When evil threatens the world, the world calls on Broforce - an under-funded, over-powered paramilitary organization dealing exclusively in excessive force. Brace your loins with up to four players to run ‘n’ gun as dozens of different bros and eliminate the opposing terrorist forces that threaten our way of life.
User reviews: Overwhelmingly Positive (6,004 reviews)
Release Date: Apr 7, 2014

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Early Access Game

Get instant access and start playing; get involved with this game as it develops.

Note: This Early Access game is not complete and may or may not change further. If you are not excited to play this game in its current state, then you should wait to see if the game progresses further in development. Learn more

What the developers have to say:

Why Early Access?

“Download the beta version of Broforce and provide invaluable feedback to the Free Lives team in the creation of new bros and new features during development. Updated builds will be delivered each month on the way to a targeted late Summer 2014 launch as players are encouraged to provide feedback on Broforce via the official forums and help shape Broforce into its final, explosive form.”

Approximately how long will this game be in Early Access?

“Broforce will be in Early Access through 2014 with the full version ready to dominate in early 2015.”

How is the full version planned to differ from the Early Access version?

“The fully realized Broforce will have a full campaign in addition to online and local mulitplayer modes, deathmatch, explosion runs, a level editor for designing your own battlefields of destruction.”

What is the current state of the Early Access version?

“Broforce currently has the first part of the campaign with over a dozen bros to take down a slew of enemies already in place. Online and local mulitplayer modes, deathmatch, explosion runs, a level editor, and custom fan made levels are all function with tweaks and polish planned during the course of Early Access development.”

Will the game be priced differently during and after Early Access?

“Broforce will be priced the same during Early Access and full release.”

How are you planning on involving the Community in your development process?

“Download the beta version of Broforce and provide invaluable feedback to the Free Lives team in the creation of new bros and new features during development. Updated builds will be delivered each month on the way to a targeted early 2015 launch as players are encouraged to provide feedback on Broforce via the official forums and help shape Broforce into its final, explosive form.”
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April 10


Dark days have fallen in the world of Broforce. The lands are suffering from a great evil. There are only a few (actually twenty six) heroes who can save the planet. Your theme for the final Weekend Workshop Brodown is:


Build a scripted campaign of three levels, invent plot twists and make your story go down in history!
Use triggers, cut scenes, movie references - now is the time open the veins of your imagination and let your creativity gush forth (within a three level space so don't flood your room with that creative goo). Use the doodads, parallax and backgrounds to create the feel of your story. And go!

THIS IS THE FINAL WWB!! We may open it again, but make this one count!

Add WWB 10 in front of your level name.

Check the thread for guidelines and rules

10 comments Read more

April 8

Broforce Alien Infestation Update 2!

Just when you thought you'd eradicated all traces of aliens from otherwise liberty-loving soil, reports confirm to the contrary - THE ALIEN INFESTATION IS SPREADING! New areas are being ravaged, and the enemies are evolving!

This update brings you new levels, new enemies and an exhaustive list of bug fixes (with plenty more fixes still pending)...

Broodworms! Worms erupting from the terrain, spurting facehuggers out their mouths, dripping in acid saliva!

Screechers! Acid filled aliens rush screaming towards you and EXPLODE!

Mega Sandworms!

Explosive Eggs! Alien eggs oozing acid!


Jetpack Mooks!

Online Chat

Boss Health Bars

As well as maggots...and new Level Editor triggers (quick triggers for aliens, force trigger swap bro / add more specials)

Campaign Map
* After completing level 4, camera moves to level 5. Camera stays focused on 5 & only moves to show full map when chopper moves away.
* Level 5 colour differences in chopper in entry screen & in Bro Dredd
* Arcade city level that goes downwards: After killing Satan, the cages aren't breaking
* City level: Rescue chopper comes in from left, when bro is on ladder, it turns right & the bro flies away midair
* User Generated Island sometimes missing

* Elevator boss: Issue with camera following boss while player still able to move
* Goliath mech boss freezes when beaten, won't allow player to move on from end screen
* Mook Kopter AI pattern
* Mooks not scared of aliens at close range

* Area liberated scene now shows aliens
* Killing aliens sometimes leaves red blood on terrain
* Improved alien AI (including Xenomorphs better suspicion & investigation states before fully alert)
* Sandworms now swallow grenades
* Aliens sometimes getting stuck against a high wall
* Facehuggers bugging out when something happens to host (float)
* Thrown facehuggers disappear for a frame
* Reduce facehugger health by 1 (now they are always 1 shot kill always)
* Facehuggers hug cars then bug out
* Xenomorph corner animation
* Reduce Xenomorph health by 1

* Double Bro 7 skipping lazer
* Missing bro crouching with facehugger animation
* Ash Brolliams killing aliens with chainsaw makes his face full of red blood
* Killing aliens with some bro attacks makes them bleed red blood
* Bro Max boomerang taking too long to return
* The Brode's special VS Sandworm
* McBrover satchel packs stick to turrets and sandworms
* Bronan's shockwave now affects turrets & other machine-based terrain

* Saw blade turrets & rocket turrets not getting activated by aliens
* Saw blades only show red blood
* Spike traps making certain bros float when they do specials & knifed mooks floating up when on spike traps
* Spike traps exploding when dropped from underneath
* Knifing terrain no effect (a "ping" and some sparks to illustrate that the bro is having an effect)

Level Editor
* Trigger switch bug with activating
* Quick triggers not working at super check points
* Add option to spawn remote cars from ammo crates (or not)

WWB has been some incredible fan-created levels being submitted. It's been rad playing your creations! We are finishing the competition with our last theme next week. All our winners to date have been added to the mysterious User Generated Island, so if you haven't already, go check them out! 

WWB0 "Michael Bayhem": Mountain Knifeback by Gandalf the Rock Wizard
WWB1 "Temple of Doom": Operation Blackout!!! by V
WWB2 "Die Hard": Elevator Action by Soup Calhoun
WWB3 "Cliffhanger": Mount Brolympus by Elpomos
WWB4 "AcBRObatics": Panic at Razordome by Soup Calhoun
WWB5 "Extreme Underground": Azazel's Rock by V
WWB6 "First Contact": Something in the Sewer by Bookwormbrony
WWB7 "Broscension": Underground Double Towers by Ankon
WWB8 "Chain Broaction": Through the Restless Land by Radiar
WWB9 "Melee Mayhem": CLOSED - Winner to be announced on Friday

Follow THE STEAM DISCUSSION to find out what the 10th and last theme will be!




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“....the feel of the moment-to-moment mayhem is just beautiful...”
Eurogamer (Preview)

“It’s daft, funny and extraordinarily well-crafted.”
Rock Paper Shotgun (News Post)

“Broforce is pretty much what I had in mind when I invented America.”
George Washington

The Expendabros - Free Download

The Expendabros have assembled and set their sights on the forces of ruthless arms dealer Conrad Stonebanks in the forests of Eastern Europe. Battle through ten full-throttle missions set amongst the picturesque tree tops and the absurdly dangerous lumber mills teeming with enemy soldiers, excessive artillery, and inconveniently placed circular saws. Rescue your brothers in arms and play as seven different legendary soldiers – each with their own unique weapons and special attacks – with up to four players at once in local multiplayer co-op mode.


About This Game

When evil threatens the world, the world calls on Broforce - an under-funded, over-powered paramilitary organization dealing exclusively in excessive force. Brace your loins with up to four players to run ‘n’ gun as dozens of different bros and eliminate the opposing terrorist forces that threaten our way of life. Unleash scores of unique weapons and set off incredible chain reactions of fire, napalm, and limbs in the name of freedom.

  • The Broforce: Deliver your own brand of shock and awe with dozens of bros each with their own unique weaponry and special attacks designed to dispatch freedom across the world.
  • Bro-Op & Deathmatch: Battle terrorism with up to four players in cooperative mode or sever ties with your bros and face each other in several bombastic competitive modes.
  • Explosion Run: Join up with other bros to tackle these unique time attack levels under the pressure of exploding terrains and mass chaos.
  • Fully Destructible Everything: Destructible terrain opens up a slew of strategic options while the abundance of Exploding Red Barrels of Justice™ can literally level the playing field with one shot.
  • Level Editor: Design your own playground of destruction with a robust level editor and become the envy of all the other bros by sharing them online. Browse through scores of custom user created levels and complete them to rate their Bro-ness.

The following features and content are planned in future updates via Early Access. Visit the Steam Community Hub, Broforce Forums, or follow Free Lives (@Free_Lives) on Twitter for news and requests for feedback on future updates.

  • New Bros: Broforce is always looking for a few good bros to join the team. Free Lives will create a plethora of new bros and are always interested in hearing your ideas of powerful heroes that can bare the burden of being a bro.
  • New Missions: New missions will be added to the world map through development and will extend to new environments and locales.
  • Tweaks and Polish: Broforce is pretty rocking now but Free Lives will be iterating, tweaking, and polishing to see what works and what needs more time in the oven. Feedback welcome, bros!
  • Explosions 3.0: What is Broforce without better explosions? Ongoing revisions and additions to the explosions are tantamount to fulfilling Broforce's destiny.
  • Sound Design and Music: Continuing work to revise and add new music and sound design to celebrate freedom in your ears.

System Requirements

Mac OS X
    • OS: Windows Vista or Later
    • Processor: Intel Core™ Duo or faster
    • Memory: 2 GB RAM
    • Graphics: OpenGL 3.0 compliant video card
    • Hard Drive: 150 MB available space
    • Additional Notes: Gamepad highly recommended.
    • OS: OS 10.6+
    • Processor: 2.8 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo or better
    • Memory: 1 GB RAM
    • Hard Drive: 150 MB available space
    • Additional Notes: Gamepad highly recommended.
    • OS: OS 10.6+
    • Processor: 3.1 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo or better
    • Memory: 2 GB RAM
    • Hard Drive: 150 MB available space
    • Additional Notes: Gamepad highly recommended.
Helpful customer reviews
8 of 8 people (100%) found this review helpful
3 people found this review funny
25.6 hrs on record
Posted: April 11
Early Access Review
An intriguing and wholeheartedly honest look at U.S foreign policy... (Oooooo Satire)

I kid obviously, however, honestly I didn't expect to like Broforce, I had seen it come up in my feed, recommendations, anytime I searched for anything, all over the front page, and I had put it in the catergory of "serious BRUH!!!!" Game which has never appealed to me (also in the catergory most games where you play as a sentient slab of meat.) so I never thought to give it a chance, but the amount of games with Local CO-OP on the PC is extremely low, and I found myself, sitting with some friends and becoming more and more attracted to Broforce... I'd stare wistfully at it's title page and wonder "am I maybe being too harsh?"

The answer dear reader is that yes I was being way too harsh, Broforce is a game that does not take itself seriously in the slightest, it takes on destruction, action movie violence, and fun with the same enthusiasm that usually is reserved for drunken sex... you throw yourself in there, never quite sure which parts are where, but it's working and it feels great!

Also like drunken sex... it's a lot more fun when someone else is involved.

When you first start you will die... with some regularity, but it's never unfair and in taking it's cue from Hotline Miami, and other games of this type, a checkpoint is no more than a button press away, indeed even when you run out of lives the mission failed screen is up for like a second, after that you are right back in the action.

You will laugh at the movie refrences for the different bros, find yourself remembering the classic films and where they are from, and with each one having unique weapons and special abilites the desire to unlock the next one never gets grindy...

The destruction is incredible, and I often find myself coming back, just to blow up some dirt. There is very very little to find fault with here, a few bugs here and there, but for an early access title it's incredibly polished, there is a beauty to it despite the pixel graphics, the explosions feel right, the weapons pack a punch! and the variety of enemies will keep you looking for weakspots and fast paced tactics to best smash through them...

And then you die because you weren't looking where you were going, and a rock fell on your head.

But it doesn't matter because unlike the aforementioned drunken sex, you will never for a minute regret the decision to purchase this game. If you don't believe me download the Expendabros (which is free) and try that, Broforce is that but longer.
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7 of 9 people (78%) found this review helpful
2 people found this review funny
7.9 hrs on record
Posted: April 9
Early Access Review
If you miss CONTRA this game is for you
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3 of 3 people (100%) found this review helpful
1 person found this review funny
2.7 hrs on record
Posted: May 1
Early Access Review
This game is Must Have. It's legendary!
The gameplay, sound and voice are amazing!
It's like Cortex Commbat + Contra + most awesome heroes from USA action films. 10/10
Moreover, if you have a good company to play together on one screen, it's even better! It's just tons of fun&joy! 11/10
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2 of 2 people (100%) found this review helpful
1 person found this review funny
21.4 hrs on record
Posted: April 20
Early Access Review
this game is the game that i had the most funn whit if you play it whit aa friend online or whit aa buddy at home its even more funn ok let me xplain why this game is soo amazing its aa freaking pixel 1980 shooter sidscroll beatemupp murica game if you did not already buy the game at this point doo it this gaem is worth 14 dolars or even more you can make blood faontins and blow evything up ! SOO MUCH FOEN!!!!
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3 of 4 people (75%) found this review helpful
4.9 hrs on record
Posted: April 9
Early Access Review
-Quick Review-
Brofoce is an arcade-indie game that capitalizes on explosions, chaos, and having a good time. Imagine if the Expendables movie series had a video game? That, would be this game.

-Detailed breakdown review-
Story: Depending on the game mode you select, there isn't much story. If you played on "Campaign" mode, the areas/levels are named "Vietnam". Although quite frankly it could be anywhere there are explosive barrels, TNT suicide bombers, brown clothed gunmen, and devils at the end of most levels. Sound a lot like... {Put a place you dislike here!}
As you play through the game you unlock/save various "bros", all of which have play-on-word names, for example the first character you unlock is "Bromando" (Commando). Have you fallen in love yet? Just keep unlocking more characters.

Game Play: There are a number of different game modes that you can explore: World Campaign, Arcade Campaign, Race Mode, Explosion Run, and Death Match. (there might be more to come once the game is out of Beta). All game modes can be played single player, with strangers, or with friends. (make sure you have better then 192 KB/s internet connection, or else you will probably drop out of the game... *muffled crying* - on higher internet speeds, the game plays very well; especially for an Beta!)
The game is a 2D-side-scroller-platformer, this game would be one of those "great games to play with a controller" and then let you reminisce on old game consoles, however I play all games with just a keyboard and mouse, so... too bad; the game was STILL fun to play with a keyboard and mouse.
The last features to mention are: Level Editor, and Custom Campaign. Naturally, if you're into graphic design and have some free time on your hands, these two features could let you create your very own Broforce levels and campaign.

Achievements: There are no achievements for Broforce, that could change once it's out of Beta.

Price: I was personally gifted this game (which I intend to play with my friend when she decides she wants to play it). The price for Broforce is $14.99, sadly, there isn't enough content with the vanilla-game to justify that much money spent (I try to have one dollar last one hour of game play. That is my personal preference). However, there is now alien DLC that is free. So, there is more to get out of the game (especially if there are free levels/campaigns added by players, and more free DLC to come later on down the line)

Conclusion: I really was in the mood for playing an arcade style video game, I haven't played very many on steam, so I totally recommend this game to anyone else who enjoyed playing arcade shooter games in the past.
To quickly recap; the story is irrelevant to the game, the game play was entertaining and enjoyable (even when in challenging spots), no steam achievements, and the price was a bit high, but there's more to enjoy out of the game. It's very easy to say that I Recommend this game if price isn't a concern.
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1 of 1 people (100%) found this review helpful
3.2 hrs on record
Posted: May 1
Early Access Review
Just played for a few hours on co op with a friend, holy ♥♥♥♥. This game was a lot better than expected, worth checking out.
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1 of 1 people (100%) found this review helpful
27.0 hrs on record
Posted: May 2
Early Access Review
Amazing Game.
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41.4 hrs on record
Posted: May 4
Early Access Review
Looking for a nice build ur own maps/run and gun game,THIS IS IT.Anything it? MERICAA DAS IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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2 of 3 people (67%) found this review helpful
1 person found this review funny
18.4 hrs on record
Posted: April 8
Early Access Review
It's crazy game it's not matter if it with single player or with multiplayer its holy huge madness fun and crazy in one game
I'm finished this game twice (The third time soon)and it's still fun and it's not make me be bored even no one time
Readers...I wish for all of you to purchase this game, it's insane game !!!!!
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2 of 3 people (67%) found this review helpful
2 people found this review funny
16.9 hrs on record
Posted: April 25
Early Access Review
awesome game! the missions just fly straight by (not saying they dont get difficult). the aliens look fantastic and the game mechanics are spectaular! i think you should consider adding these bros, even if there is a guidline they dont follow.

Master Bro (master Chief)
BroNiss (Katniss)
BroPool (deadpool)
IchiBro Kurosaki (ichigo Kurosaki)
BatBro (Batman)
you probably wont even consider this one but LEERRRROOOOOOOOOY BROOOOKINS!!!!!!!! (Leroy Jenkins)

like i said awesome game, im hoping for more missions and bros, keep up the good work :)
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2 of 4 people (50%) found this review helpful
1 person found this review funny
18.5 hrs on record
Posted: May 1
Early Access Review
11/10 Like America with guns
Was this review helpful? Yes No Funny
347 of 382 people (91%) found this review helpful
1 person found this review funny
5.1 hrs on record
Posted: December 2, 2014
Early Access Review
i have never lived in america but i think this is what its like
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192 of 205 people (94%) found this review helpful
1 person found this review funny
3.9 hrs on record
Posted: January 16
Early Access Review
It's Contra, with destructable terrain and an overdose of 80's action movie testosterone. What more could you want?
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137 of 139 people (99%) found this review helpful
18.1 hrs on record
Posted: January 27
Early Access Review
BROFORCE (you have to say it as a growling shout, or you don't do the game justice) is a game about action heroes. Actual action heroes, as it turns out. Oh, sure, the names change. But with a list of playable characters that includes "Rambro", "MacBrover", and "B.A. Broracus" I think we all know the score.

Don't worry, I'm going to try to steer clear of mentioning any but the earlier-unlocked characters in this review. For the best effect, I recommend not spoiling the list for yourself. One of the most fun parts of Broforce is the anticipation of the next unlock, and witnessing the reveal to the sound of the character's name being shouted by the thoroughly-manly announcer.

BROFORCE is a run-and-gun platformer. The game moves briskly, but not so much so that you can't keep up. It's a nice speed that feels appropriately actiony without feeling unfair. Controls are slick and responsive. Deaths will usually be your own fault, and are accompanied by a noticeable lack of frustration. We all know that feel, right? You die in a game, have to start the level over, and curse either very loudly or under your breath, depending on who's nearby. In Broforce, I don't have that. The game plays so well, the action so entertaining, that having to try again only serves to prolong the enjoyable experience.

The environments are almost entirely destructable. The effect reminds me of Worms, but with a little more detail to it. When you destroy some dirt, a block or two above it may also crumble. Destroying the ground underneath of a support will cause the support to fall apart piece-by-piece. Blocks in ruins will fall and crush anyone underneath. You can blow up explosive barrels, of course, but you can also send propane canisters rocketing satisfyingly into anything in their path, pushing enemies through walls and then detonating after a short distance. Think the conclusion to the final battle in the film version of Kick-♥♥♥.

The main draw of the game is the still-growing number of Bros to play as. You don't get to pick your Bro, they're randomly chosen from the ones you've unlocked so far. Unlock more Bros by rescuing more P.O.W. Bros from cages through the game. Each Bro rescued gives you an extra life and turns you into a new Bro. The new Bros are unlocked after you do this certain numbers of times. At the moment, I believe it takes some 300 rescues to catch 'em all.

The other way to change Bros is to die (and have at least one life remaining). I've seen people complain about not being able to choose who to play as, but I stand by the current model. It's the same sort of thing I really enjoyed about the way Bastion forced you to use each new weapon for a short time. You can't just pick one thing that works and run through the entire game using only that thing. It would get boring before you were even halfway through, and there's not a chance you wouldn't blame the game for that. Having to use each one, whether you like it or not, allows you come to appreciate the pros and cons of each instead of ignoring the new thing to stick with your favorite.

The Bro lottery simply means that you have to develop your tactics on the fly. Let me tell you, I hated MacBrover at first. Instead of firing bullets at everything, you now have to throw timed explosives at them. And his special is just a remote-detonated version of that. What a rip-off, right? WRONG. SHUT UP. YOU SIT BACK DOWN AND YOU LISTEN, ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ YOU. Turns out, MacBrover is pretty much the bane of most bosses. Most Bros can only shoot straight ahead. They may have a special that lets them lob a grenade or whatever. But those specials are limited, and the grenade will honestly probably just bounce a safe distance away from your target, anyways. MacBrover's explosives will detonate more-or-less exactly where you drop them. And since it's his main attack, he can do this infinitely. Find a nice perch and unload, man. Plus, I mean, once you get the hang of it, dropping explosives so that they stick to the general rabble is pretty fun, too.

Now imagine an entire game, FILLED with Bros, all of whom have their pros and cons just like MacBrover. Now imagine that you never know who you'll be playing as next. Getting somebody who meshes well with the situation at hand means plowing through that situation while your heart drips with physical glee. Getting somebody who isn't perfect for the situation means being confronted with a fun challenge where you have to work your way through it like a man.

There's a good variety to your enemies, as well. You'll kill loads and loads of the basic mooks, but you have big guys, dogs, bomb-tossers, and more. Each of the bosses manages to be pretty unique. I mean, you know, they're mostly just giant death machines that fire big guns at you. But they move differently, fire different types of big guns in different trajectories... look, point is, you won't get bored of the enemy variety, alright?

BROFOOOORCE is still in Early Access, meaning you can expect loads more content in the future. At the moment, one playthrough will probably run you maybe 3-5 hours. The game's enough fun, though, that you shouldn't be surprised if you play it all over again once you're done. Maybe in co-op, this time. The Steam Workshop will extend the length of the game quite a bit. Plus the new Alien campaign (inspired by the Alien series of films) is only just around the corner, and that'll help. New Bros come out now and then, and the devs still have more ideas up their sleeves. You shouldn't be afraid of the "Early Access" label on this one. You'll get your money's worth.

I mentioned co-op. There are actually several multiplayer modes. Co-op is the main one. At the moment, online co-op can be a little laggy at times. It's not perfect. It's not terrible either, though. I've played through the full campaign with a friend, and while there were times where the effects of my friend's actions would play out before they actually performed those actions (often resulting in everything turning into sudden explosions and chaos so that I quickly lost track of what was going on, and usually died as a result), as I said, we did finish the campaign, and the majority of that time consisted of both ♥♥♥♥♥ and giggles.

There is an issue with the way the online game treats things like the local game, however. Even online, the screens tries to keep everyone in it at once. If it fails, then it will focus on one person, meaning that the other player can't really see what they're doing. 98% of the time, this isn't a problem. But there was one boss that moves vertically that really tripped us up. My strategy is to climb the boss as quickly as possible. My friend's strategy is to not do that. He immediately finds himself offscreen, dead, and waiting for me to ride the boss to death or success.

I'll probably update this review every now and then until the game is out, and then I may or may not rewrite it to reflect the final product. If you don't see anything after this paragraph, then the former hasn't happened, yet. If you're even reading this paragraph, then the latter hasn't happened, yet. Anyways, get some BROFORCE, bro!
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48.5 hrs on record
Posted: November 24, 2014
Early Access Review
Don't get my playtime wrong, we here at my apartment have spent HUNDREDS of hours in this game while we weren't able to afford internet. Hands down at the top of my list for couch co-op games. It's so good my wife even begs to play on some days (she is absolutely not a gamer and actually hates games).

A typical day off work for us here at our place:
  • Invite some bros over
  • We order pizza
  • Eat munchies
  • Start up broforce
...and before you know it -birds are chirping, sun is out, and you have to wake up in 3 hours to go to work - and you don't even care, you had a blast - this is THAT Kind of game...

The gameplay is fantastic. The campaign is a blast. Explosion runs are races that are challenging and fun. Don't even get me started on deathmatch! We all get so competitive, it's crazy. I recommend if you are new to broforce, PLEASE don't spoil the surprise of looking at all the character unlocks. We had fun calling them out and being surprised just by that element alone. Each character has different weapons, grenades and abilities - some extremely more powerful than others, but they are all evenly balanced for deathmatch.

I've even been invited to a really lame party a while back, so I whipped out my laptop from my backpack, hooked up broforce to their flatscreen - ♥♥♥♥ got intense. If you read most of these reviews, they are all trying to be funny, since the theme of the game is democracy, and liberating vietnam, and spreading love for 'murica... however they aren't being very helpful in describing the product. I think i've accurately described one of the best games on the market. This game will make your cheeks hurt from smiling and laughing all night. Expendabros is NOTHING compared to the real deal here... But if you haven't gotten it yet - this is best played with real friends, side by side. I use logitech F310's and they work perfectly. Trust me. Buy this game.
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7.6 hrs on record
Posted: December 22, 2014
Early Access Review
This game makes Team America look like communist propaganda. 10/10
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23.8 hrs on record
Posted: December 19, 2014
Early Access Review
You can play this by yourself and teach them about the great truth that is freedom.
Or you can play with friends and teach them about the values of friendship.
And freedom.
Always freedom.

10/10 Best American democracy simulator.
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Posted: February 13
Early Access Review
I love that this game's idea of liberating a nation is murdering everyone there and also the devil for some reason.
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Posted: February 12
Early Access Review



I laughed my butt off playing this game...again...and again. Even dying is funny.

Being a huge fan of good ol' 2D games and growing up all the way through the 80s, I had to get this game. I've only played by myself and haven't messed with all the other features or even tried building a level yet but I highly recommend this for fun time mega carnage.

This game proves that even with all the hi-res graphics, thick plots, and over-the-top sex and violence in other games, there's still a place for "8-bit" low-res ACTION!!!!
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11.5 hrs on record
Posted: February 16
Early Access Review
This is about as American as you can get for a video game.
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