Rip, jump and scrub your way to victory with over 35 tracks in this vastly extended version! Only the Encore edition features the brand new Rhythm Racing mode, extra outdoor Nationals tracks, and exclusive Waypoint races in open world maps.
User reviews: Mixed (216 reviews) - 52% of the 216 user reviews for this game are positive.
Release Date: Oct 27, 2015

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October 27

We are out of early access! Huge update released!

We’re thrilled to announce that we have rolled out the biggest update yet for MX vs. ATV Supercross Encore! This release adds the Rhythm Racing mode, more Nationals outdoor tracks, Waypoint Races, all new HD rendering, and improved physics handling! Various bugs have also been addressed.

This will be the last content update as we will now focus on optimizing the game for certain hardware and addressing the last remaining bugs.

Here are more details about the changes and additions for this update:
- 5 Rhythm Racing tracks
- 9 more National outdoor tracks
- 4 Waypoint races
- All new graphics kits for bikes
- All new rider gear
- Upgraded to HD rendering
- Reworked and fine-tuned driving physics for bikes and ATVs
- New Main Menu visuals
- Various bug fixes

PLEASE NOTE: With this major update all player data will be reset.

While you download the update, make sure to watch the brand new launch trailer:


We hope you enjoy and look forward to your feedback! Thank you for your continued support!

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October 23

MASSIVE udpate coming on October 27th!

Hi folks,
We are excited to announce that on October 27th we are preparing a MASSIVE content update which adds a ton of new tracks including Rhythm Racing, Waypoints, and more Nationals! In addition we’ve added all new gear, graphics kits, as well as HD rendering and many handling improvements based on the feedback from early access players. Oh, and countless bug fixes will be included too!
Want to actually SEE what is coming? Check out the official trailer:

As always, thank you for your enthusiasm, dedication and support.

Rainbow Studios

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About This Game

Rip, jump and scrub your way to victory with over 35 tracks in this vastly extended version!

Only the Encore edition features the brand new Rhythm Racing mode, extra outdoor Nationals tracks, and exclusive Waypoint races in open world maps.

The improved game engine brings remastered HD graphics & sound, smoother online gameplay, and updated riding physics for full control.


  • More than twice as many tracks as the original MX vs. ATV Supercross
  • Rhythm Racing mode: Drag race your friends on straight dirt tracks filled with obstacles and jumps
  • 12 player online mode
  • Free Ride mode for racing without boundaries
  • All new gear and graphics kits
  • Over 60 professional riders to race against
  • More than 80 licensed motocross companies for maximum authenticity
  • Remastered audio which includes for the first time 3D positional sounds and new environmental effects

System Requirements

    • OS: Windows® Vista, Windows® 7, Windows® 8
    • Processor: Intel® Core™ 2 Duo @ 1.8Ghz / AMD Athlon 64 X2 equivalent
    • Memory: 2 GB RAM
    • Graphics: DirectX 10 compatible graphics card like Intel HD 3000, NVIDIA GeForce GTS 240 (1GB VRAM) or ATI Radeon HD 4600 (1GB VRAM)
    • DirectX: Version 9.0c
    • Storage: 5 GB available space
    • Additional Notes: Recommended: Xbox 360 Controller | AMD Crossfire™ and NVIDIA SLI is not supported
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Posted: October 27
MX vs. ATV is back. The question is, is it good?
The answer is, kind of.

MvA Supercross Encore (long enough title?) Is an updated version of 2014's Mva Supercross originally released on Xbox 360 and PS3. The game features updated visuals, rider gear, bikes, Nationals tracks from MvA Alive, and a new event called Rhythm Racing. The game also retains the tracks from the 2014 Supercross release. The handling of the bikes was very clearly overhauled since the release of the early access version, and you can actually whip bikes around quite a bit now. Leaning into turns was drastically changed, you're able to slide around a lot more than you could before. The tracks look nice and are fun to play. Now, why is this game 'kind of' good?

The optimization is downright horrible. Really. On a GTX 680 and a Core i7, you'd think I could run this game no problem, that is NOT the case. Most tracks run at around 40-50 FPS, often dropping into the low 20s. I just can't get my head around why the optimization is so bad. Reflex had very good optimization and ran like a dream. This game, is sluggish at best, unfortunately. It really is a shame, as the new physics are actually pretty fun to play with.
Honestly, with the optimization how bad it is right now, I simply cannot reccomend this game. Yes, the tracks are fun and flow well. Yes, the new features are really nice. But the optimization is really dragging it down and I hope it gets improved within reasonable time.
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Posted: August 30
Early Access Review
It's not my intention to insult anyone, i'm just being honest and critical. This game's physics feel like they've been dumbed down for children the ages of 3-5. Any connection to real-world physics is lost here, unfortunately. This is a problem in previous titles but here it's gone into turbo mode. I dare say that this game isn't as fun as the original ExciteBike stand-up arcade game. At least there you had control and things made sense. Then there's the speed of this game. It's mind-numbingly slow movements combined with the way the physics make no sense leaves me feeling a bit sick after just a few minutes of playing.

The graphics options...there are none. I mean NONE. Not even a screen size resolution option. Not even a Full Screen option. It starts (and stays) in 'windowed mode' at what looks like 1280x720. The only way to get Full Screen is to Maximize the game window in the Task Manager. The quality of the graphics is absolutely unacceptable in this day and age. It's probably one of the worst looking and worst playing motocross game i've ever played.

Worth $24.00? Absolutely not! Real wotrh (using other Steam games and prices as a guide) - $4.

Unless they're considering a full replacement of everything in this game, don't buy it.

There is one thing positive, though... The power the clutch has at low speeds is just right. If Reflex had that i'd be happy with that game.


EDIT- Looking on the website i see a fraudulent claim!

That is definitely NOT true! Steam should pull this game from its website at least until the time Nordic either remove the lie from their website, or until they actually comply with the above claim. This is not acceptable!
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Posted: October 30
This game can be fun (in a barebones "encore" way) but has serious technical issues that make it a pass for now.

Regardless of selected resolution, you're getting an upscaled 720 image so everything is blurry. There are also serious rendering issues with the terrain giving an offset transparent "3D-ish" look that can be seen in many screenshots.

And for performance, even on a decent i7 w/ 2GB 760 GTX and 8GB RAM it runs terribly. Any of the outdoor maps with AI racers framerate is mostly in the 20's, sometimes dipping into the teens. Other races in the Supercross stadiums tend to perform better (mostly in the 40's), but that's still much worse than this game should be running.

On the upside, the game seems to control pretty well and might be fun once these technical issues are resolved.

I would definitely wait to see if they fix these issues or just abandon the game, though. They are already closing forum threads for people complaining about these issues.
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Posted: November 2
Best MX vs ATV since Reflex.
Wow, didn't expect this, as a motocross rider myself and a player of every mx vs atv game and MXGP, I can safely say this game is excellent.
The physics are awesome, you can whip, scrub, corner, wheelie, everything.
The gear choice is amazing. So many different makes, managed to find my exact RL kit which is pretty cool.
Championships, bike customisations and character customisation is back on point like the old games. The tracks feel good and they flow. The AI is a little ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ but nothing that cant be fixed with some patches. I run it on full graphics with GTX 660 nVidia and it runs on 120 FPS.
The graphics needs patching as is still a bit blury and needs desperately sharpening, other than that, once you get used to the new riding system it is a great game.
Definately worth the money.
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Posted: October 27
This game is bad, and Nordic should feel bad for releasing it like this even in early access. It feels dated, the controls are bad, the physics are so far off it feels sluggish and sloppy. Before its release, I watched a video where the devs stated the track width was widened to make it easier on new players to the franchise, this is a lie. It was widened because the controls are so sloppy, wonky that pro riders probably couldnt negotiate a tighter track. There are NO features in play for PC, no graphics settings, aside from resolution, and the optimization is worse than ♥♥♥♥ poor, its non existant. This whole game was phoned in, much of the gear is re-hashed straight from earlier titles. The devs on this game didnt fail, in order to fail you have to try. This game shows no improvements over past Mx Vs ATV titles. I feel bad for spending money on this title, I feel bad for getting my hopes up. THIS GAME IS PATHETIC, ITS A BAD JOKE. If there is to be any redemption there is so much work to be done, this title should actually release around 2017.

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