP3 / Vista / 7 / 8
    • Processor: Core i3 3.1 GHz or AMD Phenom II X3 2.8 GHz
    • Memory: 4 GB RAM
    • Graphics: GeForce GTX 560 or Radeon HD6870 with 1GB VRAM
    • DirectX: Version 9.0c
    • Storage: 4 GB available space
    • Sound Card: DirectX compatible
    • OS: Windows XP SP3 / Vista / 7 / 8
    • Processor: Core i5-2300 / AMD Athlon X4 760K or better
    • Memory: 4 GB RAM
    • Graphics: GeForce GTX 670 or Radeon HD7970 with 2 GB VRAM
    • DirectX: Version 9.0c
    • Storage: 4 GB available space
    • Sound Card: DirectX compatible
    • OS: Mac OS X 10.7
    • Processor: 1.8 GHz Intel Core i5
    • Memory: 4 GB RAM
    • Graphics: Intel HD Graphics 4000 1024 MB
    • Storage: 4 GB available space
    • Additional Notes: Macbook Air 13-inch Mid 2012
    • OS: Mac OS X 10.10
    • Processor: 3.5GHz Intel Core i5
    • Memory: 8 GB RAM
    • Graphics: AMD Radeon R9 M290X 2048 MB
    • Storage: 4 GB available space
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Very Positive (155 reviews)
Very Positive (3,368 reviews)
Recently Posted
MN Dabs | MAGA
25.5 hrs
Posted: August 29
I'm going to college to become a technician at a Subaru dealer in Colorado. I'm starting school with a very minimal range of knowledge when it comes to repairing cars. Don't get me wrong, cars have been apart of more than 50% of my daily life. My life revolves around cars, but if I wanted to be a Subaru tech, I needed the knowledge.

Now I don't have the money to purchase broken cars, and fix them, but I've had to do a few things on my Subaru that really upped my knowledge (Timing belt + Water pump, Serpetine belts, Oil changes, etc...).

I began searching for ways to further my knowledge; I found this game on the automechanics subreddit and it has actually been very helpful. The game itself isn't realistic in the sense that it could be a training tool for a mechanic (The bolts are incredibly unrealistic. 3/4 of the cars you work on are rusted to hell, rusted bolts should not come out that fast without penetrating sprays); but it's a fantastic tool for figuring out where certain parts of the car are. Don't know how to access, or find the pistons? Now you do. Do you not know how to diagnose certain problems with the car, without a scan tool? Now you do.

I'm gonna make a pros/cons list of this game.


- Very great tool for gaining knowledge of part locations
- Gives you a general idea on how the car works
- Graphics are amazing
- Game is actually pretty fun, even if you don't want to be a mechanic
- Wide selection of parts


- Not realistic in terms of truly repairing a car
- Not a lot of variety in cars. I'd love to see semi trucks, busses, wider selection in Wagons, Sedans, SUVs, etc...
Helpful? Yes No Funny
30.0 hrs
Posted: August 28
Car Mechanic Simulator 2015 is a great game if you like to tear apart cars and then put them back together! I really like CM15 more than CM14 the graphics and abilities are much better in CM15.

If you would like a somewhat insight to what it's like to work on cars, this game is good for that although it is lacking some parts such as gaskets, wires and a few other things that are found under the hood of common cars.

I would recommend playing this game because it is fun and there is no need to cheat since you can earn money quickly, and grow your business fast, having 3 car slots open keeps you moving right along and a to do list it helpful to keep you wondering where in the car you will be next!
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Keller Kemster
1.0 hrs
Posted: August 28
Fixed a car.
Drove it into a wall.
Broke said car.
10/10 would reccomend
Helpful? Yes No Funny
3.5 hrs
Posted: August 27
Changing pads 24/7 recomended.
Helpful? Yes No Funny
2.3 hrs
Posted: August 26
Great game to mess around with.
Helpful? Yes No Funny
14.2 hrs
Posted: August 25
Product received for free
Car Mechanic Simulator 2015
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4.4 hrs
Posted: August 25
Helpful? Yes No Funny
34.3 hrs
Posted: August 25
I've been looking for a game like this for a long time. If you like working on cars this game is perfect. I'm starting to get to where I can buy cars and hope I can flip them for a profit like they do on tv.
Helpful? Yes No Funny
23.3 hrs
Posted: August 24
The gane is not bad.
Helpful? Yes No Funny
69.1 hrs
Posted: August 23
Awesome game also the DLC is interesting to only 1 let down is being an achiv collector they need to put them in ASAP :).
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7.1 hrs on record
Posted: August 9
Product received for free
Fixing cars without a mess

Do you like cars? Or are you interested in knowing more about car parts? Or are you just looking for a relaxing game where you dismantle stuff and build them again? Whatever your reason is Car Mechanic Simulator 2015 let's you do it wihout a mess.

Car Mechanic Simulator 2015 is a fun, relaxing game where you fix and tune different kind of cars for you to earn money by fixing them or by selling them. As the name of the game may suggest it's quite realistic in terms of being a video game. You can fix cars, test drive them, use different kinds of equipement to look for problems in the car. Do not expect any kind of sick street racing with this game because it's pretty much just fixing cars. But a fun game at that.

There are some things I have to criticize though about the gameplay and the game itself. The loading times are absolutely horrendous. No matter how powerful computer you got the loading times will be a pain in the ♥♥♥. The other things that I had problem with the early-game gmaeplay. It takes quite a long time to reach even remotely interesting jobs. The first cars you'll be fixing in the first 4 hours or so will be very easy and won't earn you enough EXP or money to make them worthwhile doing. But you are stuck with them. But fortunately after a couple of hours the gameplay gets more interesting in terms of getting longer and more difficult jobs that actually make you think what you need to fix first. Unfortunately I can see people stepping away from the game in the first couple of hours because of the boring fixing jobs it offers.

Overall, Car Mechanic Simulator 2015 is a very fun game. It may not be the most difficult one but it certainly is a change of pace compared to other games on the market. Car Mechanic Simulator 2015 actually taught me more about car parts than anything else to this point. Certainly I'm no master mechanic just by playing this game but it certainly gives a bit more clear image of how cars work and what parts there are inside them. Fun and relaxing experience suitable for everyone.

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3 of 3 people (100%) found this review helpful
3.6 hrs on record
Posted: July 31
Product received for free
Car Mechanic Simulator 2015 Review
Car Mechanic Simulator 2015 gives those unfamiliar with cars to familiarise themselves with the subject, but quickly runs out of fun.

Car Mechanic Simulator is an immersive experience for the player, taking in account many important details to fixing cars. Going into this game, I was expecting to be able to fix some sports cars or exotic vehicles, perhaps tuned ones. Unfortunately, the game has a major issue with pacing. I've fixed several cars already and still I've been limited to not only fictional, but very mundane and "nomal, uninteresting" cars. I do have the maserati DLC but it took forever to unlock and from what I know, the Masterati's are the only true-to-life brand available to the player. Despite my complaints towards the game's pacing, I have great respect for the amount of content and detail that the developer has been able to jam into this little game. The player is able to take each vehicle out for a test drive, before and after mending them. Each problematic or faulty component is conveniently highlighted in red and are usually very easy to spot. Although CMS'15 lacks a rich tutorial, it makes up for it as the game is easy to pick up but difficult to master. The goal of the player is not to simply complete each contract, but also to master the game and learn the car's components and their connection to performance.

All in all, though CMS'15 isn't too much fun, it's definitely a rich learning experience and as a motorhead, I enjoyed learning more about the design of cars through the use of a car mechanic simulator.

+Extraordinary detail
+Enjoyable and forgiving learning curve
+Very educational
+Great visuals

-Incredibly slow pacing
-Fictional vehicles (understandable)
-Tedious at times

Rating: 7/10

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3 of 3 people (100%) found this review helpful
1 person found this review funny
1.5 hrs on record
Posted: August 20
It's a great game but to do stuff you have to continually strip down the entire car just to reach one small part which is completely unlike real life. It's fun once you get into it though.
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2 of 2 people (100%) found this review helpful
32.9 hrs on record
Posted: August 4
My final in auto in high school was rebuilding an engine. I got saddled with a guy that wanted to do all of the work himself so we would get an A in the class.

I watched. Without much interest. He did everything, I got an A in that class.

And learned absolutely nothing.

I have always wanted even an iota of auto knowledge. This looks promising.

I performed two filter replacements. Something I actually know how to do in real life - woo! And now I am learning how to remove a flywheel - never even knew what that was before tonight.

I think I am going to enjoy this game immensely.


Devs, wow. Great game.

Seven hours in and I know I need to check or replace the ABS if the brakes are bad. I know if the car is noisy, I need to look at the exhaust manifold, the muffler, and the catalytic converter.

I know absolutely nothing about cars.

This game is amazing.
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2 of 2 people (100%) found this review helpful
1.3 hrs on record
Posted: August 1
Great game, really enjoying playing it and learning a lot.

Would Definately recomend
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2 of 2 people (100%) found this review helpful
11.0 hrs on record
Posted: August 9
Bought this game for a laugh but is actually pretty fun to play.
You discover & learn about cars and their pars!
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2 of 2 people (100%) found this review helpful
9.1 hrs on record
Posted: August 20
If you're a person who loves spending time fixing ♥♥♥♥ that has a million pieces and slowly learning the easiest way to said ♥♥♥♥ with each job through experience, then buy this ♥♥♥♥ right now. Easily among the best games I've ever played. Hard grind, decent sense of pacing as well as the ability to set your own goals instead of a clearly defined "end game." Great ♥♥♥♥, although the DLC pricing and whatnot is a bit weird, so I suggest getting the Gold edition for a better experience at a cheaper price. Normally I wouldn't suggest paying for DLC but I feel as if the devs deserve it this time around.

One more thing: the game is perfect for people who don't know ♥♥♥♥ about cars such as myself, but I couldn't suggest it for people who don't find repairing ♥♥♥♥ and learning about a machine enjoyable. This is a certain type of game for a certain type of people. But if you have any sort of interest when it comes to anything involving cars, then I fully suggest getting this game.

Easy 9/10, only thing that would put it over the top is simply adding more content. There's a ♥♥♥♥ton of places you can take this concept and I feel as if the devs adding as much as humanly possible would in the end make it a perfect game, and I don't think I could say that about any other game.
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2 of 2 people (100%) found this review helpful
1 of 1 people (100%) found this review helpful
126.5 hrs on record
Posted: August 20
Pretty neat game if you're into cars and what not. Also neat if you're not and are just looking for a cool sim to blow time. Graphics are pretty solid. Your garage can be upgraded with different rooms or tools to test certain car parts, which is pretty cool. You can also use your skill points to customize the look of your shop. With the DLCs included, there are tons of cool cars with several repairs that come in. After a certain point, however, the process of repairing the cars can become extremely tedious.
Solid game to play when you're baked. Would pay $10 or less.
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1 of 1 people (100%) found this review helpful
110.8 hrs on record
Posted: August 14
Love the game, helped me learn alot about cars and engines. Such a good game, shame the DLC is paid.
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