Niko is a spiritual journey through the dreams, where adventure, puzzles and mysteries come together in an oneiric and minimalist world. Dare to dream!
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Very Positive (68 reviews) - 88% of the 68 user reviews for this game are positive.
Release Date: Jul 10, 2015

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“Entrancing. Amazing puzzle adventure. It's like magic.”

“Excellent game. We can´t find anything that despleases us.”
9.8/10 – GAMEIT

“Recommended to anyone who likes adventure.”

About This Game

"Niko: Through The Dream®" is a minimalist adventure accompanying Niko in her return to her world. We will travel through different islands, each of them being the oneiric representation of an important event of her past. Happiness, solitude or fear melted with hidden riddles, you will face up dangers and traps and, with Niko, you will confront them with determination, ability and logic.

Playability intends to be direct and varied. Each island has a setting and mechanic of its own. Puzzles, riddles, platforms, stealth and exploration are the ingredients of the adventure. Prepare to start a journey which you’ll never know what hides ahead. A journey whose paths must be wisely chosen.

Challenges you must face are based on different colors, shapes and sounds. Sometimes you can notice how game mechanics intertwined, being necessary to pay full attention if you want to advance in Niko’s journey.

Music will evolve along with Niko, from happy and vivid melodies to sad and dark ones, the same way as the journey does. Music and sounds are key elements to stimulate both imagination and mood of the player. Don’t just play, feel the adventure as yours.

The narrative develops as symbols and little tales deep within the scenario. We must explore it by ourselves to discover every detail of this fascinating adventure, fathoming the mysteries of Niko’s tale.

"Niko: Through The Dream®", a place where reality and fiction fusion to show our true soul. Dare to dream.

System Requirements

    • OS: Windows XP SP2 / Vista / 7
    • Processor: 2.0+ GHz (Dual Core Recommended)
    • Memory: 2 GB RAM
    • Graphics: NVIDIA 8000 Series or higher (Shader Model 3 Compatible)
    • DirectX: Version 9.0c
    • Storage: 3 GB available space
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Very Positive (68 reviews)
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Most Helpful Reviews  Overall
31 of 33 people (94%) found this review helpful
5.9 hrs on record
Posted: September 30, 2015
Intro - About
This first-person puzzle game is very atmospheric and tranquil with a unique design, forcing players to choose the correct path to progress. This minimalist game has a major "Wow!" factor and is quite beautiful. The open scenery is jaw-dropping and the puzzles are difficult but fair. The puzzles get harder and harder as the game goes on, leading to the discovery that you have far more power than you once suspected. Discover things you never thought possible and explore a utopian city that feels like a lucid dream!

Pros & Cons

++ Pros
+ Great graphics
+ Astounding sound
+ Fair and unique puzzles
+ Beautiful scenery
+ Flowing animation
+ Easy controls
+ Easy navigation

-+ Either Or
- No real “skill” involved (This can be good for casual gamers, but the hardcore crowd might not enjoy it.) +

-- Cons
- Lacks action
- Very short
- UNREACHABLE PLACES (This is rare but, in a game like this, it can ruin enjoyment.)

You appear in a sky chock full of floating buildings that contain puzzles to be solved, leading to more and more puzzle. You will discover otherworldly architecture and the secrets behind their creation. Find your way through serene mazes and deadly traps to face that which you seek.

Personal Opinion
This game is good for anyone who loves atmospheric games. It is very peaceful and tranquil with no heart pounding action, so for the action lover it is not a good fit.It can be very exciting and engrossing, but if you repeatedly fail a puzzle, the game can get tedious. Besides that, the game flows very well, pulling you into the dreamlike realm.

Final recommendation:
My final recommendation is 7/10 . The puzzles are good, and the graphics are appealing. The graphics are meant to be minimalist but a bit of detail would have gone a long way to make the game look even better! The easy controls allowed me to jump straight in and begin my adventure with no fiddling with keybinds. The sound effects fit perfectly, and the animation is quite smooth. The unique art design is something I have never seen before and, honestly, it had me awestruck the whole time. I recommend playing the game in a quiet room, where you can properly get your head in the clouds. This is a very solid title. I recommend it to anyone who can appreciate a well put together game but doesn't need intense action.

Edited by Frey Cloudseer

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36 of 56 people (64%) found this review helpful
4 people found this review funny
5.1 hrs on record
Posted: July 17, 2015
Powered by Unreal engine will provide you lovely graphic and much enjoyment in game ambiente.

Sound and music are relaxing as much as they can be.

PS. It is one of main reasons to keep you in game if you have trouble resolving puzzles :)

Not to bother with wall of text, this is nice puzzle game worth trying and with reasonable price, every puzzle lover should own it.

I did have trouble to launch it at first place, so after 30ish minutes of experimenting in properties, this worked for me.
check link for setup that work for me if you have trouble running it. Now after this you can normaly change settings and resolution in game.
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27 of 42 people (64%) found this review helpful
Not Recommended
4.2 hrs on record
Posted: January 27

This is a summary of my review video, which I encourage you to watch if you are looking for a more in-depth review.

Niko Through the dream proclaims itself to be a first person adventure experience with a puzzle element, but that's not exactly true; there is a lot- A LOT- of platforming throughout this game. I would say 40-60% of the game is platforming; a staggering amount considering there was no mention of platfomring on the games various pages.

The story of the game is supposed to be a narrative experience in a puzzle elemented world; but the narration is not told through vocalization or words, rather relying heavily on the 'dream world' element. It does not do a good job of providing a feeling of connection or emotional suspense. Information about the character and her story is told very abstractly, leaving much to the imagination. I never was able to understand why she was having issues, or even what they were.

How you experience a world through the level design is tied directly into how you enjoy the world, and understand what is happening. Unfortunately instead of walking you through the mechanics one at a time in order to then progress to a more difficult 'puzzle' (platforming element), they are mixed up in difficulty in a nonsensical way. Mechanics are introduced with no warning or time to learn how to use them, instead you are being chased or in a time crunch with no idea how to use the tools you are given. Because you have no clue what to do or no time to figure it out, you have to progress by failure; swimming through tubes without a breath bar, falling off of ledges continuously in order to get a jump perfectly, dying over and over again in order to accomplish the goal. It's not about just figuring out what you need to do, but understanding how to use those mechanics throughout the design. Dying over and over again due to failure in design takes away from the connection to the game, and just adds to the frustration.

The game overall is very lackluster. It doesn't respect your time. The story is vague, and the game drags on with childish puzzles and platforming elements that require many deaths to get through. I cannot recommend this game for it's standing price. If you would like more details on my comments, please watch the video review.

Thanks for your viewership and support; for more videos click here.
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15 of 20 people (75%) found this review helpful
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9.3 hrs on record
Posted: July 17, 2015
Niko: Through the Dream is a beautiful indie puzzle art game with overwhelming aesthetics and a very touching OST that offers you lots of hours of entertainment. Its puzzles aren't basic, they're complex, very interesting and funny. The game has been designed perfectly to make the puzzles fit on every level in such a way that the game is telling a story without actually narrating it. Really impressive. One of the best indie games I've ever played. I strongly recommend it.
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9 of 10 people (90%) found this review helpful
14.3 hrs on record
Posted: May 7
If Steam limited reviews to be only one word, I would say that this game is 'beautiful'. Surroundings, soundtrack, artwork, level design and everything about this game is an aesthetic pleasure. There were a lot of times I found myself not caring about the puzzles and simply idling with enjoying the atmosphere the game has to offer.

Puzzle mechanics are quite unique and it never gets repetitive. 18 levels feel like 18 different worlds that you encounter and get through with playing "the dream". Puzzles are not that hard; it only requires a sense of logic with tying things together and you have the "Aha!" moments with several of them.

You are experiencing the conflict between a girl's past and the consciousness with visiting the events that had happened in her past, from which some of them are not very pleasant. Though the devs kept the story part rather obscure and left it up to translation of the player, which is no less than I would expect with such a surreal game.

Pursuing and getting the achievements were also quite the satisfaction. I can say that this is one of the few games that didn't make me complain with starting all over for the missing achievements.

Overall, this game is a hidden gem among the other well-known first person puzzle games. It lacks the love and the attention it deserves in my opinion. With appreciating the developers, I highly recommend this game.
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12 of 16 people (75%) found this review helpful
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6.2 hrs on record
Posted: July 18, 2015
It's a good game for the asking price. Reasonably lengthy, the puzzles are simple and varied, the story is charming though I didn't fully grasp it, the the art style / design is simple but sometimes too simple.

The bad thing is that some models could've used more work, not a lot though, and nothing to tinker with in the graphics options aside from the resolution and turning V-sync on or off.

It's 10$ and I think it's definitely worth checking it out.

See my full review by clicking on this shameless link.
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8 of 9 people (89%) found this review helpful
8.3 hrs on record
Posted: July 17, 2015
So, it appears to be first person puzzle game set in a weird minimalistic 3-d environment. It starts off with a hand drawn cartoon (not sure what was going on, but hey) before dropping you into the first area. There are no instructions as to what to do, but if you move around (the usual WASD / space) *look* at things and activate things (E), it becomes obvious, though it might take a couple of attempts. The puzzles (so far) have been quite easy to solve, but equally quite satisfying - all (so far) things you'll likely have come across before (pressing buttons in the right order, lining things up, a bit of platforming...) and there are clues as to what to do. There's also some nice sparse background music which adds to the atmosphere & the general surreal feel of it all.

A couple of gripes though - if you hit escape during play, you're presented with some pretty unhelpful menu/symbols one of which just closes the game down without warning (though in hindsight, it does look a bit exit-y). Also there's a bit of 'precision' first person jumping required which I find annoying - the controls are a bit skittish, which isn't helpful when you 10 levels up in the air...

Apart from that, highly recommended!

(Also - a free hint - if you're underwater and hear your heartbeat getting louder, you're about to drown! )
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20 of 33 people (61%) found this review helpful
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7.4 hrs on record
Posted: July 17, 2015
So far... great game. Full of nice puzzles, with a truly great visual style and a really atmospheric soundtrack.

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14 of 22 people (64%) found this review helpful
8.7 hrs on record
Posted: July 17, 2015
In the last few years the personality of the videogames have decreased a lot, all are so similar. But Niko is a breath of fresh air in this crisis.

I have only played the first world; but only 5 seconds of this game prove it. Niko is different.
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5 of 5 people (100%) found this review helpful
3.9 hrs on record
Posted: December 28, 2015
The puzzles aren't terribly difficult, but some of them are interesting enough and give the "A-ha!" moment. Narrative was a bit pretentious and even after finishing I still don't think I understand what the game was really about...

But it was an entertaining couple of hours and was worth the sale price.
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Recently Posted
6.4 hrs
Posted: May 26
A minimalist first person puzzle game, with some very bad ideas about what makes a good puzzle, and eventually sudden death mechanics for incorrect moves, often presented without any information (because it is 'minimalist').

There are a few good ideas here, but they've all been done better elsewhere.
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10.6 hrs
Posted: April 6
One of those underrated games you have to play. Great puzzles and atmosphere. The levels are simplistic but thats their power, also good soundtracks and sounds. So its an enjoyable game and worth the money,
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6.7 hrs
Posted: March 22
This is definantly a game to get when your board.

Nilo is as it says, a puzzle game. In that respect i'd say it's done pretty well. There's alot of different puzzles in it for sure.

The story is still something I'm trying to figure out, it's one of those games where there is little to no talking and alot of it come in the form of secrets you have to activly search for

At first glance the game looks uninteresting and lacking in detail, I say it's not about the detail, it's about how much you use it. The game knows how to build atmosphire pretty well, this in mostly because of the music and ambiance.

There are some things I have to critisize though, the intro cinematic feels way too long, and there are times where your inability to walk slow definitely tests your patience, but over all, I'd say this game is just shy of 8/10 and I'd say it's worth your money.
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6.1 hrs
Posted: March 20
I liked the atmosphere and music in this game. The beginning was particularly imaginative. I had hoped that this game was more rich in puzzles and atmosphere than in platforming, but the platforming became very irritating as the game progressed, and I do not have great skills in that direction. There was no indication when I bought the game that there was a strong platforming element. I think this should be included amongst the description tags.
Having said all that, some gamers may well find this game very worthwhile. I only wish I had the ability to complete it, because it is very beautiful.
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20.6 hrs
Posted: February 17
This might be among the most underrated games I have ever played. Clearly the work of developers who had great ideas, and put them together with care. Deserves much more recognition, especially in the genre of First Puzzle Platformers.

The environments look beautiful, and the soundtrack has many soothing beautiful tunes that in general match the ethereal feeling of the surroundings. The animations might look simplistic, but in no way this hinders the game, or robs it of the soul it has. If anything it seems to show the care the developers had even more. The game is very honest, not pretentious, and that won me over the more I played it, even if I was skeptical about the opening custecene, at first.

Usually games of this genre seem to explore a few mechanics on a large number of puzzles with small variations. This game felt a bit like the opposite, A very large number of mechanics and different patterns scattered in groups of very few, if not unique puzzles that never quite repeated. For me that personally was great, as the game felt like a fun exploration and the experiences always felt fresh. Only two or three puzzles seemed badly designed or "unfair", but that was ok as they were very brief and not repeated exaustively throughout the game.

I think this game belongs with Antichamber, Portal, The Talos Principle, The Witness, and any other First Person Puzzle games, even if it is in some ways more modest (and this is not something bad or to be held against it). It's sad to think a great game like this might not get the recognition it deserves.
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5.3 hrs
Posted: November 4, 2015
The visuals and atmosphere and uniqueness make up for the occasional dodgy platforming controls and unintuitive puzzles.
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26.3 hrs
Posted: October 19, 2015
I love this game. Not going to lie this game need a second gome omg everything is just so beautiful and the music is so relaxing I just love this game so much
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