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FOR EVERY CHOICE, A CONSEQUENCE. Fully re-mastered with HD visuals and audio, Fable Anniversary is a stunning rendition of the original game that will delight faithful fans and new players alike! The all new Heroic difficulty setting will test the mettle of even the most hardcore Fable fan.
Release Date: Sep 12, 2014
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“…the strange and beautiful world of Albion, with all its weird idiosyncrasies and wildly varied accents, is as absorbing and lovably, peculiarly British as it ever was.”
8/10 – IGN

About the Game


Fully re-mastered with HD visuals and audio, Fable Anniversary is a stunning rendition of the original game that will delight faithful fans and new players alike!

The all new Heroic difficulty setting will test the mettle of even the most hardcore Fable fan. With no Resurrection Phials and even more lethal enemies to contend with, will you be able to survive?

Forge a hero based on your actions: age and evolve a hero or villain through the actions you choose and the path you follow-be it for good, evil, or in-between.

Build your living legend: Through deeds and actions, build a name for yourself across the land. Recruit allies and followers. Gain glory or notoriety. Who will you be?

With an entirely new lighting system, slick new interface, all new textures, models and gameplay, Fable Anniversary is the full HD, definitive Fable experience.

Find out more about the great changes in Fable Anniversary here.

System Requirements

    • OS: Windows 7/8
    • Processor: Intel 2GHz Core2 Duo / AMD Athlon 64 x2 2.4GHz
    • Memory: 3 GB RAM
    • Graphics: Radeon X1800/ Nvidia GeForce 7600GT
    • DirectX: Version 9.0
    • Hard Drive: 10 GB available space
    • OS: Windows 7/8 64bit
    • Processor: Intel Core2 Quad 2.33GHz
    • Memory: 4 GB RAM
    • Graphics: Nvidia GeForce GTX 260
    • DirectX: Version 9.0
    • Hard Drive: 10 GB available space
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I have made a terrible, terrible mistake.

Fable: The Lost Chapters was a REALLY good game. Like, REALLY good. So when I saw Fable Anniversary, I thought, hey, an HD remake of a game that was already ♥♥♥♥ing awesome? Hell yeah boi. So I shell out the $35 and let it install over night and get super SUPER excited for it! I was thrilled just to watch the little dev titles before the title screen-but then the problems started.

So, the first issue? It got stuck at a loading screen. Or, I THOUGHT it got stuck at a loading screen. I mean, there was no 'press xyz key to start' or anything. Just, y'know. Albion. Doing Albion things. I figured as soon as the game was ready it would tell me to press a button. Maybe "enter", or even "start", since I knew this was a console ports. Of course, I get twitchy and impatient when I'm waiting for new games to load, so I click once or twice to satisfy myself, and wouldn't you know it! The game opens to the main menu! That's cool. I could've been sitting there for like twenty minutes waiting for my computer to not be a jerk, when it wasn't actually being a jerk in the first place. Grand. So now I have to navigate it. Is there a cursor anywhere? No? Disappointing, as TLC had mouse-support in menus, but I brushed it off as being a port from a console, probably with a very short time to get it published on PC, so, y'know, keyboard controlled-menus, maybe WASD. So I press W and S and get pretty frustrated when the game doesn't do anything, and I kinda mash A and D, too, to make sure those didn't scroll through the options for some reason (which would have been odd, but acceptable.) Well, it turns out, A actually WAS bound as a button to help you navigate the menu. What does A do?

It accepts.

You know. Like on a console.

So the game starts and I hadn't even been able to chose my difficulty or anything (I think I managed to set it to the highest by accident, but the game started too quickly for me to be able to see my mistake), and so I decide to try and a) rebind my keys in the menu before I started the tutorials at all, and b) make sure the difficulty was set to 'Normal' or whatever because I'm a weenie like that. Thankfully, I tried navigating with the arrow keys next, and it worked, so the devs seem to have some idea of how PC games function. What I was not thankful for was that the control setup did not allow for rebinding of anything except for a few keys that didn't actually pose any problems, to me, and there was no option to make mouse-based menu navigation usable. Thinking my game was glitching or maybe had a bad install, I took to the Almighty Master of Infinite Knowledge, Google, with my concerns, and my findings were devastating.

I happened across a Steam forum where many customers such as myself were angry with what little care the developers and clients have shown to those of us who decided to purchase the game on PC. One dev specifically said that the game's port development came to a point where they had to "choose" between modding support (that I find to be bare-bones and a waste of time, for the most part) and "extra features" such as mouse support in the menus. Some of my peers on the forums also expanded upon how much worse the character menues were in-game, requiring the use of the insert, delete, home, and end keys, which are just arranged pitifully on my keyboard and should never have been the basis of navigation for any menu, whatsoever.

In my opinion, there is no reason to purchase Fable Anniversary; menus that should take seconds to navigate take minutes, you can't even rebind the navigation keys (which honestly would have made this entire thing a very minor concern in the first place), and from the looks of it, Lionhead is not going to be supporting the PC market with this issue, prefering to leave it up to modders (who can only access textures and animations apparently; not sure how that's supposed to help us). Yeah, the game is supposed to look new and fresh, but honestly? The difference isn't big enough to justify purchasing the game for that reason alone. No game should cause that much confusion when you're just trying to start your first file, and even if a mouse isn't supported in the menus, please allow us to configure the keyboard to our liking; I don't like having to sprain my wrist every time I want to change my clothes or switch out my spells.

If you're used to using a controller, you're probably going to be fine, though you should have bought it on a console, instead, if only because you're probably going to have more dev support on there; the modding does not make it worth it, at all. If you're used to using a keyboard and mouse, however, and really, REALLY want to play this game, I would suggest instead purchasing Fable: The Lost Chapters from the steam store if you don't already have it; it costs a little less than a third of the price of Anniversary, it has very good KB+M support, and it doesn't look half-bad for being a ten-yeard-old game. It may not have the DLC Anniversary does, but honestly, the DLC isn't even worth it.

Lionhead, devs, please: fix the menus. Ease-of-access is all we want, and in a fantasy, RPG game, easy menu navigation is a MUST, and if you're porting a game to a system that NEEDS a mouse and keyboard to function, please please PLEASE make mouse and keyboard a VIABLE OPTION for controlling the game; as it stands right now, using a mouse and keyboard to navigate the game is like trying to climb a warm cliff on a summer day with mountain-climbing equipment made out of butter.
Posted: September 14
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A lot of stuff is missing and while the game is a graphical improvement over the original lost chapters release, the controls and lack of mouse support, let it down a lot.

If your going to play this then you'll need the OFFICIAL Xbox 360 controller for Windows as 3rd party Xbox Controllers are not supported on this (God knows why).

There's also tons of audio issues, mainly cracking not loud to my ears, but if you play at full volume with a headset, you'll likely lose your mind.

Hopefully we see some improvements made to this game in time, but as it stands is yet another bad Xbox port to PC.
Granted I've not had any crashes or freezes .... YET.

Its really bad because the original Lost Chapters release was a lot more PC friendly, and this Anniversary edition has no excuse to be this bad.
Posted: September 15
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Just awful. What a lazy, disappointing port.
No mouse support in menus so you're forced to use A & B and arrow keys to navigate.
New menu system is also terrible, again no mouse support forcing you to use keys like 'Insert' and 'Home'.
The graphical changes are mixed. On one hand, some of the textures do genuinely look better, however others have been left as is and the contrast between old and new textures leaves a lot to be desired.
Finally the stability of the game is also a problem. In the short time that I spent trying to play this game, it crashed 5 times.
Posted: September 15
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As a huge fan of the original Fable (disappointed by 2 and 3 but I digress), I still like this remaster despite its flaws, but I would not recommend it to anyone who is less a fan than I. The controls are fairly clunky, especially in the menus. It has crashed on me a few times and it's not my computer's fault. On the other hand, this game has a really fun selection of spells and I do like the new action bar, especially since they kept the old spell bar as well.
Posted: September 15
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As other people have pointed out slightly better graphics soes not offset the awful, awful menu controls and other random glitches, Deeply disappointed.
Posted: September 14
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If you want Fable, go back to the original plus Lost Chapters.

I loved the original Fable, but this port is not worth the extra money. When first announced, I was excited because I thought they'd improve upon the original. Fix issues with the old one, gameplay or glitch wise, maybe add in a couple new quests, and fix the bad user interface and player menus.

Instead, it's really only a graphical difference. Worse yet, the graphics aren't really that much better. Sure, they smoothed things up and fixed up some lighting effects, but the models (especially the faces) are ugly as sin. I was hoping (more than anything else) they'd take a page from Fable 2 & 3, and give the option to buy a house without killing the occupants. Instead, it looks like that's still the plan. At least they looked at the menu options. Well, they looked but they did not fix. In fact, they made them worse. I bought this game for the PC, I WANT TO USE A KEYBOARD AND MOUSE. You cannot rebind keys. The default Keyboard/Mouse keys I cannot imagine are good for a right-handed player. For a left-handed player like myself, they're murder. The menu is horribly clunky. If I want an to equip a sword, for example. Imagine I've already navigated the maze of menu options to get there. Then, to actually equip the sword, you don't push enter. you push A. ON THE KEYBOARD. If you want to go back? B. The letter B. Not escape, that won't work.

Yes, I know controllers are available that work with my PC. I don't want them, I'm comfortable with my keyboard and mouse. As a big fan of Fable games (I own them all) this is insulting. The graphics are softer. The cutscenes still look like they're from the original (pixels EVERYWHERE). There's no customization to how I want to play a game that's all about customization. The User Interface is worse than before. There's a stupid book opening animation that has to play everytime you open the game or want to exit back to menu. This is a horrible addition to the Fable family. I'll probably play it again, I paid for it. Don't make the same mistake.

EDIT: Upon assistance from another player, he revealed that you actually need to be on your sepcific character before the option to change controls appears. While this provides immense relief, left-handed players may be distraught to discover you cannot rebind end, delete, pgdn or pgup, home or insert. Further, the numberpad keys cannot be assigned to the hotbar keys.

Still, I count this as a victory, and a lot of my stress about the game has been removed.
Posted: September 12
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