Welcome to the new generation of Farming Simulator! With a brand new graphics and physics engine, Farming Simulator 15 offers an immense open world, filled with details and visual effects transporting the Farming Simulator franchise to a new era.
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"We've got a brand new combine harvester, and we'll give you the key. Come on now let's get together in perfect harmony. Also, your acreage > ours, by 23"

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2014 年 12 月 11 日

Farming Simulator 15: DLC #1 - ITRunner - NOW AVAILABLE

The first DLC for Farming Simulator 15 is now available for PC, and very soon for MAC!

This DLC contains new Trailer equipment from ITRunner, Bergmann and Farmtech.

With the hooklift trailer and its associated equipment, you can now drop-off useful tools across the map, right next to your crops!

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2014 年 12 月 9 日

PATCH 1.2: Technical, Gameplay and Aesthetic improvements

Dear Farmers,

Thank you very much for your support and your feedback following the release of Farming Simulator 15.

To improve your gaming experience, we are pleased to announce the release of a the patch 1.2 containing technical, gameplay and aesthetic improvements.

Change Log:

• Improved vehicle handling (1.2)
• Improved locked differentials (e.g. improves handling of Ponsse Scorpion) (1.2)
• Dragged tools no longer jump randomly (1.2)
• Improved physics of cranes (1.2)
• Jenz chopper works more reliably (1.2)
• FSI ST65T works more reliably (1.2)
• Cuttings trees works more reliably (1.2)
• Trees in multiplayer stutter less (1.2)
• Vehicles stutter less when moving trees (1.2)
• Defoliaging trees is correctly synchronized in multiplayer (1.2)
• Trees are worth less, especially when selling entire, non-defoliaged trees (1.2)
• Log forks can now hold single trees (1.2)
• Vehicles stop less quickly when releasing the acceleration pedal (1.2)
• Various visual improvements to the vehicles (1.2)
• Various smaller functional improvements to the vehicles (1.2)
• Performance and memory usage improvements (1.2)
• Added additional costs if the AI helper brings its own seeds, fertilizer etc. (1.2)
• Various improvements to the AI helper (1.2)
• Fixed moved vehicles when loading a savegame (1.2)
• Improved the geometry of the bunker silos (1.2)
• Reduced the enormous time bonus for missions (1.2)
• Fixed wrong assignments of statistics values (1.2)
• Various translation fixes (1.2)
• Improved controls with gamepads or steering wheels (1.2)
• Increased the capacity of the manure heap (1.2)
• Mods now have the possibility to show the current time on the indoor hud (1.2)
• Reduced the costs when using the high pressure washer (1.2)
• Added option to disable Adaptive VSync (1.2)
• Added option to disable the AI traffic (1.2)
• Added option to change the time it takes until a vehicle is dirty (1.2)

We are thrilled that many of you are enjoying Farming Simulator 15 and hope that your experience will be even more enjoyable with these improvements.


Giants Software & Focus Home Interactive

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Welcome to the new generation of Farming Simulator!

With a brand new graphics and physics engine, Farming Simulator 15 offers an immense open world, filled with details and visual effects transporting the Farming Simulator franchise to a new era.

Manage your own farm: from harvesting to animal husbandry, and from the sales of fresh products to woodcutting, the benefits of your exploitation will allow you to develop, and invest in new and more powerful vehicles or tools.

Across hundreds of acres of land offered by the new Nordic environment, and a renovated North American environment, use and drive over 140 authentic vehicles and farming tools, from over 40 most famous manufacturers (including 20 new brands): New Holland, Ponsse, Case IH, Deutz-Fahr…

This new equipment includes a selection of vehicles and tools entirely dedicated to a new activity in Farming Simulator: woodcutting!

In multiplayer, invite up to 15 friends to help you develop your farm. Thanks to an active and passionate community, benefit from limitless new content: new vehicles, tools, and even environments!


Mac OS X
    • OS: Microsoft Windows Vista, Windows 7 or Windows 8
    • Processor: 2.0 GHz Intel or equal AMD-Processor
    • Memory: 2 GB RAM
    • Network: Broadband Internet connection
    • Hard Drive: 3 GB available space
    • OS: Mac OS X 10.7.1, 10.8.1, 10.9.1, 10.10.1
    • Processor: 2.0 GHz Intel or equal AMD-Processor
    • Memory: 2 GB RAM
    • Network: Broadband Internet connection
    • Hard Drive: 3 GB available space
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張貼於:2014 年 12 月 3 日
One of the fastest ways to become really unpopular on your Steam Friendslist.
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張貼於:2014 年 11 月 8 日
The joy that this game provides is unfathomable. I am consistently draw back to it like an ex i just can't drop, and each time I come back I'm reminded that I love it, but I just can't figure out why. I try to tell my buddies about it, but trying to describe it in words just doesn't do it justice. I find myself spending most of my time driving under 10 mph, staring at lines in the ground and tryin to stay within them. It sounds ludicrous. But right now, this is the most relaxing thing in my life and I look forward to it thorughout the day. I find myself fanasizing about actually becoming a farmer. Moving to the middle of no f-ing where and finding a farmers daughter to settle down with. I want to powerwash everything. To control nature with my two hands, and harvest it with the most rediculously oversized harvester the world has ever seen. I might be millions in debt to the bank, but damn this tractor has so many buttons!!! Thank you Faming Simulator 15, for bringing zen into my life.
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張貼於:2014 年 12 月 16 日
This is a great game!
This game is one of my favorite simulation games ive ever played!
Day 1: You start out, harvesting your one field and trying to scrape out enough money to buy another field.
Day 2: You start out, harvesting your one field and trying to scrape out enough money to buy another field.
Day 3: You start out, harvesting your one field and trying to scrape out enough money to buy another field.
Day 4: You start out, harvesting your one field and trying to scrape out enough money to buy another field.
Day 5: You start out, harvesting your one field and trying to scrape out enough money to buy another field.
Day 6: You finally have enough money to buy that long coveted field... Oh look here is a cool looking tractor.. lets buy it!
Day 7: You start out, harvesting your one field and trying to scrape out enough money to buy another field.
I'm sure you get the pattern...

Steering Control and Camera angles are perfect
Somewhat realistic looking tractors
You can turn off crop withering
Maps are perfect size
Easily Moddable (And I mean lotsssss of mods)
Income system works great
Terrain on the starter maps is perfect
Graphics are great
You can hire workers to harvest for you

Gameplay is somewhat unrealistic (You run into a car going 40mph and you bounce back)
Headlights are kind of glitchy at night time
Speed is slightly unrealistic

Its a great game! I definately reccommend it. The Pros outway the Cons

Where Did My Life Go/10

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張貼於:2014 年 11 月 14 日
Not a bad game at all, very realistic in most aspects, but very very buggy at times.

The wood chipper is a prime example. It is so buggy and underpowered, it makes one think that these guys have never seen one in action. Once they grab a log, there is no going back, it is shredded. Short of turning off the equipment, there is no way to get the log out of it. In this offering, your main task is to get the log to go INTO it. Even when it does, there is a very high chance it will be just spit out again. Actually all trees can get very buggy at times. Ghost logs, screwed up cuts, ( they are still attached to the main log even though cut off), trees that decide to disobey the laws of physics. ( standing verticle instead of falling over)

Another issue this game has is BAD and I mean very bad physics. You can look forward to all your vehicles spinning out for no reason. Even a tractor going 20 miles and hour will do donuts on you. Tractors jumping 10 feet in the air on the least bump, total loss of steering unless you are under 10 MPH, and if you over steer an instant jacknife/donut.

Smaller issues are with any vehicle that has an articulating joint. Constant cameras switching angles while trying to drive these vehicles will give the average person headaches in minutes. Just bad physics and bad camera useage on these vehicles.

Another smaller issue is with traction. Some of these tractors are over 400 HP, and yet they can't climb a 15% grade pullling an empty trailer. These tractors in real life are able to crawl up 30 and 40 degree slopes, but not here. It gets annoying fast when a 400 HP tractor powers out going up a hill with nothing attached to it.

If you are looking for a genuine farming experience with real world physics, and handling. Skip this one. It needs alot of love before it reaches that point.

On the other hand, If you are into eye candy, can live with ridiculous physics, and don't mind the odd bug or two. By all means, you will not be disappointed. The world is very beautiful, vehicles and equipment are immaculate, everything is very pleasing to the eye and very well presented. Prices are a little under what they should be, but that helps get into the high end game a little faster.

Logging can get you cash fast, and with the ability to buy and place your own trees, will mean an ever lasting cash influx to get those high end machines your farm needs to grow. Buying cows and chickens can also benefit you, but don't get ahead of yourself. Owning and feeding cows requires alot of equipment and should be saved for later on. Chickens can get you a bit of cash, but are unreliable as a means of income late game.

the tractors, for the most part behave as one should expect, but are a bit underpowered and can be hard to control at times. Understeering/oversteering is always an issue. But they are still fun to pilot.

The truth is in the game, farming is one of the most expensive occupations a man can persue and the game reflects that wonderfully. Think you have 2 million and the world is yours? Think again, that's a new tractor, combine and header witha new cart thrown in. Maybe a piece of land to add to your growing farming empire. Some of the hirees, are bums, they leave strips all over the field, miss seeding sections, leave strips unplanted. But as the saying goes, it's hard to get good help. You get what you pay for.

All in all, the game is fiarly decent, brought me hours of fun and enjoyment. Took me back when I grew up on the farm and drove tractors and harvesters just like these. I guess that's why my view on the physics of the game is a bit demanding. I have driven this equipment, I know what it does and what it is capable of, and was expecting this game to reflect that. It does not, not even close. I was fully looking forward to watching these diesel demons start grunting and pouring out the black coal. They don't grunt, it's actually more like a soft whimper.

I would suggest that they need to get behind the controls of these monsters and actually experience what they do before tring to put forth a digital representation of these beasts. To the average city slicker, who doesn't know the difference, it will pass. For those of us good old boys that grew up driving these metal behemoths, it falls short to the point of stopping playing putting down your mouse and hollering; "Yo! Earl!, check this out!... I can do 180's in a 40,000 LB tractor at 20 MPH!" You ever trying spinning a donut in a 20 ton Tractor? It's bloody impossible! They are designed to stay stuck to the ground, that's what they do! Only time I was able to spin one of these bad boys out was on ice. and that was full bore into a turn towing 10 tons of cow dung. Try it on dirt, and you will not succeed.
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張貼於:2014 年 11 月 8 日
Farming Simulator 15 > Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare.
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張貼於:2014 年 12 月 13 日
Love the game, but to call it a simulator is not correct. As a former dairy farmer I can say that if it was this easy in real life, I`d still be doing it...
I`m sure that if I jump in my tractor right now (Case IH 2007) and steer it into a brick wall that would be the end for it. AND ever so often it needs service, I can't just drive and drive forever on it. This "simulator" lacks the realism of real life farming and should therefore be called a farming/driving/arcade game!
But still, Its a great GAME that I can recommend to all who is interested in farming.

Updated 09.04.15:
Hopefully this review update takes care of my unfortunate misspelling of the word "tractor". I live in Norway where our native, and first language is Norwegian, so I`m sorry if my spelling and/or grammar is a bit off when it comes to English.
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張貼於:2014 年 11 月 8 日
-First Day Reviews-


- Amazing Graphics/Physics
- Forestry Is AMAZING And Fun!
- Gameplay Is Addictive
- Tons Of Vehicles And Equipment

Journal Experience

Journal Entry 1

Upon entering my new farm I have a goal, a goal which will include everything but farming. I am a logger and I'm going to cut down trees. I first discover a wide variety of farming equipment at my disposal. Harvesters, Combines, Tractors, all beautifully built and glistening in the sunlight. I decide to sell all of them in return for cash to spend on my logging dream.

Journal Entry 2

After selling all my equipment, spare one green tractor, I find myself still too broke to buy the Ponnse Processor or Buffalo. I opt for a chainsaw in the hopes that I can at least get things started. Although there is no plow blade for the tractor, I simply purchase a large weight that will attach to the front as my new bumper. I now have a means to cut down trees and a vehicle that can at least push the bits around until I get richer.

Journal Entry 3

I start things off by testing out my new chainsaw on a random tree (assuming that it wouldn't work on all trees). I pull out my husqvarna chainsaw and rev it up with a satisfying growl. To my surprise im able to cut down any of the trees that I see in the area. I pick a large poplar tree and make a precise angle slice in the base, a few moments of teedering and boom down she goes. I now discover that I'm able to buck this tree into as many bits that I want. Seriously I can cut this thing in to 1/10000's if I feel the need. After going Texas chainsaw massacre on the tree for about 15 mins I realize that the mill is on the other side of the map, screw this tree were heading for something closer.

Journal Entry 4

After trekking around the vast map full of lush trees, people, houses and breathtaking scenery I find myself at a rail yard. I have 3 points to unload logs, either at the train, the station beside the train or the big watery log pond in front of the mill. Since I only have my tractor as a pushing device I decide to start with the pond. I gracefully fall down trees bucking them up for what seems like hours. I carefully use my tractor as a plow and push the chopped tree bits into the pond gaining me more and more money. Finally after a few hours of hard work I have enough to purchase my Ponsse Processor.

Journal Entry 5

I feel like I've earned this, The purchase feels great, it feels right and im honored to own such a beautifully crafted logging vehicle. I hop in and start it up, It sounds heavy and roars when I lay down the throttle. This is what I've been waiting for, I head back towards the mill. I am now able to grab trees directly from standing and delimb/cut them into whatever lengths I choose. A small LCD screen inside the detailed cockpit tells me my length setup. I start grabbing trees and dragging them over to the pond, While over top of the pond I cut the tree into sections and drop them into the water. Now were making real money, I repeat this process until I again have enough money for my next investment the Ponnse Buffalo.

Journal Entry 6

I have purchased the Buffalo which has a similar build to the Processor but instead it has a big grapple for picking up logs and a bunk for stacking the logs and bringing them back to the mill. Now that I've cut down all the trees close to the mill It will be faster to process piles of lumber in the bush and just haul back double the amount on the buffalo. I have already processed several trees into nice neat piles so I take the buffalo out. While tearing up the side of the mountain to my new cut block I am starting to notice big mud tracks forming on the road and the mud splashes all over my vehicles, now were logging!

Journal Entry 7

I have loaded up my buffalo using it crane arm and grapple on all my pre-cut logs. I now have to carefully sneak back down the hill and get this stuff into the bank. Unfortunately I went a little to fast on one section and clipped a stump of a previously cut tree, this sent half my logs flying out of the bunks and all over the road. I then spent the next 20 mins maneuvering around cleaning up the mess. It pays to take your time.

Journal Entry 8

I have now delivered my logs and understand the process of logging, Its an addictive cycle and yet very relaxing. The repetition that would seemingly bore others to death becomes my salvation for peace. I park my 3 vehicles, grab the pressure washer and start to clean all the mud off in preparation for the next day. I am a now a virtual logger and im proud of it ;)

Video Reviews

Playthrough Simulator Chair

First Day Reviews Links




Steam Group

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張貼於:2014 年 12 月 5 日
First off all: This game is incredibly fun and relaxing.

You'd think it is super boring, but it really is not. Hell, I thought it was ♥♥♥♥ before I got it but it is so fun. There's a huge variety of machinery that you can buy, two very nice maps and tons of ways to earn your money. The physics engine is okay, pulling stuff up a hill feels rough at times and I think some tractors or combines slow down too much when pulling stuff up a hill (A 1100 PS Krone combine can't pull 50.000L silage up a ≈10° inclination for example), but after all the feeling when driving a vehicle is pretty okay, it feels similar to Euro Truck Simulator 2 in some aspects.

The multiplayer is a blast aswell. Everything is more fun with friends, from managing your farm over harvesting your crop to fooling around with a Telehandler. It's great.

I can really recommend this, It might not be everyones cup of tea, so before buying you should probably watch a gameplay video or two but if you like simulators, this is a good game for you.
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張貼於:2014 年 11 月 25 日
Originally I figured this would be boring, how much fun can farming be, seriously? I was wrong, graphics are awesome, game play is as close to real life as you can get, and having grown up on a farm, the realism is just crazy. This game is strangley addictive, I can stop playing. The modding community for this game is awesome, some of the mods that are available (and more coming every day) are just mind blowing.

Definitely worth the money, in fact I've even considered buying the previous version just to play it and see how things have evolved.
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張貼於:2014 年 12 月 29 日
Even real farmers play Farming Simulator! Whilst it is still a little way from being a simulator in the true sense of the word (for example, gears are not fully simulated, tractors do not show real damage, crops grow too fast and its a bit too easy to make money), nevertheless, the positives far outweigh the negatives, and for every weakness, there are many realistic features. It's great fun if you have any interest in farming and you like the productive strategy type game rather than the fast paced shooters. I worked on a farm many years ago, and I played with Britains farm toys as a kid. This game, 40yr later, allows me to own and drive any type of tractor & implement, and farm any crop, & the physics and graphics are easily good enough to bring back the memories of driving the real thing. Giants also give good support, they updated FS2013 regularly, so I hope to see the same improvements and developments in this one;and they offer good (many free) addon mods form time to time.
It's also very moddable, so if there is an aspect that lets the game down, it is very likely that someone has added a mod to fix it, or else you can do it yourself. For example, it is not difficult to edit the start machinery and funds, or to change growth rate or values to make the game more difficult, or even to create your own map with a bit of learning.
Stand by to be labelled a farm nerd (similar to trainspotter), but that matters not to me. Excellent game, worth at least 8 out of 10 on release, and expecting that to rise with future patches. :)
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張貼於:2014 年 11 月 7 日
Your back will hurt like you've been plowing for real and your friends (if you still have any after you buy this) will wonder what kind of drugs you're using. 10/10
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張貼於:2014 年 11 月 17 日
U can sell stuff and cut down trees and buy more trees to cut down so you can buy more trees to cut down and buy more trees to cut down....
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張貼於:2014 年 12 月 12 日
Giants software mad a really nice game. You can really see they listened to the community by adding forestry and making a better map (the map looks like it has things that the community made in maps like more mountains and tight roads). Graphics are much better and so are the physics.

The game has a lot of stuff to buy and play around with and if you don't want to wait until you have enough money for that there's always mods to download wich let you change your money. :) Though I don't recommend doing that cause I think it'll take away the fun of getting further in the game. Getting enough money to buy new stuff is what keeps the game fun in my opinion, cause you'll find yourself doing a lot of the same stuff over and over. You can hire workers wich I really recommend.

The game has a lot of mods which you can install by dragging the zip file to your mods folder (shouldn't be hard at all).

The multiplayer works pretty okay. I didn't play it much but though there can be some lagg and when someone joins the game has to sync which makes you unable to do anything for a short time, the multiplayer still can be a lot of fun and I can imagine you could have a lot of fun when you're playing on your own server with people that live nearby (better connection).

Over all I recommend this game if you like simulation and farming, but if you only like games with a lot of action, then I wouldn't recommend buying this game. :)

+ Graphics and physics are improved
+ Map is (in my opinion) improved
+ Lots of things to buy like tractors, trucks, tippers, etc.
+ Lots of mods which are easy to install

- Multiplayer laggs a bit for me and has to sync the game when someone joins
- Gameplay can be a bit repetitive


Hope this helped :)
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張貼於:2014 年 12 月 18 日
If you like machines and tractors this is a great buy! Play with friends, it's much more fun having a farm together!
Playing with an xbox-controller is recomended when logging. I would really recommend this game! There's tons of mods that just makes the game much better.
When playing online, my friends can join me and our farm. But the save file for the farm is on my computer. So when i'm offline, my friends can't play on our farm. It would be better if you could save your farm as a server in the cloud. So that my friends could join even if i'm offline.
-Lots of machines, trailers etc to buy.
-Many mods.
-The overall feeling when playing is fantastic, you are your own little farmer.
-Many tractors, trailers etc that you can buy
-The tractors, trailers and machines are very detailed.

The Cons, that I want to be improved in the next game.
-Old graphics. Half Life 2 looks better (Half Life 2 was released 2004..)
-When plowing or cultivating a field, it's just a plain texture that changes. Nothing exciting really.
-The graphics aren't the best. Especially the lightning.
-Need friends

I wish that they could implement the mud from spintires for the next game. That would be awesome!
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張貼於:2014 年 11 月 14 日
For me, this is a very relaxing game. Time flies when I am playing! It is hard to convince someone who has never heard of Farming Simulator to want to buy it. There is so much to do! I think one of the biggest draws for me that keeps me playing it day after day is the fact that I can check modding sites for something new EVERY day! I can even create my own maps (farms). If you are tired of the super fast paced FPS's and just want to slow down a little, give Farming Simulator a try. It's fun!!
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張貼於:2014 年 12 月 10 日

Alot more jobs to choose from like logging and missions
More machinery to choose from
Lot better physics
This is just the best Farming Simulator yet
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張貼於:2014 年 12 月 2 日
fulfills my sexual desires to become one with the tractor

69/10 would fetish again
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88.8 記錄時數
張貼於:2014 年 11 月 9 日
10/10 would bang
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96.3 記錄時數
張貼於:2014 年 12 月 23 日
Truly relaxing, educational, boring and fun at the same time! I just wish I can apply all the strategies in the real world... hahahahahahahaha
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張貼於:2014 年 12 月 29 日
Too good to put down! I loved fs 2013 and this one is even better. The multiplayer is great and super fun with friends.
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