What wonders await those brave enough to follow the alchemical path of magic? FaeVerse Alchemy is a puzzle game where you combine like elements to form greater elements in an effort to create the most powerful elements of all and get the highest score possible.
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Date de parution: 2 avr 2014
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Jeu avec accès anticipé

Commencez à jouer dès à présent et impliquez-vous pendant son développement.

Remarque : Ce jeu en Accès anticipé peut changer ou ne pas changer de façon significative. Si vous n'êtes pas enthousiasmé de jouer à ce jeu dans son état actuel, vous devriez peut-être attendre que le jeu se développe d'avantage. En savoir plus

Ce que les développeurs ont à dire :

“Please read the Early Access - In Development details below to see what is and what is not in the game at this time. As this game is still in development, not all features are complete or polished, but they are included. If you do not want to play a game which is not finished, then do not buy this game! If you are unsure if this game is for you, then please try the demo on our site first. If you want to help us finalize the game then please buy it, play it, and give us your feedback in the community forum. Specifically, we are looking for help with finding any platform bugs (Windows, Linux, Mac), balancing the game, localizing the game (paid professionals only), and polishing the game for final release. Our current release plan is to put things out in chunks, get feedback, and iterate until FVA is solid.

Please understand that any and all features could change in ways which you do not like - they could even be removed if there is a good reason for us to do so. We intend to fully include all listed features which are listed on this page, but for whatever reason we may have to cut some at time of final release. Sometimes subtractions create a better whole. We may add more features which are not listed at all. Some of this is up to feedback from you. Tell us what you like and what you think would make the game better in or community forum. Ultimately we are not only making this game for our own enjoyment, but for yours as well, and we need to hear from you to be able to fulfill making a better game for you.

It is important to note is that before final release we may do save wipes for balancing reasons. Do not get too heavily invested until we give the all clear that we won't be doing any (or more) wipes.”
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"This is addicting in the way old school Dr. Mario was. Its charming and well made. A good one to play when the ping is too high for a game of Dota. "

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2 février


Added ability to restart the game board.

Various bug fixes.

- Fixed a bug where settings weren't being properly reset.


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31 janvier


Chaos World will now completely rearrange the board.

Fixed a bug that allowed Pandora to turn into itself.
Fixed a bug that wasn't dropping random items on a new board.
Fixed a bug that crashed the game when an item had a modifier and used various items on it.


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“This game is like crack!”

À propos de ce jeu

Early Access - In Development

Do not buy if you want to buy an finished game! Only buy if you are genuinely interested in this game despite it being unfinished! As is it is a playable game, and if you like puzzle games you can still enjoy it in its current state for many hours, but absolutely know it is not a finished game.

FaeVerse Alchemy is unfinished and still in development. It is going through many large iterations over time!

No feature is complete until the game leaves Early Access. While in an unfinished state many things in the game may look ugly or be functionally unfinished.
You are buying as is. Though we continue to development the game we cannot promise any future updates. Do not take this statement as proof we have "abandoned" this game ever. We are endeavoring to make sure the final version of this game is as good as possible.

The list of playable and planned features will be updated over time as things change. Since first being put onto Early Access a majority of the game has been decided to be changed based on iteration and player feedback. Due to this, development has been longer. Many features have evolved into better versions which are more enjoyable. Understand this when you buy that currently we intend to not rush out something passable but instead to take the time and effort necessary for the final product to be as high quality as possible.

If you do not want to play a not fully polished game then please wait to play until after full release. There are many reviews suggesting you should wait and as devs we completely agree. This game is unfinished. Wait until we finish it.

Features Playable Now:
  • Chaos Mode
  • Crafting
  • Items

Planned Features Not Yet Active:
  • Adventure Mode
  • Puzzle Mode
  • Free Play Mode
  • Challenge Mode
  • Endless Mode
  • Versus Mode
  • RunePets
  • Pet Battles
  • Achievements
  • Leaderboards

We have plans to localize for these languages as priority with more after these are done:

  • English
  • French
  • German
  • Japanese

If you love FaeVerse Alchemy, and want to help localize the game then please contact us.

We really need more Linux testers.

We want to hear from you in the game's community. Tell us what you like, what you don't like, and what you think would make the game better. We want to make this the very best puzzle game of its kind, and we need your help, feedback, and support to do so. While in early access in development stage, we will be, in best circumstances, releasing updates frequently.

New to FaeVerse Alchemy? Here is a quick primer on how to play. Please read this at least!

  • Combine like elements to create higher tier elements.
  • The score of the board is based on the combined value of all pieces on the board at any given time. This means it is possible to temporarily lose some points if you combine large amounts of elements together at once.
  • Late game board space can be more valuable than points alone.

Buy once, and get for Windows, Mac, and Linux!

Simply put: this game is not for everyone!
FaeVerse Alchemy is made for puzzle game lovers only.

Who is FaeVerse Alchemy for? You will love FaeVerse Alchemy if you love:
  • Relaxing games you can play at your own pace.
  • Puzzle games in general. FVA is a puzzle game at its heart which plays based complex interactions.
  • Match-3 games. Although FVA may look like a general match-3, it is far more advanced, but still should be enjoyable to those who enjoy the genre.
  • Easy to learn but difficult to master games. It is easy to underestimate the level of mastery required to really play the game. Though the basics are easy to grasp, it is like chess in that to really play well, you must think multiple steps ahead.
  • Pet games. FVA allows you to collect, hatch, train, evolve, battle, and benefit from your active pets in the core game.

In Chaos Mode, you are at the mercy of chaos and the complex interactions it brings. The game picks a random location, allows all large sizes of pieces to drop, and allows all items a chance to drop at any time. Get exclusive achievements, and experience some items which may be rarer in normal play.

Find rare materials and craft them into items such as rings of power. Use rings to change the core gameplay in interesting ways.

Want more features?

Ask for them in the community forum. We will listen and consider good ideas even after full release!

If you need to contact us: help@subsoap.com

Configuration requise

Mac OS X
SteamOS + Linux
    • OS: Windows XP/Vista/7
    • Processor: 800 Mhz
    • Memory: 1 GB RAM
    • Hard Drive: 100 MB available space
    • Additional Notes: Windows 8 works but is not yet fully supported.
    • OS: OSX 10.9
    • Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo 2.4Ghz
    • Memory: 1 GB RAM
    • OS: Ubuntu 12.04 (32 bit)
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Posté le : 13 juin
Avis donné pendant l'accès anticipé
Alors. Ca m'ennuie toujours d'écrire une évaluation négative, mais celui-ci en mérite une.
(Si une mise à jour MAJEURE finissait par arriver, je modifierais l'évaluation.)

Un an d'early-access. Excepté le mode versus, quelques puzzles et ajouts mineurs, RIEN ABSOLUMENT RIEN n'a progressé. Aucun calendrier. Aucune annonce. Aucune mise à jour même mineure depuis quatre mois.

Quelque part ce projet est un chef d'oeuvre dans la manière d'exploiter ce système d'early-access, où le développeur n'est tenu par aucun délai pour sortir le jeu terminé, n'est tenu par aucune exigence pour sortir un jeu potable. Qu'avons-nous là ? Une ébauche de jeu. Alors oui c'est jouable en l'état, plusieurs heures même pour peu que vous aimiez les match3. Mais ça n'en demeure pas moins une ébauche. Après un an de quasi-silence : inadmissible.

Et puis il y a les à-côtés. Le prix tout d'abord. Fixé artificiellement haut pour pouvoir d'une part laisser espérer un jeu hors-norme pour un puzzle-game, d'autre part pouvoir en vendre des palettes en laissant penser aux acheteurs qu'il s'agit d'une excellente affaire. En effet, vous trouverez toujours des coupons -90% qui se balladent pour ce jeu. Toujours. Le développeur l'a dit lui-même, il espère que vous achetiez le jeu plein pot mais dès le début ces coupons étaient prévus. Pourquoi ? Pour deux choses. D'une part parce qu'en l'état le jeu ne vaut clairement pas le plein tarif. D'autre part parce qu'un acheteur est toujours plus tenté par un jeu à 30€ à -90% que par un jeu à 3€, et sera moins tenté de réclamer dans ce cas de figure. Du moins c'était le pari. Ce n'est pas un problème en soi, comme on dit "c'était de bonne guerre". Mais pour un jeu à peine commencé au bout d'un an c'est à charge.

Autre point suspect. Le menu du jeu au lancement annonçait un projet formidable. Quelque chose de vraiment bien avec notamment un mode aventure et du craft. Au bout d'un an vous vous en doutez, le mode aventure n'existe pas et le système de craft est à peine ébauché, vraiment à peine. Mais ce n'est pas tout. Après quelques mois, le menu a été modifié pour ne plus laisser apparaître ce fameux mode histoire. Supposément pour laisser place à un menu plus joli. C'est la liberté du développeur bien sûr. Mais soyons sérieux.

Est-ce que le développeur manque d'argent pour finir le jeu ? En tout cas dans un cadre promotionnel pas mal d'exemplaires ont été offerts sur steamgifts. On ne se plaint jamais d'un jeu qu'on a obtenu gratuitement. Mais sinon, depuis cette distribution massive le jeu n'a pas plus avancé.
Est-ce que le développeur manque de temps ? En tout cas il a trouvé le temps de répondre des pavés aux premières critiques négatives sur son jeu. Par ailleurs, avant de rédiger au bout d'un an cette évaluation négative, je lui ai demandé poliment à plusieurs reprises sur son forum s'il était possible d'espérer une mise à jour majeure, notamment sur ce fameux mode aventure. Au bout de six mois d'abord. Réponse positive mais aucun progrès. Puis en mars dernier. Réponse positive à nouveau. On est en juin. Rien. Pas d'annonce, pas de calendrier, juste la vague promesse que le jeu n'a pas été abandonné.

* Conclusion :
Peut-on espérer en voir le bout ? Un jour... Dans 40 ans peut-être.
Le système d'early-access a des failles, c'est simplement un exemple de comment les exploiter. Si vous ne voulez pas prendre le risque d'un projet jamais terminé, épargnez-vous d'acheter le jeu en l'état.

(N.B. Information tarifaire : le prix plein tarif du jeu a été divisé par deux après quelques mois, de 30€ à 15€... C'est toujours cher pour un jeu pas fini. Mais ça peut montrer un ralentissement des ventes ou une intention d'abandonner le projet.)
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1 personne(s) sur 1 (100%) ont trouvé cette évaluation utile
7.5 heures en tout
Posté le : 28 juin
Avis donné pendant l'accès anticipé
Takes 7 and half bloody hours for cards to drop. The gameplay is solid and fun though.
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54 personne(s) sur 60 (90%) ont trouvé cette évaluation utile
5.9 heures en tout
Posté le : 12 janvier
Avis donné pendant l'accès anticipé
FaeVerse Alchemy is a unique and challenging puzzle game and its dark, mysterious environment made it interesting and enjoyable.

The atmosphere, including the sounds and artwork, is pretty and engaging and the gameplay is entertaining to a certain extent. Not much can be said for the replayability though, simply due to the fact that there are *currently* only two game modes available for play and the levels get repetitive pretty fast. This is an early access game so it's only fair to give some leeway as it is still in development.

But it's price of $29.99 is beyond ridiculous. The only reason I even considered trying it out was because I received a coupon for 90% off. Honestly, I was just curious to find out if it would surprise me with some astounding attribute or aspect that made it worth this much money. After spending a few hours playing, which I did enjoy despite my ranting on the price, I can't say that I found anything truly incredible enough to justify this price.

In conclusion, FaeVerse Alchemy was worth the few bucks that I spent on it thanks to my coupon. So if you can get your hands on one and would like to participate in the development of this game, I'd say go for it. But I wouldn't recommend it otherwise as there are many other complete puzzle games out there that will offer much more replayability.
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16 personne(s) sur 21 (76%) ont trouvé cette évaluation utile
1 personne a trouvé cette évaluation amusante
0.6 heures en tout
Posté le : 21 mai
Avis donné pendant l'accès anticipé
Casual To Relax And Play

This is a nice little and basic casual game.Its the standard Match 3 type formula set to different modes .This is one of them games to play when you want to unwind! I turn off game music and play my own and click away and zone out lol

I also recommend there other game also Faerie Solitaire ! They seem to make Fun , Relaxing and Casual games :) So give this one a shot if you like games like this
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14 personne(s) sur 20 (70%) ont trouvé cette évaluation utile
5.4 heures en tout
Posté le : 27 avril
Avis donné pendant l'accès anticipé
FaeVerse Alchemy is most certainly a very interesting game. It is developed and published by Subsoap, the same company that made Faerie Solitaire, which is a bit more known than this game. I was lucky enough to obtain a free copy of FaeVerse Alchemy and since then, I invested enough time in it to make a fair review. Be aware that I have also played this game in offline mode, so my Steam timer is not correct.
Note: The game is in still early access. This review will be updated as more features are built into the game.

  • Linux, SteamOS and Mac OS support
  • Steam Achievements, Trading Cards, Steam Leaderboards
  • Surprisingly low system requirements
  • Great dark-ish graphics with good looking element symbols
  • Calm music brings a nice, kind mysterious atmosphere
  • A lot of game modes (most of them are yet to be implemented, see cons)
  • A simple-to-understand game technique, which gets really really hard as the game progresses, but don't worry about it.
  • It's addictive!
  • This game is being actively developed and there are pretty big updates coming out a few times a month.
  • Surprisingly good options menu, it includes everything an advanced user could wish for.

  • The price tag of $30 is RIDICULOUS. (although I've heard that the price will be lowered at some point) This game is just not offering enough to be worth it. At least not yet.
    The price was lowered by 50%. Still not sure if it's worth it, but it is certainly a very good move by the developer.
  • Even though the menu is lliterally filled with all the possible options and game modes, most of them are grayed out – not available to play yet.

The final verdict:
This game is great, but (if all the promises and game modes are completed) it will get much better. In the current state, it is not worth buying for the whole price. If it gets any lower or when a bit more content is added, this is the game you want to spend money on.

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