A turn-based strategy game like no other has landed on Steam. Approachable, absorbing and visually impressive yet detailed, Battle Academy aims to revolutionise the strategy games market with a blend of intuitive design and compelling gameplay.
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发行日期: 2010年8月4日


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"If you can tolerate the psuedo-mobile/touch UI, this game is casual meets hardcore turn based strategy. Shallow by its self, they ask a lot for DLC."


The hit turn-based strategy game has landed on Steam! #1 strategy game in the app store in 46 countries.
Approachable, absorbing, detailed and yet visually impressive, Battle Academy aims to revolutionize the strategy games market with a blend of intuitive design and compelling gameplay. This quick-paced easy-to-learn strategy title boasts an impressive number of unit types and different missions and delivers endless replay value because of cleverly designed online multiplayer system, built in scenario editor and a host of user mods and scenarios.

Battle Academy is an action-packed tactical strategy game where you have to take command of a select group of units and lead them through battles on the many different fronts of World War II. As a commander, you will have to employ real world combined-arms tactics in order to secure victory. This means you will have to lay ambushes to surprise opposing forces, use suppressing fire to pin them, flank hostile armor for maximum effect and, if necessary, assaults the enemy to clear strong points. In some cases you will also have access to powerful off map artillery and air support with the capacity to weaken the enemy defenses or even stop an enemy attack dead in its tracks. At the same time you will have to play close attention to the morale of your own troops and use recon units to spot any hostile ambushes or flanking attacks.

To achieve this, Battle Academy offers a clean and intuitive interface that makes it easy to control your troops and at the same time makes sure you will never lose sight of the battle. This means that you will be focused on what really matters; your mission objectives, battle tactics and unit positioning.

The game engine is also completely script-driven and therefore easy to mod, allowing players to create their own missions and scenario and even complete game overhauls in a simple and effective way.


Slitherine’s revolutionary server-based PBEM++ system completes the package, for a gaming experience that will certainly please both hard core wargamers and newcomers. This asynchronous multiplayer system means you can easily find opponents anywhere in the world any time of day and play at your own pace. There are thousands of games on going at any time.

Battle Academy is also available on iPad and offers cross-platform multiplayer, this means that there will always be someone to challenge online! You can even start your turn at home on your PC and then continue it or play another turn on your iPad on the train.

Base Game Features

  • Control British, US, Polish, Canadian forces in 3 epic campaigns covering more than 30 varied battles or take control of Italian and German forces in multiplayer.
  • Select from a vast array of equipment including 100 units from 6 nations - Shermans, Fireflys, Panthers, Tigers, Stukas, Hurricanes, P47s and much more!
  • Gameplay features include ambushes, line of sight, artillery barrages, airstrikes, scouts, morale, APCs, flame throwers, heavy bombers, snipers and suppression.
  • Your units gain experience as they fight. Get promoted to Veteran and Elite status and gain new skills.
  • Addictive multiplayer modes using Slitherines revolutionary multiplayer server.
  • Huge modding opportunities. The game has been designed so that its easily moddable and accessible scripts control all aspects of combat, user interface and the game's appearance.


    • 操作系统: Windows XP/Vista/7/8
    • 处理器: Intel P4/AMD Athlon XP or better
    • 内存: 512 MB RAM
    • 图形: 128 MB DirectX 9 Compatible Graphics Card
    • DirectX 版本: 9.0
    • 存储空间: 需要 500 MB 可用空间
    • 声卡: DirectX Compatible Sound Card
    • 附注事项: 1GB RAM for Vista or above
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战争学院目前一共出了两作,本作主要是欧洲英德美德战场,第二作主要是苏德战场 。在我看来战争学院和近距离作战(Close Combat)都是二战战术级别的佳作,不过战争学院采用了并非战棋中常见也是较为科学的六角格而是用四角格来作为格子是最大的不足,本系列在战场兵种以及间瞄上都做得非常出色,不失为战术级佳作。
BTW ios平台也有这两款游戏【哈哈 两作都满星通关了】
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Hopefully this trend of making limited games for mobiles and then converting them to PC is not the future.
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Battle Academy is one of those titles that you'd consider buying, if it doesn't have the in-app-purchases that nickels and dimes you for additional campaigns and whatnot. Set in a simplified version of WW2, you move units on a square grid. Youa re primarily taking the British side against the Axis powers, Italians and Germans, and the initial campaign is in Africa, where you take the Desert Rats and the Matilda tanks against the Italians and later, Rommel's Afrika Corps.

The battlefield is 3D, albeit with very clunky camera controls, and it's likely that this was a mobile game backport (as it's also available in the App Store for iOS) The idea is your unit have 2 movement points and 2 shooting points, spend them wisely. Flanking the enemy is good, as hitting the enemy at their strong armor will cause a "deflection". But the general idea is simple: medium tanks against light tanks, light tanks against infantry to suppress, suppress hidden infantry then attack with your own infantry.

There are 3 levels of difficulty, and ability to allocate your own force mix before battle, as well as fog of war.

The overall mechanics are very simple, and thus, is only suitable for noobs who needs handholding to the genre of wargames. Veterans will likely be turned off by the simplified and somewhat cartoony feel, constant onscreen reminders of certain game mechanics (which may be due to me playing in easy mode) and overall in-game playments.

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Another overpriced mobile port with lack of depth. Much better strategy options out there at lower prices.
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I bought this game based on great reviews and reasonable price. After playing for a while, I conclude it's not ready for prime time. I played the board game and was looking forward to this computer version. I found the first few games interesting but quickly realized the AI's limitations. The multiplayer is really WAY TOO SLOW. There should be some sort of match-play where you can start and finish a game in real-time. This would make more sense since each move takes like 15 seconds. There should also be a fog of war option to make it more realistic and to encourage scouting. There's also issues of the game freezing and locking up, especially with the Bitter End campaign. I also found the Battle of the Bulge campaign confusing as to what victory points I had or what victory conditions were about to be triggered.

Hopefully the game can be improved and re-released.
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