In time for the 10th anniversary since its original release in Japan, planetarian is an engaging and emotional visual novel from legendary game studio, Key. A sub-brand of VisualArt's, Key are also famed for creating Kanon, AIR, CLANNAD, Little Busters!, Rewrite, and Angel Beats!
User reviews: Overwhelmingly Positive (505 reviews)
Release Date: Nov 29, 2004

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"From the creators of Clannad comes a post-apocalyptic, sci-fi and drama VN that will shed tears from your eyes. Its a VN by 'key' so it's heavyhearted."
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Update Notes

Please Note: Users who installed the Japanese-language version of planetarian can switch to English by going to the Library, right clicking on the game and then selecting Properties. Under Properties, you will find the Language tab which can be used to switch to English.
*Keep in mind that both the English and Japanese versions of planetarian utilize the same save data folder so please delete all files within the SAVEDATA folder before switching languages.

About This Game

Why don't you come to the planetarium?
The beautiful twinkling of eternity that will never fade, no matter what.
All the stars in the sky are waiting for you.

In time for the 10th anniversary since its original release in Japan, planetarian is an engaging and emotional visual novel from legendary game studio, Key. A sub-brand of VisualArt's, Key are also famed for creating Kanon, AIR, CLANNAD, Little Busters!, Rewrite, and Angel Beats!

Please do not divide Heaven in two...

It is thirty years after the failure of the Space Colonization Program.
Humanity is nearly extinct. A perpetual and deadly Rain falls on the Earth.
Men known as "Junkers" plunder goods and artifacts from the ruins of civilization.
One such Junker sneaks alone into the most dangerous of all ruins -- a "Sarcophagus City".
In the center of this dead city, he discovers a pre-War planetarium.
And as he enters he is greeted by Hoshino Yumemi, a companion robot.
Without a single shred of doubt, she assumes he is the first customer she's had in 30 years.
She attempts to show him the stars at once, but the planetarium projector is broken.
Unable to make heads or tails of her conversation, he ends up agreeing to try and repair the projector ...

For the first time, this heartwarming and memorable title is available on Steam!
It is fully voiced in Japanese, and can be experienced with both English and Japanese text.

Design, Scenario: Yuuichi Suzumoto
Music: Magome Togoshi
Voice Cast: Hoshino Yumemi - Keiko Suzuki
The Junker - Daisuke Ono

* This product is a localization of "planetarian ~chiisana hoshi no yume~ Memorial Edition", originally released for Windows on 30 April 2010.

What is Kinetic Novel?
A new form of entertainment for the sole purpose of storytelling -- not a novel, not an anime, not a game -- Kinetic Novel.
Made with the goal of providing the reader with an unprecedented sense of presence and empathy for the characters through the use of a high-quality scenario, graphics, music, and other production values.

System Requirements

    • OS: Vista or higher
    • Processor: 1.2 GHz Pentium 4
    • Memory: 128 MB RAM
    • Graphics: 800x600
    • Hard Drive: 500 MB available space
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Posted: January 5
Knowing that this Visual Novel was made by VisualArt's/Key, why are you reading reviews instead of Insta-buying it?

Seriously though[/b]

Planetarian ~the reverie of a little planet~

Plot/Story 9.8/10
Animation/Design 9/10
Audio/Soundtrack /10

Plot/Story 9.8/10
Set in a post-apocalyptic world where humanity is on the verge of extinction after the failure of the Space Colonization Program and Nuclear warfare, "Junkers" scavenge anything that could help them to survive. Our nameless protagonist discovers a Pre-war Planetarium and enters in search of useful supplies, he is then greeted by Hoshino Yumemi who offers to show him a special commemorative projection especially reserved for the 2,500,000th customer(although he is in fact the 2,497,290th customer). Despite his aggravation with her, he agrees to attend her show. However, the projector device, "Miss Jena", has broken down and is in need of repair.

I'm lost for words for this one, the story is simply magnificent. The story is relatively short, you can finish the entire Visual Novel in a little over 3 hours depending on how fast you are at reading. But despite being short it's definitly memorable, I haven't felt this moved since Narcissu[/u], the story was definitly a sorrowful one. You are guranteed for feels in this one, even if you're the type to not cry at things like this (like me) the story is still very touching, I can't wrap my head around the fact Yumemi stayed at the Planetarium for 30 years straight in a complete solitary state and yet still be the talkative goodhearted person she is, I understand it's because she's a robot but damn.

Animation/Design 9/10
Doesn't really differ from most Visual Novels

Audio/Soundtrack 10/10
The soundtrack is astounding, it's just magnificent and beautiful. Every single track falls into the right situation and emotion. The 'Gentle Jena' track is a great example, it went really well with the scene where the protagonist watched as the Planetarium did it's thing, as the track played there was a sense of triumph about how the repairs paid off and the feeling of amazement and wonder as the protagonist looks up at the stars which is supposed to be a rare sight in his time.

Review Conclusion
I loved Planetarian ~The reverie of a little planet~, it's a beautiful short story that is guranteed to leave you with feels, that story will stay at the back of your mind, the time the protagonist spent with Yumemi, how she was abandoned and how she's slowly breaking down.. it's such a sad, memorable story. Planetarian ~The reverie of a little planet~ was developed by VisualArt's/Key, widely known in the Visual Novel community for creating CLANNAD(Which is due for it's release on Steam around Jan 10!), Air, Kanon and more. Planetarian ~The reverie of a little planet~ is really worth the money I gurantee it.
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Posted: January 17
Didn't expect anything less from VisualArts/Key,

If you like what VisualArts/Key have done over the years, there is no excuse for you to skip on planetarian.

As my first proper Visual Novel, I am impressed by this one.
Great art design, great sound design, amazing story - it's all there.

Definitely one of the better VNs on Steam.

I'd say it definitely is a must buy for fans of VisualArts/Key
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Posted: April 17
A VN by 'key' and one of the leading VN developers in the world makes a VN that will make you cry at the end, assuming you actually cry because this is VN are by the same people who made Clannad, Air, Kanon, Little Busters (All great VNs and animes). It does show its age (this VN was made 10 years ago) when you play the game and the 'save' function isn't great either, you only get 5 save slots, so you have to overwrite your saves quite a lot.

The story is set in the future after the "failure of the Space Colonization Program". It is a post-apocalyptic novel involving only 2 main characters "Mr. Customer" aka "The Junker" and Yumemi Hoshino aka the robot. There is no "choose your on route/story" in this VN, its a direct story with no choices.

As you'd expect, this a pretty old VN, so graphics isn't its strong point here. It has basic drawn images and the animation is limited. Though the visuals are not the great part, you can still enjoy the VN with what is offers.
Final Score: 5/10

This is a VN by 'key' we are talking about, of course its going to tell you a great story. I have never read a VN by 'key' and said "I was disappointed with it". All their VNs are nicely told, it often gives you tears, but that’s part of the experience. Expect to cry in every VN that 'key' makes.
Final Score: 10/10

Another strong factor here. The music and soundtracks are possibly the most satisfying thing you will love about this VN, considering that it is over 10 years old. I still have a hard time trying to figure out how they managed to make all these soundtracks, they are absolutely fantastic, even though half of them where very sad to listen to. The only downside is that there is only a few of these soundtracks.
Final Score: 9/10

The VN offers simple controls, press "Enter" to read another line, press "Spacebar" to hide the text box etc...nothing complicated there. The features are also very simple, since the VN is pretty old. It goes the same with the overall layout. Here's and great tip,
tilt your head left or right in the title screen and be amazed
Final Score: 6/10

Probably the most common question when buying anything is "Is it worth buying it?". If you like light romance and sad stories. This is your best bet. You won't regret your choice, it was made by 'key', so you know it's worth it. At £7, this is a pretty cheap VN already, considering there are other VNs out there that cost more and has less stuff to offer. This is definitely worth your time and you shouldn't worry about spending too much on this.
Final Score: 10/10

Overall Score : 40/50
Percentage Score: 80%
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Posted: April 5
I found the first half to be really dragged out and you can foresee the conclusion within the first 15 minutes.

However despite these setbacks, the voice acting and BGM make up for it. The game gets much better later on and at its climax, manages to tug at my heartstrings even though I was prepared for the inevitable conclusion.

Overall I exited the game satisfied with my purchase.
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Posted: January 22
Wow. Just wow. I usually don't do review for games that I play, even if they are really good ones, but I can not let this one go. If you are reading this, and are considering whether to buy this game or not, do not hesitate for even a second. I think this is the only time that a form of entertainment, be it a game,movie,book ... , has made me cry. The story is so moving and one of the best ones that I have seen. Even though this novel is short, you will not regret buying it. I'm pretty sure I will not forget about this even after 30 years.
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