Murder Miners is the #1 rated Xbox Live Indie Game. It's a Halo-inspired, loadout-based arena shooter with a crazy-fun zombie infection mode and competitive deathmatch & CTF. Play online with up to 30 players. Includes vehicles, destructible/constructible environments, zombie survival and more!
User reviews: Very Positive (1,660 reviews) - 84% of the 1,660 user reviews for this game are positive.
Release Date: Jul 25, 2014

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"A cute little game with a lot of potential. Play hide & seek, survive waves of zombies, build forts. This game has it all. Minecraft meets Halo."
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September 22

Mac/Linux versions in development + MMX status

We may have Mac & Linux versions of Murder Miners 1 on the way. We have a dev working on that now and it looks like it's doable so far. We have basic cross-platform multiplayer working. Hopefully there won't be any huge technical hurdles that murder the project's feasibility.

Murder Miners X status

In our last post we said we started a new build for MMX. That doesn't mean all previous progress was lost. It just means the core of the game is being re-done, and we'll be able to easily add back in what was on top of that core from the previous build. As for recruiting help, our plan has been to get the alpha out and then with that we'll be able to attract the best possible talent to join the dev team. Unfortunately it's taking much longer than expected to get to that point :/

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August 24

Status update on Murder Miners X

Recently Jonny started a fresh build for the game as the previous prototype build was becoming too complicated to work with. Working with Unity is very different from XNA. After starting this new build it was convenient to add in split-screen during this time (it would have been a bit more of a hassle to add it in later on top of other systems), so 6 player split-screen is in the game now:

We'll have an option to let you play 3x2 screens rather than the 2x3 screens there. And as you can see the player models aren't back in the game yet, we just have those little R2D2 guys for now, but we do have some video of the player model from awhile back that I'm sure you guys would like to see:

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About This Game

Murder Miners is the #1 rated Xbox Live Indie Game. After a year of updating the game on Xbox and several months of work porting it to PC, we're finally ready for Steam.

*The game does not have split-screen as shown in the trailer (that's in the Xbox version). The upcoming sequel has split-screen though!

Halo-inspired core gameplay

3-shot-kill pistol included, with new additions such as wall-jumping, unlimited sprint, multi-directional dashing and alt-fire modes.

Unique Infection mode

One player starts as a zombie with the goal of infecting the other players until they've all turned over to the zombie army. The humans can use the Minergun to build forts, while the zombies can dig through walls and use their tentacle grab to reach higher places or pull players toward them. Unique to our game is the ability to feast on player corpses to level up your zombie. You can play this mode with up to 30 players. We'll usually have a full 30 player lobby in our weekly JForce play date. Come join us! It's a very intense experience when you're the last man standing and you have a whole swarm of player-controlled zombies coming after you.

Online co-op map making + completely destructible maps

The Minergun makes map-creation easy and fun. Almost every popular map you can think of has been remade by our community, and you can share them via Steam Workshop.


System Requirements

    • OS: Windows
    • Memory: 1 GB RAM
    • DirectX: Version 9.0c
    • Network: Broadband Internet connection
    • Hard Drive: 250 MB available space
    • Additional Notes: In order to run the game, you'll probably need one of the following graphics cards or above: ATI Radeon X1300-X1950, nVidiaGeForce 6 et 7, Intel GMA X3000 series
    • OS: Windows
    • Memory: 2 GB RAM
    • DirectX: Version 10
    • Network: Broadband Internet connection
    • Hard Drive: 250 MB available space
    • Additional Notes: In order to run the game, you'll probably need one of the following graphics cards or above: ATI Radeon X1300-X1950, nVidiaGeForce 6 et 7, Intel GMA X3000 series
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Posted: May 25
Before buying this amazing game, you must understand and agree to the following:
-You will be kicked if you play well.
-You will be allowed to stay if you're a girl.
-Your friends will be kicked for "soliciting prostitution." (actual quote).
-Being better than the host is a direct front to the united states of america and will be assessed with a ban.
-Users must agree to use at least one middle school insult in every chat message.
-You must be/act 12 or younger.
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Posted: June 15
This game looked like minecraft and halo had a baby

and they did sort of

but it has autism.
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Posted: May 9
You are probably looking at the graphics and name of this game, and are extremely skeptical. Trust me, I was too. However, hidden underneath the minecraft graphics and halo character models, is actually a very solid, addicting, fun FPS. The gunplay and movement are fairly similar to halo, but with the addition of a mining gun (can place/destroy blocks), and a ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ grappling hook (like in just cause 2). Mix in a gigantic map selection and some hilarious potential game settings (turbo fire alone is rib-crushingly funny for a good 20 minutes), and you have a game that's worth FAR more than the 2 dollar price tag.
The only major downside I would like to point out is the lack of players online at off-peak times. Only a couple of games will be up at a time if you aren't playing during the evening on a weekend. Would recommend getting a couple of friends to buy, or gifting a 4-pack to them.
Spread the word! Let's get some more people playing this super fun game!
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Posted: May 12
Don't write this off as some minecraft spin-off. I'd say it's 5% minecraft, 95% Halo. Like I know a lot of people have probably said, it uses block-based maps, and if the host doesn't disable it, you can place and destroy blocks. But a large majority of the time, that's not the focus of the gameplay in the very least. It can be a pretty competitive FPS. Or it can just be a casual game to play with friends, if you're not the competitive type. There's your standard team death match mode, free for all, and capture the flag, which are the competitive modes. And then there's the more laid-back, casual modes in Zombie Survival and Infection. In Infection, all players start out as humans, with one randomly selected player as a zombie. If the zombie kills you, you respawn as a zombie, and the game is over when all the humans are dead. The winner is the player with the most kills. I don't really like it, because it seems like a boring camp-fest, and there's always that one guy that just digs a hole and hides with a shotgun. But overall, this game is really fun. If you like Halo, you'll like this.

The weapons are pretty standard. The sniper, battle rifle, pistol, shotgun, and machine gun are all straight out of Halo. There's also the energy sword, but it works a little differently in this. It doesn't instantly lunge and one-hit-kill like the Halo sword does, but instead has to be charged for 2-3 seconds. Or you can use two weak sword attacks instead. Then there's the hookshot. Basically, it's a grappling hook straight out of batman. Or the hookshot from Legend of Zelda, if you like. Then you've got your frag grenades, which can't kill a full health/shield player, and your plasma grenades, which only kill if you actually stick a player. Everything is pretty well-balanced overall.

In addition to standard fire modes, all weapons have a secondary function or alternate fire mode. The sniper/pistol/battle rifle have scopes. The shotgun camouflages you as the same kind of blocks surrounding you, and the machine gun empties the remainder of its clip at double the normal fire rate. The sword and hookshot don't have alternate fire modes.

Then, there's the miner gun. It can break single blocks, a 1x3 grid of blocks, or a 3x3 grid of blocks at a time. It also has a "Blaster" mode that requires time to charge, but releases a slow-moving explosive projectile. It can also be changed to "building" mode and used to place blocks, for mapmaking purposes, or building cover to hide behind.

Anyway, there's a lot of different things you can do in this game, and for $1.99, it's an investment you probably won't regret. If this sounds like something that would interest you, don't second-guess yourself. Buy it and come play with the rest of the community!

Edit/update: I'd like to also say that the casual/average community on this game is absolutely terrible. If you're a person that ragequits or boots anyone playing better than you, don't buy this game, we don't want you playing it. I'm tired of getting booted from matches when I do well, as well as hosts that end the session after getting stomped for one match. I don't ALWAYS get booted, because there are a few people that don't care if they win or lose and respect skilled players, but by large, most of the community doesn't want to play unless everyone else they're playing with sucks, and that is a very bad way to approach any game. It's very common in this game for even just moderately good players to be accused of hacking and immediately booted from the lobby.

The game is also not a polished masterpiece. There are bugs and glitches as with any game, especially indie games. But this game has very solid gameplay, a lot of variety, and it's a diamond in the rough. The sequel is hopefully going to be better when it's finally released, as it's going to have matchmaking on dedicated servers instead of user-made locally hosted lobbies, so lag will (hopefully) be less of an issue.
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Posted: June 7
I've played this glorious game for 12 hours now, and I must say it's the best zero dollars I've ever spent. I got the game from a friend (Shoutout to mein friend Kung Fury) and we only play infection. Zombies flying helicopters with tentacles. Enough said. Bush did 9/11 and the Holocaust never happened.
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