Cuando las investigaciones de la Casa Blanca sobre la compañía de Borradores Scoggins reciben como única respuesta una serie de curiosos puzles, el agente Nelson Tethers del Departamento de Investigación de Puzles de los EE.UU. es asignado al caso.
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Fecha de lanzamiento: jul. de 2010

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Acerca de este juego

Cuando las investigaciones de la Casa Blanca sobre la compañía de Borradores Scoggins reciben como única respuesta una serie de curiosos puzles, el agente Nelson Tethers del Departamento de Investigación de Puzles de los EE.UU. es asignado al caso.

Los extraños sucesos en Scoggins pondrán a prueba la pericia de Tethers y todo su ingenio, con pruebas mentales en cada esquina: laberintos, puzles lógicos, acertijos y mucho más. Pronto se dará cuenta de que éstos (junto con los absortos habitantes del pueblo, sociedades secretas y peculiares sonidos del bosque) están íntimamente ligados al meollo del misterio. ¿Y de qué van esos gnomos?

Creado con la sensibilidad gráfica y la narrativa única del artista del cómic independiente Graham Annable junto con el inconfundible estilo de Telltale para contar cuentos, ¡Puzzle Agent garantiza desafiarte, estremecerte y engancharte de más formas de las que puedes resolver un criptograma!

  • Abundancia de puzles para desafiar a tus neuronas. A ver si eres capaz de encontrar todos los puzles y resolver el misterio de Scoggins. Laberintos, lógica, acertijos, desafíos mentales y mucho más.
  • ¡Investiga lo extraño, peculiar y alucinante para resolver el caso! Tus descubrimientos te proporcionan pistas hacia el gran misterio que agobia a este pueblo, o encuentra puzles que debes resolver para obtener respuestas... o puede que más preguntas.
  • Caza las pistas: El chicle ayuda al Agente Tethers a pensar y a resolver. Busca y recoge pedazos de chicle por el pueblo para recibir pistas si te quedas atascado en algún puzle.

Requisitos del sistema

Mac OS X
    • SO: Windows XP / Vista / Windows 7
    • Procesador: 2.0 GHz +
    • Memoria: 512 MB de RAM
    • Gráficos: Compatible con DirectX 8.1 y con 64 MB
    • DirectX®: DirectX 8.1 o posterior
    • Disco Duro: 220 MB de espacio libre
    • Sonido: Compatible con DirectX 8.1
    • SO: Windows XP / Vista / Windows 7
    • Procesador: Pentium 4 a 3 GHz o superior
    • Memoria: 1 GB de RAM
    • Gráficos: Compatible con DirectX 8.1 y con 128 MB
    • DirectX®: DirectX 8.1 o posterior
    • Disco Duro: 220 MB de espacio libre
    • Sonido: Compatible con DirectX 8.1
    • SO: Mac OS X 10.5 o posterior
    • Procesador: Intel Core 2 Duo
    • Otros: No recomendado para Macs con gráficos integrados
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Publicado el 24 de julio
First off, let me say: I come from a Professor Layton and Ace Attorney background. I live and breathe puzzles, but that's not to say that I'll take whatever I can get. My feelings towards the core factor of the game, puzzles, in Puzzle Agent are a bit mixed, but lean way more towards the positive end than the negative.
Let's start with the negative. First off, some puzzle instructions are a bit difficult to understand or are surprisingly vague. However, this only happened to me a few times, and was far from the majority. Secondly, there were some jigsaw puzzles that, if you've played the Professor Layton games, are like the ones where you have to fit items into an area without them overlapping. There are a few here too, but it's odd in pieces automatically click together when placed correctly, and they STAY together, which greatly lessens the challenge. Those puzzles could definitely benefit from a better system, especially one where the general shape of objects were outlined and could snap together even if they weren't placed correctly.
Other than that, I found the puzzles enjoyable. A few were quite easy, yes, but others took me a few tries and for some, I had to pull out a good ol' fashioned piece of paper and pen to plot it out Layton-style. Frankly, I don't understand how some people claim to have spent so many hints trying to solve them; I ended up using only 5 or 6 throughout the entire thing. There are 35 puzzles in all - I'll get to that in a moment - with 3 hints per puzzle, so with well over 100 hints you can imagine that 5 is far from a lot. To each their own, I suppose.
I've also seen people claim that the puzzles are placed erratically and interrupt the story, but honestly? I've felt that numerable times playing Professor Layton. That is the consequence of puzzle games. They WILL interrupt the story if you choose to do the non-plot-important puzzles, and even some of the necessary ones. That's just how it is. However, especially during the climax of the game, the puzzles begin to weave into the story a bit more cleanly than before, and in my experience, are appropriately some of the easier ones, so you can get through to the ending quicker without having to spend half an hour on one puzzle.
I think the game's biggest downfall for me, personally, is LENGTH. It is simply too short. Like I said before, there are only 35 puzzles. The average Professor Layton has over 100. It only took me a few hours to get through the entire game, and it leaves you on a VERY unsatisfying cliffhanger ending. Granted, it does pick up again in the sequel, but it literally goes right from the climax to ending in the first, with practically no conclusion. It was surprising, to say the least. Once the credits popped up I said "that's it?" out loud. I was genuinely surprised.
It's a bit cheap to me to separate these two games when it certainly feels like it should be only one, twice-as-long game, but I have no played the second as of yet, so I have no info on how the story of that unfolds or if it is completely related. At the very least, there should be a package including both games so it can be one long, consecutive playthrough without people having to wait until they get money (i.e., me) to finish a story that should have been wrapped up already.
The art style, characters, storyline (it's one of the "out there" kind of stories, but it's strangely fun at the same time despite its absurdity), and audio are superb. Music matches the in-game events wonderfully, but don't distract during a puzzle, as it should. I enjoyed the protagonist and the supporting cast, and their voice acting was wonderful as well.
I fully recommend this game to new players of puzzle games, or veterans of the Professor Layton series. It may be a bit clunkier than the latter in some respects, but it is definitely worth a good playthrough. You're bound to get some enjoyment out of it.

EDIT: Oops, I believe there are actually about 37 puzzles in the game; I had missed two during my first playthrough. Also, I'm going to add that I am currently on my third playthrough of the game, and I still enjoy it. I'm going to add that the game is somewhat fast-paced, or at least the cutscenes are, so even though puzzles will be extraordinarily easy to solve, I'd recommend multiple plays because I've noticed several things that I didn't recognize the first time around, buuut perhaps that was because I was intentionally reading into things because I was analyzing Nelson Tether's character a bit. In any case, definitely worth another look at if you enjoy playing it.
One final point I'd like to bring up is that of the somewhat "rating" system assigned to the puzzles. Depending on how many wrong answers you give (resulting in the anger of millions of taxpayers) and how many hints you use, you get assigned a rating of sorts. Perhaps unintentionally, but hilariously, there is some pressure on the player to answer correctly on the first go, so you can expect to unconsciously triple-check your answers before you submit. It's really not something to fret about - at least to me, it's more humorous than anything else.
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Publicado el 1 de mayo
Puzzle Agent is an excellent puzzle game.

The story follows a detective at the fictional "department of puzzles". It also makes a foray into nordic culture, which I very much enjoyed. There is something intensely creepy about gnomes. The serious nature of detective work, mixed in with comedy makes for a very enjoyable play-through.

The gameplay involves either moving around the environment, point&click style, or solving puzzles Professor Layton style. If you've ever played one of those games on the Nintendo DS, you will find the play style very familiar. The environment is easy to move around, it has puzzles hidden in it, and the ui is very intuitive. As for the puzzles, there are 3 main types: Logic, Jigsaw and Grids. The logic and grid puzzles are very good and challenging, and provide a satisfying feeling when completed. The jigsaw puzzles, less so (the pieces just seem to auto-snap together far too easily for my taste).

The art in this game is very expressive. I didn't think it possible to show such a range of emotions on the characters, but somehow they pulled it off, from deadpan stares, to sheer terror, to being entranced it all looks very high quality and really adds to immersion and the personality of the characters. The environment also looks very nice, with a very "northern" and cold feeling. As for the sound, the voice acting is all top-notch, as are the various music themes that play throughout.

There was one puzzle which bugged out once, but my only major complaint with this game is that it is quite short. But it is definitely worth playing if you like point and click puzzle games.
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Publicado el 30 de agosto
2/5 worth it on sale

Enjoyable short game (~3hrs) with lots of puzzles, most of them are quite easy. Graphics is a bit sloppy, but the atmosphere and the characters are good and make the game interesting to play. Probably a game that has more impact and challenges on kids, though.
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Publicado el 22 de junio
The nostalgia is strong with this one.
The art style alone reminds me of so many different shows I watched when I was like 3 years old, And the puzzles are just a blast of nostalgia farting in front of my face. but in a good way. I think. All the tiny challenges, the story which is both silly and not that important, yet still quite thrilling and makes me wonder about so much background, This thing is just an amazing summary of my childhood.
Recommended to everyone who played Submachine before it was cool.
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Publicado el 10 de mayo
I think that Puzzle Agent is a really nice puzzle game. A bit short, if you want, but enjoyable all the time. It also succeeds in linking a decent story with the various puzzles, not an easy task. As soon as you beat this, I suggest you play Puzzle Agent 2, which is also great (and longer, and slightly more complex).
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