A turn-based strategy game like no other has landed on Steam. Approachable, absorbing and visually impressive yet detailed, Battle Academy aims to revolutionise the strategy games market with a blend of intuitive design and compelling gameplay.
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Utgivningsdatum: 4 aug, 2010

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Om detta spel

The hit turn-based strategy game has landed on Steam! #1 strategy game in the app store in 46 countries.
Approachable, absorbing, detailed and yet visually impressive, Battle Academy aims to revolutionize the strategy games market with a blend of intuitive design and compelling gameplay. This quick-paced easy-to-learn strategy title boasts an impressive number of unit types and different missions and delivers endless replay value because of cleverly designed online multiplayer system, built in scenario editor and a host of user mods and scenarios.

Battle Academy is an action-packed tactical strategy game where you have to take command of a select group of units and lead them through battles on the many different fronts of World War II. As a commander, you will have to employ real world combined-arms tactics in order to secure victory. This means you will have to lay ambushes to surprise opposing forces, use suppressing fire to pin them, flank hostile armor for maximum effect and, if necessary, assaults the enemy to clear strong points. In some cases you will also have access to powerful off map artillery and air support with the capacity to weaken the enemy defenses or even stop an enemy attack dead in its tracks. At the same time you will have to play close attention to the morale of your own troops and use recon units to spot any hostile ambushes or flanking attacks.

To achieve this, Battle Academy offers a clean and intuitive interface that makes it easy to control your troops and at the same time makes sure you will never lose sight of the battle. This means that you will be focused on what really matters; your mission objectives, battle tactics and unit positioning.

The game engine is also completely script-driven and therefore easy to mod, allowing players to create their own missions and scenario and even complete game overhauls in a simple and effective way.


Slitherine’s revolutionary server-based PBEM++ system completes the package, for a gaming experience that will certainly please both hard core wargamers and newcomers. This asynchronous multiplayer system means you can easily find opponents anywhere in the world any time of day and play at your own pace. There are thousands of games on going at any time.

Battle Academy is also available on iPad and offers cross-platform multiplayer, this means that there will always be someone to challenge online! You can even start your turn at home on your PC and then continue it or play another turn on your iPad on the train.

Base Game Features

  • Control British, US, Polish, Canadian forces in 3 epic campaigns covering more than 30 varied battles or take control of Italian and German forces in multiplayer.
  • Select from a vast array of equipment including 100 units from 6 nations - Shermans, Fireflys, Panthers, Tigers, Stukas, Hurricanes, P47s and much more!
  • Gameplay features include ambushes, line of sight, artillery barrages, airstrikes, scouts, morale, APCs, flame throwers, heavy bombers, snipers and suppression.
  • Your units gain experience as they fight. Get promoted to Veteran and Elite status and gain new skills.
  • Addictive multiplayer modes using Slitherines revolutionary multiplayer server.
  • Huge modding opportunities. The game has been designed so that its easily moddable and accessible scripts control all aspects of combat, user interface and the game's appearance.


    • OS: Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10
    • Processor: Intel P4/AMD Athlon XP or better
    • Minne: 512 MB RAM
    • Grafik: 128 MB DirectX 9 Compatible Graphics Card
    • DirectX: Version 9.0
    • Lagring: 500 MB ledigt utrymme
    • Ljudkort: DirectX Compatible Sound Card
    • Ytterligare anmärkningar: 1GB RAM for Vista or above
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Upplagd: 24 januari
Not quite Close Combat or Panzer General but pretty close.
Basic tactics are well done, terrain will affect view and protection. Dismouted Scouts, wheeled & tracked Recce Vehs / APCs (Sdkfz 234/1 armored car, Sdkfz 251/16 half-track and more) are used to peel back the fog of war, and find soft targets that cannot otherwise be seen until they fire. Light, Medium and Heavy Armour options exist, (M5s, Shermans, Fireflys, PNzr II. III, Panthers, Tigers, Jagdpanthers, Marder, Hummel, British Matilda 1&2, French FT-17 Lt Tk, R35 Med Tk, Char Bis & Somua 35 Heavy Tk, Italian Autoblinda 41 armoured car, Carro Armato L640, Fiat 3000 and more) to soften up Infantry or take out opposition vehicles. Then infantry of several of several types (Scouts / Engineers / Waffen SS / Paratroops / FJ / Commandos / Rangers / Flamethrowers etc) against a wide variety of AT / MG guns and other Inf. - There are many, many more unit types - however - the widest variety of units may only be accessed by buying several of the DLCs.

Some scenarios have onboard indirect fire i.e. Mortars and Assault Guns, some scenarios have offboard Artillary / Naval Guns / or Airstrikes (Stukas, Hurricanes, P47s), there is as well some AA & SPAA. Most every scenario and campaign in the main game and DLC is from the Allied side where one can play as US/ UK/ and Canadian units - there are as well a few Axis scenarios and a short campaign where one can fight as the Germans against mostly the French and UK.
The commercial scenarios are pretty fun and fairly plentiful - however the DLC price hit for each new campaign is a bit of a downer. I liked the scenarios / campaigns but there is too much nickle and diming for my tastes, (the mod scene is however very active with a large # of homebrew single and multi-player scenarios).

A fairly gentle learning curve starts things off easy for noobs and maybe too easy for vets, but things soon ramp up and one has to use pretty realistic tactics to crack differant tactical problems. Commanders will soon be wondering where to spend or save their scenario options like medic points (reviving injured soliders), leader points (to rally squads with low / broken morale); as well most campaigns let you earn and spend scenario points to buy new units and upgrade your combat team's resources.
People raised on fully-3D games may not like the graphics, but for what it is and what it should be compared to I liked it's simple and effective style, the terrain and units are easy to discern, I do however wish the camera controls were a little better.
In the end not quite detailed tactially as the newer Close Combat games, nor quite as addictive as the old PG series, but still a good game with plentiful scenarios, will keep most grognards enetertained and still fun for new players.

- Fun: 8/10
- Historical Interest: 7.5/10
- Ease of learning, continual challenge: 7.5/10
- Replay Value: 6/10 (if you don't mind using the editor to make mods then 8/10)
- Presentation / GUI: 7/10 (I like the comic book intros & transitions...)
- Value for your $: 7.5/10 (good game but don't nickle us with each DLC being so short.)

== Overall: 76%
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Upplagd: 15 november, 2015
As an old-time wargamer who used to create his own armies out of plastic model kits and figurines, I have to say that I really like this game. It reminds me of the old beer-and-pretzels games that I used to play back in the day. It makes sense that the game was built this way considering that it was originally commissioned by the BBC (yes, that BBC). That explains the graphics and the square grid maps. I know it looks like a Litchtenstein painting. Get over that. It's quite a good game.

This is simple, get-to-it wargaming. Are some of the scenarios easy? Yes, but others (especially the customs mods) can be a nice challenge. Also, don't forget the multi-player options.

Remember, it's wargaming. Not war.

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8 av 9 personer (89%) fann denna recension hjälpsam
25.2 timmar totalt
Upplagd: 4 januari
Well I can only describe this as a fantastic good ol' fashioned ww2 limited turns strategy board game with excellent sound effects and grahics. Bought it at xmas for £7 and its gotta be the bargain of the year. if you enjoy ww2 stratergy arcade type games you will want this. Theres plenty of missions plus more from users you can download via the game. If they were only this good in the early noughties life would of been good. Have not come across any issues graphics or sound wise, Playability wise theres three levels, installs and runs great straight out the box. you can zoom in and outta the map for better effects or for those commanders who like to see all.

Great fun 4 everyone !
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284.8 timmar totalt
Upplagd: 16 februari
The BA series will appeal to the WWII gamer who appreciates a balance between ease of play, graphics and depth of strategy/logistics.

Quite easy to learn the basics of BA, takes a bit of experience to utilize the various units to the their maximum. The strategies are important if you wish to do well and keep your units alive, yet, not too large of a learning curve. Graphics are somewhat "comic book" in nature, not in a derogatory way at all, quite like them.

Perfect for getting into a scenario quickly, finishing or playing as long as you like, saving, and coming back later.

If you are looking for very in depth logistics or cutting edge graphics, this isn't the product for you. For relatively low learning curve, fun graphical content, great sound effects, many types of units and terrain, you can't beat the BA franchise.

Would love to see Slitherine produce a campaign version of this product. Perhaps with enough interest we could convince them.
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27.8 timmar totalt
Upplagd: 22 november, 2015
At first I didn't think much of it, but it's not a bad game. There's plenty of units to go around and I like the environments too, (Of the first 3 campaigns, the game and the DLC are overpriced. I got them on the Humble Bundle) before every mission you get some base units, you have extra points which you can use to get additional units, like more of a specific type of tank or infantryman, like the AT infantry who are good at taking care of tanks, the regular infantrymen who take care of enemy infantry for you, I don't think the germans are playable with the base game (Other than in skirmish?) but with DLC they might be. If you're gonna buy any DLC you might as well but it all for 20 euro rather than buy them all singularily for 70 or so. That's a straight rip-off. The base game offers some challenging missions, and offers the battle of Normandy, Africa and the Ardennes. All from the side of the Allies.

Overall it's a good turn-based game which is sadly overpriced. I don't know what I'll do when I finish the main game's campaign but I'm thinking of buying the DLC for 20 euro.
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