Evil Pumpkin is a Casual Adventure game, with options for player to choose between point-and-click and hidden-object game. Challenging puzzles, RPG elements, ludicrous comments and many more to come in 10+ hours of gameplay.
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Date de parution : 11 juil 2014

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16 octobre 2015

Trading Cards

Dear friends,
you wanted Trading Cards to be added to Evil Pumpkin game, so we did it!

Enjoy your trading!

Two Desperados

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À propos de ce jeu

Meet Lemuel Barnabas. He is not a protagonist in our story, but just look at him - he’s scrappy and funny, talks to himself, likes music and long walks behind the bar. In a word - he is quite mad, but as mad as he is, he’s the one you come to for help. Help? What happened? You didn’t hear? Apparently there is this thing called Halloween. I know, I know, it sounds stupid. But there’s candy involved! Now I have your attention. The city of Dern is ostracized from the Halloween community. Everyone around you seem to know something about it, but you’re a boy, nobody is going to tell you. In this step away from the classic HO gaming take things into your own hands and find out whatever happened to Halloween.


- Adventure and Casual mode, option to choose between point-and-click and hidden-object game
- 10+ hours of gameplay
- 6 chapters
- Double inventory contains 3 types of objects: regular everyday stuff, the interactive objects which can be modified, and the Giztruments, tools that can be upgraded
- RPG elements
- Challenging puzzles/mini-games
- Ludicrous comments
- Imaginative characters
- Unlockable achievements
- Special collectable candies
- Backyard enhancement project: side-quest, option to use candies and purchase Backyard elements

Steam Greenlight

Configuration requise

Mac OS X
SteamOS + Linux
    • Système d'exploitation : Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8
    • Processeur : 2 GHz
    • Mémoire vive : 512 MB de mémoire
    • Graphiques : 128 MB VRAM
    • Espace disque : 1 GB d'espace disque disponible
    • Système d'exploitation : Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8
    • Processeur : 3 GHz
    • Mémoire vive : 1 GB de mémoire
    • Graphiques : 256 MB VRAM
    • Espace disque : 1 GB d'espace disque disponible
    • Système d'exploitation : 10.6.8
    • Processeur : 1.5 GHz
    • Mémoire vive : 512 MB de mémoire
    • Graphiques : 128 MB VRAM
    • Espace disque : 1 GB d'espace disque disponible
    • Système d'exploitation : 10.6.8
    • Processeur : 2.0 GHz
    • Mémoire vive : 1 GB de mémoire
    • Graphiques : 256 MB VRAM
    • Espace disque : 1 GB d'espace disque disponible
    • Système d'exploitation : Ubuntu 12.04 (32/64bit)
    • Mémoire vive : 512 MB de mémoire
    • Graphiques : 128 MB VRAM
    • Espace disque : 1 GB d'espace disque disponible
    • Système d'exploitation : Ubuntu 12.04 (32/64bit)
    • Mémoire vive : 1 GB de mémoire
    • Graphiques : 512 MB VRAM
    • Espace disque : 1 GB d'espace disque disponible
Évaluations intéressantes des utilisateurs
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10.3 heures en tout
Posté le : 15 octobre 2015
Mixed feelings about this one. The presentation is good, nice graphics and music, with tolerable voice acting and limited animation. The story is original and interesting, too.

The areas are very interactive with hot zones that simply provide amusing commentary. There are also a lot of locations with very little backtracking.

A nice little extra is that you can buy items to decorate a back yard with halloween items.

However, this game contains extremely illogical puzzles that are almost unsolveable except by trial and error. On several occasions I simply had to use the hints button to progress and even then I remained stuck until I just tried everything on everything else to proceed.

It also begins to suffer from bad translation errors near the end, possibly because playtesting didn't get as far as often? ("Watter pistol" etc.)

What's worse, is that in some of the later hidden object puzzles in this game the descriptions and the item you need to find simply do not match up. Example: I need to find a knife, but none of the knives register. Instead, I needed to click a trowel as shown by the hints button.
That's why I almost wouldn't recommend this, in a HOG you cannot lie to the player like this!

Yet the game does show a lot of care in other matters and is worth a playthrough. Overall therefore a careful recommendation.
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8 personne(s) sur 9 (89%) ont trouvé cette évaluation utile
45.3 heures en tout
Posté le : 4 janvier
I would have to give this game a provisional "thumb up" due to the difficulty. This is not a game for the casual player, the easily and not so easily frustrated, or anyone who does not take notes while they play. This is a very difficult game to play. (Reminds me of Deponia.) This game has some very obscure references and reading the dialogue is extremely important. (Skip dialogue at your own risk.) More importantly is remembering some absurd remark or off-topic thought of some character a chapter or two later. The clues are there, masked behind riddles that in some cases are very, very oblique, referenced in the boy's journal, various diary pages, or in some dialogue remark earlier in the game. I would like to thank Micheal who posted his playthrough in the community videos, they were very helpful. (Oddly enough he and I never got stuck in the same place. Note: Micheal's playthroughs are in German, but do not let that deter you. The playthroughs are easy enough to follow.) I would also like to thank those in the discussions threads, I found valuable clues and an answer or two.

Storyline: The Boy (whose name is, by inferred references, Lautrec Van Hollow) steals/takes his father's book "Halloween" on October 30th. Being a clever little boy, he says so himself (and quite determined), he wants to find out what Halloween is and why Halloween is never celebrated in his town of Dern. To do this he needs to decypher the book, escape his room (I think he is grounded or it is past his bedtime) and go talk to adults who were around when Halloween existed.

Just a note here: The game dialogue is rather snarky, full of off-kilter remarks, and is very absurd at times. I found most of the dialogue amusing, in a disbelieving type of way, since all the adults seem crazy until the end (and they are hiding a secret). Leave normal reasoning and logic at the door since having both will only deter your gameplay. An example of what I mean is this: The raven, whose name I inferred was Lester, wants a golden pipe, a newspaper, a pair of slippers, and a glass of wine for nightcap before he moves out of the boy's way. Absolutely illogical and utterly absurd, but rather funny too. The whole game plays like this, so be warned.

Gameplay: Difficult, very difficult in places, but not impossible as some of the negative reviews claim. (I personally did not run into a game breaking glitch at the end and running in circles meant taking a break to clear my head.) As I said this game is difficult, and the logic obscure, at best.

The easy parts: The Hidden Object scenes were fair and the objects not unfairly hidden. The items found in each scene basically match the area found, though littered with unusual items. I did not find the actual puzzles overly challenging, but they are brain twisters. The puzzle variety includes music, sliders, logic, recipe and picture puzzles. I would call the "knocking the sock down", "candle", and "lock picking" puzzles, mini-games. The "candle" and "lock picking" puzzles, my son, a player of FPSs and fast paced RPGs did both in about 15-20 seconds, first time, though I took much longer and required several tries. The point is, both are doable with patience and speed, respectively. I only had trouble with one puzzle, and not the "candle" or "torch" puzzles so many have issue with. (The torch puzzle actually made sense to me, and I did it first try.) My trouble puzzle was the gate puzzle going into pumpkin-head town between chapter 4 and 5. The riddle on the gate makes no sense as most riddles in this game seem to do. It really is not nonsense, just extremely oblique. Once I knew the answer it made perfect sense afterwards (even the riddle).

The hard parts: The point and click gameplay is uneven. Some of it is very easy, other parts are very difficult. I think some of the difficulty comes from the size of some objects needed to be found. (The thimble on the train set comes to mind. It is very small.) I hunted and hunted for what needed to be done in that scene and found the thimble by accident. (Oh by the way the cursor does change into a little octopus so careful searching of the entire screen is needed quite often.) The other difficult part of the point and click scenerios is just the flat out oblique logic used and odd use of items (the golf club once totally disassembled comes to mind). The logic of this game really reminds me of Deponia: strange, weird, and HUH? Also the game inhibits the player from moving ahead in the story before the present tasks are completed or gaining items too soon in the story. A good example of this is the guitar string in the toy shop. A player may 'twang' the string early in the game but can not take it until later in the game when needed. I can only presume the string's 'twang' is a subtle auditory reminder that the string is there and will be needed later.

On a more even note: the boy uses a gizbelt, a clever invention of his. The gizbelt carries his gizstruments which by the end of the game include a pairs of scissors, a hatchet, a slingshot, and a pencil. These gizstruments upgrade (or down grades in the case of the pencil) through gameplay as they are used and the pair of scissors that could barely cut paper at the beginning of the game can cut through metal chain by the end. So if the gamer knows they need to cut something and can not do it wait until the scissors upgrade then try it again. These items are used to do certain things and should not be overlooked when needing to do something like cut, break or retrieve things though the gamer might have to wait for the upgrade.

There is a fast travel map once the gamer leaves home and the map is completed. The first chapter takes place at the boy's home which includes 2 upstairs rooms and hallway, the main entrance (called lobby), the basement, the front of the house, the front yard, and the fountain. (No map). There are six chapters in this game. Up until Chapter 6 the game play is linear and the gamer can not move forward until every task is completed for that chapter, and there is no going back. Chapter 6 goes everywhere but once all the tasks are completed in an area, the areas close off. The map will show with "an exclamation mark" if something needs to be done. Using the hint button I would say is a must, if the gamer does not use the map. It will at least get the gamer to the place something needs to found or something needs to be done. The hint button can be refilled by looking for little bats in scenes.

A word about candy, in this game the gamer can collect various types of candy found lying around on the floor, on shelves or stuck to furniture or buildings. The only thing candy is good for is buying Halloween items from the store and decorating the Van Hallow back yard. This has nothing to do with the game so do not fret about missed candy pieces. It is just something fun to do if so inclined.

In conclusion, despite the game's difficulty level and lack of normal logic, I found this game much more enjoyable to play on a replay then the first frustrating and hair pulling time though.
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Posté le : 16 septembre 2015
Man, I really wanted to like this one. It's such a perfect setup for a nice, relaxing Halloween romp, but as a hidden object game it was unfortunately a huge step back from the others I've played.

The thing about it, though, is that it's not really posed as a hidden object game. It has three difficulties that actually change what gameplay is emphasized. On the lowest difficulty the game is set up more as a hidden object hunt, with key items highlighted for you. On the higher two it plays more as a point-and-click adventure game, with you scouring each scene for things to interact with and combine to progress. It occupies a weird in-between place that honestly I don't think needed to be inhabited at all.

You play a little boy stuck in his room on the eve of Halloween. You nicked some Halloween book from your dad, and a magical owl encourages you to uncover its secrets. It's a pretty weird plot that's only made weirder by the Tim Burtony house you explore and the bizarre translations that the store page tries to pass off as kooky. I would be totally okay with that if the game was easier to get through, but it can be VERY difficult at times to figure out what you're supposed to be doing. For example, once you get the book from your hiding place there's no indication what you're supposed to do with it. You have to take it over to your desk and use it on the desk to open it up, despite nothing on the desk hinting at that. In fact, clicking on your bed gives you a bunch of messages about reading THAT SPECIFIC BOOK in bed, which led to a couple frustrating minutes of me trying to figure out how to get the book into my bed.

There's no map in the game either, so I wasted a couple more minutes clicking on everything in sight because I had no idea I could move to another area by mousing over the space just above my inventory. It seems obvious in hindsight but Evil Pumpkin often has little indication you can move on to other areas, especially since the scenes are pretty crowded. In the hour I played I didn't end up making much progress at all despite using hints, and the only puzzle I encountered was a damnable sliding block deal. And when I went back to it, my inventory was glitched out for some reason. Evil Pumpkin is a weird little alternative take on hidden object games, but with the amateurish design only hardcore pixel hunters need apply.
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10.2 heures en tout
Posté le : 17 octobre 2015
Great game if you like puzzles / point and click games. This game took me 10 hours to finish 100%. I liked this game, 10/10 :- )
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42.3 heures en tout
Posté le : 17 août 2015
I really liked this game a lot. It took some getting used to but I love the graphics, almost like a cartoonish version of Tim Burton. But that is my opinion. I like the fact it was a Halloween themed game as well. I believe if it wasn't, this could have just been "another" game.

Though the only thing that seems "off" was some of the voices. Some of them were not convincing of the characters that were in the game. The owl almost seems to sound like Yoda's less talented brother and the main character (you) sounds like a human version of Jabba the Hutt's sidekick, Salacious Crumb.

Though not the deal breaker, I am probably thinking due to budget, the voice acting is what it is.

But in general, a great game to play.


Steam cards have been added! YEES!

Also, I am playing this game again, with Halloween around the corner. I just want to change my viewpoint on the game. The voice actors are appropriate. At first it was really hard to get used to it, but on my third play, I realize that by this time, it's part of the magic of the game. But again, you'd have to have played it a few times to realize that. I guess I got used to it and would probably think differently if they changed the voices now, and then it doesn't sound normal anymore.
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