Faery: Legends of Avalon is a big role playing game packed with a very distinctive ambience and graphic style. Create your character, embark in a great adventure and discover the fantastic world of Avalon!
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Releasedatum: 16 jun 2014
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"Recommended for people who enjoy games with choice and consequence. Contains dialog choices and other small decisions throughout."

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Faery: Legends of Avalon is a big role playing game packed with a very distinctive ambience and graphic style. Create your character, embark in a great adventure and discover the fantastic world of Avalon!

You will have to understand why this magic world is dying, and save the kingdom from certain disappearance. In a thrilling adventure where your choices will shape the story, develop your character, his abilities and special powers, as well as his equipment through the victorious battles and accomplished quests!

Numerous dangers await you and the battles against some of the creatures and monsters of the game promise to be formidable. Gain power and experience, and assure the support of friendly companions you will meet through your journey. Carefully select who will fight at your side, and live the incredible experience of being accompanied by a dragon, a troll, fairies and other fantastic creatures!

- Gorgeous graphics packed in a unique atmosphere.

- Explore mythical and magical places, meet plenty of colourful characters.

- Battle in turn-based fights, in the pure style of classic RPGs

- Develop your character through victory: choose new spells, skills, and find new equipment/

- Recruit charismatic companions to help you in your quest!


    • OS: Windows Xp Sp3/Windows Vista Sp1/Windows 7
    • Processor: Amd/Intel Dual-Core 2 Ghz
    • Memory: 2048 MB RAM
    • Graphics: 256 Mb 100% Directx 9 And Shaders 3.0 Compatible, Ati Radeon Hd 3850/Nvidia Geforce 8800 Or Higher
    • Hard Drive: 1 GB available space
    • Sound Card: DIRECTX 9 COMPATIBLE
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9.4 uur in totaal
Geplaatst: 2 mei
Nice Game!
Its an tactical & roundbased 3D Game.

You are a fairy,who hast the Mission to Save the fairyland from the Downfall.
Then u will visit 3. Different worlds,which u need to save.
The player can do enough quest's.
Ur fairy can also wear 10 different armor,i think.
The player meet 7 followers with Different strengsts & Weakness.
Upgrades of your fairy are possible,what?...let Youself be surprised
Sadly you dont hear voices, just Music. :(

This Game isnt a normal rpg, its incredible,for a Little Game!!!
It is sweet,cute & chilling game!
+ the archivements are easy to get.

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9.2 uur in totaal
Geplaatst: 21 december 2014
Talking about this game is a little more complicated than Steam's "Do you recommend? Yes or No" option permits. It's not terrible, but it's definitely not worth the 'Very Positive' reviews status it currently boasts, and if it had shown a more realistic "Mixed Reviews" as it deserves, I probably would not have gotten it. But it's not awful enough to deserve a "Would not recommend" all on its own, either. Maybe 5/10.

I picked this game up because I was craving an old-school turn-based RPG, and on that, it delivers. It also has nods to folklore of several different cultures, not just typical Celtic lore, which was unexpected but very appreciated. Its premise had the potential of being quite cool, and its combat and spell system also had potential. The problem is, it has the -potential- for a lot of really nice things, but on most of them, it doesn't follow through.

The story itself has an intriguing concept and that was what initially made me buy the game. But it's never developed in the game itself and has no real resolution. What story there is is made significantly more flat by the fact that there is no voice acting. You're basically watching permutations of the same three character designs pantomime surprise or happiness at you while the same song plays on repeat for the entire ~9hrs of gameplay. The game itself ends right before what seems like it should be a final boss fight. It's probably supposed to feel like a cliffhanger but really just feels more like the game was never finished--it literally even asks you to save right after the dialogue announcing your intention to fight and then rolls credits on you instead.

My other biggest gripes is with the gameplay. Your character's appearance is dictated by what spells you want to have, and visa versa. You can be a moderately beautiful bird-winged faery who gets exactly two very marginal spells, or you can be a mishmosh monster faery with ant antennae, goat horns, a scorpion tail, and have six much more efficient spells with multiple variation options for their effects. Every spell is tied to a physical appendage being added to your character, which basically renders any time you spent on your character's appearance moot, and frankly, their rule of thumb seems like the more effective the spell, the uglier the addition to your appearance. The most gameplay-altering choices of your appearance also come very early on in the game (like level 3) and there is no going back from them, so by the time you realize you've locked yourself out of the best abilities, you basically have to redo the entire game to change your choice.

Overall, the game wasn't -bad-, persay. It's okay for what it is, which is a time-waster turn-based RPG with some interesting concepts but not much depth. I would recommend it to someone looking to waste a few hours, but I wouldn't recommend it without a whole lot of caveats attached.
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8.4 uur in totaal
Geplaatst: 6 december 2014
First of all, yes, this game is abandoned and will not be finished, but does it make the content that has been finished any less enjoyable? The answer is no.

I mean, come on, you can be a fairy and fly around as you like - it's totally up to the player.
Also you get to create your character at the beginning and you have the chance to modify your character as you like, meaning you can spent your skill points absolutely freely.
Ah, right, the story is pretty neat, too. I mean it's okay. I guess that is just what fairies do.

All in all I really enjoyed this game. Yes, even though it is pretty short because it isn't finished. I just enjoyed flying around pretending I was a fairy (and that's the reason I bought it, actually).

So if you always wanted to be or rather wanted to play a fairy, you should try this game.

The world needs more fairy games.
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12.5 uur in totaal
Geplaatst: 17 mei
Faery is an RPG that had some real potential and it showed in some places but ultimately doesn't follow through. It's not a terrible game and I wish I had better than a Yes/No option to rate it but, out of the two, I can't recommend it.

The plot of the game is fairly simple. You are a fairy and have been awoken from stasis where you slept for centuries only to find that the land of the fae has shrunk and changed for the worse. The effects of man, various fairy creatures moving away to new realms and more threaten the lands. So the fairy king sets you off on a mission to explore the remaining accessible fairy worlds and find out what's up. You run a few quests to gain a couple companions and you're off.

For the most part game play is very simple. Each world map is extremely small and so being asked to retrieve an object (90% of the missions are fetch quests) just has you cruising the small map looking for the sparkling object you need. There are few non-essential opponents on the map so once you clear them -- and they guard chests so you'll want to clear them -- there's little barrier between you and your objectives. Some quests may be solved in multiple ways such as a horn that you can either gain as a reward for doing a deed or else steal by creating a distraction. But ultimately all your choices lead you to the same place.

Combat is turn based and uses an action point system. More powerful attacks use more points and, as well, more powerful are of effect style attacks (and your heals) have timers so they can't be used until the second or third turn of combat. In general I found the combat to be extremely simple. Playing on the default setting (I don't remember if there's harder settings) I never once wiped and rarely had even a single companion go unconscious. Supposedly, if you wipe, you all respawn at the mirrors, your entrance from zone to zone, to try again.

As you level up, you gain new abilities and this was one of the sticking points for me: new abilities are tied to physical changes to your character. So a poison strike attack requires you to have a scorpion tail and a power buff requires goat horns. Either you stick with a few abilities and just level those up or else you become a patchwork menagerie of animal parts and tattoos. I opted for the former. As well, you can gain equipment to enhance your elemental powers.

Aside from all this, there's a collection of companions you'll gain along the way which are fairly inventive and each has their own strengths. One companion is a pistol firing pirate, another summons a raccoon to fight for him and another is a young dragon among others. There is something of an approval system for your companions although I never had anyone refuse to travel with me. I did have one fellow pledge his love to me but that didn't seem to go anywhere past the declaration of our affections. Bioware quality companions this was not but perhaps they'd have been fleshed out in the sequels that aren't meant to be.

Ultimately the game just felt shallow and unresolved even allowing for the fact that it was intended to be the first chapter of a trilogy. The worlds are inventive but small and the quests are linear and obvious. The characters are interesting but the approval system feels pointless. Combat was different from today's norm but was also extremely easy and the character customization issues could leave you feeling handicapped. Because the game is fairly brief (even my 12 hour playtime includes a few lengthy breaks from the keyboard) I was able to complete but I only felt just invested enough to keep going but not enough to really care. If you have this in a bundle it may be worth playing just to see if you like it but I can't recommend it as a purchase.
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11.0 uur in totaal
Geplaatst: 8 mei
An RPG where you can take multiple paths and choices on how to proceed with quests similar to that of games made by such as BioWare, Obsidian, etc.

Getting all the achievements are easy enough as long as you manage to snatch every chest and complete all the side quests. The only issue I had is when it took me awhile to finally find where something was, but some RPGs are just like that.

A story that isn't too silly or too serious
Non-linear ways to confront situations.
Multi-branching dialog/quests.
Plenty of side quests and things to do.

Cons: Simplistic settings and options (obviously a port)
No voice acting whatsoever, and the music can get boring at times.
Sometimes had to use a guide to figure out where something is
because sometimes it took ages to figure out where something was.
The game is just the beginning of a bigger story, and yet there is no planned sequel.
Some of the typos in the dialogue and other text was just abhorrent at times.

That said, the game was still enjoyable enough to where I still played it until the end.
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6.4 uur in totaal
Geplaatst: 25 maart
I do not recomend this game because its incomplete and abandoned. It was supposed to be the first part of a trilogy but was dropped on a cliffhangar.

The game is fun and does a lot of cool things. The ongoing character customization was also pretty interesting. Dialogue options are nice, I would call them standard fare though. None of the choices felt like they had any depth or consequences beyond weather or not people like you, which I'm ok with. I would realy like to see the dev's reconsider finishing this, because it realy had some awesome ideas that were done well.

If you are a fan of character customization, you might enjoy this. You creat the initial character, then the skills and traits you choose as you level up will alter things, like what sort of wings you have and other cosmetic alterations. All armor pieces have a unique look as well. The fairy tale style story telling is not for everyone but I liked it. Lastly, voice acting would be very welcome. A lot of characters have very distinct personalities that could be greatly enhanced with good voice actors.
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7.5 uur in totaal
Geplaatst: 28 december 2014
Surprisingly fun game. I'm a fan of Spiders.
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13.6 uur in totaal
Geplaatst: 24 januari
I've only recommended this game because it is quite fun to play as a faerie that can fly around the worlds of Faerie solving problems that the inhabitants have. I've played 13 hours of it and enjoyed it.

WARNING: This is an unfinished game which ends abruptly at what appears to be the end (though you can see there are plans for more). I have read on forums that the developers will not be continuing to make a sequel which is a big shame... and also means I am not quite sure if I can get all the achievements from this game!
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4.5 uur in totaal
Geplaatst: 3 mei
Meh. The game is very bland over all.

The flying is fun but awkward to control. The visuals are nice. The gameplay is very basic RPG, which can be a pro or a con depending on your opinion. I found the story quite boring and unengaging.
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7.9 uur in totaal
Geplaatst: 10 mei
Honestly, I actually COULD recommend this game to a real RPG fan (like me) if it's on sale for like 2 dollars. I beat it in 7 hours, and that's with alot of time spent going back and forth, back and forth, talking to the same people over and over. All of the gameplay elements are actually competently executed, but, with such a short game, are really shallow and simplistic. The story is somewhat interesting but, again, too short and shallow to really get into, and it just ends, boom, with no resolution (or final boss!). The exploration/RPG aspects are NOT well done; oftentimes, you know what to do, but can't until you find the ONE guy to set you on the path (the path to speak to the OTHER guy, and you already knew you had to speak to that guy, but no, while you could just ask guy A what to do, you can't ask guy B unless directed). Even worse, however, is that the opposite will happen; you'll be told you need a MacGuffin, and suddenly you will get dialogue options to ask people about the owne of the MacGuffin, despite no one having told you his name. Several questlines were cut short via this short-cut, quite accidentally. Also, amusingly, the journal that tracks everyone you meet will sometimes tell you who characters are (relevative to the story) or what to do before the story actually gets that far. And don't expect character development; everyone is one note, period.

So, sure, it's got a decent art design, acceptable sound and music, not a terrible system, and the story is midlly interesting, but between poor coding and simply being far too short and too shallow, there just isn't much to recommend about this game. As for replay value, barely; yeah, you can level your character differently and use different team members, but this isn't Baldur's Gate--these changes are very small, and the game is so easy anyway (I never once, not ONCE, used a healing item of any sort), that it's not a "different experience" to play like this. As for "choices" in the game, sure, there are; mostly, you can either complete fetch quests or just muscle your way through bad guys--that's it, that's your choice system. It's all the same in the end. You can also be an insufferable jerk if you like, but again, it doesn't matter. There is just no meat to this; it's too short, too simple, too basic, to warrant any real attention, except as a fun way to pass maybe a single day, or as an introductory RPG for a small kid.
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9.9 uur in totaal
Geplaatst: 19 juni 2014
This is another one of those games where I wish I had an option between thumbs-up and thumbs-down. It's definitely not the worse game I've ever played but I don't know if I would recommend purchasing unless it was discounted, even if it's already cheap to begin with.

There are definitely positives with this game, don't get me wrong. For several of the quests you're given the option to solve them without having to fight which is a nice change from most games in this genre. So if you find the turn-based fights getting a little repetitive and boring like I did, you have the option to skip some of them by solving your problems non-violently. And the side quests are actually pretty entertaining. Most of them tie in well with the main quests and you usually only have to go out of your way to solve them if you forgot to get them in the first place.

The character designer is pretty awesome. You get to shade your character the way you like and pick from a few specific features and then fine tune them which I liked. I also liked the way you leveled up and aquired different designs and body modifications for your character (though I wish you could have picked the way they looked a little more).

Some of the NPCs you interact with are just gorgeously designed. Oberon is a pretty amazing looking character and your companions are all very fleshed out and look amazing. At the same time it's clear that they copied and pasted a lot of the character designs and that can get a little confusing. In the last mirror world it gets a little confusing to remember which little bearded man is which and on The Flying Dutchman all the Korrigans pretty much look the same. They're still nice to look at though.

My biggest problem with the game though were the two middle levels, the Tree World and The Flying Dutchman. The environment is just not player friendly. In the Tree World you're trying to find stuff amongst the branches and the leaves constantly block the camera so you keep having to go back and forth, round and round to find a character or a nest in order to complete a quest. It's frustrating and I had to keep turning the game off to keep myself from hitting the screen. The Flying Dutchman level does it with darkness and the holds of the ship. It's almost impossible to see where you're going and you have to hunt down three monsters on sound alone.

There is no voice acting which is fine, better no voice-acting than bad voice-acting. But there are weird parts where characters are "talking" and pointing to things and you literally have no idea what's going on. "Over there" amounts to nothing when you don't show what "over there" means.

Of course there's no real ending. Apparently there was supposed to be a sequel that never got made and it's a little bit frustrating that you don't really get a reward or even just a feeling of sastifaction from all that you did.

And a little pet peeve of mine is with the dialogue. You're allowed to choose the gender of the character but there are quite a few times where it's clear that the game was made with a male main character in mind because the pronouns get confused. I don't mind playing a male character, heck half the time I choose to do so when given the option, but if you're going to let me pick a female character make an effort to get it right.
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16.8 uur in totaal
Geplaatst: 16 juni 2014
Just writing to say that I am extremely impressed with this game so far. I just completed about 1/3 of it, and wanted to post my thoughts:

1) The artwork is spectacular, and the character creation is extremely customizable. Sure a few models get re-used, but what the heck, they're fey folk!

2) The story so far is very engaging. You can delve into characters and world backgrounds by talking to various inhabitants in the various worlds you visit. I'm quite impressed also with the customization of your character as it levels up.

3) for under $8 this game is already a winner for me, as I usually rate my games by how much it cost me per hour to play, and I'm still playing and still enjoying.

If you like somewhat casual RPG's (I also enjoyed Lauren the Amazon princess), this game will enchant and delight you. I find the default difficulty to be just right for a casual gamer like myself, but you can increase or decrease the difficulty as you like during play.

All in all, a beautiful 3D RPG with classic fairy tale elements drawn from numerous mythologies. (British, Norse, Arabic to name the ones I've encountered so far). You will NOT be disappointed for $7.49 or even the regular $9.99 price.
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8.9 uur in totaal
Geplaatst: 17 juni 2014
Are you tired of murdering faceless mooks indiscrmitily.
Do you feel like if you have to suffer one more traitor you will go on a killing spree?
Are you always asking yourself what is the catch?

While good news for those of you who tired of pointless voilence and endless betrayel.
The best way to discripe faery - legends of Avalon is a childeren story.
People are sicking nice.
Helpfull without there being a catch.
Battle's dont require 10 years of combat training.
And for once your charater isnt the biggest ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ in the universe.

If you are the kind of gamers that enjoy helping people out i advise you to give this game a try.
If you hate everyone asking you for help.
Move along.

Also this game gets bonus points for being about fairies intead of the useally:
humans, elves, dwarves, orcs etc.
Being smaller then a humming bird is an interesting experiance.

EDIT: warning has cliffhanger ending.
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10.2 uur in totaal
Geplaatst: 20 oktober 2014
I liked this game a lot, for what it was. It's a short (I beat it in 10 hours) and sweet little RPG with combat in the turn-based form many of the classics of the 90s were in. There is nothing groundbreaking done in this game, but it does what it does properly. The game is short, but not in a bad way... sometimes RPGs are way too long. There are only 4 areas to explore and the content is limited, but it all flows well and once you're about to get bored something piques your interest. So, if you are looking for a quick and new world to explore combined with a turn-based RPG experience that may make you nostalgic for the RPGs you grew up on, I think you will like this.

The graphics and sound are decent, nothing special. The game worked just fine for me, I experienced no glitches or crashes. The customization and new party members are limited, but it is enough to continuously give you new abilities to try in combat until the end. There is no voice acting, but no voice acting > bad voice acting... and it adds to the potential nostalgic enjoyment.

The story is OK, full of predictable tropes, but it was entertaining enough... and it ends right when you may start getting bored. A lot of people complain that game ends on a cliffhanger, and it does. Also, the developers have said they won't finish the story. It's akin to a TV show being canceled. But if you just accept that the "to be continued" at the end of the game should be read as "the end" it winds up playing as a self-contained story with an open ending. Many stories use open-endings on purpose that are worse than this game's ending. Anyway, you will have to decide for yourself how you feel about it.

Lastly, the game is very easy, even on hard. It's a simple game, so there are no advanced strategies needed. The depth of strategy boils down to basic elemental strengths/weaknesses and remembering to heal. Also, much of what would be excessive combat can be avoided by completing quests diplomatically. You choose how to solve many quests.

I can say all-in-all I enjoyed playing through this game, so I give it a thumbs up, but I can see how others with different taste may not enjoy the game.
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1.9 uur in totaal
Geplaatst: 16 juni 2014
I always wanted to pick this up back in the day but never did. Was suprised to see it released today and for that price said what the hell. Upon starting it I saw the spiders (the developer's logo) and instantly knew it was the right decision. After playing Mars War Logs last year, Bound by Flame, and then Of Orcs and Men (Co-developed by them I belive) I have come to the realization that they are probably my favourite RPG developer of the last couple of years.

So this game has a great atmosphere, and art style. The music hasn't blown me away, whereas some of there other games have some great, sometimes, stuff. No voice acting at all in this game FYI though that's ok. The writing is not quite as smooth as some of their latest effforts but still humourous and charming. All the NPCs have been entertaining so far, and the turn based combat is enjoyable.

Two of its strong points are the flying as a fairy which is a blast ziping across the map, hovering etc, all done very effortlessly by a couple of different ways either with the keys or mouse. Also the character customization is unique and meaningful which really I believe is where Spiders are at the top of their game in all these RPGs. The skill points you allocate are slotted at different body parts which both affect the way your fairy looks, male or female, and different skills like fire spells or lighting etc. these then will branch and allow for other exclusive powers and then you can increase the level of each of these.

So yeah great spiders RPG character customization, engaging turn based combat, full flying exploration of the different levels, and a charming story about faerys and the dying of magic which lots of recognizable lore like Pan, mermaids, and the tree of the world.
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6.2 uur in totaal
Geplaatst: 16 juni 2014
Nice character customization. Fly around as a fairy meeting trolls and mermaids in the beautiful world of Avalon and travel through mirrors to other worlds. Turn-base combat. It's worth the money for a fun, easy to learn game!
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7.4 uur in totaal
Geplaatst: 21 oktober 2014
It stinks that Steam only offers two ratings, "Recommended" and "Not Recommended" as Faery had me thinking a lot about how to classify it. On one hand there's a charming game with a pretty good art design, quick movement and an interesting world while on the other hand the story isn't finished, (and never will be) the game is too easy and the quests are pretty much fetch quests.

The fetch quests aren't too bad as the world's that I traveled were pretty compact, usually beautiful and the characters travel pretty damn quickly. It's not like I'm hiking 5-10 minutes just to get back to a person that I just fetched a mushroom for. The combat isn't horrible either, in fact it does have some depth to it but on the default difficulty setting I only had one character knocked out once simply because I knew the enemies weren't going to win so I decided not to waste time using a healing spell.

In the 7 or so hours I played the game I gathered a party of some interesting looking characters. I say "looking" because the game never really delves into their personalities. There was a scholarly Troll, a mad hatter looking character with a habit of keeping animals as friends to summon in battle, an efrit, and a little dragon just to name a few. The all handle pretty similarly in battle with maybe just a few tweaks here and there.

The game uses mirrors to teleport that characters to the different world's and I saw The Flying Dutchman, Yggdrasil and a town on the back of a giant Scarab amongst the gathering of mirrors but most of the teleport stations remained inactive which I'll discuss later on in my biggest complaint about the game.

Then the game wraps it all together with turn based combat that is pretty easy and an equipment screen where different sets up armor and weapon changes the look of the main Faery and the look depends if you picked a male or female protagonist.

One of the more interesting aspects of the game was the leveling system. Here's were the character is upgraded a point at a time and the points are invested in areas that change the appearance of the Faery. Dragonfly style wings enable the character to cast fire spells, bird wings would enable wind spells and I had to choose because you're not allowed to have both. The game further defines the character with tattoos, auras, tails, horns etc... My final Faery was a female with dragonfly wings, a scorpion's tail, ant like antennae, some tattoos and a wisp that hovered around her. It was a pretty interesting feature and I enjoyed cycling through the options and weighing the looks and benefits of the spells/abilities that the choices gave me.

The main downside is that the game doesn't feel finished. Now there are right ways to do a trilogy or set a story up for a sequel and there are wrong ways. I feel the correct way is to have a conflict, then a resolution within a single game but it doesn't have to be the resolution to the main conflict. Faery: Legends of Avalon ends right when the story is reaching a climax and I thought I was about to fight the first major battle in the game only to be greated with some text and the credits. There were plenty of mirrors left to travel to but they all remained inactive due to the cliffhanging ending of the game.

There's also a strange lack of sound coming from the majority of characters while traveling the world which lends an empty feeling to the environments despite the music being good. There are also some spelling errors in the text.

Don't get me wrong, there's a lot to like about this game and I think it's probably near the top of Spiders' best works yet and this is where I don't think Steam's way of catogorizing games really does F:LoA justice. I would recommend this game with some reservations because, like me, some of these complaints are deal breakers.
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7.7 uur in totaal
Geplaatst: 28 augustus 2014
+ Unique concept
+ Level system + character metamorphosis
+ Plenty of (shallow) quests
+ Ideal length

- Too easy
- Visuals could use some work
- Some quests could use some better explanation (for locations)
- Uninspired, lifeless levels

[Rating: 72/100]
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10.3 uur in totaal
Geplaatst: 17 juni 2014
Loved this game back when it was released in the PS3 and love it still to this day. You have no idea how excited I was when I saw this on the store that I almost lost breath. I see this as a second chance to try and get the 2nd episode made with enough people buying it from here.

Truly a great RPG with fun lore, great characters, and beautiful worlds to explore. I implore ANY fan of RPGs, Mythical fantasy lore, and hidden gems/underrated games to give this game a purchase and try it as I guarantee you'll like it or even love it.

I truly hope this will help the developers make the sequel as I really want the second part so badly, ever since it first came out.
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8.1 uur in totaal
Geplaatst: 22 juni 2014
Spiders are a weird company. They are one of the few game makers that try to break free of the 'norm' when it comes to fantasy RPG's and occasionally try things that are little bit different than the "Tolkien tropes" of other games.

Unfortunately, they also always seem to lose interest in FINISHING any of the ideas they come up with, leaving each game half baked and not quite finished (it was the same with Mars War Logs as well).

This game is no exception. There are some GREAT ideas in this game (the fae setting is a really brilliant idea and the way you develop and upgrade your character and have it physically affect your appearance is very interesting) but again - everything feels unpolished and not quite thought through completely. It's short, ends at a cliffhanger that will probably never be resolved and with a not particularly interesting main story.

That said, there's enough there to make it entertaining for a few hours. Providing you grab it at a discount during a steam sale then I don't think you'd be TOO disappointed. It might actually work quite well as an entry-level RPG for a younger gamer if you drop the difficulty level down to easy. It also lacks the casual mysogyny of their newer stuff like Bound By Flame.

If Spiders took what they learned from this game and put it into a sequel or another game in the same world I think they could come up with something really fun...but as with their other games, instead of building on and fleshing out the game systems they create, they seem to just get bored and move on to ANOTHER short RPG with fancier graphics, a completely different setting and a whole NEW set of half-baked mechanics and they end up right back at square one again. Weird.
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