The #1 rated Xbox Live Indie Game. Halo-inspired. Compete in classic Deathmatch & CTF or be the zombie in Infection & devour corpses to level up. Vehicles. Destructible & constructible environments. Zombie survival. Hookshots. We host a playdate every Wednesday, come join us!
User reviews: Very Positive (2,318 reviews) - 82% of the 2,318 user reviews for this game are positive.
Release Date: Jul 25, 2014

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November 3, 2015

Murder Miners X - Sneak Peek 3

Check out our progress on the sequel! Murder Miners X:

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October 26, 2015

Mac & Linux versions released

If you run into issues please post them in this forum section so the port developer, Ethan Lee, can help you out.

Cross-platform multiplayer is in, so no matter which OS you use you still get to play with everyone else. Oh boy.

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About This Game

Murder Miners is the #1 rated Xbox Live Indie Game. We still host community playdates every Wednesday at 6PM Central. Join the Murder Miners Steam group to be notified of the weekly playdate. We'll also notify you when the sequel, Murder Miners X, is released on Steam Early Access.

Halo-inspired core gameplay

3-shot-kill pistol included, with new additions such as wall-jumping, unlimited sprint, multi-directional dashing, alt-fire modes, and the ability to choose any weapon at spawn.

Unique Infection mode

One player starts as a zombie with the goal of infecting the other players until they've all turned over to the zombie army. The humans can use the Minergun to build forts, while the zombies can dig through walls and use their tentacle grab to reach higher places or pull players toward them. Unique to our game is the ability to feast on player corpses to level up your zombie. You can play this mode with up to 30 players. We'll usually have a full 30 player lobby in our weekly JForce play date. Come join us! It's a very intense experience when you're the last man standing and you have a whole swarm of player-controlled zombies coming after you.

Online co-op map making + completely destructible maps

The Minergun makes map-creation easy and fun. Almost every popular map you can think of has been remade by our community, and you can share them via Steam Workshop.


System Requirements

Mac OS X
SteamOS + Linux
    • OS: Windows
    • Memory: 1 GB RAM
    • DirectX: Version 9.0c
    • Network: Broadband Internet connection
    • Storage: 250 MB available space
    • Additional Notes: In order to run the game, you'll probably need one of the following graphics cards or above: ATI Radeon X1300-X1950, nVidiaGeForce 6 et 7, Intel GMA X3000 series
    • OS: Windows
    • Memory: 2 GB RAM
    • DirectX: Version 10
    • Network: Broadband Internet connection
    • Storage: 250 MB available space
    • Additional Notes: In order to run the game, you'll probably need one of the following graphics cards or above: ATI Radeon X1300-X1950, nVidiaGeForce 6 et 7, Intel GMA X3000 series
    • OS: Snow Leopard 10.6.8, 32/64-bit
    • Memory: 1 GB RAM
    • Graphics: OpenGL 3.0+ (2.1 with ARB extensions acceptable)
    • Network: Broadband Internet connection
    • Storage: 250 MB available space
    • Memory: 2 GB RAM
    • OS: glibc 2.15+, 32/64-bit. S3TC support is NOT required.
    • Memory: 1 GB RAM
    • Graphics: OpenGL 3.0+ (2.1 with ARB extensions acceptable)
    • Network: Broadband Internet connection
    • Storage: 250 MB available space
    • Memory: 2 GB RAM
Helpful customer reviews
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3.8 hrs on record
Posted: September 21, 2015
In Murder Miners you play as Murder Miner, a miner who's mission it is, is to murder every other miner.

The plot is rather dense and requires quite a lot of exploration to really appreciate it. You'll find yourself in areas with miners AND murderers in this thrilling romantic adventure opera of murder mining.

The gameplay is great, as it offers both the ability to murder AND mine.

I think however my favourite thing about Murder Miners is it's atmosphere, you really lose yourself in this games themes, which mainly consists of bloody horror involving murder, and deep underground immersive areas with remants of mining.

Overall, I would rate Murder Miners.
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Posted: December 1, 2015
Sadly, this game does not have:

- Anti-hack security
- A good community
- Original concepts (Vehicles are original, but weapon mechanics are the same ones from Halo CE and Halo 2)
- Good framework response
- Better...names. (Seriously, putting "murder" in every gamemode is not promising)

For any misunderstanding, I'm not trying to say this game is not enjoyable. It can be frustrating, yes, but not saying you can't enjoy it...
...just get some friends with you to play it.

I'm not stopping you. Just wait until it is on sale and try it out.
You'll get surprised with the load of things it has inside.
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3.4 hrs on record
Posted: September 4, 2015
Ah, Murder Miners. This is a very weird game for me. This game came from the harrowing depths of the Xbox Indie Games marketplace *shudders*, which is basically the place on xbox live where all the 11 year olds who just discovered programming and learnt 6 days worth of stuff dump their ♥♥♥♥ that they put together in about 3 days, and normally using the stupid avatars that you make, all the while making a completely different art style than the avatars, resulting in an inconsistant, uninnovative terrible rip off of some big name game that trends over all of youtube, and gives these little 11 year old's a boner for "creativity" and "inspiration" for their newly found "skill" in programming. This might sound like an exaggeration. It's not a joke. And thats the saddest part. Just open the most popular page. What do we find in the top 100? COD Rippoffs, Japanese Dating Sims by a boy who just discovered that girl's butts and boobs can arouse an e rrection, and now jacks off to Hentai porn, thinking that there will be lots more in the same situation, which there are apperantly due to the ammount of downloads this stuff gets ,Five night's at Freddy's ripoffs, Halo ripoffs, hunger games ripoffs, Slender ripoffs, and the HOLY GRAIL OF THE INDIE GAME MARKETPLACE, MINECRAFT RIPOFFS. Castle miner, Castle miner Z, Fortress Craft, Total Miner, Castle miner warfare, just to name like 0.3 percent of the minecraft ripoffs on this place. There's an f'n DayZ ripoff, for crying out loud, that is easily one of my top 5 worst games of all time. I occasionally look through here every year or so for about 15 minutes, which is all I need, to see if there is anything, just ANYTHING that can be even SLIGHTLY good, or fun, or have ANY redeeming factor, that cannot be used as a torture tool used by the CIA. And every year, I came back to my bed in defeat. Then one day, I found it. The very first indie game that was at all good. 2012. Murder Miners. The shining light of hope in a place of despair. The angel of hell itself. The Rocky of boxing.The Half Life of the cramped first person shooter genre. The one game that was different. The game that had promise. That had a future. Of all the little ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ that stood on a mountain, that had been discovered and cramped for centuries, that had a mountain on the other side, this was the one that finally decided, "You know what? I'm gonna jump to that other mountain. Screw these other chickens. I will be the one to make the jump, and discover new land, and save this mountain from its innevitable starvation. And it jumped. It finally jumped. And when it jumped, everything went in slow motion. Every couple of milliseconds of the short time that it was in the air, it made a few tweaks to its form and execution of this graceful jump. And everyone else on this mountain came up and watched. They all just stood there, and watched. They didn't do anything to help, not one even tried. They just watched as this beautiful object jumped. And then Murder Miners blinked for one second. One. Little did Murder Miners know, that this would be the last glimpse at life her would see. And she never opened his eyes again. She didn't make the jump. All because she closed her eyes for one brief second during her jump, to take in everything she had done during this jump. She just stopped making tweaks, and just took in everything she had done. It wasn't much, but she just thought it was enough, and continued with her jump, just taking it in for a bit. But then she bumped her head on the cliff, and fell into the spikes 7000 feet below her, with no chance of her ever coming back to life, brutally damaged beyond repair. Even if she could get back up, and revive herself, everybody stopped watching, and still, didn't even try to help, or even continue what she started, and this glimmer of hope was killed off more quickly than it had been born. Her parents tried desperately to make another child, that hopefully could successfully make this jump, and as we speak, this child is being made, but for now, there is no light in this terrible, miserable, absolutely horrible, helpless place of agony and dispair.

That is the story of the xbox live indie marketplace, Murder Miners' ascension and descent in quality, popularity, and general hope for the hopeless future of the marketplace. If you want an actual review, Murder Miners is a Halo inspired Online FPS, with the ability to destroy and place blocks, like in Minecraft. I know, at first glance, it looks like any old game on the marketplace that tries to combine shooting with minecraft, but its not. Really. I'd say its about 95% Halo and 5% Minecraft. In fact, if this was done with AAA production values, was refined, popular, and generally more playable, and improved upon, I'd say this has the potential to be better than Halo. Thats how much promise this game showed(notice how I used past tense.). And that is saying a lot, considering Halo 3 is my second favorite FPS ever. There are quite a few additions to this game that would feel right at home in a Halo game. Walljumping, check. Destructible Enviorments, check. Custom maps, double check. But in its current state, the game is just ultimately dissapointing. There are 2 main problems with this game, 1 of which is only on PC. The game simply does not have enough players. During late Friday nights and stuff, on PC and xbox, this game has on average MAYBE 4 or 5 games going on, and the ones I have experienced so far on PC all have turbo firing or some ♥♥♥♥ enabled that has time to kill that would make Modern Warfare 2 blush. If you are reading this right now, PLEASE buy this game. Please. This game desperately needs players, and 20 max players playing at once is just not acceptable. At least have the game, so that you can possibly get more people to play. Seriously. It's $4 for a four pack. Buy the four pack, and give some copies to friends. Come on. It is only $4. I bet you anything your CSGO inventory is probably worth more. Just if you can, try to get more people playing. The more people the better. And 2, this is a horrible PC port. JForce(the developers) have gone back and added a very few more options, but it is still not enough for a pc version. This game doesn't even have resolution options, which is just plain unacceptable for a 3D game. And you will probably have better performance, because I have a TERRIBLE computer. I mean, I'm talking a CSGO 5v5 on low settings at 800x600 only getting about 20-55 fps. But seriously, this game at times, especially when looking at open areas, just as huge frame drops, that are really rather sudden, and often times don't make sense, like looking at a big open space occasionally netting more fps than a wall. It still runs alright, but there is really only an option for ansitropic filtering and AA, that is combined into one setting, and windowed mode, and fog distance, but that is about it. I mean, Wolfenstein The New Order has more options, and I consider that a pretty bad options menu. This is just a whole 'nother level of terrible porting.
Overall, you have a soild game that certaintly isn't near perfect, not in the slightest bit, but still solid, and dirt cheap, that needs more players. Currently JForce is working on a new game called Murder Miners X, which is a sequel to this. Many people are upset that they are pretty much just ditching this game, and that does kinda suck, but it makes sense. This is exactly what JForce needs. A fresh start. And, the plan is to expand onto multi-platform, and this should heavily increase the initial popularity, and hopefully, long term popularity of the game, as it won't be buried under the indie games section. Buy this game now.

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Posted: September 13, 2015
Halo/Ninjaish feel
Active community
MML (Murder Miners League)
Noobs dont know how to overjump/triplejump/double jump

Play too well get kicked because the host is a jealous ♥♥♥♥
Barely any CTF/MurderMatches/TDMs
All the 7 year olds play INFECTION/Zombie survival
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Posted: December 2, 2015
*Please note that I am reviewing both THE GAME and everything INVOLVED. Also, for some reason, Steam didnt register some of my playtime*

So here I was, when a friend gave me a key for a steam game. I didnt know what to expect, but after seeing some backlash, I tested it myself.
It is great. It really is. Unfortunately, I would ONLY recommend it if you can play with friends.

+Yes, its Minecraft-like aestetic, but nobody said you cant do it. The game has some interesting ideas with this destructable enviorments, as you can sneak and attack your foes when destruction is allowed. Also Graphics < Gameplay

+Runs very well on the 2 pc's I tested it.

+Gameplay is simple, but damn, its fun! From a guy who loves old-school FPS, this is mah jam. Smooth controls for the most part, guns that , while sorta lacking, feel powerful, and outstanding lack of lag. This is like a modern version of DOOM / Quake Arena !

+The Developer hosts a public match every Wednesday! I suppose its super fun and problem free. Lots of fun with friends, but ONLY with friends

+Developer ,side note, is as far as I can tell, very, VERY friendly and open to everyone's complains and advice, a + for that!

+Many game modes, (lame names tho) Theres something for everyone to enjoy, from a zombie survival to absolute carnage deathmatch

+Fully customize the look of your avatar! Its a rather useless addition, but welcome and charming in its own right

So, this Murder Miners thing is cool. Gameplay is, while uninspired, great. But why I dont reccomend unless you got friends?


Sadly, the high amount of game keys given away, the public servers are troll/hacker/children galore.

-Hackers roam freely. Urgently needs a method to report these t**ts
-Holy sh**e , these kids are horribly disgusting. My experience with these folks feels like an incentive advertisement to use anticonseptives! :toneh:
-Game is also, despite playable and fun, heavily unoriginal, can put off some people.
-Some people can intentionally mess the server up, or cause a ♥♥♥♥♥torm that ruins the entire server
-People make public servers and expect nobody to join. They screamed and insulted me, and then kicked me 3/4 of the times I joined!

If not, avoid.
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