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A top-down-shooter with a film-noir-singleplayer-campaign, challenging fights against all kinds of monsters, gory splatter effects and destructible level environments. Real cool characters with quests, boss fights, upgradeable weapons, cutscenes, actions sequences, secret collectibles and an arcade survival mode. This is Splatter.
Release Date: Jun 4, 2014
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July 9

The new Splatter update changes a lot under the hood in preparation for the Mac&Linux release. But you shouldn't notice that at all if it works as intended :-)

What you should notice:
- ability to delete save games
- some zombies now aim ahead of you when attacking
- final boss, third phase, moves around more dynamically
- final boss, third phase, does not take damage from its own mines anymore. Kill that guy like you're supposed to do :-)
- fixed that dialogue long gone would start playing again after loading a savegame
- always enabled "Apply settings" in the graphics options, maybe it helps against the lost settings some of you experienced
- rebalanced some ammo and flare placements
- lots of details and small fixes

Please leave us a message in the forum if something doesn't work as announced. Other than that: have fun!

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Better Splatter

June 18

Splatter just got updated! Changes are:

- Dialogue remastered to be more audible against the fighting sounds
- Survival mode starts next round right away if all enemies are dead
- Fullscreen/Windowed and VSync now selectable in the graphics settings
- Many small campaign level details
- You now have to play the whole campaign in "Maniac" difficulty to get the corresponding achievement. No cheating with the Difficulty setting anymore :)

I'm now going to work on the Mac&Linux port.

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“Best Topdown-Shooter for a long time”

“Everyone who likes Topdown-Shooter with good graphics and search new challenges, had made a hot deal with Splatter.”

“Well-made Indie-debut of Dreamworlds from Dresden”

Splatter - Blood Red Edition

  • Completely reworked single player campaign with new highscore lists
  • 2 new story levels to enhance central points of the story
  • All monsters rebalanced to make the fights more dynamic and challenging
  • New hidden collectibles which unlocks permanent bonuses
  • New Splatter effects and improved lighting
  • All characters voiced
  • Steam Leaderboards to compete with your friends
  • Steam Achievements & Trading Cards
  • New & updated Survival & Local-Coop Maps

Steam Greenlight

About the Game

Splatter is a top-down-shooter with a film-noir-singleplayer-campaign, challenging fights against all kinds of monsters, gory splatter effects and destructible level environments. Meet real cool characters with quests, engage boss fights and upgrade your weapons. You also get stylish cutscenes, actions sequences, secret collectibles and an arcade survival modus with worldwide leaderboards to compete with your friends.

Use light to create breathing space in battles and to expose hidden weaknesses of your enemies. Explore the surroundings to find new weapons, resources and secret areas. Spend the money you got to upgrade your guns and unlock new weapon features and discover the best tactics against the variety of monsters.

Find out what happend to Max in the story mode, spanning 16 levels, quests, fully voiced NPCs and dialogs and animated cutscenes. You’re standing alone amongst the inhabitants of a modern city which suddenly took a turn for the apocalypse. Humanity isn’t exactly worth saving, but you might end up doing it anyways.

Try to beat the Highscores in the Survival Mode or gather up to 4 friends in front of your computer to co-op against the horde.

Key Features

  • Topdown shooter with challenging fights against all kinds of zombies and monsters
  • Film-noire-singleplayer-campaign with fully voiced dialogs, cutscenes, bosses, vehicles and side missions
  • Lights and Shadows add a tactical layer to the battles
  • A destructible environment to shatter, with occasional resources hidden inside
  • Upgradeable weapons gain new qualities and features with each level
  • Arcade game modes with online leaderboards pit you against your friends' scores
  • Local multiplayer for upto 4 players with controllers, mice, keyboards... whatever you got there, you can use it
  • And lots of action, of course

System Requirements

    • OS: Windows XP SP3
    • Processor: 2x 2GHz with SSE2
    • Memory: 1024 MB RAM
    • Graphics: SM3.0 GPU with 512MB memory
    • DirectX: Version 9.0c
    • Hard Drive: 500 MB available space
    • Sound Card: any
    • OS: Windows Vista
    • Processor: 2x 3GHz
    • Memory: 2048 MB RAM
    • Graphics: NVidia Geforce GTX 470 or AMD Radeon HD 4850
    • DirectX: Version 9.0c
    • Hard Drive: 500 MB available space
    • Sound Card: any
Helpful customer reviews
30 of 40 people (75%) found this review helpful
6.0 hrs on record
"Here i find myself in the midst of chaos,but everything breaks if exposed to enough pressure" listening to that and watching the static cinema that came with it i thought i was in a "MAX PAYNE" game,but no i was in the rather enjoyable and action packed shooter that is "SPLATTER : BLOOD RED EDITION".
Ok when you start to play you wake up in your house and after some rambling to yourself wander of outside,*BANG* bullets everywhere and the army telling you to get of the street you follow them and then you get to find your first weapon the obligatory hand gun (which has infinite ammo,of course it does DUH).
As the game progressess you gain acess to more powerfull and impressive weapons (shotgun,rocket launcher ECT) and trust me when i tell you,you are going to need them as some of the boss battles and even some of the normal battles (you do get over run at times) get quite hard and the enemy can overwhelm you if you use the wrong weapon.
Now the most easiest and best way to help from getting overcome is to throw a flare,see the dark abomination's you face have a fear and total dislike of the light ("wonder where we have seen this game play element before" "i dont know ALAN,WAKE up") which can give you time to re-gather your thoughts and blow them away whilst they scuttle away from the bright and painfull light that encompasses them.This game play mechanic is one that you will use to your advantage on numerous occasions and will save your neck more than once.
As the game plays on you will encounter some puzzles but they are usually of the push button variety and are allways easy to overcome and you will never feel lost as to what to do next and this is a good thing as the action should (and does) take a front seat to all else in game.
The graphics in game do a good job and for this sort of game handle really well with no lag no matter how many enemies are on screen (shouldent be in this sort of game),the music in game is good but at times you do find that the spoken dialogue is overshadowed by the music or the gunfire happening in game (minor quibble but i did miss out on some conversations due to this).
The story and script are both good and at times you do feel like you are in a different game (MAX PAYNE anyone),but at times it does feel all a little B-MOVIE but actually this is not a bad thing and does suit this game right down to the ground.
Will you play this game and would you want to even buy it,well enjoy a game that is all bang for its buck and want something that will itch those trigger finger blues then i would say yes,if that doesnt sound like you and you want more from your game than gun blasting action then i would say look elswhere.
In my humble opinion this is one enjoyable blast and i would fully reccomend it just dont expect it to be one of the best games you have ever played just one of the best blasters you have ever played and enjoy it for what it is "ONE HELL OF A BLASTING GOOD TIME"
Posted: June 8
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19 of 22 people (86%) found this review helpful
8.2 hrs on record
It's not as much survival like "Teleglitch", nor is it a hell of fun like "Loaded" (PS1). *

But it's a solid Top-Down Shooter nonetheless with many critters to kill and funny punch lines.

* It's not survival with infinite ammo for your main gun and it's not fun when you constantly run out of ammo for the cool guns.
Posted: July 29
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25 of 33 people (76%) found this review helpful
4.4 hrs on record
One of the best topdown shooters I've played in ages totally worth the price. The story is pretty good compared to most of the games in this genre and I found myself laughing a lot at some of the dialogue between characters, game difficulty is also challenging (I've completed it on normal so far) and plan to go back in on the higher settings. Keep in mind the story is 4-6 hours long but the quality of the content alone is more than worth it!.
Posted: June 5
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17 of 22 people (77%) found this review helpful
4.1 hrs on record
Splatter – Blood Red Edition is a top down twin-stick shooter set right at the outbreak of a zombie invasion. The game begins as you, Max, wakes up in his apartment with the sound of gunfire and havoc outside...

The story while not particularly original, science goes wrong and the result is zombies, is told very well through a series of old school Max Payne like panels and all characters are fully voiced. The VO is decent and the English translation could use some work, but there is an awful lot of style here in the story-telling. The best part of the story is there is no Mr/Ms Exposition to be found, all the characters you meet along the way are in as bad a situation as you, knowing very little of what is going on, they are just trying to survive. The game takes place across more than a dozen levels with optional sub quests and boss fights mixed in.

As said, the view is top down and the graphics are very good for the price. Light plays a huge part in the game-play and is translated very well here, how is bends round corners and through doorways. Very early on in the game you find yourself overwhelmed and here the primary mechanic comes into play, using light to scare off the zombies via either from ambient sources, or from thrown flares. Charging head long into a darkened area full of zombies ensures a quick death. Vehicles also play a part in the game, from riding shotgun on the back of a truck with a machine gun to mowing down the zombies in a combine harvester.

There are many guns to pick up, from the initial pistol with unlimited ammo, to grenade launchers, Laser guns, shotguns, flame throwers and more. All the weapons can be upgraded up to 4 times and the extra damage and abilities will become vital to your survival. Upgrades come through purchasing them at work benches with cash you collect that is lying around the levels, or inside destructibles. You can also collect pieces of a golden pistol that eventually provides an extremely powerful upgrade to the pistol. Since the pistol is the only weapon with unlimited ammo and you can't purchase ammo, only pick it up, the pistol will quickly become your best friend.

Things can get very hectic at higher levels and will provide a very good challenge to even the best players. All in all this is very good example of the genre at the lower price scale and the story will keep you interested to the end.

Posted: June 16
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7 of 7 people (100%) found this review helpful
3.4 hrs on record
One of the best top down zombie game i have played. Simple and nice graphic. Great music and physical. Easy to control and easy to play. if it is on sale or bundle, buy it. i trade this game with 15 cheap card and i think it is cheap for one great game :D
Posted: August 29
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