Faery: Legends of Avalon es un gran juego de rol con un característico ambiente y estilo gráfico. Crea tu personaje, sumérgete en una excelente aventura y descubre el fantástico mundo de Avalon.
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Fecha de lanzamiento: 16 de Jun, 2014

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Acerca de este juego

Faery: Legends of Avalon es un gran juego de rol con un característico ambiente y estilo gráfico. Crea tu personaje, sumérgete en una excelente aventura y descubre el fantástico mundo de Avalon.

Deberás descubrir por qué está muriendo este mundo mágico y salvar el reino de la desaparición. ¡En una emocionante aventura en la que tus decisiones crearán la historia, desarrolla tu personaje, sus habilidades, poderes especiales y equipamiento venciendo batallas y cumpliendo misiones!

Te enfrentarás a numerosos peligros y sin duda las batallas contra las criaturas y monstruos del juego prometen ser formidables. Consigue poder y experiencia, y asegúrate de contar con el apoyo de los compañeros que irás encontrando durante tu viaje. ¡Decide cuidadosamente quién luchará a tu lado y vive la increíble experiencia de disfrutar de la compañía de un dragón, un trol, hadas y otras criaturas fantásticas!

- Disfruta de magníficos gráficos presentados en una atmósfera única.

- Explora lugares míticos y mágicos, y conoce a un montón de coloridos personajes.

- Lucha en batallas por turnos, al puro estilo de los juegos de rol clásicos.

- Conduce a tu personaje hacia la victoria: elige nuevos hechizos y habilidades, y descubre nuevos equipamientos/

- ¡Acude a carismáticos compañeros para que te ayuden en tu misión!

Requisitos del sistema

    • OS: Windows Xp Sp3/Windows Vista Sp1/Windows 7
    • Processor: Amd/Intel Dual-Core 2 Ghz
    • Memory: 2048 MB RAM
    • Graphics: 256 Mb 100% Directx 9 And Shaders 3.0 Compatible, Ati Radeon Hd 3850/Nvidia Geforce 8800 Or Higher
    • Hard Drive: 1 GB available space
    • Sound Card: DIRECTX 9 COMPATIBLE
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Consiste en lanzar aros.
Publicado: 17 de Junio
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Me ha gustado, una historia nostálgica y dulce con ciertos toques amargos. ¡Perfecta para pasar el rato recordando viejos cuentos!. Lo recomiendo.
Publicado: 19 de Junio
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Han intentado hacer un Final Fantasy copiandoles absolutamente todo.

Los escenarios tienen 4 objetos como mucho, y la isla principal donde sales debe ser Isla Perejil...
Publicado: 10 de Octubre
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This is another one of those games where I wish I had an option between thumbs-up and thumbs-down. It's definitely not the worse game I've ever played but I don't know if I would recommend purchasing unless it was discounted, even if it's already cheap to begin with.

There are definitely positives with this game, don't get me wrong. For several of the quests you're given the option to solve them without having to fight which is a nice change from most games in this genre. So if you find the turn-based fights getting a little repetitive and boring like I did, you have the option to skip some of them by solving your problems non-violently. And the side quests are actually pretty entertaining. Most of them tie in well with the main quests and you usually only have to go out of your way to solve them if you forgot to get them in the first place.

The character designer is pretty awesome. You get to shade your character the way you like and pick from a few specific features and then fine tune them which I liked. I also liked the way you leveled up and aquired different designs and body modifications for your character (though I wish you could have picked the way they looked a little more).

Some of the NPCs you interact with are just gorgeously designed. Oberon is a pretty amazing looking character and your companions are all very fleshed out and look amazing. At the same time it's clear that they copied and pasted a lot of the character designs and that can get a little confusing. In the last mirror world it gets a little confusing to remember which little bearded man is which and on The Flying Dutchman all the Korrigans pretty much look the same. They're still nice to look at though.

My biggest problem with the game though were the two middle levels, the Tree World and The Flying Dutchman. The environment is just not player friendly. In the Tree World you're trying to find stuff amongst the branches and the leaves constantly block the camera so you keep having to go back and forth, round and round to find a character or a nest in order to complete a quest. It's frustrating and I had to keep turning the game off to keep myself from hitting the screen. The Flying Dutchman level does it with darkness and the holds of the ship. It's almost impossible to see where you're going and you have to hunt down three monsters on sound alone.

There is no voice acting which is fine, better no voice-acting than bad voice-acting. But there are weird parts where characters are "talking" and pointing to things and you literally have no idea what's going on. "Over there" amounts to nothing when you don't show what "over there" means.

Of course there's no real ending. Apparently there was supposed to be a sequel that never got made and it's a little bit frustrating that you don't really get a reward or even just a feeling of sastifaction from all that you did.

And a little pet peeve of mine is with the dialogue. You're allowed to choose the gender of the character but there are quite a few times where it's clear that the game was made with a male main character in mind because the pronouns get confused. I don't mind playing a male character, heck half the time I choose to do so when given the option, but if you're going to let me pick a female character make an effort to get it right.
Publicado: 19 de Junio
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Just writing to say that I am extremely impressed with this game so far. I just completed about 1/3 of it, and wanted to post my thoughts:

1) The artwork is spectacular, and the character creation is extremely customizable. Sure a few models get re-used, but what the heck, they're fey folk!

2) The story so far is very engaging. You can delve into characters and world backgrounds by talking to various inhabitants in the various worlds you visit. I'm quite impressed also with the customization of your character as it levels up.

3) for under $8 this game is already a winner for me, as I usually rate my games by how much it cost me per hour to play, and I'm still playing and still enjoying.

If you like somewhat casual RPG's (I also enjoyed Lauren the Amazon princess), this game will enchant and delight you. I find the default difficulty to be just right for a casual gamer like myself, but you can increase or decrease the difficulty as you like during play.

All in all, a beautiful 3D RPG with classic fairy tale elements drawn from numerous mythologies. (British, Norse, Arabic to name the ones I've encountered so far). You will NOT be disappointed for $7.49 or even the regular $9.99 price.
Publicado: 16 de Junio
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